The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1231-1240

Chapter: 1231
The doctors and nurses of the Kong Family Hospital know the Confucian family well and their strength is extraordinary, so whenever they have the opportunity, they will do everything possible to please the Kong family.
This little nurse, never dreamed that she would be favored by the three young masters today. This is like flying on a branch and becoming a phoenix.
Among other things, even if it was just to accompany the three young masters for a spring night, the three young masters would definitely not treat themselves badly.
If you can be pregnant with the child of the three young masters during the one-night spring supper, wouldn’t it be more expensive for a mother to depend on her child and become a master.
There are many female celebrities who have sharpened their heads and have to be lovers of the rich, or get pregnant after unmarried, or give birth to the rich, so that they can soar into the sky?
When the little nurse heard this, he almost nodded without thinking, and at the same time said in an extremely numbing voice, “Master San, no matter what you want, I will do it!”
As soon as Kong Delong heard this, he suddenly became angry, and immediately pulled the female nurse and pressed her under him.
Fortunately, the ruby ​​necklace hadn’t had a substantial impact on him yet, so before the operation, Kong Delong’s ability had no problem at all.
The little nurse was naturally also very active, and the two of them ignited the fire immediately.
But just as the two were fighting forgotten, the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Kong Delong was taken aback, turned his head and looked at the door, his soul frightened even more.
He never dreamed that his parents and grandparents were all standing at the door at this moment, staring at himself dumbfounded.
Kong Delong’s grandma screamed, she couldn’t stand firmly, and sat on the ground.
Immediately afterwards, the old lady yelled, obviously feeling sheer pain.
Kong Delong hurriedly pulled the sheets, wrapped himself up, and asked nervously: “Grandpa…grandma…dad…mum, you…what about you? Come so fast?!”
“You bastard!”
Kong Delong’s father Kong Lingce cursed, and immediately went to help the old lady.
As a result, just as he was about to support the old lady, the old lady yelled in pain: “Oh no, it hurts too much if I hurt my tailbone, let the doctor come quickly…”
The old man of the Confucian family was also furious, pointing to Kong Delong’s nose and cursing: “You are a shameless offspring, as a descendant of the Confucian family, how can you get along with this kind of woman? What if we let this kind of woman be pregnant with our Confucian heirs? , Our Kong family’s face was lost by you!”
Kong Delong was so scared that his face was pale. How could he have thought that his parents would have been to the hospital within 10 minutes.
I didn’t expect that I followed the female nurse on a temporary basis, and the male and female loved them, but I didn’t expect to be watched by the elders.
Seeing that Grandpa was so furious, he hurriedly confessed: “Grandpa, don’t be angry. I was just confused for a while. It was because the doctor said that I couldn’t do that for three months after the operation, so I couldn’t hold it back. Please punish me!”
Kong Lingce said angrily: “You bastard, your grandpa and grandma care about you so much, and come to see you specially. I didn’t expect that you bastard is so innocent, and I am really angry.”
After speaking, he scolded again: “Have you seen your grandma injured? Don’t come over and have a look!”
Kong Delong knew that there was a disaster, his first thought was to quickly shake the pot, so he pointed to the female nurse and blurted out: “Dad, this vixen seduce me…”

Chapter: 1232
The female nurse hugged a pillow to block her body and said aggrievedly: “Young Master, you can’t spit your mouth. If it weren’t for the Third Young Master, how could I betray my boyfriend like this? Very affectionate…”
Kong Delong scolded angrily: “You fucking have a boyfriend?”
The female nurse said with tears in her eyes: “My boyfriend and I have been together for several years. I was planning to get married this year. If he wants to let him know about this, I won’t be able to be a human being… .”
Kong Delong gritted his teeth with anger, while his father Kong Lingce had a dark face and said to the female nurse: “I will let someone give you five million, and get out of this room and this hospital. ”
When the female nurse heard that she had given herself five million, she nodded in excitement, immediately wrapped her nurse uniform, and ran out happily.
At this time, the doctor had also rushed over and sent the old lady who fell to the ground for examination.
Kong Delong’s grandfather and Kong Delong’s father followed, leaving Kong Delong’s mother Dong Xiuhua in the ward.
Dong Xiuhua looked at him angrily at this moment, and accused: “Why is this kid so ignorant? Where can you not do that kind of thing? You have to do it in the hospital. You know your grandfather sees this situation so much. pissed off?”
“Mom, I was wrong…”
Kong Delong lowered his head at this time, aggrieved like a child. Remember to read in one second
Dong Xiuhua couldn’t help sighing and said, “You don’t know that your grandfather values ​​the blood of the Kong family the most. You are the male heirs of the Kong family, whoever prevents you from getting on the stage? Pregnant with the child of the Kong family, he will never be reused by the father, the youngest son of the third uncle, and the second son of your fourth uncle, you don’t know what will end.”
Kong Delong knew very well in his heart that the youngest son of the third uncle’s family and the second son of the fourth uncle’s family were all messing around outside, causing the woman who could not get on the table outside to become pregnant before being driven out of Yanjing by his grandfather.
Now these two people have been assigned to the South, and each run a small industry that cannot be used on the table. They are not eligible to return to the Yanjing Confucian family and use the resources of the Confucian family by themselves. It can be said that they belong to the Confucian family Abandon less.
The old man has been extremely proud of his blood throughout his life.
This is because the Confucian family of their line was a master who was born in the sages and served as high officials in the palace.
In the Ming and Qing dynasties, I don’t know how many princes and princes were cultivated by their ancestors.
Therefore, in the eyes of the old man, the blood of the Confucian family can only be reproduced and inherited by well-knowing ladies.
It would be a great insult to the blood of the Kong family if the women outside who could not get on the table broke the children of the Kong family, and the old man could not bear it.
Therefore, Kong Delong’s heart is also terrified.
Fortunately, my parents and grandparents showed up early, otherwise, if I didn’t have any protective measures, I ended up with the female nurse and unfortunately made her pregnant with her own seed, then she would be finished.
So he reverently said to Dong Xiuhua: “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t do this again…”
Dong Xiuhua sighed and said seriously: “It’s useless if you tell me what you said. When you turn around, tell your grandpa well, you must let your grandpa forgive you, understand?”
“Understood mom…” Kong Delong nodded as if pounding garlic, and at the same time asked very depressed: “Mom, why are you here so fast? I thought you would have to wait at least another 20 minutes.”
Dong Xiuhua glared at him, and said angrily: “We were planning to drive here, but after your grandma heard about it, she was worried about your safety, so she proposed to take a helicopter over. Who would have thought of encountering such a thing after coming here? Hurry up and change your clothes. Go and see how your grandma is doing.”

Chapter: 1233
Kong Delong was very upset at this time. Hearing his mother told him to see his grandmother, he nodded hurriedly.
Dong Xiuhua turned around at this moment and said: “Now put on clothes, hurry up!”
Kong Delong hurriedly put on his clothes.
Dong Xiuhua asked him, “What the hell is going on to Jinling this time? Why did you rush back right after the past, and I heard that you swallowed a string of ruby ​​necklaces? I picked them for you and asked you to send them. Is the necklace for Miss Song Family? What is going on?”
Facing a series of questions from his mother, Kong Delong sighed and said: “Mom, don’t mention it. I went to Jinling Song’s house this time. I didn’t expect to meet a smelly Diaosi with the surname Ye. I made a bet with him and I lost the bet. , I swallowed the ruby ​​necklace into my stomach.”
Dong Xiuhua frowned and said, “Why would you provoke someone surnamed Ye? Are they from the Ye family? We can’t afford the Ye family!”
Kong Delong said hurriedly: “It’s not from the Ye family of Yenching, or a son-in-law named Ye in Jinling, who is a son-in-law and smelly Diaosi. Damn, what kind of ghost pill will be practiced, so he stunned the Song family. Frozen.”
Dong Xiuhua asked again: “Then you told the person in charge of the Song family about the marriage alliance? Your father also hopes that you can borrow this matter to make your grandfather admire.”
Kong Delong said angrily: “The family named Song doesn’t know what is good or what is wrong, and Song Wanting has been frowning with the family named Ye. I seriously doubt if they have a leg!”
“Impossible!” Dong Xiuhua shook her head and said, “I have investigated the situation of the eldest Song family. She is a very good girl. It can be said that there are so many ladies in Yanjing, but they may not be able to compare her! And, I asked a private investigator to tell me that Song Wanting had never been in love since she was a child.”
As he said, Dong Xiuhua lowered her voice again and said in a low voice: “To tell you the truth, I also found someone to investigate the physical examination record of Song Wanting at a high-end private hospital some time ago. The record shows that she is still a big girl!”
“Ah?!” When Kong Delong heard this, the wolf-like look immediately appeared in his eyes!
He blurted out subconsciously: “Song Wanting is still a place?!”
Dong Xiuhua whispered: “How many times have I told you, don’t speak so vulgarly, in case your grandparents hear it, your impression will be bad again!”
Kong Delong hurriedly explained: “Sorry mom, I just couldn’t believe it for a while.”
Dong Xiuhua said: “From my analysis, Song Wanting is really a good girl in a million, like your grandfather who pays so much attention to blood, so important to the woman, status and cultivation, I believe that if you can marry Song Wanting, your grandfather will definitely be very pleased, otherwise why did your mother let you travel all the way to Jinling?
With that, Dong Xiuhua whispered: “I’m telling you, Song Wanting is now an opportunity for you.”
“Your grandfather has always wanted your uncle’s eldest brother to pursue the Ye family’s fourth young lady, but the Ye family’s fourth young lady doesn’t look down on him at all. Your grandfather doesn’t know how many times he scolded him for being incompetent.”
“The second brother of your uncle’s family, the Miss Yenching Xuan’s family that you were looking for, although she has a high status and status, the girl is a little bit too much to be on the stage, and she doesn’t look good after plastic surgery.”
“Moreover, that girl has a wild temperament. She doesn’t look like pretty girls. Your grandparents are not very satisfied. If you can find a good girl like Song Wanting at this time, your grandparents would be so happy! To that At that time, in the eyes of your grandparents, you might be ranked first!”
Kong Delong realized at this time what Song Wanting meant to him.

Chapter: 1234
He was very annoyed and said: “I knew this a long time ago, I would pursue her when I was studying abroad…”
Dong Xiuhua asked back: “Then why didn’t you pursue her then?”
Kong Delong sighed: “At that time, I thought that foreign girls were better. In the past few years, I looked for foreign girls.”
As he said, he remembered something and hurriedly said, “Mom, I lost such a big face in front of Song Wanting this time. I guess Song Wanting has a bad impression of me. What can I do?”
Dong Xiuhua sighed and said: “You have to think of a way to see how to restore the bad impression you gave her this time. Anyway, chasing a girl can’t be successful in a short while. You have to do it. Good preparation for a protracted battle.”
Kong Delong said: “The doctor told me that after the operation, I might have to stay in bed for 15 days. I can’t go to Jinling for a while…”
Dong Xiuhua said: “What should I worry about in 15 days? Song Wanting has been single for 26 years!”
When Kong Delong heard this, he immediately smiled and said with a grin: “Mom, listening to you say that, I have more confidence.”
Dong Xiuhua nodded and asked him: “By the way, have you gone to Jinling to see Ruolin this time?”
Kong Delong said hurriedly: “How can I take care of her? When I got off the plane, I hurried to the Song’s house, then hurried to the airport from the Song’s house, and then flew back.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Dong Xiuhua said: “Next time you go to Jinling, remember to visit her. She has been to Jinling for a long time and has never been back.”
Kong Delong nodded, but asked in surprise: “Mom, why did Ruolin go to the place where birds don’t shit in Jinling?”
Dong Xiuhua said: “I heard your grandfather say that the Ye family bought a company called Emgrand Group in Jinling some time ago. It is said that it seems to have given the Ye family a young master to run it. Your grandfather wants Ruolin to try and see her. Can you develop a little with Young Master Ye Family?”
Kong Delong frowned again: “Does Jinling really have a Ye family young master? It’s impossible…”
When he said this, he thought of Ye Chen again.
Is this Ye Chen the young master of the Ye family?
It’s different, Chen Zekai denied it, and that guy is a door-to-door son-in-law of Diaosi. It is said that he is still a member of the uninfluenced family of Diaosi in Jinling. It doesn’t make sense to be the young master of the Ye family!
At this time, Dong Xiuhua also said with some suspicion: “I also thought that the chairman of the Emgrand Group might be the young master of the Ye family, but according to Ruolin, she has never seen the chairman’s face, so I I suspect that even if the chairman is the young master of the Ye family, the young master of the Ye family is not in Jinling. He may still be in charge of remote control in Yanjing, or even just hang up the position of chairman. In fact, he is not too lazy to take care of things. , A mere Emgrand Group can’t get into their eyes at all.”
Kong Delong asked in astonishment: “Why is Ruo Lin doing there? Why not let her come back quickly.”
Dong Xiuhua said: “Your grandfather does want her to come back, but she doesn’t want to return, so your grandfather also went with her.”

Chapter: 1235
The relationship between the Yanjing family is very complicated.
They are like the Eight Banners nobles in the Qing Dynasty, they are very close by marriage.
After all, every family has males and females. When they reach the age of marriage, they are bound to marry. However, big families have a very high vision. They cannot choose son-in-law or daughter-in-law from ordinary people. So Only find suitable objects among the major families.
It can be said that there is no big family that does not marry other big families, and some prosperous big families will marry multiple big families at once.
This is very similar to European royal families. In those old-school monarchy countries in Europe, their kings and queens are related to each other. This is because the entire European royal family is a huge family formed by long-term intermarriage.
Kong Delong’s mother, Dong Xiuhua, is the daughter of the Dong family and Dong Ruolin’s aunt.
She had married Kong Delong’s father Kong Lingce 35 years ago.
When the Confucian family and the Dong family were married, the strength of the Dong family was even stronger than that of the Confucian family.
However, over the years, the Dong family has been going downhill and the Kong family has been going uphill, so the gap between the two families has gradually widened.
But the Confucian father and the old lady have always been very fond of Dong Xiuhua. This is mainly because the Dong Xiuhua did help the Confucian family a lot after Dong Xiuhua married their family. Remember to read in one second
After Dong Xiuhua married Kong Lingce, she gave birth to three daughters and Kong Delong was born to her fourth child, so she was very fond of Kong Delong.
Kong Delong is also 27 years old this year, and it seems that he is almost 28, so Dong Xiuhua began to worry about his son’s marriage.
She first searched for a large circle in Yanjing’s big family, but never found a satisfactory one.
Both the Su family and the Ye family’s daughters were of very high wealth and status, and each family was eager to marry them. In contrast, the Confucian family and their strength were far behind.
As for those families with similar status and strength to the Kong family, the girls in their families who are of marriageable age are either already well-known, or they are really not in Dong Xiuhua’s eyes.
Dong Xiuhua naturally hopes that his son can find a wealthy daughter with good net worth, ability, and appearance.
However, the daughters of most big families are girls with obvious advantages and obvious disadvantages. The advantage is that the family is rich and strong, but the disadvantage is that except for the money, the others are very mediocre. No wonder.
For example, some eldest daughters are not educated at all, and only spend money since they were young. Although they graduated from top universities in the world, they were all donated.
Just like Pan Shiyi, he donated 15 million US dollars to get his son to Harvard.
Most of the rich second generations like this are mostly gold and jade outsiders and losers among them.
Not to mention those rich second-generation girls, even Kong Delong, this kind of embroidered pillow is insignificant.
Kong Delong went abroad to study, and his family also spent a lot of money to donate it.
So even though he is the third young master of the Confucian family, in fact, in terms of personal ability, he is much worse than those high-achieving students who study hard.
Dong Xiuhua didn’t want her son to find such a straw bag in the future, so she picked it up and picked it over Song Wanting’s head.
But she didn’t expect that her own son would be so useless. To celebrate Song Wanting’s birthday, she could also have a dispute with others, and even swallow a string of ruby ​​necklaces in public because of a bet.
At the moment, she felt extremely helpless in her heart.
But seeing that her son was about to undergo surgery, Dong Xiuhua did not show her disappointment too much, but when she got dressed, he took her to see the injured old lady first.

Chapter: 1236
The old lady did hurt her bones just now. The doctor gave it an urgent look and thought she would have to stay in bed for at least a week.
Because the old lady was in pain, the doctor gave her a closed injection and an analgesic injection.
Kong Delong was ashamed to follow his mother to the old lady’s ward.
As soon as he entered the ward, his father Kong Lingce walked up, raised his hand and slapped him fiercely, and yelled: “You bastard, it’s really mud that can’t support the wall! Fortunately, your grandma has nothing to do, otherwise If you do, I have to stab you!”
Kong Delong had never been beaten since he was a child. Suddenly he was slapped in the face by his father. The whole person was stunned, and he felt wronged.
When the old lady saw him hit his grandson, she felt a little distressed, so she said: “After the order is taken, Xiaolong is still young. Although this kind of thing is not glorious, she can understand it.”
The old man Song is not as generous as the old lady. He glared at Kong Delong and said coldly: “Even if he is young, he is already an adult. An adult who can’t even control himself, how can he expect him to be successful?”
When Kong Delong heard this, his legs swayed.
He is not afraid of his father hitting himself, but he is afraid of his grandfather’s denial of himself.
Because if Grandpa really has great opinions on himself, it will have a great impact on his future status in the family. First URL m.
When Kong Lingce heard this, his father was even more angry at this unfilial son when he heard this. So he waved his hand and slapped him again, screaming: “No, you bastard, if I find you again Next time, I will have to break your leg!”
Kong Delong covered both faces. Aggrieved choked up: “Grandpa, Dad, I really know that I was wrong, and I will never make such a mistake again!”
The old man snorted coldly: “I’m not like your grandma. She spoils you grandchildren the most, but my principle of doing things has always been strong. If you have another time, then leave Yanjing and never come back!”
Kong Delong nodded quickly, and said respectfully: “Grandpa, don’t worry, there will be no next time.”
The old man’s expression only eased slightly.
The old lady complained a little bit: “You and your father are also true, one beats the child, the other scolds the child, the child will have surgery soon!”
Kong Delong saw his grandma defending herself in this way, and she was aggrieved, a few tears walked to the old lady’s bed, squatted down, holding the old lady’s hand, and said: “Grandma’s sorry, it is Xiaolong’s fault…”
The old lady hurriedly reached out to help him wipe away the tears, and said: “Knowing your mistakes can make a lot of improvements. Grandma doesn’t blame you.”
At this time, the gastroenterologist stepped in and said, “Master, sir, the young master is about to prepare for surgery.”
Kong Lingce nodded and said to Kong Delong: “This is just a minor operation. Follow the doctor yourself. I want to accompany your grandma here.”
Kong Delong nodded hurriedly and obediently agreed.
Seeing this, the old lady hurriedly said to Dong Xiuhua: “Xiuhua, don’t guard me here, go and follow along.”
Dong Xiuhua was not too relieved to let her son undergo the operation alone, so she hurriedly said, “Okay mom, I will go with Xiaolong.”
After the mother and daughter left with the doctor, Kong Lingce said to the old man with a look of shame: “Dad, I’m so sorry, I taught me no way…”
The old man waved his hand blankly and said: “Xiaolong is almost 28 years old, it’s time for him to stabilize. If a man doesn’t get married, he will never grow up. Hurry up and find a suitable girl for him. Get married!”
Kong Lingce hurriedly said: “Dad, Xiuhua and I have already found a suitable person for him. It is the daughter of the Jinling Song family. The girl is not only beautiful and generous, knowledgeable, but also very capable. I even talked to Hong Kong some time ago. Li Jiacheng’s family is on the line. What I think is that after marrying the Song family, the Song family will become the first family in the south of the Yangtze River. In this case, it is equivalent to our power and has developed in the south of the Yangtze River.”
The old man nodded: “It’s a good idea to bypass the bottomless 49th city of Yanjing and go to the south of the Yangtze River for development. Hurry up!”

Chapter: 1237
After an operation, the sad Kong Delong finally took out the ruby ​​necklace from his intestines.
Waiting for him is 15 days of absolute bed rest, so he can only honestly lie in his hospital’s intensive care unit.
Since the pain pump cannot be used all the time, it will cause harm to the body, so on the second day of the operation, his pain pump has been removed.
As a result, he ushered in constant pain in bed.
The stronger the pain came, the more he hated Ye Chen in his heart.
I can’t wait to recover health quickly, and then kill to Jinling, find Ye Chen to settle the account, it is best to smash him into thousands of pieces, otherwise I am really sorry for the name of the third young master of the Kong family.
But Ye Chen didn’t take him seriously.
His wife, Xiao Churan’s high school classmate, will get married on weekends. Ye Chen promised his wife to “borrow” the two luxury cars and use them as wedding cars for her classmates, so he called directly on Friday To Qin Gang, let Qin Gang arrange for someone to send these two luxury cars to the Tomson Yipin Villa.
As soon as Qin Gang heard that Master Ye was finally going to use the two cars, he immediately arranged for someone to drive the trailer and send the two luxury cars to his house.
The limited-edition Hermès Bugatti Veyron and Aston Martin one77, whichever drive to the street, can bring a very high rate of return, and these two cars are very few in the country, and the entire Jinling No one can use these two cars as a wedding car. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After the car arrived, even if it stopped in a top-notch villa area like Tomson Yipin, it stood out from the crowd, making countless rich people drooling.
When Ma Lan saw these two cars parked in her yard, she was completely confused.
She watched the two cars several times, and asked Xiao Churan excitedly: “My dear girl, where did she get these two cars? This is too powerful!”
Xiao Churan said: “Mom, Ye Chen asked Mr. Qin to borrow these two cars. I happen to have a classmate get married tomorrow, so I borrowed these two cars for her as a wedding car.”
“Damn!” Ma Lan exclaimed, “When will our family have such a luxury sports car…”
After speaking, she looked at Ye Chen again, and asked with a flattering expression: “My son-in-law, can’t you let your local tyrant friends send us a car like this? Your mother, I live so big, and I haven’t been in such a luxurious car. What about your sports car!”
Ye Chen actually doesn’t have any superfluous feelings about cars. In his eyes, it’s just a means of transportation. It’s not good if it’s too public, so he doesn’t really have a good impression of these two cars, and he doesn’t think driving two cars out is A great honor, this is the fundamental reason why I have not driven these two cars.
So Ye Chen said to Ma Lan: “Mom, these two cars look good, but they are too expensive to keep. Take this Bugatti as an example. One tire costs more than 100,000, plus four tires. It costs five to six hundred thousand yuan to get up, and it can be maintained at a random time of tens of thousands. If it is scratched, it may cost more than one hundred thousand yuan for one coat. How can our house be able to start.”
When Ma Lan heard this, she sighed in disappointment, and said, “If you have the money to support this thing, it’s better to set my teeth.”
As she said, she reached out and touched her alveolar, and complained: “My front teeth have been missing for so long, and I don’t know when I can plant them.”
Xiao Churan said, “Mom, don’t worry, I have already made an appointment with the dentist in advance. As long as your legs are better, I will take you to implant the teeth and make the best porcelain teeth.”
Ma Lan nodded in satisfaction.
Xiao Churan said to Ye Chen: “Husband, which one are you going to drive tomorrow?”
Ye Chen said: “I’m free, you choose one, and I will drive the rest.”

Chapter: 1238
Xiao Churan said nervously, “I’m afraid I can’t drive well. Both cars are very powerful. I’m afraid that something will happen accidentally. If you scratch someone’s car again, it will be troublesome. Up.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “It’s okay, don’t have such a big psychological burden, just treat these two cars as our own.”
Xiao Churan said, “You should give me an introduction and how to do it in detail.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Okay, then I will introduce this Bugatti to you.”
At this moment, a brand new Bentley Continental drove into the Tomson Yipin Villa area.
The driver was Xiao Hailong, who was dressed in a straight suit and looked like a dog.
Sitting in the co-pilot was his father Xiao Changgan.
Sitting in the back row was the old lady of the Xiao family and Xiao Weiwei.
Recently, the Wu family’s investment in the Xiao family has arrived, and the Xiao Group has repaid the loan owed to the bank, so the bank has also unblocked, and the Xiao Group has also unblocked the sealed Xiao family villa and antique cultural relics.
The resurgence of the Xiao family group made the Xiao family extremely excited. Remember to read in one second
Xiao Hailong hadn’t really experienced the life of the rich second generation for a long time, so he slapped the old lady, hoping that she could buy a luxury car from the company to fill the storefront.
In the previous Xiao family, the best car was the Mercedes-Benz S450, which was priced at about 1.5 million yuan. Xiao Changqian’s car was an Audi a8, while Xiao Hailong’s car was an old BMW.
Originally, the family intended to replace him with a better car, but unexpectedly, something happened at home later. Not only was it not replaced with a car, but even the old BMW was found by the bank.
Xiao Hailong knew very well that if he wanted to become a rich second generation and let others look at himself again, he must first have a good car.
After all, I can’t carry the Tomson Yipin’s villa on my back, and when I go out, what others really think about me is what kind of car I drive.
After such a long and hard life, Mrs. Xiao couldn’t wait to make a high profile, so she immediately decided and bought a Bentley Continental that cost more than three million yuan.
Xiao Hailong had never driven such an expensive car, so he was more excited than anyone else when he bought the car.
At this time, Mrs. Xiao was sitting in the extravagant rear row of the Bentley, touching the hand-made pure leather interior, and exclaimed: “This good car is really good. This Bentley is much better than my previous Mercedes. !”
Xiao Hailong said: “Grandma, Bentley is actually worse than Rolls-Royce, or let’s buy another Rolls-Royce if we don’t look back!”
The old lady said: “A Rolls-Royce is worth seven or eight million. It is still too early to buy a Rolls-Royce. Our top priority now is to quickly restart the business of the Xiao Group.”
Xiao Hailong hurriedly said: “Grandma, what I mean is that I want to frustrate the spirit of Ye Chen’s family. Regardless of whether they can live in a Tomson first-class villa, they still drove two shit BMW 5-series cars. Add up to less than one million, less than one-third of our Bentley. If we drive a 7-8 million Rolls-Royce, we just drive to their door and poke them. Go to the backbone of home!”
Xiao Weiwei said: “Brother, do you still need a Rolls Royce by poking the backbone of their family? This Bentley is enough!”
“Yes!” Old lady Xiao coldly snorted, and said, “Hailong, drive directly to their house. I have to make fun of this family! I asked them to return to the Xiao Group before they were reluctant to return to the Xiao Group. I don’t regret it after seeing them!”

Chapter: 1239
Mrs. Xiao has always been very dissatisfied with Ye Chen’s family.
At the beginning, I begged them to come back, but no one of them took themselves seriously. Now that I have received the huge investment from the Wu family, I don’t need to put their family in their eyes.
Moreover, the old lady felt that Ye Chen’s family was just outsiders.
It looks like there is a Tomson first-class villa, but in fact it is nothing more than that.
Both Ye Chen and Xiao Changkun did not have a job, and had no income at home.
Although Xiao Churan opened a studio, the scale is small after all, and the income situation is not too optimistic.
So the old lady firmly believes that their family is in the Tomson First Grade, that is, they can barely afford to live, but they must not be able to compare with their current self for how much money they have.
At the beginning, I needed them to come back and ran to their family to make all kinds of pleadings. They lost their face, but they looked down on themselves and were unwilling to return to the Xiao family. get back!
Bentley Continental stopped in front of Ye Chen’s villa. Xiao Hailong looked at the old lady beside him and asked, “Grandma, do you want me to knock on the door?”
“No.” Old lady Xiao sneered: “Hold the horn to let Ma Lan come out.”
Xiao Changgan looked up and found that there were more than 20 green hats hanging on Ma Lan’s balcony. He said angrily: “Ma Lan, the bastard, is addicted to hanging green hats. It’s been so many days. I still don’t take it off. of!”
The old lady Xiao said lightly: “She is willing to hang up, just let her hang up, but it’s just a green hat. I advise you not to care too much. Now that the lady Qian Hongyan has knocked out that wild species, you should stop. Take this matter seriously.”
“Mom, what you said is easy!” Xiao Changqian said angrily: “This lady is not only pregnant with other people’s wild species, but also infected me with a venereal disease. I still have to go to the hospital to infuse six bottles of fluid every day. Enough for a month, she killed it!”
The old lady Xiao said disdainfully: “You always take her to your heart, and others have always targeted you, such as the green hats that Ma Lan hangs. If you don’t take Qian Hongyan’s matter seriously, Ma Lan will do it. What can you do if you hang two hundred green hats? After all, you still leave others with flaws. Then when others embarrass you, don’t blame others.
Xiao Changgan sighed angrily when he heard this.
He has now separated from Qian Hongyan. The reason why he has not divorced her is because Wu Donghai of the Wu family does not allow him. If he continues to regard this as a huge shame, he will definitely be like his mother in the future. The same, has always left the opponent flaws.
Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said: “Mom, I understand what you mean, just let Ma Lan hang on, I just didn’t see it.”
The old lady Xiao nodded in satisfaction and said to Xiao Hailong: “Hailong, honk the horn and get Ma Lan out!”
“Good grandma!”
With a smug smile on his face, Xiao Hailong pressed the car horn.
The huge whistle sounded outside Ye Chen’s villa.
Xiao Churan and Ye Chen were sitting in a sports car with excellent soundproofing, and they didn’t hear the sound very clearly, but Ma Lan in the bedroom upstairs suddenly became annoyed when they heard the sound.

Chapter: 1240
She was holding her mobile phone in bed and chasing drama at this time. During this time, she was bored at home every day, and she depended on chasing drama to pass the time.
When she saw the excitement, there was a continuous piercing horn outside, loud and sharp, which made her upset for a while, so she immediately went to the terrace and looked down. A brand new Bentley parked in front of his house and kept honking his horn.
Ma Lan immediately cursed: “Damn, where’s the smelly wire? What’s wrong with it? What are you doing at someone’s door?”
Xiao Changgan was in the car through the window, and saw Ma Lan standing on the patio fence calling out, smiling and saying, “Mom, look, Ma Lan’s bitch has come out to curse the street!”
“Haha!” Mrs. Xiao was overjoyed and said: “Ma Lan, this stinky lady loves money the most. If we let her know that we are relieved now, she will definitely be jealous and uncomfortable. Then I will give her a willingness to let them The illusion of returning to Xiao’s house, she will definitely lick her face and beg me, and then I will humiliate and humiliate her!”
So, the old lady Xiao smiled and pushed the car door, and was about to get out of the car to show off with Ma Lan, but she didn’t expect a pot of cold water to be poured on her head.
With a crash, the old lady only felt cold from head to toe. She lifted her wet head and looked up. She just saw Ma Lan holding a washbasin with a smug look on her face.
The old lady raised her head angrily and cursed: “Ma Lan, you damn dog thing! Why do you pour water on me!”
Only then did Ma Lan recognize that it was the old Mrs. Xiao, and said, “Oh, whoever bought a broken car and honked the horn in front of my house. It turns out that you are the one who is not dead! What’s the matter? Your daughter-in-law is here. Are you making a lot of money by selling yourself part-time in the black coal mine? You have the money to get you a new car? What kind of broken car, it seems quite bluffing.”
The old lady Xiao angrily scolded: “I don’t know good and bad things! This is Bentley! Bentley Continental! Imported from the UK, more than three million!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ma Lan leaned on the railing and said with a look of disdain: “Oh, driving a car worth more than three million yuan is not you? Do you know what kind of car my daughter and son-in-law drive?”
Mrs. Xiao sneered: “Isn’t your daughter just a BMW 520? Tell you, my old lady can buy her ten of this car!”
Ma Lan sighed and said, “Look at this old thing for you, a Bentley worth more than three million. It’s just a woolen thread? My son-in-law has two top luxury cars, any of them cost 40-50 million. , I bought these ten of you and turned around. See you who have never seen the world.”
Xiao Hailong also put down the car window at this time, poked his head out of the driving position, looked at Ma Lan, and mocked in a cold voice: “Ma Lan, you have no fucking front teeth, and you still like to brag so much? Just Ye Chen’s smelly Diaosi, why drive a 40-50 million car? He doesn’t even deserve to touch it!”
Ma Lan spit out a few pieces of melon seed shells at Xiao Hailong and said contemptuously: “Hailong, don’t be here with the second aunt and chick. It’s not from the Xiao family. After all, your mother is so prodigious, maybe she put a green hat on your dad more than 20 years ago?”
“Don’t fart!” Xiao Hailong scolded angrily when she heard her make a fuss about her mother’s derailment: “If you talk nonsense, I will cut off your tongue.”
Ma Lan spit out her tongue and said, “Come on, you come to cut it, bastard, it’s not you that’s amazing.”
Xiao Hailong was so uncomfortable, pushing the car door and scolding the street.
The old lady stopped him at this time and said, “Hailong, don’t talk, I’ll talk to her!”
Xiao Hailong closed his mouth angrily.
The old lady said arrogantly: “Ma Lan. Let me tell you that the Xiao family is not what it used to be! The 80 million investment has been paid, and the Xiao family has passed the debt crisis and will reopen now! You are Isn’t it envious? If you beg me, maybe I will show compassion to let Xiao Churan and Xiao Changkun return to work in the Xiao Group, and your pension will be restored.”

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