The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1261-1270

Chapter: 1261
At this moment, Xiao Churan felt jealous.
She speculated that Song Wanting should have a favorable impression of her husband Ye Chen.
Otherwise, she could not look at her husband with such a look.
This made Xiao Churan suddenly realize that he and her husband seemed far from close enough, and because of this, there was a certain distance between the two.
This distance is especially easy for a third party to intervene.
If the feelings of two people are very close, very close, and their hearts are close to each other, it is naturally impossible to leave any gap for the third party to use.
Thinking of this, she suddenly had an unprecedented impulse in her heart.
At this moment, Ye Chen saw that she was still in a daze, and said to her quickly: “My wife has to go quickly, or we will be late.”
Only then did Xiao Churan recover, nodded unnaturally, and said hurriedly: “Then let’s go quickly!”
Song Wanting sent the three people out of the store all the way. Seeing that they all got in the car, they returned to the store reluctantly. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Chen launched the limited edition Bugatti Veyron and drove towards the Hilton Hotel.
At this moment in the Hilton Hotel banquet hall, a man in a decent suit with a groom’s corsage on his chest is looking anxiously at the time.
Next to him stood a woman in her fifties with a cold face. This woman said with an angry face: “Magnificent, that Zhang Xiaoman is too uncultivated, right? What time is it, she is not yet, put It’s clear that we didn’t put our family in the eyes!”
Sun Hongwei hurriedly explained: “Mom, you don’t know that Xiaoman and his family live in Wuhe County, which is several tens of kilometers away! I said I would drive to pick you up, so I must not let me go, but I also took mine. The phone is confiscated, and Xiaoman doesn’t have a car at home. I don’t know how to get here yet. Or you can return the phone to me and I will contact her!”
“Contact a fart!” Sun Hongwei’s mother said coldly: “I haven’t done what our family has done, so I don’t know it, and don’t put others in the eye. If this allows her to pass, our family’s Do you still have to live?”
As she said, she spurned contemptuously: “I told you a long time ago, don’t marry a girl from a poor family, you must not listen. If you don’t have money, you don’t have education. You marry such an uncultivated person and come home. Are you trying to piss me off?”
Sun Hongwei’s expression was a bit ugly, but he didn’t dare to disobey his mother directly. After all, his mother’s dominance at home was very powerful, and even his father could not provoke her.
At this time, I heard Sun Hongwei’s mother say again: “Tell you Majesty, today our relatives are all here, everyone is waiting to see the poor wife you find, before 9:30, if this Zhang Xiaoman is not enough Come, then my mother-in-law must be laughed at by all my relatives!”
“At that time, I don’t think your marriage will end, let Zhang Xiaoman go and beat the child, or I will give her 200,000 yuan, and she will give birth to the child in our grandson family!”
“Mom!” Sun Hongwei said with a gloomy expression: “At this sight Xiaoman is about to pass the door, why do you have to have trouble with her?”
Sun Hongwei’s mother said disdainfully: “I tell you, if she dares to pass the door, I won’t be able to get through with her in my life, and her hard days are too early.”

Chapter: 1262
On the side, Sun Hongwei’s father also said: “Hongwei, you really should listen to your parents about this matter. Now we are married, we must pay attention to the right person. Our Sun family dare not say that it is a wealthy family, but it is worth tens of millions. Among the wealthy families, relatives and friends, our family is the best. If you listen to me, find another rich lady who is equal to or richer than our family, then the strength of our family lies in the grandson Among the big family, it’s even better.”
Having said this, his father sighed with regret: “You said that you are a disobedient child, it is not good to find a woman, but I have found a woman whose family is so poor. By then, our family will not let these relatives and friends. It’s a joke!”
Sun Hongwei’s heart was incomparably painful. He naturally treated Zhang Xiaoman out of sincerity. The two were together when they were in college, and they have never quarreled for so many years. They have always been in love with each other. , I don’t know how many people envy their extremely stable feelings.
In his heart, if he and Zhang Xiaoman can get the blessing of his family and live a good life together, he will definitely become the happiest man in the world.
But he couldn’t understand why his parents had to block his marriage in many ways.
Although Zhang Xiaoman is not the child of a wealthy family, she is indeed a rare good girl.
It’s a pity that the snobbish parents can’t see the advantages of Zhang Xiaoman.
They just thought that Zhang Xiaoman’s family had no money and no power, so they looked down on her in their hearts and didn’t want her to pass.
No matter how they persuaded or begged them, they were still unwilling to change their original intentions.
Even now, Zhang Xiaoman was pregnant with his own flesh and blood, and they were still full of contempt for her, which made Sun Hongwei very painful deep in his heart. Remember to read in one second
He even thought that if his parents are really not optimistic and do not support his marriage, then he might as well wait until the wedding is over and take Zhang Xiaoman away from home.
At this moment, there are less than five minutes left before the nine-twenty deadline.
Zhang Xiaoman still did not appear.
Sun Hongwei couldn’t help worrying in his heart. He was worried whether Zhang Xiaoman’s parents stopped her and prevented her from marrying.
At this time, Sun Hongwei’s mother whispered to her husband with a smug face: “In my opinion, it’s impossible for the Zhang family to let Zhang Xiaoman get married. After all, we didn’t even give them any money, and we even got married. If you don’t go, you can say that they don’t give their family face at all. Her parents won’t get a penny from us, and they’re slapped like this, they will definitely not let her marry Hong Wei. So I guess, today is the same It’s a drama that makes the grandeur give up.”
Sun Hongwei’s father said painfully, “Then the cost of this big show is too high. Hilton has dozens of banquets, plus weddings, and we spent four to five million yuan.”
Sun Hongwei’s mother raised her eyebrows and said, “What is four to five million dollars? As long as my son can leave that poor woman, I would be willing to spend even one million!”
As she said, she lowered her voice a bit, and said excitedly: “Let me tell you, Sister Lu told me that Mr. Xue’s daughter had returned to China some time ago, and she broke up with her foreign boyfriend, and Mr. Xue’s wife is right now. He said that he wanted to find someone for her in Jinling. If our son can be with Mr. Xue’s daughter, it would be of great help to our family!”
Sun Hongwei’s father frowned and said, “I heard people say that the foreign boyfriend of Mr. Xue’s daughter was a black man, is it a bit…”
“What’s the matter?” Sun Hongwei’s mother blurted out: “The most important thing is that if we can conclude with Xue and become in-laws, we will definitely do better business in the future! Making money is the most important thing!”

Chapter: 1263
Poor Sun Hongwei didn’t know what his parents were making at this time.
He was still waiting for his beloved woman to appear.
But as time passed, he also began to feel a little worried.
She was afraid not because Zhang Xiaoman changed her mind, but because Zhang Xiaoman’s parents would not agree with her to marry in the end.
At this moment, there was a whistling sound of supercar engines on the road.
The grandchildren at the door and their relatives and friends were all attracted by the beast-like engine sound.
Then someone shouted: “Fuck! It turned out to be Bugatti Veyron!”
“Really!” Sun Hongwei’s cousin, Sun Hongbin, looked at the Bugatti Veyron approaching in the distance, and said in amazement: “This is a limited edition of Hermes, and there is only one in the country! I was at the Jinling International Auto Show some time ago. I have seen this car. It is said that this car and another Aston Martin one77 were bought by a mysterious rich man at the same time, but since then, I have never seen this car come out, I did not expect to see you today Arrived!”
Having said that, he immediately took out his mobile phone and constantly adjusted the focus to the distance, wanting to take a clear aerial photograph of this Bugatti.
At this moment, someone exclaimed: “I’ll go! The next one turned out to be an Aston Martin one77. What a fairy day is today, and two top sports cars suddenly came! These two cars add up. One hundred million!” First website m.
Sun Hongbin, his eyes are almost falling off.
He hurriedly said to Sun Hongwei: “Hey, look at the magnificent! Don’t you like Aston Martin one77 the most? Fuck! Today I am really eye-opening!”
Sun Hongwei was also a little surprised.
But he really didn’t feel the mood to watch the supercar at this time. All he was thinking about was Zhang Xiaoman, wondering if Zhang Xiaoman would come today.
Ye Chen was driving the Hermès limited edition Bugatti Veyron at this time, and he had already driven into the entrance of the Hilton Hotel and headed straight for the banquet hall.
Everyone was even more surprised to see these two sports cars coming to the banquet hall.
Today, only Sun Hongwei himself is married here, because today is not a good day for marriage.
The reason why he chose to get married today was that Sun Hongwei’s parents deliberately disgusted Zhao Xiaoman’s parents.
They have already thought of several countermeasures.
First of all, the best way is to directly let the Zhang family give up this marriage;
Secondly, if the Zhang family does not give up this marriage, then their couple will not let this marriage come true.
They even had plans. If Zhang Xiaoman appeared today, they would be in front of everyone, sarcastically and satirically at Zhang Xiaoman, forcing her to give up marrying her son anyway.
If this still can’t be achieved, they have the final killer.
The killer’s trick is very simple. One cry, two troubles and three hangs. If the son wants to marry Mr. Zhang today, the two of them will directly threaten to commit suicide here, making the whole wedding a mess.
At that time, this marriage will definitely be impossible.
Seeing the two sports cars approaching gradually, Sun Hongwei’s father said with a look of surprise: “Hongbin, did you just say that these two cars are worth 100 million in total?”
Sun Hongbin waved his hand: “Uncle, I didn’t say it, it was Hongfei who said it, but the sum of these two cars is indeed worth 100 million, and it is more than 100 million. What’s more, the two cars are owned by one person. ”
“Damn!” Sun Hongwei’s father couldn’t help cursing: “It’s so popular. I want to buy an entry-level 7-series BMW. I have hesitated for a long time. The two cars are worth more than one billion. Who is so rich? Is it the Song family?”
“I don’t know.” Sun Hongbin said: “The identity of this car owner is quite mysterious, and they are very low-key. After buying this car, it seems to be the first time it was driven today.”
“It’s awesome!” Sun Hongwei’s father sighed: “I bought a car for more than 100 million yuan, but it still doesn’t drive very well. Isn’t it just money to burn?”
While talking, the two sports cars arrived and stopped at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Chapter: 1264
Everyone was even more surprised.
Are these two cars really coming to the banquet hall?
In the banquet hall, there is only one family to hold the wedding. Could it be that they came to Daoxi?
However, the grandson family understood very well in their hearts. They are the whole family. The richest family is Sun Hongwei’s father, but only tens of millions of assets. As for the others, the best are thousands. , Nearly a few million in net worth, at best can be regarded as the middle class of Jinling, but not the upper class society.
So because of the social status of their family, how can they know such a great friend?
When everyone was puzzled, Ye Chen took the lead to open the door of Bugatti Veyron and stepped out of the car.
When the crowd saw him, they were shocked to speak.
Ye Chen is really too young, he looks only twenty-five or sixty-six, so young can afford such an expensive luxury car, which makes everyone think he is very unusual.
After Ye Chen got out of the car, the Aston Martin one77 driven by his wife Xiao Churan had also slowly stopped behind his car.
Because the light outside the car is brighter during the day, and there is a reflective film inside the car, it is impossible to tell from the outside who is sitting inside. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Everyone also focused their attention on the Aston Martin at the back, waiting to see what the big man was in the car.
Ye Chen stepped up to Aston Martin’s co-pilot and stretched out his hand to open the door.
Afterwards, Zhang Xiaoman, who wore Wang Weiwei’s custom wedding dress with a nervous face, stepped out of the car!
When I first saw her, the Sun family still didn’t react.
Their first thought was, whose bride is this? Why is it so big that two top sports cars are used as wedding cars to pick up her.
Sun Hongwei was also a little surprised at first sight, but then, he recognized this beautiful bride in a wedding dress!
Isn’t this your fiancee Zhang Xiaoman?
He was shocked, but he didn’t care too much. He ran to Zhang Xiaoman with joy and said excitedly: “Xiaoman, you are finally here!”
As soon as these words came out, the whole Sun family was struck by lightning.
It was at this time that everyone finally realized that the bride who walked out of the Aston Martin one77 co-pilot was the poor daughter-in-law who was about to marry her grandson, Zhang Xiaoman!
Everyone was completely stunned.
The situation of Zhang Xiaoman’s family is very clear to the entire Sun family.
Her parents wandered around at home, occasionally doing part-time jobs, and also fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.
And there is a brother who is lazy and delicious. It can be said that the life of a family of three is a mess.
In addition, their home is not in Jinling City, but in the surrounding counties, which means that their home does not even have a valuable house.
It is said that the house they lived in has a history of more than 20 or 30 years, and it has not even sold for 300,000.
The members of the Sun family are also very clear that the Zhang family is determined to ask for more gifts from the Sun family so that they can pay the down payment for the house for their lazy son.
This kind of family conditions, in the eyes of the Sun family, is simply the bottom of the bottom.
Therefore, apart from Sun Hongwei, no one in the entire Sun family can look down upon Zhang Xiaoman.
But they didn’t understand that Zhang Xiaoman, who everyone looked down on, came with a limited edition Aston Martin one77!

Chapter: 1265
Just when the whole Sun family was stunned, Xiao Churan also got off the Aston Martin’s main driver.
Looking at Sun Hongwei, she smiled politely: “Hongwei, we have not seen each other for some time. Congratulations to you and Xiaoman, happy wedding!”
Sun Hongwei was also shocked when he saw Xiao Churan.
Xiao Churan was Zhang Xiaoman’s high school classmate and a good friend with a good relationship, so he met Xiao Churan several times under the recommendation of Zhang Xiaoman, and they were considered acquaintances.
As for Xiao Churan’s family situation, he also heard about it. He had heard before that Xiao Churan’s family had a company specializing in decoration. It was not large, but not small. He also hired a door-to-door son-in-law, and this The door-to-door son-in-law doesn’t seem to have much ability yet.
However, in his impression, the Xiao Group seems to be a company with a market value of tens of millions or about 100 million yuan. Some time ago, there was a rumor that it seemed to be on the verge of bankruptcy.
In this case, how could Xiao Churan afford to drive an Aston Martin one77 worth tens of millions?
But even though he was very puzzled in his heart, he still didn’t show it. He smiled politely at Xiao Churan: “Churan, it’s been a long time since I saw you. I didn’t expect you to even drive Aston Martin now!”
Xiao Churan’s expression was a little bit embarrassed, and was about to tell him that the car was borrowed by her husband, but at this time, Ye Chen interrupted and said: “Actually, these two cars have been bought for a long time. The last Jinling International Auto Show I bought it at that time, but at first this person has been relatively low-key, so the two cars have not been driven.”
When everyone heard this, they all exclaimed. Remember to read in one second
It turns out that this is the long-known mysterious rich man at the auto show.
The news that both luxury cars were bought by one person at that time really shocked the entire Jinling.
Along with this shocking news, there is another very interesting anecdote. Gao Junwei, the eldest son of the Jinling International Convention and Exhibition Center, was beaten and lost by the security company’s security because he tried to touch the two cars without success. face.
At that time, everyone said that this mysterious rich man must have a very unusual background, otherwise, it would be impossible to even lose the face of the Gao family.
Today everyone finally saw the real body of this mysterious and rich man, but he did not expect him to attend Sun Hongwei’s wedding!
Sun Hongwei himself was stunned. He couldn’t help but exclaimed: “I heard that these two cars have been a long time ago, but since the auto show, I have never seen these two cars come out again. I didn’t expect you to drive the car. Participating in Xia’s wedding is really flattering! Xia is so grateful!”
Ye Chen smiled faintly, and said arrogantly: “You don’t have to thank me, I don’t give you the face, I give Zhang Xiaoman the face.”
When Sun Hongwei’s parents, as well as other relatives of the Sun family, and friends from all walks of life, heard this, they were all too shocked to speak.
Isn’t this Xiaoman a girl from a poor family? Parents are incapable of not talking, and are still idle. The important thing is to think about getting something for nothing every day.
Zhang Xiaoman was born in such a family, how could he know such a rich person?
If you drive two cars at random, it is worth one hundred million, so wouldn’t this person be worth tens of billions?
At this time, Sun Hongwei’s father immediately became fawning.
So he walked towards Ye Chen and said with a flattering smile: “Oh, this gentleman, under Sun Dewang, he is Sun Hongwei’s father. I didn’t expect you to be able to enjoy your face to attend the dog’s wedding today. It really makes Sun Jiapeng Xun is brilliant.”
“Just, I don’t know what do you call Mr.?”

Chapter: 1266
Ye Chen glanced at him contemptuously, and said disdainfully: “You can call me Ye Gongzi.”
Sun Dewang was a little surprised, how old are these years, and there are people claiming to be sons?
Could it be those young masters with strong backgrounds?
In this way, it is really meeting the true god!
So, he was very excited and indulged: “Oh, hello, Master Ye! I am in the flour business here. There is a flour mill in Jinling. Maybe you have eaten our flour. Our flour brand is called Jinfen Shijia. !”
Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Aristocratic family, isn’t that the name of other TV series?”
Sun Dewang said embarrassedly: “Don’t we also want to get some heat. People are gold powder, I am flour, but it’s not bad.”
Ye Chen snorted coldly and asked him: “Boss Sun, you married your daughter-in-law today, why didn’t you send a convoy to pick up the bride at the bride’s house?”
Sun Dewang and his wife looked at each other with embarrassment, not knowing how to answer.
After a moment of silence, Sun Dewang hurriedly said with a smile: “Oh, Ye Gongzi, you don’t know, we have already found a very impressive team, but something happened to that team temporarily, so…” Website m.
“A temporary accident?” Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Even if the wedding team has an accident, don’t you even have a car in your home?”
Sun Dewang said with an apologetic expression: “I’m really sorry Young Master Ye, I’m also busy for a while. I didn’t care about it. I’m sorry to neglect Xiaoman!”
After finishing speaking, he was very busy and promised: “Don’t worry, Master Ye, when Xiaoman passes the door in the future, our family will definitely compensate her!”
When Sun Hongwei on the side heard this, his heart was immediately overjoyed.
Originally, parents did not agree with their marriage to Zhang Xiaoman anyway, and even this morning they were still complaining to themselves, even threatening themselves, even if Zhang Xiaoman passed the door, they wouldn’t let her get better. Live.
Unexpectedly, now, Xiao Churan and her husband drove two luxury cars, and his father’s attitude immediately changed so much!
Thinking of this, he was overjoyed, and he was a little more grateful to Ye Chen and Xiao Churan.
At this moment, Sun Hongwei’s mother Xu Liqin pulled Sun Dewang aside and reprimanded in a low voice: “What are you talking nonsense? Have you forgotten what we said before? Never let that woman in. The door of home!”
Sun Dewang hurriedly said, “Have you not seen that Zhang Xiaoman has such a great friend? If we neglect others, what if they blame it?”
“Blame it!” Xu Liqin said angrily, “I don’t care how old this kid surnamed Ye is, but I know one thing, this kid surnamed Ye can’t give our family a penny. Our son will really marry. Zhang Xiaoman passed the door, and the surname Ye couldn’t help us, so why should we give him face like this? Is it because Zhang Xiaoman knew him, and we were willing to let Zhang Xiaoman be our daughter-in-law? ”
Sun Dewang couldn’t help asking: “Then what do you mean? Now that everyone is here, can our wedding continue?”
“Of course we can’t continue!” Xu Liqin scolded annoyedly: “The family surnamed Zhang didn’t know if their brains were broken. We humiliated them so much. They even let Zhang Xiaoman marry. It’s really a mischief!”
She said, busy again: “You will talk less later and look at me. I will definitely not let this Zhang Xiaoman enter the door of Sun’s house today!”

Chapter: 1267
Xu Liqin is a typical egoist.
Anything, she only considers one thing, and that is whether it can bring benefits to herself.
If it can bring benefits to herself, even if it is a garbage picker on the side of the road, she will greet her with a smile and make a full gesture;
But if she can’t bring her own benefits, even if he is the President of the United States, she won’t bother to pay attention.
So even if Ye Chen and his wife drove a luxury car worth more than 100 million yuan to give off to Zhang Xiaoman, Xu Liqin still did not change his opinion of Zhang Xiaoman.
She knows that these things of face are imaginary, and only the benefits that can be obtained are real.
What if Zhang Xiaoman knows rich friends? Can this money give me a point? Can she take care of our business? Can she take our house to the next level?
If I can, then I will naturally treat you with a nice face, and even offer you as an aunt, there is no problem.
But if you can’t, you still won’t be able to enter the gate of my grandson’s house today.
The reason for putting up this banquet and this battle was that she didn’t want to directly oppose the marriage and make her son hate herself. Therefore, she agreed to hold the wedding first, and then looked for various ways to find faults, satire, and sarcasm, forcing Zhang Xiaoman to give up actively. , The son can’t blame himself. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Now, I have plenty of reasons to trouble Zhang Xiaoman. The biggest reason is, since today is the wedding, why didn’t her parents come?
So she walked up to Zhang Xiaoman and said coldly, “Xiaoman, where are your parents? Why didn’t they come?”
Zhang Xiaoman hurriedly said: “Auntie, my parents, they…”
As Zhang Xiaoman said, he couldn’t help but hesitate.
In fact, she knew very well in her heart that she was married today, but her parents did not show up. This is really unreasonable. And now the future mother-in-law asked herself this question, she didn’t know how to answer it.
Seeing Zhang Xiaoman not speaking, Xu Liqin yelled coldly: “Oh, Xiaoman, you are still big enough. I know a few wealthy friends, but my future mother-in-law is not in my eyes? I will talk to you. You just ignore it, don’t you?”
Zhang Xiaoman hurriedly waved his hand and explained respectfully: “Auntie, it is true that my parents are a little unhappy, so they may not be here today. Please forgive me!”
“Oh, hello!” Xu Liqin said angrily: “You can’t look down on our house if you are together, do you? Your parents are really interesting. They don’t even show up when they get married and get married. Look at Quan Jinling. Do your parents do things like this? If this is going to be spread, where can we put the face of our Sun family?”
Zhang Xiaoman’s eyes were red, and he hurriedly apologized and said, “I’m sorry, my parents’ situation is really special. They have been unhappy because of the bride price. They were not very happy when I went out this morning, so Please forgive me…”
“Unwilling?” Xu Liqin twisted her eyebrows when she heard this, and suddenly shouted: “It’s really unreasonable, what are the conditions in your family? What are the conditions in our family? She is married to our family, then you have climbed Gao Zhi’er, your parents. Still not happy? Why? Can’t you look at our house? If you don’t look at our house, then simply stop you and don’t let you marry over!”

Chapter: 1268
Hearing Xu Liqin’s words, Zhang Xiaoman’s tears suddenly flowed out.
When Sun Hongwei saw his fiancée and was so humiliated by his mother, he was a little bit overwhelmed. He hurriedly said: “Mom! Marrying Xiaoman is the life of the two of us. As long as the two of us can live well, we don’t want to care. There are so many. So don’t worry about it too much. It’s not too early. Can you just prepare for the wedding?”
“That won’t work!” Xu Liqin looked at Zhang Xiaoman with disgust, and said contemptuously: “I’m just mad in my heart. Since I was beaten to marry your dad, I have never suffered such a grievance. Why did it seem like we had climbed them up high? My dad and I were waiting here early in the morning. Our relatives and friends also came early in the morning, but what about their home? Except for the bride , None of the others came! This is to look down on people and despise us after making it clear!”
Zhang Xiaoman quickly waved his hand and explained: “Auntie, you really misunderstood. My parents really didn’t mean to look down on you. They were just a little angry, so they didn’t come.”
Xu Liqin shouted coldly: “It’s useless to talk so much to me. Getting married is an important matter in life. You are not an orphan without a father or mother. How can you attend the wedding by yourself? I grew up so much and I have never heard of my parents. Those who are still alive but do not come to the wedding will not only lose face when it spreads out, it is also not lucky in itself.”
Speaking of this, Xu Liqin gritted her teeth and said: “Zhang Xiaoman, I will leave the words here today. If your parents don’t come, I don’t think this marriage needs to be married!”
As soon as these words came out, Zhang Xiaoman almost collapsed.
She finally relied on the help of Xiao Churan and Ye Chen to escape her parents’ obstruction and rushed to the wedding.
I thought that it would be worthwhile to marry Sun Hongwei even if I turned my face with my family. I didn’t expect that after I came, I realized that my husband’s family still had so many difficulties waiting for me.
Xiao Churan couldn’t see it anymore, she said indignantly: “Auntie, do you know how much grievance Xiaoman has suffered and how much to pay for this engagement?” Remember to read a book for a second. htp: //
Xu Liqin raised her eyebrows and looked at Xiao Churan, and said, “This girl, I don’t know you before, so I don’t want to offend you, but there are some things, we have to make sense. I married my daughter-in-law today and invited so many relatives. Friends came to join in, but the wife’s house didn’t even come out alone. Have you ever seen anyone doing things like this?”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said: “Isn’t this a special situation? Xiaoman’s parents really have a lot of opinions on this matter, and Xiaoman also made a lot of determination to turn his face with his family and marry Hong Wei.”
Xu Liqin curled her lips: “Oh, our family can’t afford it. Let me tell you, when you get married, you must follow the old rules. If the bride’s parents don’t come, the marriage will not end. The king of heaven and I will come and talk to me. It’s useless to say.”
Xiao Churan said angrily: “How can you do this?”
Ye Chen stopped Xiao Churan at this time, looked at Xu Liqin and asked with a smile: “Okay, I don’t think you should spend so much effort here to find various reasons. Everyone is an adult, so just say it straight. How can you agree to hold the wedding as usual when Xiaoman’s parents are not here?”
Xu Liqin smiled and said: “It’s very simple. Our family is looking for a daughter-in-law. It is the right thing to do. But Zhang Xiaoman and his family are so poor. I can bear it for the happiness of my son. Her parents can’t look down on people so much. I forbeared them, but at this time, they shook my face with me? In that case, let’s just do business. How can we say that our family is a wealthy family with a net worth of tens of millions. If Zhang Xiaoman wants to marry us Come, you must bring a dowry of at least 10 million, otherwise it will be skipped.”
As soon as Zhang Xiaoman heard this, the good temper that he had tolerated for a long time was soon consumed by the other party.
She didn’t expect that Xu Liqin, who had been a stumbling block between herself and Sun Hongwei, would even bite back at this time, pushing all the responsibilities onto her own family.
So she couldn’t hide her anger and said, “Aunt Xu, if you said that you didn’t want to let me pass the door, then I would not be begging for you, but you said that you promised me to have a wedding with Hongwei. What does it mean to obstruct in every way?”

Chapter: 1269
Xu Liqin herself disagrees with her son marrying Zhang Xiaoman.
But the reason why he agreed to hold this wedding was to take his responsibilities as cleanly as possible.
Therefore, Zhang Xiaoman made his family faceless today and made himself unable to lift his head in front of relatives and friends. With this alone, he can stand on the moral high ground and refuse her to marry into the grandson family.
This is also the representative of the smart parents in daily life.
When wise parents and their children have some kind of dispute, they often try not to confess to themselves.
If the decision is to resolutely and undoubtedly reject the child, if the child fails to pass this hurdle in the future, he will definitely blame himself, and even hate himself.
But in another way, the effect is naturally much better.
Now that he is on the moral high ground, even if his son Sun Hongwei is dissatisfied, he can’t express it.
Because he has been put off by himself now.
If he is still desperate to defend Zhang Xiaoman at this time, then he is against the entire Sun family. First URL m.
Zhang Xiaoman’s parents did not come, and all the people on the scene surnamed Sun felt offended. That Guo son, Sun Hongwei, absolutely couldn’t bear it.
Xu Liqin was right.
At this time, Sun Hongwei felt extremely uncomfortable.
He didn’t even know what to do.
If you follow the mother’s words, then this marriage will definitely not be completed.
If he doesn’t speak, how can Zhang Xiaoman bear the pressure that he refers to by himself?
If you are facing Zhang Xiaoman, doesn’t it mean you have slapped all your grandchildren in the face?
Seeing Zhang Xiaoman’s uncomfortable tears at this time, Xiao Churan was very upset, but in this case, he didn’t know what to say.
No matter how many difficulties are behind this matter, Zhang Xiaoman’s parents do not come to her wedding, this has indeed been grasped by others a great deal.
If the game cannot be reversed, then the marriage, it is estimated that it really will not be completed.
The atmosphere at the scene suddenly became extremely embarrassing.
Ye Chen, who had seen everything through long ago, didn’t say a word at this time, just watched Xu Liqin’s performance coldly, and had already figured out the countermeasures to punish this woman.
At this moment, a black BMW x6 drove over.
The car stopped, and a woman in her 50s walked out of the cab.
When Xu Liqin saw this woman, she greeted her with surprise, and said, “Sister Lu, why are you here?”
The one named Lu Jie is a close friend of Xu Liqin, who has a very good family situation and has a good relationship with the Xue family.
Xue’s family runs several large supermarkets in the local area. Although they are not as good as Carrefour Wal-Mart, they are still very marketable in the surrounding districts, counties and suburbs.
Sun Dewang’s Jinfen Family Flour Mill has been selling locally in Jinling.

Chapter: 1270
His flour has two relatively large sales channels, one is a large supermarket like Carrefour Wal-Mart, and the other is a medium-sized chain supermarket like Xuejia.
The flour mill industry has relatively low technical content and fierce competition.
There are a lot of big grain and oil brands such as Arowana and Fulinmen in China. Their brands are relatively strong, so their products are selling very well.
In every city, there are at least a few local flour brands.
Therefore, a small brand like him can only have a certain amount of sales locally, and is very dependent on sales channels.
If the sales channels give him more display positions and buy more goods, he can make more money.
If the sales channel does not show him a place or purchase his goods, then all his flour will not be sold.
Several local grain and oil brands want to establish a good relationship with the Xue family, so that they can get more resources and shares from the Xue family, and can greatly increase their sales and profits.
Therefore, whether it is Sun Dewang or Xu Liqin, they have been sharpening their heads, wanting to fawn on this line.
This is why Xu Liqin especially hopes that his son, Sun Hongwei, can come together with the daughter of the Xue family. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
If you marry the daughter of the Xue family and become your own daughter-in-law, will your family’s flour still be sold? Maybe it doubles in one year and triples in two years.
At this time, this sister Lu looked at Xu Liqin with a bit of displeased expression, and said angrily: “Liqin, you don’t regard me as a friend too much. Your son is going to get married. You don’t tell me. I helped your son get on the line with Mr. Xue’s daughter, aren’t you cheating me?”
As soon as Xu Liqin heard this, she hurriedly pulled Sister Lu aside and said in a low voice, “Oh my sister, this is a long story. Let me tell you this. It is impossible for my son to get married today.”
Sister Lu said angrily, “Who are you lie to? Your banquet is about to start, and you are sloppy with me?”
Xu Liqin hurriedly explained: “My sister, let me tell you the truth. My son was blind before. He was looking for a girl from a poor family. This girl has to be poor and poor. Sanlan, I wanted to marry into my house and come to Pangao Zhi’er. In order to achieve my goal, I was pregnant with my son’s child. I did this today because I wanted to embarrass her and make her give up.”
Sister Lu asked: “What if this girl doesn’t give up?”
Xu Liqin sneered: “Anyway, it’s impossible for me to let him into our house. If she doesn’t give up, just let her go. It has nothing to do with our house.”
Sister Lu’s expression eased, and she nodded and said, “I’m looking for you to talk about the Xue family.”
“What’s the matter?” Xu Liqin got excited, and hurriedly asked: “What did Mr. Xue say over there?”
Sister Lu whispered: “Didn’t I tell you that Mr. Xue’s daughter has returned from abroad? I also talked about a black boyfriend before.”
“Yes.” Xu Liqin nodded: “Didn’t you say that you have broken up with that black man?”
Sister Lu sighed: “The breakup is a breakup, but it was just found out two days ago that this girl is pregnant…”
Xu Liqin said dumbfounded: “Huh? Pregnant? Is that black man?”
Sister Lu said helplessly: “Yes! The point is that this girl is very stubborn. She has to give birth to this child. You said Mr. Xue is just this daughter. If this daughter is unmarried and gave birth to a child, then his face Where do you put it?”
“Indeed…” Xu Liqin smacked his lips and said, “This thing is really a bit difficult.”
Sister Lu looked at Xu Liqin with deep meaning, and whispered: “Liqin, there is a good thing now, don’t blame my sister for not taking care of you.”
Xu Liqin hurriedly said, “Sister Lu, you say!”
Sister Lu said cautiously: “Ms. Xue’s wife told me in private that if your family is willing to marry her girl, and at the same time wait for her girl to come out and be the father of this child, Mr. Xue is willing to give 30 million dowry. In the future, half of the shelves in the flour area of ​​his supermarket chain will be exclusively for you!”

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