The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1321-1330

Chapter: 1321
In Qin Aoxue’s eyes, Ye Chen’s status is almost second only to her father Qin Gang.
But this coach Zhao didn’t know.
He also felt that Ye Chen was just a moment of luck, so Qin Aoxue, who had just fooled around, believed in him.
So he snorted and said disdainfully: “Aoxue, don’t be fooled by this kind of hairy boy. This kind of person can only talk on paper and has no real ability at all. If you really let him be your coach, Then you will definitely not have a chance to win the subsequent games!”
Qin Aoxue said with a bit of annoyance: “I forbid you to say that about Master Ye! Master Ye’s strength is what you can imagine! If it weren’t for Master Ye remind me today, if I listen to your tactical arrangements, then I I must have lost this game now, it is impossible to advance to the quarterfinals, and there is no chance to play the subsequent games!”
Coach Zhao did not expect that Qin Aoxue would not even buy her own account.
This made him very angry.
Moreover, Qin Aoxue mentioned that her tactical arrangements just now were not as good as the young man surnamed Ye, which made him even more unhappy.
Because for someone like him, even if Qin Aoxue used Ye Chen’s tactical arrangement to defeat the Thai player just now, he didn’t think that Ye Chen was better than himself.
He even felt that if Qin Aoxue used the tactics she had just arranged, she would probably win the same, and even win more beautifully and simply. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
So he said in a weird manner: “Ao Xue, I kindly give you a chance, don’t you know how to promote!”
“Professional players in Jinling who want to practice Sanda with me line up and beg me to accept them as apprentices. I choose you. This is your luck. If you miss me, then your career will have come to an end! There will never be any real progress!”
“If you want to become a true national professional athlete in the future, without my guidance, you can only be wishful thinking.”
Qin Gang did not expect this coach Zhao to speak so unceremoniously. He said in an angry cold voice: “Coach Zhao, your tone is really loud. Why do you think my daughter chooses you as the coach is my daughter’s Luck? Let me tell you that if my daughter can get Master Ye’s guidance, that’s the luck of Sansheng. As for you, it’s just rubbish!”
Because Qin Aoxue is usually very low-key in school, many people don’t know her family background at all, and they don’t know that she is Qin Gang’s daughter.
Qin Gang has always been a person who does not show up or leaks. He is not as popular as other rich people in Jinling, so although there are quite a few people who know him, not many people know him.
Coach Zhao has trained Qin Aoxue for more than a year. He has never seen Qin Gang. He doesn’t know how good Qin Aoxue’s family is. He thinks that Qin Aoxue is just the daughter of an ordinary family, and may even expect to practice Sanda. I thought I was holding each other.
But I didn’t expect that the other party would not put himself in the eyes at all, and even said that he was rubbish.
This is really intolerable.
So, he said coldly: “It’s true that Zhao Haichao has some connections in Jinling and even the whole country’s Sanda circle. If I want to block someone, it’s just a matter of one sentence. Therefore, before talking to me, I must weigh my mind. clear!”

Chapter: 1322
Qin Gang said coldly: “It’s just a Sanda coach. Why is your tone so big? My Qin Gang is in Jinling. Although I am not among the top ones, I still have some skills. I really don’t believe it. In a word, I can kill my daughter of Qin Gang!”
“Qin Gang?!”
Zhao Haichao exclaimed and asked nervously, “Are you Qin Gang, the Patriarch of the Qin Family?”
Qin Gang said coldly: “It’s me, why? What’s your opinion?”
“Don’t dare!” Zhao Haichao hurriedly said with a smile: “President Qin is really embarrassed. I didn’t expect you to be Aoxue’s father. You have been admiring your name for a long time. Our Sanda Hall of Jinling University of Finance and Economics is still funded by you Donated…”
Qin Gang disgusted him and said coldly: “Well, you are no longer Aoxue’s coach. I have nothing to say to you, please go back.”
Zhao Haichao was very upset in his heart. He didn’t expect that he had just forcibly pretended to be a force in front of the famous Qin Gang, and what made him unacceptable was that he had actually lost the qualification to choose Qin Aoxue as a coach.
This loss is really too great. If he can lead Qin Aoxue to achieve a good result, Qin Gang will naturally not treat himself badly.
There are rumors that Qin Gang is very generous. Take the Sanda training hall of Jinling College of Finance and Economics that he donated to build. It is obvious that 10 million can be built into a first-class Sanda training hall in China, but Qin Gang directly donated 27 million and built one. The international top-level Sanda training hall.
I used to think that Qin Gang must be very rich, but today I figured out that Qin Gang’s daughter is Qin Aoxue. Remember to read in one second
It can be seen that in order for his daughter to practice Sanda well, Qin Gang can donate 27 million yuan to the Jinling University of Finance and Economics to build a training hall. If he can bring her daughter to get a good result, he will give it to Jinling. A few million in bonuses?
Thinking of this, he hurriedly tried to make it back, and said sincerely: “Mr. Qin, let’s not tell you, Aoxue is indeed a very talented Sanda player, but the most important thing for her now is to have a truly professional coach. Train her systematically and guide her tactics.”
After finishing speaking, he looked at Ye Chen disdainfully, and said: “President Qin, like this young man who can only talk about soldiers on paper, it is impossible to have any real experience and strength. If you give Aoxue to him, only Delaying Aoxue’s future! A talented player like Aoxue should be given to a professional coach like me to maximize her talent!”
When Qin Gang heard that he was disrespectful to Ye Chen over and over again, he yelled angrily: “Coach Zhao, I think you have taught Aoxue for more than a year. Don’t blame someone Qin being rude to you!”
Zhao Haichao’s heart was very angry, what kind of fascination was Qin Gang poured into? He would believe in such a young Diaosi. If he persists in understanding it, wouldn’t he have no chance at all?
Thinking of this, he was anxious to prove his strength in front of Qin Gang, so he sternly said: “Mr. Qin, Sanda is a boxing skill. You can’t put it on your mouth, but put it on your fists and feet. Some people talk about it. But when you start, you are just a paper tiger! Don’t be blinded by anyone!”
After speaking, he glanced at Ye Chen coldly, and then suddenly attacked, and quickly punched Ye Chen in the face!
Zhao Haichao’s thinking was very simple. He had to prove his strength in front of Qin Gang, and prove that he was much stronger than the smelly surname Ye. Only in this way could he let Qin Aoxue train with him again.
Only in this way can I get on the big boat of the Qin family!

Chapter: 1323
When Zhao Haichao punched Ye Chen, he was full of disdain for Ye Chen.
He used full strength with this punch, and he also believed that his punch would be able to directly defeat Ye Chen in front of everyone.
I have to say that Zhao Haichao does have some strength.
After all, he has won the national Sanda championship, and the average person is really not his opponent.
His punch was quick and hard, and even Qin Aoxue, who had also practiced Sanda for many years, did not respond, let alone Qin Gang and Qin Aodong.
However, the speed at which Zhao Haichao is proud of, in Ye Chen’s eyes, is like slow motion, without threat.
Moreover, he really didn’t have much strength in this punch in his opinion.
Even if he stood still and sturdy enough to give him a punch, he couldn’t hurt himself with that punch.
However, even if there is no threat to him, Ye Chen is absolutely impossible for this kind of dick to hit him.
Therefore, when Zhao Haichao was about to hit his door with a punch, he suddenly raised his fist to meet the opponent’s fist and smashed it. First URL m.
Ye Chen’s punch was as fast as a cannonball out of the chamber, and Zhao Haichao couldn’t react to it at all.
Just when Zhao Haichao thought he could kill Ye Chen with a single blow, he suddenly felt that his right fist was hit by an iron punch, and with a thud, there was severe pain and the sound of broken bones.
In front of Ye Chen’s fist, his fist was not even squeezed, and after a crit, the entire fist was completely destroyed.
Zhao Haichao held the shattered right fist, cried out in pain, and looked at Ye Chen with an incredulous expression on his face.
He couldn’t understand how this young man could have such a terrifying, even somewhat abnormal strength.
One punch can burst out such a strong strength, which is far beyond the scope of his own recognition.
Ye Chen looked at him at this time, and said in a disdainful voice: “You are at a level like you, and you are far from coaching a world champion. With this kind of hard work everywhere, it’s better to practice your business skills. To avoid being embarrassing.
Although Zhao Haichao was full of resentment towards Ye Chen in his heart, he did not dare to disobey Ye Chen any more and could only flee the scene in a desperate manner.
At this time, Qin Aoxue smiled and said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, you are now my coach. When are you going to guide me to practice?”
Ye Chen smiled and asked her: “When is your next game?”
Qin Aoxue hurriedly said, “The next game is the afternoon of the day after tomorrow.”
Ye Chen asked again: “Who will you play in the next game?”
Qin Aoxue thought for a while, and said nervously: “I am a qualifying player in Group 5. I have to play against the qualifying players in Group 6 in accordance with the regulations. The No. 3 seeded player in this game is in Group 6, so I must be It’s going to be the next game with her!”
Ye Chen asked: “Who is the No. 3 seed player?”
Qin Aoxue said hurriedly: “The No. 3 seeded player is Joanna from Brazil…Oh my god, I definitely can’t beat her…”

Chapter: 1324
Ye Chen smiled and said, “You haven’t started fighting yet, how do you know that you can’t beat her? I think you can definitely defeat this Joanna.”
Qin Aoxue said with some shame: “Master Ye, Aoxue’s strength, Aoxue herself knows very well, this Joanna is very strong, she is a leader among young Brazilian female Sanda players, and her strength is indeed much stronger than Aoxue, Aoxue For her, there is no chance…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly in her ear: “Don’t forget the magic medicine I gave you last time. Although your current physical fitness is very good, there is still a big gap between it and the real master. However, if If you take that magic drug, your physical strength, reaction speed, will be greatly improved, then, I believe your strength will also improve a lot, defeat that Brazilian Joanna, absolutely not Come on!”
Qin Aoxue remembered the magic medicine that Ye Chen had given herself before.
At that time, I was looking for Master Ye for his father to ask for medicine. Originally I only wanted one medicine and I was satisfied, but I didn’t expect Master Ye to give me two medicines, so my father gave him another magic medicine.
But that magical medicine has been properly kept by myself, and I have never thought of eating it.
This was mainly because I didn’t know that this magical medicine could also strengthen the body. At that time, I only thought that this magical medicine was the healing medicine after injury, so I kept it in a safe place for emergency.
So Qin Aoxue looked at Ye Chen and asked in surprise: “Master Ye, can that magic medicine still improve personal strength?”
“Of course.” Ye Chen nodded and said: “It can improve your physical fitness in many ways. Although your physical fitness is already very strong, to be honest, compared with the colored people in Latin America, it is indeed still There are gaps, genetic gaps, and sometimes it is difficult to break through. It seems that black people are always good at sprinting. That’s because black people are more explosive than other people.”
After speaking, Ye Chen said again: “However, if you take the magical medicine I gave you, you can fundamentally improve your physical function, and even make your body function more than those people.” Remember the website http: //m. Kanshu8. nest
Qin Aoxue hurriedly asked: “Master Ye, if I take it, can the magic drug you give pass the doping test? The doping test for sports competitions is very strict. If you are found to have taken stimulant drugs, you will be Disqualified or even banned permanently…”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Don’t worry, my magic medicine relies on wonderful prescriptions and pure medicinal power, and has nothing to do with chemically purified stimulants. There will never be any problems.”
Qin Aoxue said excitedly: “Then I will take that magic medicine when I go back today!”
Ye Chen nodded: “I will come back when you play the next afternoon.”
Qin Aoxue was extremely excited and cheered happily.
Qin Gang on the side hurriedly said respectfully: “Master Ye, it’s almost noon now, or else I would like to invite you to enjoy the noodles at noon and have a home-cooked meal at the next home?”
Ye Chen wanted to decline, but she thought that if Qin Aoxue was going to take the medicine in the afternoon, she could pay close attention to her and at the same time help her guide the absorption of medicine.
Besides, Xiao Churan recently worked overtime at the company at noon, and generally did not go home for dinner. The old man was also busy with the elderly college where Han Meiqin was studying, so he would definitely not go back at noon.
Ma Lan, mother-in-law, is alone at home, and there is no need to go back and cook for her.
So he nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then I will go over and make some noise. By the way, I will be at your house this afternoon to help Aoxue absorb the medicine.”
Qin Gang and Qin Aoxue’s father and daughter were delighted when they saw that Ye Chen agreed to eat at home.
Ye Chen has never been a guest at their home, so the two of them are looking forward to it, and hope that they can get closer with Ye Chen this time.
Especially Little Pepper Qin Aoxue, she has been obsessed with Ye Chen for a day or two. She has always wanted to find a chance to develop with Ye Chen. Today’s opportunity is really great.

Chapter: 1325
Seeing that Ye Chen was going to be a guest at home at noon, Qin Aoxue happily went to the lounge to change clothes. Before leaving, she said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, wait for me, I have to take a shower, but you can rest assured, it will be soon.”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you will be busy with you first.”
Qin Gang on the side said: “Master Ye, it’s quite messy here, or let’s take a rest in the stroller, I’ll let someone drive over in an RV today.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Okay, then go to the car and wait.”
Qin Aodong said in a hurry, “Master Ye, please!”
When Ye Chen left the stadium with Qin Gang and Qin Aodong, Zhao Haichao, who had just been smashed with his right fist by Ye Chen, came to an athlete’s lounge with a black face.
At the entrance of this lounge, there is a Japanese flag with the words “Japanese player: Nanako Ito” written on it.
Zhao Haichao hesitated for a while at the door, but still knocked on the door of the lounge.
Soon, the door was opened, and a young man spoke fluent Chinese, looked at him suspiciously, and asked, “Who are you?”
Zhao Haichao hurriedly smiled and said, “Hello, how are you, I want to find Miss Ito Nanako, and her coach, Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki.” Remember to read a book
The young man turned his head and said to the middle-aged man and young girl in the lounge: “Mr. Yamamoto, Miss Ito, this gentleman is here to see you two.”
Yamamoto Kazuki’s eyebrows stood cold, and he asked, “Who are you? Do we know each other?”
Zhao Haichao smiled and said humbly: “Mr. Yamamoto, my next name is Zhao Haichao. In the Sanda competition ten years ago, I participated in the battle on behalf of China, but I was defeated by you at that time. Don’t you remember?”
Yamamoto Kazuki said arrogantly: “I can’t count the people who lost to me. How can I remember them all?”
Zhao Haichao nodded awkwardly, and said, “Well, Mr. Yamamoto, I have another identity. It is the coach of Chinese contestant Qin Aoxue for this competition. Oh no, the former coach, I have resigned now.”
Yamamoto Kazuki frowned and said, “Qin Aoxue? Why haven’t I heard of this player? This competition, among the top five seeded players, shouldn’t there be this person?”
Zhao Haichao nodded quickly: “No, she has not been selected as a seed player before, so you may not pay attention to her.”
Yamamoto Kazuki asked coldly: “Then what do you mean by coming to me?”
Zhao Haichao hurriedly said: “I want to reveal a message to you. This Qin Aoxue has found a very sinister and venomous kid as a coach. If Ms. Ito Nanako will meet Qin Aoxue in the subsequent games, she must Be careful of her coach!”
Yamamoto Kazuki disdainfully said: “I don’t believe that this kind of person would be great. I am Yamamoto Kazuki, a national treasure-level fighter in Japan. The apprentice I taught is also a Japanese national treasure-level Sanda fighter. Nanako’s strength, not to mention college students from all over the world, even if the current athletes from all over the world participate in the Olympic Games, Nanako has the strength to win the championship! I will not hide it from you. Nanako’s participation in this competition is actually just training. The real goal is to participate in the next Olympic Games and win the gold medal!”
Zhao Haichao nodded and complimented: “I know Mr. Yamamoto, your strength is extraordinary, and the personal disciples you trained yourself are naturally very powerful, but the young man I am talking about does have a few brushes. Look at my right hand! ”
With that said, Zhao Haichao immediately handed over his right hand.
Yamamoto Kazuki couldn’t help but look terrified when he saw the injury on his right hand.

Chapter: 1326
He asked, “Your injury is very new, and the blood hasn’t scabled yet. It should happen within half an hour?”
“Yes.” Zhao Haichao said: “Look, the kid I was talking about just used his fist to abolish my right hand. You can’t do this, Mr. Yamamoto, right?”
As soon as this word came out, Yamamoto Kazuki immediately became serious.
He is also a practitioner, but he knows that there are upper limits for human bodies and physical bodies, and this upper limit is very low.
Human fists are composed of the four major elements of flesh, bones, muscles and skin. They are all flesh and blood. They can hit the opponent’s abdomen, face and other soft parts, so that they are not injured. However, use the fist to hit the opponent’s fist , Then this is the standard head-on.
However, whose fist is so strong that it can smash someone else’s fist with one punch?
Thinking of this, he hurriedly asked: “That young man smashed your fist like this, is he seriously injured?”
Zhao Haichao said angrily: “He has nothing to do! This is the strangest place. This guy’s body seems to be very hard, like steel. I am worried that he has any inner family skills, in case it is passed on to Qin Aoxue. Ms. Ito Nanako, I am afraid it will be difficult to win this competition!”
Yamamoto Kazuki finally paid attention to this issue in his heart.
He nodded, and said gloomily: “Qin Aoxue, right? I wrote it down.”
After all, he looked at Zhao Haichao and asked, “Why are you helping us?”
Zhao Haichao said hurriedly: “Mr. Yamamoto, let’s tell you, that kid robbed me of my job and abolished my right hand. I hate him deeply in my heart! And he also said that he is confident enough to let Qin Aoxue win. The champion of this competition also said that Miss Ito Nanako is not Qin Aoxue’s opponent at all. Therefore, I sincerely hope that Miss Ito Nanako can defeat this Qin Aoxue and don’t let that guy succeed!”
Yamamoto Kazuki nodded and said: “Okay, I know, I will definitely pay attention to it. If the other party won’t succeed, you can go back.”
Zhao Haichao nodded and bowed and said, “Mr. Yamamoto, I will leave first.”
At this moment, the girl in the room who put on a long-sleeved trousers and sportswear said in a very gentle voice: “Tanaka-san, please give this gentleman a check for one hundred thousand yuan, thank him for telling us so important. Intelligence information.”
This girl is extremely beautiful, with a Japanese hairstyle with bangs. If you only see her, you will only think that she is the most quiet, elegant, and most standard Japanese beauty, but she is absolutely unexpected. A master of Sanda fighting and karate.
The young man who opened the door to Zhao Haichao immediately nodded respectfully and said: “Yes, Miss Ito!”
After speaking, he took out the checkbook from his pocket, wrote a check for 100,000 yuan and handed it to Zhao Haichao.
“This is a little bit of our eldest lady, please accept it!”
Zhao Haichao came to look for Yamamoto Kazuki and Ito Nanako, just trying to create some trouble for Qin Aoxue and Ye Chen, and try not to let her have a chance to win the championship. To put it bluntly, he just wanted to spoil the other side’s good deeds, harm others, and disadvantage herself.
However, he didn’t expect that Nanako Ito was so generous, and gave himself one hundred thousand yuan in benefits!
This made him immediately flattered, accepted the check, bowed and thanked him again and again, and then left Ito Nanako’s lounge with satisfaction…

Chapter: 1327
After Zhao Haichao left, Nanako Ito walked up to Yamamoto Kazuki and asked, “Master, although Zhao Haichao’s strength is far worse than you, it can be regarded as a middle-class player in the field of Sanda. He The young man I was talking about was able to hurt him to such a degree, and he didn’t hurt him at all. It seems to be very powerful indeed!”
Yamamoto Kazuki asked curiously: “Nanako, how do you know that Zhao Haichao is good at strength?”
Nanako Ito smiled and said: “Master, I have watched all your game videos and studied each of your games in depth, so I have also seen the whole process of the game between you and this Zhao Haichao. His strength, It should be about 70% of yours.”
“That’s it!”
Yamamoto Kazuki sighed, and said with approval: “Nanako, this is why I accepted you as a direct disciple!”
“You are too easy to learn, and you worked too hard. Given your family background, you don’t need to work so hard for a little ranking!”
“The strength of the Ito family is enough to make you the top rich second generation envied by countless people in Japan, but you can sink your heart and concentrate on studying martial arts. It’s the only thing I have seen in my life!”
“I believe that in time, you will be able to surpass being a teacher and become a top master that Japan is proud of!”
Ito Nanako said with a humble expression: “Master, you have praised me. Nanako just wants to do her best to practice martial arts to the extreme, not to let you down, and the Ito family’s high hopes for me!”
Yamamoto Kazuki nodded and said: “Don’t forget, there are more than 100 million Japanese nationals behind you, and they are all eagerly looking forward to your ability to win glory for the country!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Speaking of this, Yamamoto Kazuki sighed and said with emotion: “I have long been optimistic that you can become the pride of Japan, and I believe you can too!”
Ito Nanako nodded earnestly: “Master, rest assured, Nanako will go all out to be the pride of the people of the whole country!”
Yamamoto Kazuki hummed and said, “Next, I’m going to see that Qin Aoxue and her coach.”
At this time, Qin Aoxue had changed into her daily clothes and walked out of the gym with her training bag on her back.
And Ye Chen was sitting in the spacious and luxurious RV of the Qin family, tasting the Kung Fu tea that Qin Aodong had brewed for himself.
Qin Gang’s luxury car is indeed extraordinary.
From the outside, it looked like an ordinary long-distance bus, and there was no clue to it.
But after I walked in, I realized that there was a whole different world inside.
Except for driving, the entire carriage has been completely remodeled.
There are not only a spacious and luxurious living room, a luxurious and rich lounge and bar, but also two extremely comfortable bedrooms and a bathroom with shower.
According to Qin Gang, he bought this car specifically for his daughter’s competition.
Qin Aoxue often travels to various parts of the country to participate in competitions, whether by car, train or plane, there will be a lot of stress after getting there.
Playing sports itself has very high demands on physical strength and physical condition, so he didn’t want the schedule to affect his daughter’s performance, so he bought this car to take her across the country.
In Qin Gang’s words, riding in this car is comfortable, stable, and safer, just like a mobile home. Even if you ride in the car for more than ten or twenty hours, Qin Aoxue will not feel the slightest fatigue, and can be very good. Ensure that she always has an excellent competitive state.

Chapter: 1328
Qin Aodong watched Ye Chen drink up the tea, and hurriedly refilled him respectfully, and asked diligently: “Master Ye, don’t know, are you satisfied with this tea?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled, and said, “Yes, Qin Aodong, you should have learned this posture specifically? I didn’t expect that a person of your personality would be able to bear the temper to study tea ceremony.”
The former Qin Aodong was a rich second generation who didn’t understand.
Not only don’t understand the shit, but also like to be arty, buy some shit stuff in the antique street all day long, and take it as a baby no matter what garbage.
Even when Jinghai came to Jinling to participate in the auction, he slid and slapped Yu Jinghai against himself.
Unexpectedly, this kid hasn’t seen him for a while, and his personality has indeed converged a lot, and he has become more sensible.
Qin Aodong heard Ye Chen praise himself, and hurriedly explained with a blushing face: “Master Ye, I used to be young and ignorant. I offended you. Please don’t take it to your heart. My second uncle kept letting me be here. The family is honestly introspecting, and let me learn the tea ceremony and cultivate my sentiment. Now I am not as impetuous as before…”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Yes, people, one is afraid of irritability and second is afraid of drifting. If you can calm down and reflect on yourself, it proves that it is not as hopeless as before.”
Qin Gang smiled and said: “I told this kid a long time ago that if he doesn’t change his character to me and twists it around, then his dad and I will lock him in Qin’s house for ten years. I won’t let him out for eight years, so that he won’t let him out and cause trouble for the Qin family. Fortunately, this kid is still a little conscious and can know how to return when he gets lost.”
As he was talking, Qin Aoxue ran and jumped into the car, and saw her father and younger brother drinking tea with Master Ye, and said with a smile: “Master Ye, father, younger brother, you have been waiting for a long time, let’s hurry up!” Remember to read in seconds
Qin Gang pointed to Qin Aoxue and smiled and said to Ye Chen: “Look, Master Ye, when you are in front of this little girl, even my own father has to queue back.”
Qin Aoxue said embarrassedly: “Oh, Dad, how can it be! People respect Master Ye, and Master Ye is our distinguished guest, I should first greet Master Ye!”
Qin Gang smiled and said, “Look at you, I just state it, and there is no other opinion. What are you nervous about.”
Qin Aoxue murmured, “How can I be nervous! Dad, you will talk nonsense!”
Qin Gang smiled comfortedly: “Oh, well, dad is talking nonsense, come, come, sit down next to Master Ye, let the driver drive, let’s go home for dinner!”
Qin Aoxue hurriedly blushed, and sat down next to Ye Chen.
At this time, the driver started the RV and drove slowly away from the stadium parking lot.
The Qin’s villa is not in the city center, but in the outskirts of Shuiyun Villa, next to the Jinling Reservoir.
Jinling Reservoir is a large lake on the outskirts of Jinling, and it is also the main source of water for the entire Jinling.
Shuiyun Mountain Villa is built on the edge of Jinling Reservoir. It can be said that Jinling Reservoir is regarded as a super large artificial lake in its own community, so the environment is quite good, which is by no means comparable to the villa area in the city.
The Qin family’s villa here has been buying for many years, and Qin Gang had a vision at the beginning. When the city hadn’t issued any document management to restrict the renovation and reconstruction of the villa area, he bought two villas directly, and then transferred the two villas. Merged together.
Moreover, his two villas are close to the lake, and when you open the door every day, there are clear artificial reservoirs and the green environment of birds and flowers. It is really a great pleasure.
The courtyard of the Qin’s villa is huge, even this kind of RV can park seven or eight cars without any problems.
After the car stopped in the yard, Qin Aoxue hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, I will take you to the small pier by the lake. I have a speedboat, just to take you for a ride in the lake!”

Chapter: 1329
Ye Chen didn’t expect Qin Aoxue to have a speedboat here.
Seeing her eagerness, he smiled and said, “Okay, let’s take a look with you, but how about your driving skills? You won’t throw me into the lake, right?”
Qin Aoxue blushed and said shyly: “How come Master Ye, my technique is very stable, don’t worry! Even if you really fall into the lake, I can save you.”
Qin Haodong hurriedly said, “Sister, take me, I want to go…”
Qin Aodong is not Qin Aoxue’s own brother, the two are just cousins ​​of a grandma, so Qin Aodong doesn’t usually live in this villa, but occasionally comes as a guest.
So when he heard Qin Aoxue say that he was going to go on a boat ride, he couldn’t help but feel a little itchy.
Qin Aoxue glared at him, and said, “Where are you going? Why are you everywhere?”
Qin Aodong pouted aggrievedly and wanted to say something. Qin Gang on the side said to him: “Aodong, you come with me, I have something to tell you.”
When Qin Aodong saw that his second uncle said this, he did not dare to say anything more, at least honestly nodded and said, “Good second uncle.”
Here, Qin Aoxue took Ye Chen’s arm affectionately, and said: “Master Ye, let’s go and play for a while, otherwise it’s time to eat after a while.”
Ye Chen nodded and went to the lake with her.
At this time, Qin Gang whispered to Qin Aodong, “You kid, you’ve been honest during this period of time. Why don’t you have any vision?”
Qin Aodong asked aggrieved: “Second Uncle, what happened to me? Am I not quite honest?”
Qin Gang whispered: “Are you stupid? Can’t see that I am deliberately matching your sister and Master Ye? You are still rushing to make a light bulb. Isn’t this a good thing for your sister?”
“I…” Qin Aodong hesitated for a moment, then whispered: “Second Uncle, Master Ye is married…”
Qin Gang snorted and asked, “If you get married, you can’t divorce? Who made it? As long as Master Ye divorces in the future and then marries your sister, isn’t Master Ye the son-in-law of our Qin family?”
Qin Aodong was dumbfounded, before nodding helplessly after a while: “Okay…Second Uncle, you are right…”
After speaking, he thought about it, and said with a wistful smile: “Second Uncle, you said, if Master Ye becomes my future brother-in-law, then I will be awesome. Who else is there in Jinling? Dare to mess with me?”
Qin Gang smiled faintly, and said, “Master Ye wants to be your brother-in-law, I think if you look at the whole country, no one will dare to mess with you!”
Qin Aodong was so excited, he clapped his hands and smiled: “Haha, that’s really great!”
At this time, Qin Aoxue took Ye Chen to a small dock by the lake.
Here, there is a small boat dock with light steel structure, in which an imported small speedboat is parked.
This kind of speedboat has only 6 seats in total, which is not big, but the stern is equipped with 4 Yamaha marine engines with 400 horsepower.
Ye Chen was almost confused, and blurted out: “A ship of this size is equipped with a 200-horsepower boat, and it runs very fast with engines. This boat is equipped with 4 400-horsepower engines. Is this going to fly?”
Qin Aoxue stuck out his tongue and said with a smile: “This reservoir is usually closed for management, and there are no other boats on it, so naturally it is interesting to drive fast!”
Then, she jumped into the boat and said cheerfully: “When I was on vacation abroad, I found that people abroad like to play super-powered speedboats. Ferrari also produced a rivaferrari speedboat, which I drove abroad. Once, it was quite exciting, but the power was still a little bit interesting, so I specially customized this speedboat, the power configuration is twice that of the Ferrari speedboat!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Let you say this, I am a little nervous.”

Chapter: 1330
Qin Aoxue smiled and said, “Master Ye, please trust Aoxue’s technology!”
Ye Chen nodded, stepped onto the speedboat and sat beside Qin Aoxue.
At this time, Qin Aoxue pressed the start button, and the four side-by-side v8 marine engines rang out loudly. The low idling sound was much more powerful than the feeling of a supercar.
Qin Aoxue slowly drove the speedboat out of the dock, and then smiled mischievously at Ye Chen, and said, “Master Ye, you sit firmly!”
After that, I suddenly increased the accelerator to the end!
The entire speedboat quickly burst out with great power and rushed forward.
Although Ye Chen had prepared, he was still shocked by the huge power of this speedboat.
The lake is very wide, so you don’t have to pay attention to the road conditions like driving a speedboat on land.
On the surface of the lake, it was okay to close your eyes and open it. The entire surface of the lake suddenly became Qin Aoxue’s reckless venue.
Her character is a combination of rigidity and softness. The character of the little pepper is destined to prefer this kind of intense extreme sports. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
But what Qin Aoxue didn’t expect was that Ye Chen had an extremely calm expression from start to finish, which made her feel a little disappointed.
The reason why she invited Ye Chen to take the boat was to see Ye Chen’s nervousness. After all, everyone who had been on her own boat was not nervous and afraid.
She felt that even if Ye Chen wasn’t afraid, at least he would show nervousness on his face, so that he could have a little prank success mentality.
However, Ye Chen really did not change at all.
Even if he had already exerted the power of this ship to its extreme, making this ship seem to be flying close to the water, Ye Chen by his side still had a calm expression.
In fact, Ye Chen felt a little nervous in his heart.
It’s just that he felt that he definitely couldn’t express this tension in front of Qin Aoxue, otherwise, wouldn’t it be pinched by this little girl?
Qin Aoxue continued to accelerate, and finally accelerated to the point when she felt a little guilty in her own heart. She finally gave up trying and gradually slowed down the speed of the boat, stopping the boat in the middle of the lake, and said to Ye Chen with her mouth pouting. Master, don’t you usually be nervous and afraid?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Sometimes I get nervous, but I never fear.”
Qin Aoxue hurriedly asked: “Then Master Ye, under what circumstances are you nervous? Can you give Aoxue a few specific examples? Come on! I really want to know, what can I do? Master Ye, you are nervous…”
Ye Chen thought for a while and smiled: “Miss Song Family, I gave me a check for 100 million yuan. Do you know about this?”
“You know!” Qin Aoxue said with a smile: “Did Sister Wanting honor your cheque when you gave me medicine in Hongwu’s Tianxiang Mansion that time?”
Ye Chen nodded.
Qin Aoxue hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, you shouldn’t put a hundred million in your eyes. Why are you still nervous about this check?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “I put this one hundred million check into my pocket, and then treated it as another one hundred million check and gave it to my mother-in-law.”
Qin Aoxue asked incomprehensibly: “Then why are you nervous? Anyway, one hundred million is nothing to you.”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, and said: “I don’t feel sorry for losing that one hundred million check, but if it falls into the hands of my mother-in-law, I will feel distressed and unable to sleep for a month.”

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