The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1381-1390

Chapter: 1381
Hearing Ye Chen’s affirmative reply, Gu Qiuyi’s mood only slightly improved.
She stopped the tears, carefully wiped away the remaining tears with her fingers, and laughed at herself: “Hey, brother Ye Chen laughed. Actually, I haven’t cried for many years. As a result, my dad fell ill. Now, it’s like going back to when I was a child, and my tears flowed as soon as they talked.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said comfortingly: “Don’t think so, people have seven emotions and six desires, they can laugh and cry, they can be happy and sad, there is nothing to be done.”
Gu Qiuyi nodded softly and asked: “Brother Ye Chen, are you still crying now?”
Ye Chen smiled bitterly: “When I was 8 years old, there were too many tears, it seems to have shed tears for a lifetime.”
Gu Qiuyi clutched his arm with both hands, and said with red eyes: “Brother Ye Chen, you have suffered for so many years…”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “People say that hardship is blessing. I didn’t believe it before, but I believed it later.”
Ye Chen felt that the biggest situation in his life was not to be found by Tang Sihai again, but to accidentally obtain the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.
Without the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, even if he was the Young Master Ye Family, he might not be able to possess the current top strength. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
And all the respect that I have won now is not based on the four words of Ye Family Master, but based on my own strength. This is very important!
Throughout the country, there are even more powerful families and the wealthy second-generation generations who have aloof status. However, among these rich second-generations, there are several people who can rely on their own strength to win
Respect of everyone?
There is a son of a real estate developer who has packaged himself into an internet celebrity and a national husband. In those years when the economic situation was good, he made some investment casually and achieved good results, so he was regarded as an investment genius by the whole people.
However, when the economic situation took a turn for the worse, his company immediately went bankrupt and owed hundreds of millions or even billions of foreign debts, which once became the laughing stock of the whole people.
The reason is so. It is because of his original lack of strength, leaving the halo, he will immediately expose a large number of shortcomings.
However, now Ye Chen, even if he paid back all the 10 billion yuan given to him by the Emgrand Group and the Ye Family, he is still the real Dragon Leaf Master who is respected by everyone.
Among other things, he can win tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of wealth with just a few rejuvenating pills, and make countless top families bow to himself.
And all of these are opportunities given to him by the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures.
If you didn’t have the sufferings you experienced as a child, how could you let yourself be a coincidence, in Song Wanting’s Jiqingtang, accidentally got the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures?
Therefore, Ye Chen believes that God is fair.
Just like Mencius said, when the heavens will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, they must first suffer their minds, muscles, and skin.
At this time, Wei Liang sent a WeChat message to Ye Chen, which read: “Master Ye, Miss Chen and I have finished the contract. When do you think we will go to Shangri-La for dinner?”
Ye Chen replied: “You and Miss Chen will wait a moment.”
Afterwards, he put away his cell phone and said to Gu Qiuyi, “Nun, Wei Liang and Ms. Chen are basically finished. Let’s go to Shangri-La for dinner, but I have one more thing. I want to ask you for help.”
Gu Qiuyi hurriedly said, “Brother Ye Chen, why are you so polite with me?”
Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “My wife is a fan of you and has always liked you very much. For dinner at night, I am going to call her together. Are you okay?”

Chapter: 1382
Gu Qiuyi felt a little complicated, looked into his eyes and asked angrily: “You are not afraid that I will tell her that I am your fiancee, and is she a third party to intervene?”
Ye Chen was embarrassed: “So I have an additional request.

Gu Qiuyi snorted and said angrily: “You want me to hide this relationship between me and you from your wife, right?”
Ye Chen said: “She thought I was an orphan and didn’t know my identity and family background, and I didn’t want her to know.”
Gu Qiuyi asked puzzlingly: “She is your wife, are you not even going to tell her your true identity, do you intend to keep hiding from her?”
Ye Chen said: “If you don’t tell her, it’s not that you want to keep concealing it, but the time is not mature enough. Let’s talk about it when the time comes.
Gu Qiuyi wrinkled her nose and said, “I want to know, when you see my dad, how can I tell him that you are already married!”
Ye Chen said earnestly: “At that time, I will come to my door personally, and I will beg your guilt!” Remember to read for one second
Gu Qiuyi had a bit of resentment in her heart, and deliberately stopped talking to him.
Ye Chen said again: “By the way, 囡囡, when you meet my wife, don’t reveal that I am the boss of this company. I usually tell her that I am looking at Feng Shui for others, and you will be there when you come. I told her at the dinner table that your Feng Shui at home was not very good, and wanted me to go over and take a look, so that I would agree on the spot in front of my wife at the dinner table, and then I can prepare to go to Yanjing.”
Gu Qiuyi asked in turn: “Do you have feelings with your wife?”
“Yes, why do you ask?”
“If you have feelings, then why are you hiding everything from her? There is no truth, isn’t it just that you have no feelings?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “You don’t understand. Because of feelings, many things have to be done step by step. This is the greatest protection for her. Otherwise, think about it. When she married me, she thought that I was a An orphan with no father and no mother, three years later, I suddenly told her that I was the young master of Yenching Ye family. Can she accept it?”
“Why can’t you accept it? Which woman doesn’t want her husband to have status and ability? Does she even want you to be a poor pauper?”
Ye Chen said, “You don’t understand my wife, she is different from other women.”
Gu Qiuyi said dissatisfiedly: “Your wife, your wife, do you think about my feelings when you say these things? Do you know that I have always felt that I must marry you in my life, even You have been missing for more than ten years. I have this hunch, but now I have finally found you. You are your wife when you open your mouth. Do you know how I feel?”
Ye Chen said ashamed: “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”
Gu Qiuyi saw that he was really apologetic, and when he thought of the pain he had suffered for so many years, his heart suddenly softened again.
So she sighed and said softly: “Sorry Ye Chen, I didn’t mean to be unreasonable, but I didn’t control my emotions for a while, don’t mind.”
Ye Chen said hurriedly, “Why? I won’t mind.”
“That’s good.”
Gu Qiuyi paused slightly, then asked him: “Brother Ye Chen, do you have any children now?”
“Uh…” Ye Chen said awkwardly: “Not yet…”
Gu Qiuyi breathed a sigh of relief: “Very well, after all, I am Miss Gu’s family, and still a somewhat famous star. Marrying a divorced man in the future would be a bit embarrassing. Bastard laughs to death!”

Chapter: 1383
Ye Chen was taken aback by Gu Qiuyi’s words.
Marrying a divorced man, does this mean you?
Is this Gu’s girl too stupid? It’s just a verbal agreement between the parents in childhood. When is it, who cares about it?
Seeing that she is young, beautiful, cold and arrogant, she is definitely the kind of girl with a special idea, why is her thinking so conservative?
Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but said: “I said that my daughter, that little thing about the two of us when we were young, really can’t be taken seriously, you must not think about it and delay your own happiness!”
Gu Qiuyi said earnestly: “Ye Chen! You are a bad man with no conscience. I have been waiting for more than ten years. You tell me now that you can’t take it seriously? Believe it or not, I’ll hold a press conference tomorrow, and we’ll just take our marriage contract Announce it?”
As he said, Gu Qiuyi wrinkled her nose at him threateningly: “Tell you, this lady has a lot of fans, and don’t blame me for inciting fans to target you at that time! Make you the world’s number one loser and let you be blamed by thousands of people! ”
Ye Chen was defeated.
He knew that Gu Qiuyi must be serious, otherwise she would not have been looking for herself with her father for so many years.
If you continue to say that you don’t have to take it seriously, it is to obliterate and deny the other party’s persistence and efforts for more than ten years. First URL m.
Therefore, out of respect for Gu Qiuyi, he earnestly said: “Nanny, you and I have just reunited after so many years of separation. Many things should be considered for a long time. You should give your brother a face. Today, let’s take the cooperation matters, as well as with my wife, Deal with the matter of your sister-in-law eating together!”
“As for the rest, the two of us can talk slowly and slowly, besides, I promised you that I will go to Yanjing and visit Uncle Gu in a few days?”
Gu Qiuyi’s expression eased a bit, and she muttered: “Okay! I’ll give you this face! You are getting married, waiting for you to go to Yanjing, and explain to my dad yourself! Then I will see my dad not hit you. of!”
After finishing speaking, she deliberately gave Ye Chen a vicious look, and then said: “I’m leaving, and I will have a meal quickly. I feel hungry.”
In fact, Gu Qiuyi didn’t feel hungry. The reason why she wanted to eat quickly was actually because she wanted to see Ye Chen’s current wife earlier.
Unexpectedly, Ye Chen’s wife is still his own fan, this incident is really good luck.
Ye Chen was busy reminding her: “What time is it? It’s not five o’clock, do you have to eat?”
Gu Qiuyi hummed: “Can I be hungry?”
Ye Chen said: “I have something to deal with later, and then I will pick up your sister-in-law. If you are hungry, I will ask Wei Liang to take you to Shangri-La first. You can eat something to pad and wait until I’m done. Your sister-in-law went to find you together, but you must remember what I told you, and when you saw your sister-in-law, don’t miss it.”
“Oh, I know!” Gu Qiuyi’s expression was somewhat impatient, she didn’t want to admit that Ye Chen’s wife was her sister-in-law, she should be a rival in love!
At this time, there was a knock on the door, and Ye Chen said to come in. Wei Liang opened the door and said respectfully: “Master Ye, I have finished the contract with Miss Chen.”
Ye Chen nodded: “Wei Liang, you arrange a car to accompany the two of you to Shangri-La. President Chen will make arrangements. You sit there for a while, wait for me, I have something to deal with.”
Wei Liang respectfully said: “Good Master Ye!”
After letting Wei Liang take Gu Qiuyi and Chen Duoduo to Shangri-La first, Ye Chen rode an electric bike by himself and went to Jinling Welfare Institute alone.
At this moment, deep in his heart, there are too many questions to clarify.
He felt that the first person he was looking for was Aunt Li from the orphanage.
Since someone in the orphanage deliberately concealed their identity, Aunt Li should know some of the details.
When he came to the orphanage, Ye Chen went directly to Aunt Li’s office.

Chapter: 1384
As soon as I arrived at the office door, I just ran into my childhood friend Li Xiaofen coming out of the office. When she saw Ye Chen, she said happily, “Brother Ye Chen, why are you here?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “I have something to find Aunt Li, is she there?”
“It’s here.” Li Xiaofen smiled, and hugged Ye Chen’s arm when he came up, and said affectionately: “Brother Ye Chen, you haven’t come here these days, people miss you!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Do you think I won’t call me?”
“I’m afraid you are busy!” Li Xiaofen said delicately, “I don’t want to delay your business.”
Ye Chen said: “Okay, I will invite you to dinner another day, and you can go ahead if you have anything to do. I will go in and find Aunt Li.”
Li Xiaofen said, “Okay, Ye Chen, you go to Aunt Li first. I’ll go to the back kitchen to see if the children’s dinner has started. Don’t rush away later. I’ll come and find you when I’m done.”
“it is good.”
After Li Xiaofen left, Ye Chen just knocked on the door, and Aunt Li’s kind voice came from inside: “Is it Ye Chen? Come in!”
Ye Chen opened the door and saw Aunt Li sitting at a simple desk, looking through a pile of documents. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Aunt Li raised her head to look at him, pushed her glasses, and asked with a smile, “Why are you here? I didn’t say a word before I came.”
Ye Chen smiled unnaturally: “Aunt Li, I am looking for you, I want to ask you something.”
Aunt Li nodded and said with a smile: “What are you polite to Auntie, just say it.”
Ye Chen walked to Aunt Li, sat down on the chair opposite her desk, looked at Aunt Li, hesitated for a moment, then asked: “Aunt Li, I came to you to ask you back then Some details that took me into the orphanage.”
Aunt Li’s expression flashed with a slight astonishment, but she quickly returned to business as usual. She smiled and said, “It’s been more than ten years, and auntie may not remember many details, but you can just ask her if she knows. I will tell you.”
Ye Chen is not a fool, and the subtle changes in Aunt Li’s expression have not been ignored by him.
On the contrary, he saw some problems from the slight changes.
If Aunt Li had nothing to hide from herself, she shouldn’t have that expression at all.
She must have something in her heart, so that it would appear unnatural on the surface.
So he looked at Aunt Li and asked seriously: “Actually, I want to know, after I came to the orphanage, has anyone come to the orphanage to look for me in the ten years before I left?”
Aunt Li said without hesitation: “No, never.”
Ye Chen frowned and asked: “Is there really no one?”
Aunt Li said confidently: “Really not.”
“That’s not right.” Ye Chen looked at Aunt Li, couldn’t help but sighed, and said with emotion: “Aunt Li, I am the one you saw when you were a child. I will always remember this kindness, so in front of you, I too I’m not going to lie, I’ll tell you what I have.”
When Ye Chen said this, Aunt Li’s expression became a little flustered.
She realized that Ye Chen should have known something this time.
However, she didn’t dare to say anything, so she was extremely nervous.
Ye Chen continued to say at this time: “Aunt Li, I heard that my dead father’s best friend had come to Jinling many times to find me, and he also came to our Jinling Welfare Institute more than once?!”

Chapter: 1385
Ye Chen’s question caused Aunt Li’s expression to change suddenly!
All of a sudden she panicked!
Never dreamt that Ye Chen would ask himself this question.
So she panicked and said: “This…this…I have never heard of this. If someone is really looking for you, we will definitely not hide it. Is there something in it? misunderstanding?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “This can’t be a misunderstanding. From my heart, I can’t accept the explanation of misunderstanding.”
As he said, he said with a pious face: “Aunt Li, I came to you, not to pursue the blame. Anyway, you saved my life and raised me for ten years. Even if there is something in it, you Ye Chen will never hate you without telling me.”
When Aunt Li heard this, her expression became extremely ashamed.
Ye Chen continued: “I just want to know, when he came here, why did the orphanage tell him that there is no one like me here? If I remember correctly, what our orphanage has always been looking forward to most is the child’s Relatives can come to the door to pick up the child, and my dad’s close friend comes to me, why can’t I even get my information? Who is hiding my information from him?”
Aunt Li pursed her mouth, looking flustered around.
She dared not look into Ye Chen’s eyes, let alone answer Ye Chen’s questions. Remember to read in one second
Ye Chen had a panoramic view of her performance.
He knew that Aunt Li must know the secret.
So, he looked at Aunt Li and asked seriously: “Aunt Li, if I guessed correctly, then you should know that I am the young master of the Yeh family, right?”
As soon as he said this, the pen in Aunt Li’s hand snapped to the ground.
Ye Chen thought she got up to pick up the pen, but unexpectedly, she arched her waist and walked around behind the table, and then knelt in front of her with a plop.
Ye Chen exclaimed: “Aunt Li, what are you…”
Aunt Li knocked her head on the ground and said bitterly, “Master, I’m down… I’m sorry you…”
One word, Master, made Ye Chen’s whole person struck by lightning!
At this moment, he felt as if he was hit by a huge force in his heart, and the whole person took two steps back subconsciously, and asked in shock: “Aunt Li…you…”
Aunt Li cried and said, “Master, I have always known your identity. I don’t know who you are. I am actually a member of the Ye family. It’s just that I have a humble status. I had no chance to serve the Ye family in Yanjing. The branch of Ye’s family is miscellaneous, so you have never seen it before you were eight years old…”
Ye Chen forced himself to hold his breath and asked, “Aunt Li, did the Ye family ask you to bring me here?”
Aunt Li raised her head and choked with tears on her face: “Back to Master, it was Steward Tang who let me down…”
Ye Chen was shocked and blurted out: “Is it Tang Sihai?!”

Chapter: 1386
“Yes!” Aunt Li nodded, crying and said: “Back then, Lai was not stationed in Jinling, but was arranged to work in Zhonghai. One night, steward Tang sent someone to urgently take me from Zhonghai to Jinling, and then let Together with another member of the Ye family, I took over this orphanage. After a few days, we replaced all the staff in the entire orphanage with those of the Ye family. After all arrangements were made, I found you only under Tang steward’s instruction and brought you to the orphanage…”
Ye Chen was extremely shocked!
This is simply the thing he has heard since he was a child, and it makes him feel unbelievable!
I entered this orphanage at the age of eight and lived here for ten years, but now I know that all the staff in this orphanage were from the Ye family? !
Could it be that he spent his entire childhood and adolescence ignorantly under the supervision of the Ye family? !
He cannot accept this reality.
But he knew very well that Aunt Li had never lied to herself!
what is this……
He suppressed his anger and asked her: “Auntie Li, I want to know, why do you bother to do this? And also do everything possible to conceal my information? What is your purpose?”
Aunt Li cried and said: “Master! The death of your parents was not an accident, but a gangster intended to murder your family of three!”
“What?!” Ye Chen blurted out, “My parents, were they killed?”
Aunt Li said with a red eye: “Do you remember the details of the year? Your parents rented an old house in Jinling incognito, and then they changed your name so that you could study in Jinling No. 1 Primary School… .”
Ye Chen nodded: “I remember that my parents died in a car accident when I was in school, so you mean, my parents were killed by others, right?”
“Yes!” Aunt Li nodded her head: “The group of people who killed your parents in the past faked the scene of the car accident. They immediately prepared to find your whereabouts at Jinling No. 1 Elementary School and killed you too. It was the steward Tang who brought you. He arrived in time and arrested all the people at a small gate in Jinling. Originally, he planned to stay alive, but the other party all took poison and committed suicide. Later, he went through the vine and found out that the other party was all dead from abroad. Taxi, but the clue is interrupted there.”
Ye Chen asked, “Does he know who killed my parents?”
Aunt Li said, “It’s just because they have not been able to find out who the gang was instigated. So, Steward Tang was afraid that the master behind the scenes would still want to disadvantage you, so he decided to hide your name in Jinling, so he sent We came to take charge of the Jinling Welfare Institute. While protecting you and taking care of you, we also conceal all information about you from the outside world for fear that the other party will not let you go!”
“Did Tang Sihai be instructed by the Ye family to do this?”
“No…” Aunt Li shook her head and said, “Steward Tang has always suspected that the person who secretly harmed your family may be from the Ye family, so he has kept these things from everyone in the Ye family.”
Ye Chen asked: “Then why did you come to me suddenly some time ago?”
Aunt Li replied: “The master has sent someone to look for you for a long time for so many years, but if you haven’t found it, you think you are missing and missing. Last year, the master planned to make an official will to make arrangements for the inheritance of the Ye family’s property. The housekeeper did not want you to be excluded, so he told the master about your whereabouts. The master hopes that you can return to Yanjing and compete with the other descendants of the Ye family to inherit the family business. But he also knows that you may not agree to it. 10 billion yuan as a gift…”
Ye Chen couldn’t help asking: “Aunt Li, then you needed a kidney transplant for uremia. Is it true or not?”
When Aunt Li heard this, she shook her head again and again, and confessed in her mouth: “Going back to the young master, it is a fake to be sick next… because you grew up with me, and I understand your temperament. If you don’t force you, you will not be able to accept the Ye family’s funds. That’s why we decided to use my dying illness to force you to accept the Ye family’s money. Death, please master the punishment!”

Chapter: 1387
What Aunt Li said is actually correct.
Ye Chen has undergone tremendous changes since he was a child. He has experienced the best days in the world, and he has also experienced the hardest days. He has already looked down on everything.
Even if he didn’t marry Xiao Churan back then, even if he is still working on the construction site now, there is nothing dissatisfied with himself.
Because in his opinion, after the death of his parents, working hard to live is the greatest comfort to them.
As for money and status, he had already forgotten it.
During the years he married Xiao Churan, he suffered humiliation, but he never thought of going back to Ye’s house for help.
Even if his dignity was rubbed repeatedly by the Xiao family, he could accept it calmly.
Three years of incomparable humiliation have passed, but although he himself is in the center of this vortex, he is the most peaceful one.
But his calmness was completely changed because of Aunt Li’s “serious illness”.
At that time, he was too afraid of Aunt Li’s death. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Because, in his eyes, Aunt Li is his savior, his reborn parents, and his biological parents are already dead, so she must never watch her die.
He once went to the hospital and wanted to do a match with Aunt Li, to see his kidneys, and he could successfully match with Aunt Li.
If the matching is successful, he would simply donate a kidney to Aunt Li.
However, the hospital told itself at the time that the matching failed.
So, he could only do everything possible to get money to find the source of the kidney for Aunt Li and perform a kidney transplant.
Because of this, he mustered up the courage to borrow money from Mrs. Xiao during her birthday party.
But unexpectedly, the old lady Xiao not only rejected him mercilessly, but also took the entire Xiao family to ridicule herself!
At that time, Ye Chen was frustrated.
It was also at that time that Tang Sihai suddenly appeared in front of him.
The moment he saw him, his heart was very angry.
Although he didn’t know that his parents were harmed by others, he always felt that the Ye family could not shirk the blame for their parents’ death.
And Tang Sihai, as the housekeeper of the Ye family, can be said to be the one who made him hate Wujiwu.
Therefore, when Tang Sihai asked him to go home and inherit the family property, he refused.
When Tang Sihai gave him the Emgrand Group and gave him 10 billion, he also refused.
However, when Tang Sihai told him that Aunt Li’s illness still needed two million to save her life, he compromised.
He knew that he had no other way to save Aunt Li apart from accepting the Ye family’s money.
Therefore, he accepted the Emgrand Group and the 10 billion cash given by the Ye family.
Since then, Ye Chen’s life trajectory has undergone a major reversal.
However, he never thought that all of this was a bitter trick by Tang Sihai and Aunt Li.
A battle forced himself to accept Ye Family’s “gift” or “compensation” tricks.
At this moment, he had been deceived and even betrayed in his heart.

Chapter: 1388
But the indignation in his heart was fleeting.
Because he knew that Tang Sihai and Aunt Li did it for their own good.
If it weren’t for them to protect themselves as deliberately here, they might have died ten years ago.
In order to protect himself, Tang Sihai did not hesitate to replace the entire Jinling Welfare Institute with his subordinates. This is enough to show that he is devoted to himself.
Thinking of this, he hurriedly stretched out his hand to support Aunt Li, and said gratefully: “Aunt Li, you don’t have to apologize to me, let alone ask me for your crimes. You and Steward Tang are my lifesavers. I should thank you. Risk my life to protect my safety.”
Aunt Li waved her hands in a hurry: “Master, you are too polite. These are all things we should do.”
Ye Chen sighed and said, “Auntie Li, I’m a bit confused now, so I have to call butler Tang and sort out these clues. After I figure it out, I will come to you.”
Aunt Li said quickly: “Good young master!”
Ye Chen was uncertain, and said in a panic: “I’ll leave Aunt Li first.”
Aunt Li hurriedly said: “Master, I’ll give it to you!” Remember to read in one second
Ye Chen waved his hand: “No, I’ll go by myself.”
After that, Ye Chen gave a fist to Aunt Li, bowed slightly, and turned and left the office.
Pushing the electric car, Ye Chen walked out of the orphanage in despair.
At this time, in the office of the dean on the fourth floor of the orphanage, behind a curtain gap, a middle-aged man in his fifties turned back and looked at the gray-haired old man sitting at the desk, and said respectfully: “Steward Tang , Master is gone.”
It was the dean of Jinling Welfare Institute.
And the gray-haired old man in the desk was Tang Sihai, the housekeeper of the Ye family.
Hearing that Ye Chen was gone, Tang Sihai nodded lightly and sighed: “I have a thousand fortunes, and I didn’t even know that the young master would invite Gu’s girl to speak for him. Upon hearing the news, I immediately rushed over from Yanjing. , But it’s still late…”
The dean asked him: “Steward Tang, there is something unclear below.”
“You said.”
The dean said in confusion: “Xiao Li doesn’t know this at all. Why do you want her to recite this line of lines to lie to the young master?”
After speaking, he said again: “At the beginning I did propose to choose a suitable woman from reliable servants to take care of the young master, but you must disagree, I must hire someone from the society who knows nothing. Volunteer, I just recruited Xiao Li. She is the only staff member in the entire orphanage, but why do you have to tell her to lie now? Would you like to tell her this, what is she? I don’t know, no matter how much the young master questioned her, it would be impossible to get any information. She didn’t know anything, and naturally she would not be able to see any clues by the young master!”
Tang Sihai said with emotion: “The reason why he didn’t agree to use Ye’s subordinates to take care of the young master was because he was afraid that if this person gets along with the young master day and night, the young master will see the flaws.”
“Think about it. This person has to take care of the young master for ten years. What if he accidentally misses his mouth at any time and calls out the young master? What if he takes a nap one day and says something that shouldn’t be said in a dream What should I do? The young master was only eight years old, and I definitely can’t let him know that everything around him was arranged by others!”
“Because of this, I want someone who doesn’t know him to take care of him personally. Only in this way can he live in it and live the life of an ordinary orphan; because of this, he has not eaten well and dressed well these years. It’s not good, it’s not used well, even though I’m terribly upset, I don’t dare to give him any more care; because of this, he was excluded, isolated, and humiliated by other children in the orphanage. ……”
Speaking of this, Tang Sihai sighed: “If it weren’t for seeing him wanting to treat that Xiao Li, I really don’t know how to persuade the young master to accept the gift from the old man.”
“What about now?” The dean said nervously, “Young Master knows this from Xiao Li. He will contact you immediately and find a way to find out who killed his parents. He might even return to Yan. Jing, if someone in the Ye family is unfavorable to him, can the young master resist it?”
Tang Sihai said indifferently: “The young master has a title in Jinling, called the real dragon on earth. This was not created by the young master himself. It was spontaneously sent to him by figures like Jinling who have a head and face. This proves that the young master is by no means a thing in the pool, not an ordinary person. If you want to deal with it, you can deal with it!”
After that, he said in a deep voice, “Although the old man’s body is not very good, he can still carry it for a few more years. I originally didn’t want the young master to return to Yanjing so early, but I never dreamed that he I will meet Gu’s girl…”
“Gu’s father and daughter have been looking for him for so many years. Once they come across, they will inevitably tell him what happened. By then, the young master will naturally know that there is some manipulation behind all this, and the facts have proved that I guessed right. So, instead of this, why bother Keep hiding from the young master? Moreover, in this orphanage, he has been the closest to Xiao Li since he was a child. These words are spoken from her mouth, and the effect is much better than that from mine. Only this way In order to encourage the young master to return to Yanjing and go to Ye’s house to stir him upside down!”
Speaking of this, Tang Sihai was already in tears. He trembled and said: “Old and incompetent, he can’t repay the second son’s bloody hatred. Now, let the young master personally repay the second son and the second wife for this hatred! The old man is dead, and he can look down!”

Chapter: 1389
As soon as Tang Sihai’s voice fell, his mobile phone suddenly vibrated on the desktop.
The call was from Ye Chen.
He hurriedly wiped away his tears, pretending to be a normal call, and respectfully said: “Master!”
Ye Chen pushed out of the orphanage at this time. On the side of the road at the entrance of the orphanage, holding the phone in his hand, he said, “Steward Tang, thank you for these years.”
Tang Sihai hurriedly said, “Master, what are you talking about? Why don’t you understand me?”
Ye Chen said: “I just came out of Jinling Welfare Institute.”
Tang Sihai smiled and said, “It turns out that you have returned to the orphanage, Master. After all, it is the place where you lived, Master, must be very emotional.
Ye Chen said calmly, “Okay, don’t pretend, Aunt Li has already told me that you asked Aunt Li to rescue me, and you arranged the entire Jinling Welfare Institute to protect my safety. I will always remember it.”
Tang Sihai sighed softly, “Master, do you know everything?”
“Well, I know, so I called to thank you.” The first URL m.
Ye Chen didn’t know that there was a little secret in it.
But at this moment, he did thank Tang Sihai very much.
Tang Sihai hurriedly said: “Master, you are serious. Your father is kind to Xia Xia. Xia Xia failed to save your father and mother. He cannot forgive himself in this life, let alone thank you…”
Ye Chen said: “I called, besides thank you, there is one more thing, that is, I want to know who my parents were killed in those years. Do you have any clues?”
Tang Sihai sighed, “I have been looking for clues for so many years, but I haven’t been able to find any clues…”
“Moreover, when the group of dead men killed your parents, they all had soft capsules made of potassium cyanide in their mouths…”
“This kind of cyanide has been a highly toxic substance specially used by agents since the First World War. 0.1 gram can kill people, and there is no cure…”
“Back then, I saw them die in front of me with poison, but there was nothing I could do. I wanted to check their fingerprints, but found that their ten fingers and fingerprints had been artificially erased, and there was no clue from them. Let alone find out the identity, even the nationality cannot be judged.”
Ye Chen asked: “Then do you have any suspects?”
Tang Sihai said, “This…I think there is a 50% possibility that someone from the Ye family did it.”
“Oh?” Ye Chen asked coldly, “Why do you say that?”
Tang Sihai said: “Your father, who was extraordinary and heroic in Yanjing back then, was the rising star of the entire Ye Family. He led the Ye Family to open up the frontiers and expand the territory, and immediately took the Ye Family’s strength to the peak. But because of this, I was hated by others. Later, I had some frictions with the top western families, and then they were framed by others. Later, I had a disagreement with the master and left the Ye family in a rage…”
“At the beginning, the master thought your father was just impulsive, so he wanted him to take the opportunity to calm down, but he didn’t think that your father and your mother died unexpectedly in Jinling…”
“Since then, the master has been deeply saddened. He wanted to find your whereabouts and bring you back to cultivate him. He even hoped to train you into the next generation because of the guilt of your father.”

Chapter: 1390
“However, in the next life, I am afraid that someone in the Ye family will be disadvantaged to you. After all, the old man is too old. If he takes you back to the Ye family and exposes you to the Ye family members, he may not be able to protect you comprehensively, so I will make a private opinion. , Settled you in Jinling, and then completely concealed your information. When Gu Yanzhong from the Gu family came to see you, I did not let him know that you were here.”
Ye Chen asked again: “Then why did you find me back some time ago?”
Tang Sihai said earnestly: “Master, let me tell you that the master’s health has been getting worse and worse in the past two years. However, he is quite dissatisfied with the current situation of the Ye family’s children not seeking to make progress, and is not willing to hand over the Ye family to them. I told him that you are still alive. The master is naturally very excited. So I want to train you as an heir. The Emgrand Group and RMB 10 billion are just practicing. In the future, when you are willing to go back, the Ye family’s trillions of wealth may be handed over I’ll be responsible for you!”
Ye Chen said lightly: “I know about Steward Tang, for so many years, I have troubled you.”
Tang Sihai said hurriedly: “Master, I am ashamed to be too shameful! Your father is so kind to him. Don’t say this little thing, that is to make him feel bad, and he will never hesitate!”
Ye Chen said with emotion: “I am not interested in the assets of the Ye family, but when the time is right, I will definitely investigate the hidden circumstances of my parents who were killed in the past. At that time, the liquidation should be liquidated, and the life should be paid.”
Tang Sihai was very excited, and said with a trembling, “Master! With your words, you will die in the next place! You are now the supreme of Nanguang, the real dragon on earth. I believe that with your strength, you can definitely be the second son and Revenge the second wife!”
At this point, Tang Sihai was already crying.
Back then, Tang Sihai had not yet become a housekeeper in Ye’s house. He was an assistant to Ye Chen’s father’s side. He was missed by friends and friends because of his rich income. He deceived him to Macau and lost his family at the gambling table.
Tang Sihai then degenerates into a bad gambler, borrowing loan sharks everywhere to go to Macau casinos in vain to make a comeback, and the result gets deeper and deeper. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
In the end, Tang Sihai not only lost everything, but was also chased by loan sharks. When he was desperate, he pressed his hands in the casino, but he didn’t expect that he also lost his hands.
According to the rules of the arena of Macau, in the casino, no matter what you lose, you must be willing to bet. Because of this, in the corner of the casino near the casino, I don’t know how many gambling ghosts are living by begging.
But even so, these gamblers are still frugal, and want to save a little money and then enter the casino to gamble. Their lives have been completely abolished.
Tang Sihai at that time almost fell to this point.
Later, it was Ye Chen’s father who threw tens of millions and redeemed him from the casino intact, and then forced him to take an oath to never bet.
In order to ensure that he completely quit gambling and landed ashore, Ye Chen’s father specially promoted him and made him his personal butler. He always took him by his side and never allowed him to touch any gambling.
Since then, Tang Sihai has come to his senses and has been assisting Ye Chen’s father wholeheartedly. He not only tried his best to share the worries of Ye Chen’s father, but also learned a lot of valuable management and development experience from Ye Chen’s father. He grew up in a few years. For the most capable servant of the Ye Family.
Then, he was appreciated by Ye Chen’s grandfather, and the old man had the intention to make him the steward of the entire Ye family, but he didn’t agree with it all the time. In the end, Ye Chen’s father forced him to agree to the job.
In the words of Ye Chen’s father, Tang Sihai had reached his abilities, and he should no longer be limited to being his own little personal butler, and should have a broader development space.
In his opinion, the steward of the entire Ye family can be said to be the highest position that the upper class can give to outsiders. Tang Sihai can sit in this position, but he can protect his glory and wealth in this life. He does not want Tang Sihai to do it for himself. , Give up this godsend opportunity.
Although Tang Sihai was no longer Ye Chen’s father’s personal butler, he became more and more loyal to Ye Chen’s father, and even regarded him as the object of his lifelong support.
It’s a pity that Ye Chen’s father left too early, which is also Tang Sihai’s greatest guilt in this life.
He always felt that if he was still Ye Chen’s father’s personal butler, then maybe Ye Chen’s parents would not die.
Even if they can block a few shots for them in a critical moment, they can still have one more chance of survival…

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