The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1481-1490

Chapter: 1481
As soon as Ye Chen got out of Tomson’s first grade, the automatic door of the bus slowly opened.
Chen Zekai hurriedly got out of the car and said respectfully to Ye Chen: “Master, I’m all ready, just waiting for you.”
Ye Chen nodded, and stepped onto the bus. As soon as he got on the bus, he saw that the car was full of more than forty young adults. All of them looked firm and strong, and at first glance they were all practicing family.
When these people saw Ye Chen, they stood up one after another and bowed: “Hello Master!”
Chen Zekai on the side said immediately: “Master, these are the dead men I have cultivated for so many years. They are my own people. You can rest assured!”
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and said to everyone: “Please sit down, everyone must do their best for tonight’s affairs. Only success, no failure!”
Everyone shouted in unison: “Master, don’t worry! I will do my best when I wait!”
Ye Chen turned his face and said to Chen Zekai: “Let the driver drive quickly, let’s go there as soon as possible!”
“Good master!”
The site of Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical is located in an industrial park on the outskirts of Jinling City. Remember to read in one second
There is a distance of twenty to thirty kilometers from the city.
In the middle, most of them are express roads with a lot of traffic, so it is impossible for Kobayashi Jiro to do it on express roads.
However, after the expressway is down, there is a section of down road to the pharmaceutical factory. This section of the road has fewer cars and fewer people, so it is a good place to start.
Therefore, both Ye Chen and Chen Zekai felt that Jiro Kobayashi would definitely choose to do something here.
So Ye Chen immediately called Wei Liang and told him not to leave Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical for the time being, and when he and Chen Zekai were almost ready, he would be coming out.
Wei Liang naturally agreed without hesitation.
Wei Liang now looked at Ye Chen’s head completely.
In fact, as early as the first time Ye Chen helped him win the Wei’s Pharmaceutical Company, and even sent his father and his half-brother to Changbai Mountain, Wei Liang had already had the heart to serve Ye Chen. .
And last time in Changbai Mountain, when Ye Chen killed the Eight Heavenly Kings with his own power, he had already made a secret in his heart that he would follow Ye Chen in this life, and even smother him.
So now, every word Ye Chen said, he would regard it as a standard in his heart.
At this moment, Jiro Kobayashi is sitting in his Toyota Alfa luxury business car.
The car has reached a 90-degree bend on the national highway.
Here, the turning car cannot see the situation on the other side of the curve before turning, so it is most suitable for an ambush.
Once you have turned a corner and noticed that there is a roadblock in front of you, it is idiotic to think of turning around again.
Because of the special terrain here, on weekends and holidays, traffic police also like to check for drunk driving in such places. When the vehicle turns a turn and sees someone checking for drunk driving, there is no time to escape and there is no way to escape.

Chapter: 1482
At this time, Jiro Kobayashi was holding a pack of Jiu Xuan Wei San in his hands.
Since yesterday he had a stomachache and ate a pack of Jiuxuanwei San for a few minutes before, he had not felt any stomach discomfort anymore.
This is enough to see that the efficacy of Jiuxuan Wei San is more than one grade stronger than that of Xiao Lin Wei San.
What made Kobayashi Jiro even more terrifying was that he only took Jiu Xuan Wei San once, but when I felt a little uncomfortable in my stomach just now, he subconsciously took a pack of Jiu Xuan Wei San instead of his own Kobayashi. Stomach powder.
You should know that Xiaolin Weisan was selected by reading a large number of Chinese classical medical books and trying out a large number of prescriptions. In this regard, he has always had a full sense of accomplishment, so he treats Xiaolin Weisan like his own child.
What I didn’t expect was that I only used Jiuxuanweisan once and left Xiaolin’s biological son behind. It can be seen that my body cannot resist the efficacy of this Jiuxuanweisan!
Even if he is like this, let alone other ordinary consumers, after they have used Jiu Xuan Wei San, they will definitely throw Xiao Lin Wei San aside without hesitation.
Therefore, no matter what, I must get the formula of Jiu Xuan Wei San!
Thinking of this, he felt the burning sensation in his stomach a little bit, so he tore open the package of Jiu Xuan Wei San without hesitation, and swallowed it with his head up.
At this moment, his whole person was excited and excited, but also a little nervous. First URL
So he immediately said to the assistant beside him: “Pour me a glass of whiskey and ice cubes!”
The assistant nodded immediately, and took out a bottle of Japanese-made Nissan Whiskey from the car refrigerator. After half a glass, he added some ice cubes.
Jiro Kobayashi took the glass and took a hurried sip. He couldn’t help but said excitedly: “The Chinese are really amazing! I thought the prescription of Kobayashi’s Weisan was already amazing. I didn’t expect that this Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical could still unearth nine. Xuanweisan is such a miraculous thing, it is really impressive!”
The assistant couldn’t help saying: “Chairman, what Jiuxuanwei San uses may not be the prescriptions in Chinese classical medical books, or they may have developed them themselves.”
“Impossible!” Kobayashi Jiro waved his hand and said without hesitation: “In recent years, the Chinese themselves have not paid attention to Chinese medicine. For so many years, Yunnan Baiyao has barely managed to survive. So, this means they The traditional Chinese medicine doctor in China has always been going downhill. There was no such good prescription as Jiu Xuan Wei San before. How could it be born after going downhill now? So I can basically be sure that this Jiu Xuan Wei San must have been accidentally discovered from classical medical books. Prescription.”
The assistant quickly slapped a flattery: “President, you still have the most insight!”
Kobayashi Jiro drank all the whiskey in the glass in one sip, then handed the glass to the assistant, motioning for him to continue pouring, and exclaimed: “When my father was alive, he said that Chinese history and culture cannot be taken away. The inexhaustible forest, now it seems that what Father Father said is indeed true!”
The assistant nodded and asked on the side: “President, if we get the prescription for this Jiuxuanwei Powder, what should we do next?”
Kobayashi Jiro sneered, and said, “I have already ordered. Once I get the prescription, I will let someone set a fire and burn the production base of Jiugen Pharmaceutical directly. Then I will go back to Japan to make a little change in the prescription and quietly change it. The prescription of Xiaolin’s Weisan was changed, and this medicine will be mine in the future!”
Speaking of this, a cold light flashed in Kobayashi Jiro’s eyes!
Now, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is producing Jiu Xuan Wei San in three shifts. He knows very well that a big fire may burn hundreds of employees of the pharmaceutical factory.
But for him, he doesn’t care about it anymore.
Anyway, the people who died were from Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical. What does it have to do with him?
All he wanted was the formula of Jiuxuanweisan, nothing more!

Chapter: 1483
When Jiro Kobayashi thought he had laid a net for Wei Liang, Ye Chen’s big net had already trapped him firmly.
At this moment, and here, Jiro Kobayashi thought that his dozen or so masters who had come from Japan would be able to eat Wei Liang.
But he didn’t know that on both sides of this intersection, at least 50 people had surrounded them to death.
At this time, the bus that Ye Chen took was less than three kilometers away.
Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, where Wei Liang is located, is about three kilometers away from here.
Therefore, Wei Liang also walked out of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical at this time, got into his car, and walked off work on the national road as usual.
When Kobayashi Jiro’s eyeliner reported, telling him that Wei Liang had started from Jiugen Pharmaceutical and was driving alone, Kobayashi Jiro’s blood boiled!
Ten minutes later, Wei Liang’s Mercedes-Benz sedan drove into this corner.
At this time, the black wind was high, and there were no passing vehicles on the road.
Jiro Kobayashi’s tactical planning is very simple and straightforward. Right here, he stopped the car that Wei Liang was driving, then immediately tied him up, took him to a safe place for severe torture, and forced him to take out all the prescriptions. Remember the URL
Moreover, Jiro Kobayashi has already bought hundreds of commonly used Chinese medicinal materials in advance. As long as Wei Liang provides the formula, he can immediately make the preparation on the spot and compare it with the Jiu Xuan Wei San on the market.
As long as the prescription of the medicine is consistent with the efficacy of Jiuxuanweisan, he can immediately rush back to Japan and start producing Xiaolinweisan with the new prescription.
And the dozen or so masters he had called stayed behind and completely destroyed the entire Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.
Seeing that Wei Liang’s car had already turned into a corner, Jiro Kobayashi was so excited that he even walked off the Toyota Alpha himself.
A dozen masters from Japan had already used vehicles to block Wei Liang’s road ahead. They disguised the scene of a rear-end collision. After Wei Liang drove up to the front, there were two more cars, and they drove him back and side. All roads are blocked.
By then, Wei Liang would be the turtle in the urn.
At this moment, Wei Liang drove into the curve and saw two cars parked in front of him, and a few people were standing on both sides of the cars, as if arguing about something.
So he stopped the car directly, followed Ye Chen’s instructions, got out of the car, and asked: “What’s the matter? Did you crash? Can you move the car to the side of the road to deal with the accident? In the middle of the road, this way is all blocked by you.”
As soon as Wei Liang’s voice fell, the few people suddenly rushed towards him. Two of them were extremely fast, and they were in front of Wei Liang in the blink of an eye, and then tightly controlled his hands from left to right. Arms.
Wei Liang pretended to panic and shouted, “Who are you? What do you want to do?”
Kobayashi Jiro walked out of the darkness and smiled grimly: “Hello, Manager Wei, let’s meet again!”
Wei Liang blurted out and asked, “Jiro Kobayashi?! What do you mean?!”
Kobayashi Jiro smiled and said: “It’s not interesting, the cooperation during the day was not negotiated, so I want to invite you to change places, let’s continue talking.”
After speaking, he immediately said to the people in black, “Take him away for me!”
At this moment, a bus suddenly drove over from the opposite side.

Chapter: 1484
The driver shook his headlight and honked his horn.
Kobayashi Jiro frowned: “Damn, there are buses going this way at night?”
After finishing speaking, he said to the black-clothed men, “Quickly get out of the way, otherwise, if passers-by are suspicious, there will be unnecessary trouble!”
The man in black was about to step forward, and the bus had already stopped in front of the two cars disguised as a car accident.
The driver put down the car window and shouted, “Hey, what’s the point? There was a bird accident, and the two roads were blocked by you?”
One of the people in black hurriedly said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, move away, move away now!”
The driver cursed and said: “Hurry up, what the hell is the ink? What the hell is it!”
When the man in black heard this, he suddenly became a little annoyed, and he cursed: “Bhagah! Why are you talking to me?!”
The driver sneered: “Oh, I’m still a Japanese, what the hell is it? I’m pretending to be here with grandpa? Don’t look at where this is, this is the fucking China, you know? China! Come on, follow Dad. , China!”
This man in black is also a respected martial arts master in Japan. Although he is not as good as Ito Nanako’s master Yamamoto Kazuki, he is at least a master. He was suddenly annoyed by a bus driver pointing his nose to curse. Say: “Damn! If I don’t show you some color today, you don’t know what the price of a cheap mouth is!” Remember to read a book for one second
Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly shouted: “Musashi! Focus on the overall situation and don’t make trouble! Move the car quickly and let the bus pass by!”
Hearing this, the man in black had to gritted his teeth and pointed at the bus driver and cursed: “You are lucky today, I will spare your life!”
The driver laughed, spit out the window, and continued to curse: “The little chicken feathers at the back are more acquainted, otherwise, I will kick you guys back to Japan from here! ”
Jiro Kobayashi didn’t expect that a bus driver would dare to call him a little feather.
An unprecedented shame, but surging out in his heart!
He is the president of Kobayashi Corporation! The helm of the Kobayashi family! In any case, can not accept such disrespectful titles and abuse!
Just now he told that Musashi not to make trouble, pointing angrily at the bus driver, and yelling: “You guys, teach me a good lesson and bastard! He must tear his broken mouth!”
Several people in black were already furious, and upon hearing this, they immediately rushed over with excitement.
They went straight to the door of the side bus, slammed the door, and yelled: “Damn it, open the door! You must be killed today, asshole!”
The driver of the bus was not at all shocked, pressing the button to open the door while cursing: “Grass! A bunch of crippled stuff, dare to pretend to be with me? See if I will kill you today!”
As soon as the voice fell, the car door opened completely.
Several Japanese masters in black rushed forward, trying to beat the driver to death.
However, they never dreamed that as soon as a few people got in the car, the door suddenly closed again. Suddenly more than forty strong men took out their pistols and pointed their guns directly at them in the dark carriage.
When they were almost peeing in their pants, Ye Chen stood up with a playful smile and said coldly: “It’s all the fucking to hold my head and squat down, otherwise, I will order him to be beaten into a piece of human-shaped honeycomb coal! ”

Chapter: 1485
These Japanese men in black looked at themselves with countless gunpoints, and they were suddenly confused.
what happened?
Didn’t everyone come up to teach that cheap-mouthed bus driver?
Why did it seem to fall into the wolf den all at once?
At this time, the headed person yelled: “Baga! No! We are in ambush among us, run!”
As soon as the voice fell, I turned my head to look, and I couldn’t help but feel desperate!
Why is the car door closed? !
When he didn’t know what to do, Ye Chen sneered and asked playfully: “What? You got in my car, do you still want to run?”
“No, no!” The man hurriedly shook his hands and said with a smile: “There must be some misunderstanding. We actually wanted to say sorry to the driver. After all, our attitude just now was relatively poor, and it affected you. Drive normally…”
Ye Chen snorted: “Stop the fucking nonsense with me! If you don’t hold your head and squat down, I’ll blow up your dog’s head!”
The man shivered in fright: “Don’t don’t! Big brother, don’t be impulsive! Can’t I squat?”
After speaking, he hurriedly raised his hands to the top of his head and squatted down deeply.
When the other people saw him squatting down, they immediately squatted down.
At this time, Jiro Kobayashi outside didn’t know what happened in the bus.
He is asking people to rush Wei Liang into the car and take away.
At this moment, a large number of black cars suddenly drove on both sides of the curve.
These black cars immediately surrounded them with the bus, and they were completely blocked.
Kobayashi Jiro panicked suddenly.
He wasn’t a fool either. When he saw this battle, he knew that the other party was not good, and he definitely came prepared.
So, he hurriedly shouted to the Japanese master around him: “Can’t delay! Let’s smash a bloody road!”
Kobayashi Jiro knew that he was already a turtle in the urn. If he didn’t quickly find a way to break out, once he lost the ability to resist, he would have no choice but to catch it.
There is still a chance to break through this road!
He felt that as long as he could escape, it would be fine even if all the people around him died here.
These dead men still wanted to do their best to escort Kobayashi Jiro to break through, but they never dreamed that more than 40 men in black with guns and live ammunition came out of the bus.
Together with the people in black who came out of the black cars, there are at least a hundred!
On the other hand, there are not even 20 people on Kobayashi Jiro’s side, and several people have been disarmed in the bus.
Kobayashi Jiro suddenly panicked and blurted out, “Hurry up and cover my breakthrough! Otherwise, everyone will die here today!”

Chapter: 1486
As soon as the voice fell, there were loud gunfire around!
When the gunfire gradually stopped, Kobayashi Jiro was shocked to find that there was no one standing around him.
Ye Chen had already explained that, except for Kobayashi Jiro, no one else would stay tonight.
Therefore, Chen Zekai’s men are naturally not so kind.
Jiro Kobayashi saw his assistant, his driver, and the masters he invited from a long distance from Japan, all fell in a pool of blood, life and death unknown, and his whole body collapsed and cried in an instant: “Please! Please don’t you Kill me! I am the patriarch of the Kobayashi family in Japan and the chairman of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.! As long as you don’t kill me, I will give it no matter how much it costs!”
At this time, a cold voice came: “Jiro Kobayashi, I found out that the people of your Kobayashi family really don’t have a long memory, and you always have to struggle with me?”
When Kobayashi Jiro heard this voice, he shuddered.
Soon after, he saw Ye Chen’s handsome and arrogant face.
“Ye…Mr. Ye?!”
Kobayashi Jiro almost collapsed: “You… why are you here?” Remember the URL
Ye Chen asked him: “Wei Liang is my person, and Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is my company. If you want to kidnap him and snatch the formula of Jiu Xuan Wei San, then of course I will come to you for a while! lest you think I am a soft persimmon. , You and your dead ghost brother, anyone can pinch.”
“Ah?!” Kobayashi Jiro knelt on the ground with a plop, and cried loudly: “Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, Mr. Ye! You really don’t know that Wei Liang is yours, let alone Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical is yours. , If I knew, I would kill me, I wouldn’t dare to disobey you in any way!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t fucking talk nonsense with me, you’ve already dealt with my people, and your mother said that you didn’t disobey me? Are you so easy to deceive me as a three-year-old child?”
Kobayashi Jiro was really scared and passed out.
Does he know who Ye Chen is? He also knew Ye Chen’s methods, after all, his brother was planted in Ye Chen’s hands.
This time, he himself was in Ye Chen’s hands, and he naturally knew that Ye Chen could not spare himself easily.
Because he was afraid that Ye Chen would kill his own brother like he killed his brother, he squatted his head and begged for mercy and said, “Mr. Ye, please calm down and don’t be familiar with people like me. You can count on what happened today. I will pay you as much money! How about a billion? As long as you nod your head, I will immediately have someone put the money into your account.”
“Ten billion?” Ye Chen snorted: “Yes, Jiro Kobayashi. This time, I’m not doing it for money.”
Jiro Kobayashi cried and asked, “Mr. Ye, how can you be satisfied?”
Ye Chen said contemptuously: “You stay in Japan honestly, our well water does not disturb the river, we are all in peace, but you don’t have long eyes, and you have to come to me for trouble, if so, then I will send you. Meet your brother!”
“Ah?!” Kobayashi Jiro always thought that his brother had been killed by Ye Chen’s men, and when he heard this, he suddenly peeed his pants in shock.
His whole crotch was soaked quickly, even on the concrete floor, but he couldn’t take care of it at this time, and kept crying and begging: “No, Mr. Ye!! No!!! I’m still young!! I don’t want to die!! Please! Raise your hands high and spare my life. I am willing to be a cow and a horse for you!!”
Ye Chen said contemptuously: “Jiro Kobayashi, look at you for what you are doing! Are you not ashamed of you when you cry like this?”
Kobayashi Jiro had already cried and burst into tears: “Mr. Ye…I…I don’t want to die…I haven’t lived enough…I I’m not married yet…no one in the Xiaolin family stays behind…You can’t let my Xiaolin family’s blood and soul be broken in a foreign country!
Ye Chen saw him crying like a woman, and said contemptuously: “Pee soaking urine and take a picture of yourself, how can you look like a hot-blooded boy? When did I say I’m going to kill you? Don’t worry, I will stay. You are a dog.”
Kobayashi Jiro looked surprised: “You… didn’t you say you want to send me to see my brother?”
Ye Chen gave a hum, and said lightly: “I really want to send you to see your brother, but I forgot to tell you, I also left your brother a dog!”

Chapter: 1487
When Kobayashi Jiro heard that Ye Chen said that he had spared his brother’s life, his whole person had completely collapsed.
He said angrily, “You…you charged me 1 billion yuan and promised to kill my brother. Have you always lied to me?!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Jiro Kobayashi, don’t be so silly and sweet. You will be intriguing when you come out. Don’t you understand the truth?”
Kobayashi Jiro said angrily: “You…you are not trustworthy!”
Ye Chen asked in turn: “I don’t talk about credit? You talk? Do you think you are a person again? You fucking came to China from Japan, in order to grab my formula and intend to kidnap my subordinates, you fucking talk about credit? Also, your elder brother came to China from Japan to grab my magic medicine formula, and he just talked about credit? Or is it normal for the people of your Kobayashi family to rob others?”
Jiro Kobayashi was speechless.
Ye Chen said in disgust at this time: “Didn’t it mean that I don’t speak credit? That’s fine! Then let’s do it, I’ll let someone kill your brother now!”
After speaking, he looked at Jiro Kobayashi, and said: “In addition, I have already said. I want to send you to meet your brother, but you don’t want your brother to live, so I can only kill your brother first. , And then kill you and send you to the Yin Cao Difu to see your brother. This should be considered credibility, right?”
After hearing this, Kobayashi Jiro shivered with fright. He immediately knelt on the ground and kowtowed to Ye Chen and said: “Mr. Ye, I was wrong! I just fart with my mouth full. You must not be like me. I have to thank you, Da I was merciful and spared my brother’s life… I have to thank you even more, and mercifully spared my life!”
Ye Chen sneered: “It’s almost the same, let’s go, Jiro Kobayashi, I will take you to meet your brothers and brothers.” Remember to read for one second
After finishing speaking, he waved to Chen Zekai: “Put him up and go to Hongwu’s dog farm!”
Chen Zekai nodded immediately: “Good Master Ye!”
Wei Liang on the side also hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, do you want me to go there too?”
Ye Chen patted him on the shoulder and said lightly: “You are already busy enough with the pharmaceutical factory. You have experienced this tonight. You should go back and have a rest. You will have the factory supervise the production tomorrow.”
Wei Liang nodded hurriedly and said, “Master Xingye, then I will go back.”
Chen Zekai asked his men to put Kobayashi Ichiro in one of the cars.
Later, he left a group of people to do the aftermath, and he personally drove Ye Chen to Hongwu’s dog farm.
After arriving at the kennel, Chen Zekai sent someone to bring Jiro Kobayashi into Hong Wu’s office. Hong Wu hurriedly greeted him and said respectfully to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, you are here!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly and asked him, “Hong Go, how is Kobayashi Ichiro doing here recently?”
Hong Wu smiled and said: “It’s not bad. This grandson is quite obedient recently. He raises dogs, walks the dog, and cleans the kennel every day. In his spare time, he learns Chinese. Last month he begged me to buy it for him. Two dictionaries and a dictionary.”
Ye Chen smiled: “This guy is okay, and he also has a passion for learning.”
Hong Wu said: “Master Ye, the key is that this grandson has nowhere to go. He never dared to leave the kennel for half a step. He stays here 24 hours a day. There is something to kill the boring time.”
Ye Chenen said, “Okay, you go and call him over.”
Hong Wu stepped out immediately.

Chapter: 1488
After a while, a man wearing a blue-gray labor insurance suit, gloves and sleeves ran in with excitement.
As soon as he entered the door, he saw Ye Chen and hurriedly said excitedly: “Mr. Ye, hello! It’s been a long time!”
Ichiro Kobayashi has been here for a long time. For a long time, he has dealt with several of Hong Wuye’s men every day. Most of the time, he can only deal with dogs.
So over time, he felt very lonely in his heart.
Hearing that Ye Chen was here and wanted to see himself at this time, he couldn’t help feeling agitated.
Excited because he felt that he hadn’t seen acquaintances and friends for a long time, and Ye Chen, although he was not a friend of his own, was at least an acquaintance?
It is already a rare thing for him to see the faces of acquaintances.
Ye Chen looked at him and said with a smile: “Ichiro Kobayashi, you can speak Chinese well, you can’t hear any accent at all. Have you worked hard recently?”
Ichiro Kobayashi smiled shyly and said, “In addition to raising dogs every day, I have been studying Chinese for the rest of my time. Other workers at the kennel have been helping me practice speaking and pronunciation, so the progress is not bad, Mr. Ye. you flatter me!”
Ye Chen nodded, pointing to Kobayashi Jiro, who was kneeling on the ground with his back facing Kobayashi Ichiro trembling, and smiled: “Ichiro Kobayashi, I brought an acquaintance over to tell you about the past. Come and see if this person is Who.” First URL
Kobayashi Jiro was shaking violently in shock at this time.
When he heard his brother’s voice, he was very scared. This was mainly because he knew he was wrong and felt guilty.
After all, I spent a lot of money at the beginning and found many people from Japan to come to China to hunt down and kill my own brother.
In the end, he even gave Ye Chen 1 billion to buy his brother’s life.
But I never dreamed that Ye Chen deceived himself and his brother was still alive.
Therefore, he was afraid that his brother would fight hard with him after seeing him.
Ichiro Kobayashi didn’t know that the man kneeling in front of Ye Cheng with his back turned to him was his younger brother. He heard Ye Chen say that he had brought an acquaintance to tell him about the past, so he curiously leaned in and wanted to find out.
It doesn’t matter to look at it, when he saw Kobayashi Jiro’s face, he was struck by lightning.
Soon, Ichiro Kobayashi suddenly burst into blue veins!
“Jiro! You bastard! I have always regarded you as brothers, but I didn’t expect you to want my life! I killed you, a beast!”
Jiro Kobayashi was so frightened, he blurted out and shouted: “Brother! Brother! I can’t be blamed for this! At the beginning, my father took the medicine you sent back, and died suddenly soon after. I thought that you deliberately killed my father. , So I want you to pay for your life…”
Kobayashi Ichiro rushed up angrily, grabbed Kobayashi Jiro by the collar, and punched him in the face with his fists!
At the same time, he gritted his teeth and cursed: “It might be useful for you to lie to other people in the family, but if you want to lie to me, there is no way!”
“Do you think I don’t know what kind of wishful thinking you are playing? You know that I am in China, it is impossible to kill my father so far and make you for nothing!”
“You also know that after the death of your father, as the eldest son, I will fully inherit the family property!”
“That’s why you added a charge of father-killing, wanted to kill me, and then monopolized the entire Kobayashi family!”

Chapter: 1489
After a short time, Kobayashi Jiro was beaten with blood on his face and almost passed out several times.
However, I was quickly awakened by Kobayashi’s angry fist!
Kobayashi Ichiro is awesome now.
Although I used to be a rich second generation who was hollowed out by wine, but during this period of hard work every day in Hongwu’s kennel, his physical fitness has been greatly improved. I dare not say that I am a master, but the hammer is the same. Jiro Kobayashi, who was hollowed out by alcohol, couldn’t be more relaxed.
At this time, Kobayashi Jiro realized how weak his body was. After a few punches, he was killed for half his life.
He cried vaguely: “Brother, please forgive me for the sake of my brothers and compatriots…”
After speaking, he burst into tears.
Ichiro Kobayashi gritted his teeth and cursed: “Do you still know that we are brothers? Do you still know that we are compatriots?!”
“Jiro, have you forgotten how much I loved you when I was a child and a teenager?!”
“Even when we are adults, we often fight for family status, but I have never hurt you!” Remember the website
“But what about you? You know that I am the brother of your same father and mother, and you know that I cannot take the initiative to kill your father, but you still put the charge of father killing on my head, even costing a billion Take my life!”
“I don’t have a brother who is inferior to a beast like you. Today I will clean up the door for the Xiaolin family! I personally killed you bastard!”
Kobayashi Jiro howled in fright, his voice became hoarse.
However, Kobayashi Ichiro had no sympathy.
His eyes were red with hatred at this time.
Seeing that he was really going to beat Kobayashi Jiro to death, Ye Chen stepped forward to hold him, and said coldly: “Ichiro, let your brother live, and he will take over your job here.”
Ichiro Kobayashi was startled, crying and asked Ye Chen: “Mr. Ye, you…why do you want to keep such a perfidious bastard?! He can even bite his brother, so you are not afraid that he will be right someday. Are you a black hand?”
Ye Chen smiled sarcastically, “I give him the courage, can he dare?”
When Kobayashi Jiro heard that Ye Chen was going to let him go and let himself take over his brother’s job here, he didn’t care about knowing what the job was, so he knelt on the ground and kowtow, crying, “Mr. Ye, thank you. Show mercy! Thank you!”
Ye Chen chuckled, and Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly asked respectfully: “Mr. Ye, you let him take over my job, what are my next arrangements?”
Ye Chen turned to look at Kobayashi Ichiro, and asked faintly: “Ichiro, do you want to go back to Japan and inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?”
Hearing this, Ichiro Kobayashi’s blood boiled and he blurted out, “Go back to Japan?! Inherit Kobayashi Pharmaceutical?! Ye…Mr. Ye…you… You are not… Are you kidding me?!”
Ye Chen smiled: “I am consulting your opinion very seriously. If I let you go back, would you like to go back?”
Ichiro Kobayashi trembling with excitement and crying: “I do! Mr. Ye, I do!”
Ye Chen nodded: “It’s okay to go back, but I have a condition, you must promise me first.”
Ichiro Kobayashi knew that Ye Chen could not let himself go back for no reason, so he did not hesitate to say: “Mr. Ye, no matter what the conditions, I promise you! As long as you can let me go back to Japan!”
Although the days at the kennel were not hard and did not suffer any serious crimes, it was after all countless times worse than when Ichiro Kobayashi was the eldest son of the Kobayashi family.
He had suffered for so long and wanted to go back in his dreams. He thought that he might be inseparable from this kennel in his life, but he did not expect that Ye Chen was really willing to give himself this opportunity now.
Therefore, no matter what the price is paid, he has no complaints!
However, he never dreamed that Ye Chen opened his mouth and said: “Ichiro Kobayashi, I will send you back to Japan to let you take control of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals again, but I want you to hold 80% of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals. Can you agree?”

Chapter: 1490
“What?!” Kobayashi Ichiro and Kobayashi Jiro were blindfolded.
Ye Chen wants 80% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares? !
This appetite is too big!
This is no longer the lion’s big mouth!
This is the big mouth of the whale!
Kobayashi’s expression was extremely uncomfortable.
Just now, I was thinking that Ye Chen might just want some money at most, and it doesn’t matter if a few billions are there. He gave it to him after gritting his teeth. After all, Xiaolin Pharmaceutical is still making money quickly.
But I never dreamed that they wanted 80% of the shares!
However, when Kobayashi Jiro on the side heard this, he immediately settled an account.
Why does Ye Chen want shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? Remember to read in one second
It must be that he wants to produce his Jiu Xuan Wei San with all his strength.
For example, if Xiaolin Pharmaceutical’s current market value is 100 billion yuan, then 80% of it to Ye Chen, it looks like it gave him 80 billion yuan.
However, my brother was staying in this kennel, and he definitely didn’t know the Jiuxuanwei Powder that was just launched. The effect of this new stomach medicine is simply amazing!
Look at it this way, if Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical continues to develop, the income of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical will be greatly affected.
If revenue plummets, market value will plummet.
Maybe after a while, the market value of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has fallen below 20 billion.
In that case, what if you own 100% of the shares? Didn’t they still lose 80 billion yuan, even far more than 80 billion yuan?
If Kobayashi Pharmaceutical falls into a decline because it cannot compete with Jiugen Pharmaceutical, it might go bankrupt one day.
However, if you accept Ye Chen’s cooperation, it will be another situation.
Once the cooperation is accepted, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is equivalent to selling it to Ye Chen, and Ye Chen will definitely use Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s production line to produce Jiuxuanweisan. In that case, the output of Jiuxuanweisan will increase sharply and profits will also increase.
Although the Kobayashi family still has 20% of the shares left, if Ye Chen develops well, the market value of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical may double or even double.
If doubled and the market value changes from 100 billion to 200 billion, then 20% will be as much as 40 billion!
If you doubled it several times, it might even be better than doing it yourself before!
After all, now Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s leading products are completely overtaken by Jiugen Pharmaceutical, and Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s performance is bound to decline rapidly!
Thinking of this, Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly vomited the blood in his mouth, raised his hands and said loudly: “Mr. Ye, I am willing! I am willing to give you 80% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares! Just beg you to let me go, and don’t let my brother Let it out!”
As soon as Kobayashi Ichiro heard this, he didn’t hesitate to say, “Mr. Ye, don’t listen to this beast barking here! I agree to your proposal! Give you 80% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical!”
Kobayashi Jiro hurriedly said: “Mr. Ye, I will give 85%!!!”
At this time, Jiro Kobayashi knew very well in his heart that if he failed in the competition and was left here, he would not be able to turn over for the rest of his life!
Seeing this, Kobayashi Ichiro on the side scolded: “Jiro! Are you a brute still trying to harm me?! Your conscience has been eaten by a dog!”
After speaking, he turned to look at Ye Chen, gritted his teeth and said: “Mr. Ye, I am willing to pay 90%!”

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