The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 151-160

Chapter: 151
Qin Aodong was now under the spotlight of ten thousand people, and hesitated for a moment, but reason still prevailed over impulse.
He said in an urn, “I give up!”
“What a shame!”
“What a fucking shame!”
A furious scolding and jeering at the scene made Qin Ao Dong lose his face.
He even regretted that he had run out today, otherwise, it would not be so humiliating.
Feeling extremely humiliated, Qin Aodong was furious, and even more so when he turned his head and saw Ye Chen’s derisive eyes.
He couldn’t help but storm out of his own private room and walked up to Ye Chen to question.
“Surnamed Ye, you’re deliberately screwing me, aren’t you?”
Ye Chen slowly and methodically picked up the Birochun on the table, took a sip and said, “No one forced you to bid against me, it was you who had to confront me, and you got annoyed when you couldn’t?”
Song Wanting at the side also said coldly, “Young Master Qin, the auction rules are like this, if you are willing to gamble, don’t come if you can’t play.”
Qin Aodong was so angry that he gnashed his teeth, but he didn’t dare to offend Song Wanting.
“There you go!” Qin Aodong fiercely pointed at Ye Chen with his hand, and returned to the box in anger.
Ye Chen couldn’t help but shake his head, with this loser Qin Ao Dong here, it was probably hard for the Qin family to think well….
Under the gaze of everyone, Ye Chen continued to swipe that black card to pay.
Anyway, it was all Qin Gang’s money, and it didn’t bother him at all to spend it himself.
By the way.
If Qin Gang knew that he spent so much extra money because of that loser Qin Ao Dong of their Qin family, what kind of mood would he be in?
I’m afraid you have to kill Qin Ao Dong to relieve your hatred, right?
It was really interesting….
An hour passed and the auction was nearing its end.
During this period of time, Qin Aodong didn’t bid once, and he was probably scared by Ye Chen.
At this moment, a few attendants strenuously pushed a cart onto the stage with a huge thing on it.
Ye Chen suddenly held his breath and looked up at the stage.
He felt a thick aura!
And right at this moment, Master Yu in the box next to him was also energized, his eyes staring at this lot.
This was the grand finale treasure!
However, when Bao Fugui lifted the curtain that covered it, the crowd revealed disappointed looks.
Because what was placed on the cart turned out to be a large, tattered reef with seaweed and dried seashells attached to it!!!
There was a lot of discussion in the audience, completely confused as to why Precious Treasure Pavilion would treat this broken stone as the finale.
Only then did Bao Fugui open his mouth to explain.
“Everyone calm down, this is the grand finale of the show, a natural giant clam!”
“This giant clam is naturally formed at the bottom of the sea, and has been identified to be one hundred years old. After death, it has been immersed in the sea for thousands of years, and its shell has a natural “swastika” pattern, which is definitely a unique treasure.”
After saying that, he ordered the lady of etiquette to polish off the piece for everyone to see.
As a matter of fact, the exposed piece was the size of a palm, with a transparent golden red like amber, and the swastika pattern was hidden, it was so beautiful.
It was a sensational sight.
The price of giant clams in the international market ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 grams, and the life span of a shell is only 20 to 100 years, but it was not easy for a giant clam to be 100 years old, so it was definitely a rare one.
What is even more rare is that it has slept at the bottom of the sea for thousands of years, and its golden-red transparent color and natural multigram pattern make it the top treasure among giant clams.
The starting bid for this giant clam was $9 million.

Chapter: 152
Crowds of people have been bidding, and soon the price has risen to twelve million.
Quite a few people retreated, but there were still those who knew what they were doing and persevered.
Just at this moment, Master Yu stood up and said loudly, “I’ll offer fifteen million!”
After saying that, he turned to everyone and arched his hands, smiling, “Dear friends, I came to this auction today precisely for this giant clam, please give Yu a thin face and let him have his way for once, later I will give each of you a peace talisman as a heartfelt thank you.”
Most of the guests present were bosses, and knowing Master Yu’s reputation, they didn’t dare to offend casually.
If it doesn’t work out well, people will casually make a spell and make your home fly.
Besides, giving away two hundred thousand one peace talismans was not a waste of time, so many people chose to endure it despite their unhappiness.
Although Bao Fugui’s face did not move, his heart was really unhappy.
Originally the auction was the highest bidder, but Master Yu had broken the rules.
If the real fifteen million was auctioned away by him, it was nothing if he made less money, but after the reputation spread, the Precious Treasure Pavilion’s prestige in the industry would definitely be damaged. A second to remember to read the book
But Bao Fu Gui also knew that Master Yu was a very strong and skilled person, so it was not easy to offend him, and he could only stop.
Master Yu was overjoyed and couldn’t even hold back his excitement.
For this giant clam, he was willing to take a plane to Jinling, and after several weeks, he finally got his wish!
What’s a mere $15 million?
Once the stuff is in his hands, he’ll definitely make a fortune!
And, indeed, there was silence, and it seemed that no one dared to bid against him when he made his move on Master Yu!
That’s pride, that’s majesty!
All over the country, who won’t give Master Yu a little face?
It seems that this giant clam has picked up a big leak with its 15 million!
Just at this moment, a faint voice sounded again.
“I’ll pay thirty million!”
As soon as this voice was heard, the venue was quiet.
Everyone’s eyes all brushed towards the person who called the price, and they were all astonished.
It was him again!
It was that normal dressed young man again, at first glance there was nothing remarkable about him, but the two bids with Qin Aodong were impressive!
The point is, twice he called for sky-high prices, and both times he simply paid by credit card, which is awesome!
However, no one expected that this guy would dare to bark at Master Yu?
Master Yu saw her at a glance and his face sank.
At this time, Qin Aodong stood up in shock and rubbed his eyes vigorously.
Song Wanting did not expect that Ye Chen would suddenly bark at Master Yu.
She only knew that Ye Chen had the ability to connoisseur treasure and didn’t know how many assets he had.
She couldn’t help but think, even she was unwilling to offend Master Yu, this Ye Chen, wasn’t he worried about Master Yu’s retaliation?
Instead, it was Xiao Changkun who was the first to come back to his senses, anxiously pulling him in a row: “Ye Chen, what the hell are you doing, quickly sit down!”
“Dad, I have a sense of proportion.”
Ye Chen turned his head and said faintly, and raised his head again, his eyes incomparably calm.
“Ye Chen, what do you mean? Want to rob Master Yu?” Qin Aodong preemptively and immediately coldly questioned.
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “This is an auction, everyone can bid, how can you say that you are robbing someone else’s things? Are you so old that you don’t know any rules?”
After saying that, Ye Chen mocked, “You, it’s better for you to sit there honestly and don’t talk, you just lost your face, don’t you feel blushing?”
As soon as Qin Aodong heard this, he was so ashamed that he immediately sat back down with a guilty conscience and no longer uttered a word.
Master Yu was gloomy, his eyes like an awl as he stared at Ye Chen and said coldly, “It’s you again! Do you know who I am, Yu Jinghai? And you dare to steal from me?”
Ye Chen sneered and asked him, “I don’t care what kind of chicken bully you are, I’ll rob you today, what the hell?!”

Chapter: 153
Yu Jinghai is going crazy!
He is well known at home and abroad, everyone here respects him, but this kid is so arrogant that he repeatedly undermines him, which is really annoying.
What’s more, he dared to call himself names!
This is a death wish!!!!
The people there were also scared!
Fuck, what’s this grandson’s story! How dare you? Yelling at Master Yu? Are you tired of living? Master Yu is a Feng Shui master, there are a million ways to kill him without blood!
However, although Master Yu was annoyed, but in order to be able to get that giant clam at a low price, he superficially maintained his demeanor and opened his mouth and smiled, “This friend, just now you and I had a little misunderstanding at the door, but it’s good to talk it over a little trivial matter, if you are bidding with me only to take revenge, it would be too cautious, wouldn’t it?”
Master Yu himself was prepared to take this giant clam for fifteen million, but if he were to fight hard against Ye Chen, the next asking price would be more than thirty million.
He didn’t want to spend so much more money!
So, holding back was also a hope that Ye Chen would withdraw his bid.
I’ll pay him back after I get the Tridacna Tridacna with $15 million!
Ye Chen had already seen through his motives and said in a despicable manner, “Cut the crap with me, I’m also interested in this giant clam, if you can afford to pay the price you’ll pay, if you can’t, go play with eggs on the side!”
The scene went crazy again!
This dude actually told Master Yu to play with his balls….
That’s too ballsy, right?
Master Yu had a cold face, but to save money, he continued to speak, “I really like this giant clam, can you give me some face?”
Ye Chen glanced at him and said flatly, “Give you face? Do I know you?”
After saying that, Ye Chen asked, “Eh, tell me straight, are you unable to afford it?”
Master Yu’s face was so ugly that no one had dared to speak to him like that so far!
And the other looked no older than twenty, younger than his own pupil!
In annoyance, Master Yu didn’t bother to maintain his demeanor and said coldly, “I didn’t expect that my face, Yu Jinghai, would be treated with such contempt! Well, since it’s a fair fight, naturally the highest bidder wins! I’d like to see just how much family you have to come and steal this giant clam from me!”
Afterwards, he held his head high and shouted, “I’ll pay fifty million!!!”
Flood’s voice made the arena buzz again!
The bidding turns into a big gamble and the atmosphere in the arena quickly heats up!
The rules are simple!
Who’s richer!
Who is the king of this battle!
Master Yu was thinking very simply, if he fought him a little bit, I’m afraid it would go on and on endlessly, so he had to call a price that would bluff him, and just call 50 million, he definitely wouldn’t dare to follow!
However, no one expected that Ye Chen’s face would remain unchanged and two words would come out of his mouth.
“One hundred million!”
The bid has doubled again!
The arena is boiling!
In just a few minutes, the price of this lot has doubled tenfold in a row, making it the focal point of auction history!
Qin Aodong couldn’t help but shout out, “Ye Chen, don’t you dare pretend there, do you have the money?”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but burst out laughing and said, “There really is, what’s the drop? You’re not convinced? I might as well tell you the truth, this card I use is your Qin family’s, your second uncle personally gave it to me, how about it, surprise? Are you surprised?”

Chapter: 154
“You! You!” Qin Aodong’s face reddened with anger: “You son of a bitch, how dare you cheat my Qin family of money! Sooner or later, I’m going to fucking break you into a million pieces, you liar!”
Master Yu turned his head sideways, looked at Qin Aodong and asked, “Master Qin, do you know this person?”
Qin Aodong snorted coldly and said, “He is a door-to-door son-in-law of the Xiao family, also jobless, eating his wife’s soft rice at home, and only recently has a bit of money by coaxing my second uncle…”
“Is that so?”
Master Yu raised an eyebrow as if he had taken a reassuring pill and sneered coldly.
“Puffing up your face, young man I advise you not to be too exuberant, otherwise it’s you who will suffer, not me who despises you, one hundred million, can you take it out?”
Ye Chen’s face was slightly cold and said indifferently, “Whether I can take it or not, no need for you to worry, if you have the guts to keep barking, if you don’t have the guts, keep your mouth shut!”
Master Yu couldn’t hold back and cursed, “Kid! You’re looking for death!”
Ye Chen harrumphed, “I’m looking for death? With you? You can’t even afford to buy things, and you want to kill me? Hahahaha, it’s stupid!”
Master Yu was repeatedly ridiculed by Ye Chen, and could no longer maintain his demeanor, shamefacedly roaring lowly, “Young man, you’d better stop right there! Be a good boy and give it up, or you’ll have your life to buy it and no life to use it!”
As soon as this was said, Bao Fugui’s face changed, this was an obvious rule to smash the Precious Treasure Pavilion!
His face was livid, but he didn’t dare to refute Master Yu, his heart was scratching and very uncomfortable.
Ye Chen, however, smiled slightly, “If you want my life, you have to wait until the auction is over, right? Now the auction is still open, I just got to 100 million, please keep bidding!”
Song Wanting was incomparably surprised, Master Yu wasn’t an ordinary person, even the Song family couldn’t guarantee that they could deal with Master Yu.
But what did Ye Chen mean by offending Master Yu so much to the death? And where does that come from?
Xiao Changkun collapsed on the sofa, so shocked that he covered his heart and gasped incessantly, thinking, “Finished finished, this is all finished, the son-in-law is finished, and his own family will be finished as well.”
Master Yu’s face was stiff, Ye Chen didn’t put himself in his eyes at all, these words were undoubtedly hitting him hard in the face!
However, Ye Chen was right, this was an auction, if you wanted to get that giant clam, you had to keep bidding.
But, 100 million ah….
Who the hell could afford this!
Everyone’s eyes were on Master Yu to see how he would respond.
Master Yu’s face was green and white, but for the sake of that giant clam, he suppressed his anger and whispered to Ye Chen.
“This friend, if I have offended you just now, it was unintentional, please forgive me.”
“But I do have a use for this giant clam, please be generous and give way, I can owe you a favor, my favor is worth more than this giant clam!”
His eyes flickered with cold light, this hairy brat dared to embarrass himself like this, and when this was over, he would have to kill him!
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Sorry, I have a use for it, so I can’t let you!”
“And, as I just said, you’re a chicken bully to me, and your favors are worthless to me!”
Master Yu collapsed!
He only had one thought now: wait for the auction to end and find a way to take Ye Chen’s life!
He must be killed!!!!
Seeing Master Yu wince, the people at the scene couldn’t help but sigh, I never thought that this young man would just go all the way to the end, and even Master Yu had become his defeated enemy!
As the auctioneer’s final hammer fell, Ye Chen finally managed to take the finale of the giant clam with a price of 100 million.
Master Yu was furious and hated Ye Chen, his face was livid and he directly left the scene.
He wanted to kill Ye Chen right now, but the situation didn’t allow it, this matter had to be taken in stride!
Song Wanting looked at Master Yu’s departing back and reminded Ye Chen, “Master Yu is not an ordinary person, I think he won’t let up and will definitely find trouble with you, you must be careful in these few days.”
Ye Chen smiled and spoke, “I’m afraid he won’t come!”

Chapter: 155
100 million was thrown in for a giant clam.
Everyone thought that Ye Chen was crazy, but Ye Chen was the only one who didn’t care about it at all.
On the way back, Ye Chen explained to Xiao Changkun about the auction, explaining that the 100 million was given by the Qin family’s authorization, lest his father-in-law couldn’t afford it and would be scared out of his wits again.
After arriving home, Ye Chen immediately started to study the giant clam while Xiao Choran was still at work.
This giant clam was as big as a wheel and had been cleaned and simply polished to reveal a golden red smooth shell surface.
With a little effort, Ye Chen broke it into several pieces.
He picked up a piece and looked at it.
As expected, three white beads were revealed in the thick shell.
This was the essence of giant clam, Sea Spirit Pearl.
Giant clams were originally one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, and the clam beads of this giant clam were even more spirit-rich. A second to remember to read the book
And it was only available to shellfish that had a lifespan of over a hundred years and were already psychic, and it was also condensed from them absorbing the essence of the ocean.
Sea spirit pearls were of the highest quality in alchemy and could not be found, which was why Ye Chen had to take it, even at great expense.
Ye Chen found a total of three sea spirit pearls from the giant clam, which was considered very satisfactory.
After that, Ye Chen took out the Blood Dragon Lightning Strike Wood and followed the method in the Nine Xuantian Scriptures and used his aura to make a few hand seals into it.
As soon as the hand seals entered it, it immediately drew out the most rigid and strong thunder breath inside.
As soon as the Sea Spirit Pearl encountered this thunder breath, it blossomed with a slight golden light and quickly absorbed the escaping breath.
Only then did Ye Chen pick up the Sea Spirit Pearl and began to refine the magic tool.
Soon, the Sea Spirit Pearl gradually took shape in his hand.
He also took out the pearl necklace that he had acquired at the auction today, plucking some pearls from it and refining it together with the sea spirit pearl, eventually refining it into a string of bracelets.
The rest of the giant clam shells were also top quality alchemy items.
He took one of the shells and made it into a “Scare Fiend Charm”, intending to give it to Qin Gang.
The frightening Fiend talisman made from the giant clam shell was fused with the thunder breath which was specially designed to break the Fiend and drive away evil spirits, it was enough for the Qin family to deal with the Fiend Qi.
After finishing the refining, Ye Dust saw that there were still many fragments of giant clams left, seeing that it was still early, he took the fragments of giant clams to refine his hand and tried to refine a “Order of Thunder”.
According to the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scripture, this Thunderbolt is a low grade magic tool, mainly used to summon thunder and rain.
However, he added the thunder qi from the Blood Dragon Lightning Striking Wood, and doubled its effect, which could be used to repel demons and evil spirits, as well as to attack and fight.
As soon as he finished refining the Thunderstrike Order, he heard a movement from downstairs.
My wife was back.
Ye Chen hurriedly received the remaining giant clam fragments under the bed and took the newly refined Sea Spirit Pearl out of the bedroom.
When he looked up, he saw Xiao Churan standing in the living room, saying something to his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, with a helpless face.
Ye Chen walked over, only to see Ma Lan shaking her wrist, and on her wrist, it was the emerald bracelet that Qin Gang had originally given himself.
Ma Lan said with joy, “Choran, this bracelet is really nice, I wear it out, everyone praises it as a good thing, not to mention how proud I am!”
Xiao Churan said helplessly, “Mom, wasn’t this bracelet placed at home by Ye Chen a few days ago? Why did you take it and wear it without saying anything, I thought I lost it.”
Ma Lan glared, “I’m your mother, what’s wrong with wearing one! Give me a few more days to wear it and go out for a long face!”
Seeing the two mothers and daughters arguing, Ye Chen even walked over and said in a roundabout way, “Churan, let Mom wear it if she likes, I just made a new bracelet, I’m going to give it to you.”
“What kind of bracelet?” Ma Lan was like picking up a treasure and snatched it away.
But when she saw that it was just a string of shell beads, she handed it to Xiao Churan in a bad mood: “It’s this kind of worthless thing again.”

Chapter: 156
Xiao Chu Ran, however, took it, put it on his hand naturally, looked at it and said, “You made this yourself, didn’t you?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “This seashell pearl bracelet has the effect of calming the mind and helping to sleep, and it can also ward off evil spirits and protect the body. It’s a bit late today, so it’s a bit rough to make. I’ll make you better ones in the future when I have the chance.”
Before he finished speaking, Xiao Choran smiled slightly, “Thank you, I like it a lot.”
“It’s good that you like it.”
Ye Chen let out a sigh of relief.
The emerald necklace he had given to Xiao Churan before was very expensive, but Xiao Churan didn’t wear it much.
She usually liked plainness and didn’t care about gold and silver jewelry, so she didn’t like to wear anything too showy either
But this string of giant clam bracelets, Xiao Churan seemed to be very fond of it.
When Ma Lan saw that Xiao Churan seemed to like this broken bracelet, she muttered in a bad mood, “It’s neither gold nor jade, it’s just a string of worthless shell pearls, what’s the use?”
Ye Chen smiled, not arguing with her.
It was good not to let Xiao Churan know its value, otherwise, she knew that if this magic bracelet was put out for sale, rich people would be willing to pay at least billions for it, and she probably wouldn’t wear it even more.
Only after giving the bracelet to Xiao Churan did Ye Chen go downstairs, find a same-city courier, and mailed the frightening talisman to Qin Gang along with the black card.
In this way, it could be considered a satisfactory explanation to him.
The Qin family.
Master Yu was currently sitting on the Imperial Master’s chair in the main hall, his face gloomy and silent.
He had come to Jinling on this trip for this giant clam, which contained the Sea Spirit Pearl, and was used to refine into a magic tool, its value was immeasurable!
But he didn’t expect a Ye Chen to come out halfway and disrupt his plans, causing him to gnash his teeth in hatred!
Qin Aodong stood at the side with his hands hanging down to stand solemnly.
The Xuanji Hall’s prestige was well-known, and of course the Qin family recognized Master Yu, all standing respectfully at the side.
Qin Gang smiled respectfully and said, “I didn’t expect Master Yu to visit the humble abode, Qin Mou is really fortunate, I don’t know what is it that Master has come for?”
Master Yu nonchalantly took a sip of tea, put the cup down on the table and said slowly and slowly.
“I bumped into Duke Qin at the auction and he invited me to come and give your family a look at the fortune.”
Qin Gang was prepared to take care of Qin Aodong and see if he dared to sneak out next time, but seeing that Qin Aodong had invited the famous Master Yu, he put down the heat.
“Master Yu, please take more trouble!”
Master Yu nodded his head and said, “If I’m not wrong, the Qin family has had a series of bad luck in the past two years, I’m afraid someone in the family is holding an ominous object, last year there was a bloody disaster,, as for this year…”
After saying that, he looked around with a mysterious look and sighed, “I see that your Qin family’s fortunes have come to an end, if this continues, the yin qi will haunt the house and the Qin family will be broken and have no offspring!”
As soon as Master Yu finished speaking, Qin Gang turned pale, and said respectfully, “Master Yu, you are truly worthy of being a senior member of the Xuanji Hall, my Qin family is indeed unlucky, and I would like to ask for your help!”
The Qin family’s crowd was also surprised!
Master Yu is truly a master, and he actually said all of them correctly.
Ye Chen’s side still hadn’t replied, and Qin Gang had been waiting impatiently.
And right now, the famous Master Yu personally came to his door, it was like he had grasped a lifeline, he even asked, “May I ask Master Yu, do you have a solution?”
“A method, of course.”
Master Yu said slowly, and suddenly his brows furrowed, “But I’m afraid that in your house, there’s a demonic prodigy who’s been working recently, which has ruined the feng shui and hastened the demise of the Qin family, and if you let him continue to trap people, I’m afraid that your Qin family will all die out in less than half a year!”

Chapter: 157
“What, the prodigy?”
Qin Gang was stunned for a moment.
The only one who had recently read feng shui for the Qin family was Ye Chen.
Qin Gang was extremely convinced of Ye Chen and said in a row, “Master, could you be wrong, there was indeed a Master Ye who helped me defuse it, but all of his methods were very useful, so he shouldn’t be some kind of magician.”
Master Yu sneered coldly and drank, “People who pretend to be gods and demons are best at coaxing the ignorant. If you’re willing to believe him, I’ll leave now, Yu!”
“Master Yu stay.” Qin Gang panicked and stopped him in a hurry, “Please teach Master Yu, what is wrong with Master Ye’s method?”
Without lifting his head, Master Yu stretched his hand into the hall, “You bring a bowl of water.”
Qin Gang even ordered a bowl of fresh water to be brought over.
Master Yu took the fresh water and chanted a few charms on the surface of the water, then flicked the water onto Qin Gang’s eyelids.
As soon as Qin Gang opened his eyes, he was suddenly so frightened that he retreated. Remember the URL
“Master, this, this is…. What is it…”
He hastily saw a strange layer of black smoke shrouding his house house!
Moreover, a wisp of grey dead air also emerged from the heads of the Qin Clan, and the clan members were all pale, simply like a bunch of zombies.
Master Yu snorted lightly, “I opened the Heaven’s Eye for you, and what you saw was yin qi, while your clan members are covered in dead qi and are dying.”
Qin Gang fell into his chair in shock and muttered, “What, what should we do?”
“There’s no harm in it, I’ve come over here today, so it’s fate that you and I are destined to meet.”
Master Yu took out a peace talisman and casually handed it to a Qin clan member.
Qin Gang saw at once that this peace talisman emitted a faint golden light, and the golden light immediately diluted the dead air above the clan member’s head by quite a bit.
Master Yu flicked his hand in front of Qin Gang, and everything that Qin Gang saw suddenly disappeared and returned to its original state.
“This…. This….” Qin Gang was covered in cold sweat and made a bow, “Master is truly an immortal in the world! Please master save my Qin family, no matter how much money, Qin Mou is willing to pay.”
“Saving a life is better than creating a seven-tier pagoda, I came here today for this matter.”
Master Yu said, and handed over dozens of peace talismans, “You order your clan to carry them with you, and they will naturally resolve the bad luck.”
Qin Gang took them gratefully and hesitated, “I wonder how much reward Master wants?”
Master Yu waved his hand, “To resolve bad luck is also a virtue, I won’t collect any money. It’s just that if any more gods come to your door to coax you to spend a heavy amount of money to buy a magic weapon, you should never collect it, the lighter the merit, the more serious the family will be ruined, you should remember that.”
Next to him, Qin Aodong couldn’t help but say, “Second Uncle, I’ve already said that Ye Chen is a liar! He’s got our money, and he’s going nowhere! You have to get the money back or sue him for fraud! Let him spend the rest of his life in prison!”
Qin Ao Xue, however, frowned and thought to herself that for some reason, instead, she felt that this Master Yu only looked more like a liar.
That Ye Chen, apart from being a bit badass and seemingly having no emotional intelligence at all, but rather, he didn’t seem that badass, and often times, he could give the impression of being inscrutable, like a deep, unfathomable lake.

Chapter: 158
“You just shut up.” Qin Gang glared at Qin Aodong, turned around and said respectfully to Master Yu, “Thank you for your guidance, I will definitely pay attention to it in the future.”
Master Yu nodded meaningfully, got up and left.
As soon as Master Yu left, Qin Aodong immediately spoke up and said, “Second Uncle, Master Yu is a renowned master of Xuanji Hall, how can he be compared to a jianghu liar like Ye Chen? This time Master Yu took action, all of our family’s problems were solved, and the key is that it didn’t cost a penny!”
“Master Yu doesn’t take any money, but Ye Chen has cheated our family out of a lot of money, he spent 100 million to auction off a broken seashell, this is simply a fraud! You too, how can you give him so much money, if this gets out, won’t the people of Jinling call our Qin family a fool?”
Qin Gang was silent, but his face already showed suspicion.
Master Yu’s reputation was indeed loud and clear, and what Master Yu had just shown himself was so vivid that he had to believe it.
What’s more, Master Yu didn’t take a penny, while Ye Chen, who had spent over 100 million of his own money at the auction….
The more he compared it like this, the more he felt that there might really be something wrong with Ye Chen!
Just then, one of the Qin family’s housekeepers knocked on the door, and only after receiving Qin Gang’s permission, he stepped in.
“Mr. Qin, there’s a delivery for you.” One Second Remember to Read the Book
After saying that, he handed over a paper box.
Qin Gang frowned, and after unwrapping the paper box, he found a token lying quietly inside.
Looking closely at the token, it seemed to be only a thin piece, the size of a matchbox, worn with a cheap red string, looking exactly like the goods on the ground at tourist attractions.
When Qin Gang looked at the sender, he saw the word Ye Chen written on it.
Looking at the remarks, it also only had a few words written on it simply: “Astonishing Fiend Charm, hanging in the main hall can break the Fiend!”
As soon as Qin Aodong saw it, he immediately broke into a rant: “Damn it, Second Uncle, this Ye Chen treats you like a fool! Just this piece of broken shell, probably bought at some street stall! How dare you say it will break the fury?”
“And he spent over a hundred million dollars of our money to give something like this? Still sent it by courier! He doesn’t care if you’re face to face! You say that this Ye Chen is not a liar, what else could he be?”
Qin Aodong was furious and said sternly, “Second Uncle, let’s take people to find Ye Chen now and get the money back! Otherwise, if we let Ye Chen escape, we’ll lose too much!”
“Just shut up for a moment and let me think.” Qin Gang rubbed his eyebrows and said, looking at the frightening talisman, he couldn’t really see anything magical about it.
After a moment’s hesitation, Qin Gang summoned the Qin Clan and said with a gloomy face, “It’s a matter of life and death for the Qin Clan, this is a matter of great importance, I’ll go to Ye Chen tomorrow and ask for the truth! You put on Master Yu’s peace charm and do not remove it!”
“Second Uncle, I’m going too!” Qin Aodong gritted his teeth: “This surnamed Ye has harmed me a lot, now that I caught his fox tail, I have to break his legs with my own hands.”
“With you? You can fight?”
Qin Gang’s eyebrows furrowed and said, “But if you really want to go, bring a few more bodyguards and ask about Ye Chen’s whereabouts tomorrow first, just in case.”
After saying that, he paused again and drank, “Remember, I’m not telling you to bring someone to find trouble with Ye Chen, I’m afraid that you’ll act recklessly and get beaten up again!”
Qin Aodong was delighted and immediately said, “Understood.”
Qin Gang said in a cold voice, “Although my Qin family is not a top family, but it cannot tolerate others bullying me, if people bully me, I will return the favor! I must find out more about this matter, if Ye Chen is really pretending to be a fraud, I will not spare him!”

Chapter: 159
After leaving the Qin family, Yu Jinghai immediately made his own wishful plans.
Naturally, he was going to seek revenge on Ye Chen and also take back the giant clams that Ye Chen had snatched away, but that alone wasn’t enough!
He also wanted to make a name for himself in Jinling this time, recruit a group of followers, and provide more help to his cause.
So, he plotted a game that he thought he had the best of both worlds.
Using Ye Chen, as the key to killing the chicken as a warning to the monkey and making the entire Jinling submit!
Ye Chen didn’t know that the so-called Master Yu was plotting to use himself to sacrifice the flag.
In the evening, he was preparing to buy food and cook, when he suddenly received a call from Song Wanting.
After picking it up, Song Wanting spoke in a serious tone and said directly to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, that Master Yu Jinghai has invited some masters of antiques, feng shui, and metaphysics to hold a banquet at the Wang family, and asked me to ask if you are free to go over?”
“The royal family? Which royal family?”
Song Wanting said, “A middle family, they have two male offspring, Wang Yunfei and Wang Yunkai.”
“The two of them? Why did you choose to hold it at his house?” Ye Chen was strange.
Song Wanting explained, “Recently, the Wang family hasn’t been doing well, with their son Wang Yunkai and nephew Wang Yunfei having accidents one after another, the Wang family has been falling apart in their career, so the Wang family’s owner begged Yu Jinghai to find him to change the feng shui of the Wang family.”
Saying that, Song Wanting continued, “But I see that Yu Jinghai has invited a bunch of metaphysical masters, so it might not be as simple as just wanting to make some money for the Wang family, he might have other thoughts.”
Ye Chen smiled and said carelessly, “I snatched that giant clam at the auction and choked him, it’s certain that he wants to take revenge on me, so I guess he’s setting a trap for me this time.”
Smiling slightly, Ye Chen said again, “But this time I’ll be there, face to face to see what tricks he wants to play.”
Song Wanting saw him agree before she said, “That’s fine, the place is at the Wang’s house, tomorrow morning, let’s go together, I’ll drive to pick you up.”
The next morning, Song Wanting drove to pick up Ye Chen and headed to the Wang family.
The Wang family’s villa was located on the hillside in the suburbs with a beautiful scenery.
The pavilions in the court were all built as antique buildings, and the Wang family had spent hundreds of millions of yuan to decorate it, which was usually used to receive distinguished guests or host banquets for friends, and it was very imposing.
Outside the pavilion by the lake, there are dozens of rosewood chairs, and more than a dozen invited guests have sat down, exchanging ideas and laughing from time to time.
The one sitting on the main seat was a slightly fat middle-aged man, Wang Zhenggang, the father of Wang Yunkai.
The one who sat down beside him was Master Yu Jinghai.
In addition to these two, Ye Chen also saw two acquaintances, the richest man in Hai City, Li Tailai, and the one following him, Guo Ming.
Seeing Ye Chen enter, the two of them, Li Tailai, nodded their heads to Ye Chen.
Wang Zhenggang, on the other hand, glanced at him obliquely and snorted coldly.
Obviously, he also knew about the loss that Wang Yunkai and Wang Yunfei had suffered at Ye Chen’s hands, so he didn’t have a good face when he saw Ye Chen.
Bao Fugui, on the other hand, stood up in a hurry to welcome him and spoke, “Mr. Ye, Miss Song, you’re here.”

Chapter: 160
Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a smile, “Come meet the masters.”
A middle-aged man in a long coat asked in surprise, “Is this the buyer who took away the finale giant clam at the auction with a huge sum of one hundred million?”
Bao Fugui smiled and introduced, “It is Master Ye.”
“What? Master?” Wang Zhenggang glanced at Ye Chen with disdain, then laughed, “Nowadays, the names of masters are being called so worthless that any trash can call themselves masters, while a truly capable master like Master Yu is so low-key.”
The crowd was also embarrassed as he spoke.
It wasn’t that Wang Zhenggang intended to belittle him, it was really because Ye Chen, whether it was his age, or his dressing style, couldn’t call himself a “master”.
The masters present here were almost all respectable people in the metaphysical world, and to have them on an equal footing with the young man Ye Chen, calling him “Master Ye”, many of them were unhappy.
Yu Jinghai stood up and smiled calmly, “No harm, I’m borrowing the Wang place to hold this banquet, I also want to get together with all of you, as to who is the real master and who is the one who sells fame, we’ll naturally see later.”
The crowd present, hearing Yu Jinghai’s words, couldn’t help but sneer at Ye Chen as well.
What could this kind of hairy boy be if he wasn’t a reputation-seller.
Song Wanting also had a slight frown on her brow, she knew that Yu Jinghai would target Ye Chen, but she didn’t expect the atmosphere to be so condensed when she came in.
However, Ye Chen looked indifferent and walked to his chair without looking away, sitting down as if he hadn’t heard anything around him.
Wang Zhenggang saw that everyone was here before he spoke, “Since everyone is here, let me tell you, today, Master Yu is borrowing our Wang Family’s place to hold this banquet, firstly, I want to get to know you all, and secondly, I also want to have a cut and thrust with you all.”
“How to cut and dry?” Someone asked.
“Naturally, it’s based on the level of the art.”
Yu Jinghai stepped forward himself at this time and explained, “The rules are simple, as we all know, our metaphysical world contains five disciplines, Mountain Doctor Life Divination, you can choose the discipline you are good at and pick your opponent to compete against!”
“To make it more formal, so the funds are sponsored by the royal family, there is a five million dollar prize for each contest, whoever wins takes five million, and the loser will also have a fifty thousand dollar carriage fee.”
This rule was quite reasonable and there was money to be made, many people nodded their heads in agreement.
Usually, the people in the mystic world were all on their own, and their cards would not be easily shown, but today the people who came to the banquet were all capable people in the mystic world, so when we all got together to compete, not only could we get a glimpse of each other’s background, but we could also get the prize money, killing two birds with one stone.
“Just for the sake of cutting and sparring?” Ye Chen sneered slightly, he didn’t think that Yu Jinghai was holding today’s banquet just to prove that he was a profound Daoist.
And Wang Zhenggang waited for the crowd to finish their discussion before continuing, “However, simply setting up a prize money, I’m afraid it won’t inspire anyone’s enthusiasm, after all, we’re all wealthy and don’t lack the millions.”
“So in order to make everyone more motivated, there’s an additional condition that the winner will either choose to take the five million prize money or take one thing from the loser!”
“And the one who wins in the end is the number one esteemed person in the Southern Canton Region’s occult world, and in the future, all occultists in the entire Southern Canton Region will worship him as their esteemed person, and any big or small matters in the region will also have to obtain the esteemed person’s consent!”
As soon as he said this, the entire courtyard went quiet.
For a moment, it immediately became noisy again, and many people were discussing with indignant expressions.
“What if the challenging party chooses, exactly, a class that the challenged party is not good at?”
“The Southern Canton region’s metaphysical community is revered for being number one, isn’t this a land grab?”
“Isn’t it funny, our Southern Canton region’s mystical arts community has never been used to doing what we do, and now we’re actually taking orders from someone else, what nonsense. Besides, there’s someone here who isn’t from Southern Canton, right?”
The crowd was discussing, and the crowd didn’t expect this so-called banquet to be Yu Jinghai’s Hongmen Banquet to unify the Southern Canton Xuanxue world!

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