The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1521-1530

Chapter: 1521
Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang ran away from Gu Yanzhong’s home in a hurry.
At this time, the maid hurried in and said, “Sir, the bodyguards in our family are all injured. Look…”
Gu Yanzhong immediately waved his hand and said: “Hurry up and call 120 and send it to Xiehe for treatment. I will pay for all the expenses, and each person will pay another 200,000 medical expenses. I will arrange for my secretary to go there.”
The servant nodded immediately, took out his mobile phone and dialed 120.
Everyone also went out to check the injuries of the bodyguards. Although all of them looked miserable, they were not life-threatening.
However, these people are also very ashamed, and even ashamed to look up at Gu Yanzhong, and constantly curse that they are too poor and ashamed of Gu Yanzhong’s trust.
Gu Yanzhong didn’t care about this either, and comforted one by one: “Today’s matter is an accident. The other party came prepared, and all the masters came. You can’t match each other, and it is indeed understandable.”
He said, “Don’t think about it so much now, go to the hospital for treatment and recovery!”
Soon, the ambulance took the bodyguards away, and Gu Yanzhong also arranged for his secretary to rush to the hospital to handle related matters.
When everything was arranged, he finally felt relieved. First URL
A family of three returned to the restaurant with Ye Chen. He took Ye Chen’s hand and choked up: “Chen’er, today…thanks to you!”
Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi on the side also nodded gratefully.
Lin Wanqiu said: “Chen’er, if it weren’t for you, today I and you Uncle Gu, I really don’t know how to cross this hurdle…”
Gu Qiuyi also cried and said, “Brother Ye Chen, thank you so much today…”
As she said, she remembered the grievances her parents had just suffered, and she couldn’t control her emotions, and tears couldn’t stop streaming.
Ye Chen hurriedly comforted: “Uncle Gu, Aunt Lin, and Nuan, to me, you are my relatives. What kind of kindness is there to me…”
Gu Yanzhong nodded and asked with red eyes: “Chen’er, how come you have such a strong strength? Even if they are not your opponents, this is too powerful? What have you experienced over the years? How can it be so tough?”
Ye Chen said seriously: “Uncle Gu, although I have had a hard time these years, I did encounter some opportunities that ordinary people can’t meet, so I have some skills.”
Gu Yanzhong grabbed his hand and said sincerely: “Chen’er, if I leave, you will depend on you, Aunt Lin, Nunnan and their mothers. Otherwise, I will not be at ease until I die, and I will never look down… …”
Lin Wanqiu wiped her tears, and said stubbornly: “Husband, don’t say such dejected things, and don’t worry about our wife. The big deal is that after you leave, our wife will donate all the money! Anyway, my family will pay it back. It’s a little bit capable. My daughter is now a big star again. We must have no worries about the lives of our mothers and daughters. We donated all the property, and we won’t let them both get a cent!”
Gu Yanzhong sighed and nodded softly: “After I leave, everything will be in the hands of your wife. I have no other wishes. I only hope that your wife will live a healthy and peaceful life!”
Gu Qiuyi cried and said, “Dad, don’t say that, aren’t you ready to be hospitalized and actively cooperate with treatment? Maybe there is a miracle! Don’t draw conclusions so early!”
Gu Yanzhong laughed sadly: “Good girl, your dad has lived for most of his life. He has experienced all kinds of storms, and he can see and see through many things. As for my disease, I can’t cure it everywhere. Treatment is nothing more than a question of whether to go in the first half of the year or the second half.”
Now, it is the twelfth lunar month of the lunar calendar, and it is also the first month of the new year in the solar calendar. Therefore, Gu Yanzhong felt that he would definitely not be able to live this year.
When these words came out, Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi cried into a ball, both of them were top beauties, crying into such a pear blossom with rain, it really hurts.
Especially Gu Qiuyi, Ye Chen didn’t have much contact with her, but she could feel that her temper was very proud and strong, but now she was crying like this, how could she still have the slightest aura of fearlessness? She is like a little girl next door who makes people feel distressed.

Chapter: 1522
So, Ye Chen took a deep breath, looked at the three of them, and said seriously: “Uncle Gu, Aunt Lin, and Nuns, with me Ye Chen alive, no matter where I am, I will not let you be bullied!”
After speaking, Ye Chen looked at Gu Yanzhong again and said seriously: “Uncle Gu, I have a way to cure your disease and restore your health!”
If Ye Chen said such a thing during dinner, Gu Yanzhong would not believe it.
He knew that his disease could never be cured.
But only to see that after Ye Cheng defeated the God of War and the realm master with his own power, he suddenly had an extremely strong trust in Ye Chen.
He felt that since Ye Chen said so, he must be certain.
So he hurriedly asked: “Chen’er, do you really have a way to heal me?!”
Lin Wanqiu also blushed and said, “Yes, Chen’er, your uncle Gu’s condition is really too serious. We asked this directly the top expert, but they all…”
Speaking of this, Lin Wanqiu did not go on.
In this case, the family of three has heard it too many times. Remember the URL
No matter which top expert is found, they all say that there is no cure for the disease, and it can last a few months at most.
Ye Chen said confidently at this time: “Aunt Lin, don’t worry, if I say yes, I can definitely do it!”
With that said, he took out a rejuvenating pill from his pocket, handed it to Gu Yanzhong, and said earnestly: “Uncle Gu, take this medicine, all your diseases will be cured!”
Gu Yanzhong stared at him dumbfounded: “This…this…is this medicine so amazing?!”
If someone else handed him such a medicine and said that one pill would cure his illness, Gu Yanzhong would definitely not believe it!
Because it completely subverted his understanding of the world, disease, cancer, and even life.
However, this was what Ye Chen said, so he suddenly felt that Ye Chen’s words might really be a little credible!
Thinking of this, he immediately asked: “Chen’er, do I just need to take this medicine?”
Ye Chen nodded lightly: “Swallow it directly and deliver it with warm water, and I will pour Uncle Gu a glass of warm water.”
“Okay Brother Ye Chen!” Gu Qiuyi immediately got up and poured a cup of warm water over.
Lin Wanqiu’s expression on the side was a little complicated.
She was skeptical at this moment in her heart.
Half believe, and half feel unlikely.
However, she changed her mind to think that Ye Chen would never harm her husband. It was nothing more than a pill. Even if the disease could not be cured, it should not hurt the body too much.
So she didn’t speak, and waited for her husband to take the medicine to see if it worked.
When the warm water was brought, Gu Yanzhong did not hesitate, put the rejuvenating pill that exuded a strong medicinal fragrance into his mouth, took another sip of water, and then raised his head and swallowed the rejuvenating pill…

Chapter: 1523
The efficacy of Rejuvenating Pill is beyond doubt.
This is the essence recorded in the “Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures”, which can make the dead trees come in spring, can rejuvenate the elderly, and can make the dying people repeat health.
At the beginning, Hong Wu was seriously injured by Wu’s bodyguard, and his breath was almost absent, only the last faint breath was hanging.
In that case, even the best doctor in the world can only save his life, but he can never save his brain, and it is best to be a vegetative end.
However, after taking a rejuvenation pill, Hong Wu not only fully recovered, his whole body was even more than ten years younger.
This shows how magical the efficacy of Huichun Pill is.
Therefore, Ye Chen firmly believes that Rejuvenating Pill will also heal Gu Yanzhong!
At this time, Gu Yanzhong took the Rejuvenation Pill in front of his wife and daughter, and immediately felt an unprecedented sense of comfort, dissolving in his belly.
The whole body is like the ground completely chapped under the perennial drought. There is no more water in the soil.
However, this medicinal power is like an endless stream of clear springs, which instantly gushes from the cracks in the ground, not only moisturizing the entire earth, but also covering the entire land with abundant water! Remember to read in one second
Originally, his physical stamina had been consumed more than 80% by a serious illness. He had personally experienced the feeling that his body was constantly getting worse.
It was like a hole opened at the bottom of a bucket of water, allowing him to directly feel the accelerated passing of life on his body.
However, at this moment, he suddenly realized that the feeling that life is better than death seemed to be repeated backwards!
He could clearly feel that his own passing life was quickly added back.
Soon, he felt that his body had recovered to 50% of what it was when he was healthy!
Immediately afterwards, it was 70%! It’s 90%!
After that, it was ten percent!
In just over a minute, he felt that he had returned to his healthy state.
When I was sick, I was 48 years old, and now I am 50 years old.
Although there is a difference of two years, 48 ​​years old is a healthy 48 years old, 50 years old, a dying 50 years old, the gap is different every day!
And now, he has found the feeling of being healthy and strong at the age of 48!
He felt that all this was really amazing, it was like having the most beautiful dream before dying!
However, the surprise is not over yet!
After all, this is a rejuvenation pill! !
This is the rejuvenation pill that Old Man Song is willing to bow his head and kneel to Ye Chen!
This is Hong Wu’s rejuvenating pill for Ye Chen’s liver and brain!
This is a rejuvenating pill that Li Tailai is willing to spend 2 billion yuan in!
How could such a miraculous and precious rejuvenation pill only bring Gu Yanzhong’s body back to when he was forty-eight?
Rejuvenating Pill is like a magical force that can travel through time, dragging Gu Yanzhong’s body back desperately!
Then, Gu Yanzhong felt that he seemed to be back when he was forty-five years old!
That year, one thing impressed him particularly deeply.
That year, his father died.
Gu Yanzhong, who was extremely filial and filial, bought the best golden nanmu coffin for his father.
It takes sixteen young adults to lift the coffin.
Gu Yanzhong took his younger brothers Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang and joined them, hoping to carry the coffin for his dead father himself.
However, Gu Yanzheng and Gu Yangang couldn’t support them at all, and were panting after trying them once.
In the end, it was Gu Yanzhong and 15 young people who lifted the coffin and sent it to the cemetery.

Chapter: 1524
After falling ill, Gu Yanzhong missed himself at that time countless times.
At that time, I really refused to admit defeat! At forty-five years old, but still want to be like a 30-year-old young man.
In fact, my body at that time was indeed better than that of ordinary people of the same age. Although it was very difficult to lift the coffin, I still resisted it!
And now, that peak state is back!
Gu Yanzhong was sitting on the chair and burst into tears immediately!
He felt that all this was simply a gift from heaven! When I was dying, I just hoped to survive, and I didn’t dare to hope that my life could return to this peak state!
But, now, all this miraculous thing is happening to me!
At this time, the miracle happened not only to Gu Yanzhong, but also to Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi!
At a speed visible to the naked eye, they saw Gu Yanzhong’s pale and colorless face, and they began to quickly restore rosy.
The sunken eye sockets and dark circles unique to the terminally ill patient are disappearing quickly, and his already pale hair is rapidly turning black! Even the wrinkles on his face seemed to be smoothed by an invisible iron of years! First URL
Gosh! What did I see? I actually saw the turn of time!
Lin Wanqiu covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes widened, her beautiful eyes, after too many sad tears shed tears of excitement for the first time.
The same was true for Gu Qiuyi. Her tears had already burst, but she did not dare to make any noise for fear that it would disturb the continuation of the miracle.
During the period when her father was ill, she secretly worshipped all the gods in the world she knew, and she could come and manifest in the divine residence.
However, after every prayer, it was endless disappointment and even despair.
But who would have thought that the gods could not heal his father, and his fiancé, whom he had missed for more than ten years, and that brother Ye Chen who had been chasing behind his ass in his childhood, brought his father the most miraculous miracle in the world!
Gu Yanzhong’s body is still going back in time.
At this time, he has already felt the state of his forty years old.
That year, he heard from others that someone met a young Chinese man in faraway Argentina. The young Chinese man, in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, worked as a temporary tour guide for Chinese tourists and made a living on this , Very much like his big brother who worshipped the handle back then.
Gu Yanzhong was extremely excited when he heard the news.
He immediately booked a full flight ticket to Argentina.
Argentina is the country farthest from China.
Whether you start from the east or the west, you need a straight line distance of at least 20,000 kilometers to get there.
There is no civil airliner that can fly 20,000 kilometers without stopping. Therefore, there is no direct flight from Yanjing to Buenos Aires.
At that time, Gu Yanzhong’s private jet had a maximum range of less than 8,000 kilometers.
However, in order to find Ye Chen, he hurriedly set off late that night without hesitation.
The plane first took off from Yanjing, after a stop for refueling, first flew to Dallas, the United States, and then stopped for refueling again in Dallas, the United States, and then flew non-stop to Buenos Aires.
The entire flight time took almost thirty hours.
During these thirty hours, Gu Yanzhong never closed his eyes.
He thought he would be able to find Ye Chen’s whereabouts that time, so he was so excited that he couldn’t rest at all.
In addition, he had not rested for more than ten hours before taking off, so he held on for 48 hours, but he didn’t even feel any fatigue at the time.
More than fifty hours have passed until he found the young man who really looked like Ye Chen’s father and asked if he was not the Ye Chen he was looking for.
Until that moment, he felt a sense of depression and fatigue.
And now, he actually feels his body, back to that time…
His decades of worldview were completely subverted in an instant.
He couldn’t figure out, what kind of magical medicine Ye Chen gave him? Could it be that the elixir of the legendary Taishang Laojun failed? Otherwise, how could it be so magical?
At this moment, Gu Yanzhong, who was at least ten years younger, was crying and choked silently…

Chapter: 1525
At this moment, Lin Wanqiu and Gu Qiuyi were crying so hard that they couldn’t help themselves.
The two of them left and right, holding Gu Yanzhong’s warm hand, so excited that they couldn’t speak.
Although Gu Yanzhong has not undergone any medical tests, and their wives have not received any authoritative report on whether Gu Yanzhong has been cured, they believe in their own eyes, in their own judgment, and believe that he is now completely healed!
As a personal experience of the effects of rejuvenating pills, Gu Yanzhong knows his own situation well. He is now 10,000% sure that he is not only healed, but his body is back to the state he was in when he was forty years ago. .
This made him ecstatic.
It took him a long time to recover from his uncontrollable emotions. Then, he raised his head to look at Ye Chen, his eyes filled with gratitude.
Immediately afterwards, he gently pushed away the wife and daughter beside him, bending his legs and knelt down in front of Ye Chen.
Ye Chen didn’t expect that Gu Yanzhong would kneel to himself and hurriedly reached out to support him, making him unable to kneel anyway.
But Gu Yanzhong has been working hard to push his hand away, and said solemnly and sincerely: “Chen’er, you recreated Uncle Entong, this worship, you can’t stop me anyway!”
Ye Chen blurted out: “Uncle Gu, you are my father’s brother, that is equivalent to my uncle, how can I receive such a gift from you? Isn’t this broken me…” Remember to read it
Gu Yanzhong shook his head and said, “Chen’er, your kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain. Even if you give most of my assets to you, it is no match for this kindness, so you will receive my worship anyway… .”
Before Ye Chen could speak, Lin Wanqiu on the side had already knelt down, and Gu Qiuyi knelt on the ground without thinking.
Lin Wanqiu choked up and said: “Chen’er, you have a great kindness to our family. Auntie is unforgettable in this life…”
Gu Qiuyi on the side also nodded again and again: “Brother Ye Chen, thank you so much…”
At this moment, Gu Yanzhong was still using his body to compete with Ye Chen, insisting on kneeling on the ground.
Seeing this, Ye Chen sighed, then let go of Gu Yanzhong, stood up straight, and said seriously: “If this is the case, I won’t stop you, but after thanking me, let’s stop talking about this. Now, I haven’t had a mouthful of food yet, let’s eat lunch first, okay?”
Gu Yanzhong immediately knelt on the ground, clasped his fists on top of his head, and said sincerely: “Chen’er, uncle is not stupid. I can see that you must be someone with great abilities. Uncle thank you for giving me such a great opportunity. Uncle will remember this life. ! If there is anything that needs uncle to do in the future, don’t dare to refuse to do it!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, helped him up, and said, “Uncle Gu, thank you too, can you eat?”
Gu Yanzhong hurriedly smiled and said, “Come here, let’s continue eating!”
After speaking, he looked at Lin Wanqiu excitedly and said with a smile: “Wife! Go to our storeroom and get a bottle of my treasured top Maotai. I have a good drink with Chen’er today!, for more than a year! I have been greedy for a long time without a drop of wine!”
Lin Wanqiu wiped away her tears, and smiled and said, “Okay! You guys sit and eat first, I’ll get it now!”

Chapter: 1526
After a while, Lin Wanqiu came back with a bottle of Maotai in a four-jin bottle.
Gu Yanzhong took the bottle, and while opening the lid, he said to Ye Chen: “Chen’er, starting from the year of her birth, every year on her birthday, I will spend a lot of money to save a batch of the best Moutai I can buy. So far, there is already a storage room in the basement. They are all auction-level top Maotais. They were originally prepared to wait for the wedding day of the nuns to entertain relatives and friends. Today, let’s try it first!”
Lin Wanqiu smiled and said: “Chen’er, this batch of wine, your uncle Gu is very precious. The storage room is like a brave, you can only get in. It has been stored for more than 20 years, and I haven’t taken a bottle out to drink it. , This is the first time today!”
Gu Yanzhong smiled and said, “This wine was originally prepared for the wedding of Chen’er and Nun Nun, so now it should be preheated!”
Gu Qiuyi on the side blushed immediately.
Ye Chen was inevitably embarrassed.
I am a married person now, how can I marry Gu Qiuyi again?
Gu Yanzhong also saw the embarrassment in Ye Chen’s expression, and said seriously: “Chen’er, I know your current situation, you don’t have to have any psychological burden. Since my uncle is now healed, he must live another 20 or 30 years. No problem, uncle is the master, our family has been waiting for you for three years!”
Speaking of this, Gu Yanzhong said while pouring his wine, “In the past three years, you can solve the current problems in a few minutes, and then make plans for your own future, whether you want to return to Yanjing or Ye’s home. , Think about all these things, but it doesn’t matter if you return to the Ye family. In my eyes, you are the son-in-law of the Gu family. Everything in the Gu family belongs to you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the Ye family!”
“Yeah Chener!” Lin Wanqiu also said to the side: “You were born in Yanjing and grew up in Yanjing before you were eight years old. This is your root. After you marry Nuan, the best choice is to go back. Yenching life!”
“If you feel tired of these tedious things in Yanjing’s wealthy family, I also support you and your daughter to settle overseas together, and you don’t need to worry about money. The assets of my uncle Gu and I are enough for the two of you in this world. In any country, you can live a lifetime without worries!”
Gu Qiuyi’s blushing face was blushing, and she didn’t say a word, but she looked at Ye Chen from time to time, and she could see that her eyes were full of tenderness.
Ye Chen knew that his marriage contract with Gu Qiuyi was the order of his parents.
And it has existed for more than 20 years, and I did not keep the promise of my parents. At this time, if I refuted it immediately, I would have no face to face my parents who had passed away.
So he nodded lightly and said seriously: “Uncle Gu and Aunt Lin, I will consider these issues carefully.”
In his opinion, the best solution is to delay the matter first, and then slowly ease the matter.
Gu Yanzhong naturally agreed, and then handed Ye Chen a glass of wine. He also picked up a glass and said boldly, “Come on, Chen’er! Finish this glass!”
Ye Chen nodded, and the two of them clinked their glasses, and drank all the Moutai in the glass.
Gu Yanzhong sipped his stomach with a glass of wine. The familiar and unfamiliar feeling made him smack his lips. He said excitedly: “Oh, now I understand that being rich and powerful is not as good as being healthy! Health is fundamental!”
As he said, he couldn’t help asking Ye Chen: “By the way, Chen’er, it is not convenient for you to tell uncle, what kind of magical medicine you gave me, how can it have such a magical effect? ​​It’s like an elixir. same!”

Chapter: 1527
Ye Chen heard Gu Yanzhong’s question about Rejuvenation Pill, and he smiled slightly and said, “Uncle Gu, this medicine is called Rejuvenation Pill. I dare not say that it is a real elixir. Medicine is refined by ancient Chinese geniuses, and I also obtained it by chance.

Gu Yanzhong did not doubt that he had him, and said seriously: “This medicine is really amazing. It really doesn’t look like a mortal thing in the world. The feeling when I took the medicine just now is almost dreamlike! It seems that there are indeed many ancestors that we cannot understand Supernatural power!”
Ye Chen nodded in agreement.
Although he didn’t know who wrote the “Nine Profound Sky Classics”, according to the age of the Yuchun vase, the bottle should have been made in the Tang Dynasty.
And the bottle did not have any traces of later cutting, that is to say, the wooden box where the “Nine Profound Sky Classics” was originally stored should have been put in in advance when making the mud before the Tang Dynasty craftsman made the jade pot spring bottle. .
And the wooden box and the material of the “Nine Profound Sky Classics” are also very magical, there is no problem with the fire, and they disappear instantly after opening it. Ye Chen can’t see through the mystery.
Therefore, he empathized with Gu Yanzhong’s words.
After three rounds of wine, Gu Yanzhong became more and more interested and drank the wine very refreshingly. Soon, the two of them each dropped a catty of white wine.
Lin Wanqiu suddenly remembered something at this time and said: “Be faithful, tomorrow’s board of directors, when you show up, I am afraid that it will scare many people, especially the second and third.” Remember the URL
Gu Yanzhong sneered: “That’s right! Tomorrow, I will not only stun the entire board of directors, but also reorganize the entire board! I used to take care of my second and third wife, and I never dreamed that they would fall into trouble when I was seriously ill, but From tomorrow on, their days in the Gu Group will not be so comfortable!”
Lin Wanqiu hurriedly said: “From now on, you must pay attention to the issue of personal safety. Whether it is a group or a family, you must prepare more bodyguards to prevent the elders and thirds from jumping over the wall.”
Gu Yanzhong nodded: “Don’t worry, I will communicate with the best security company tomorrow, and spend 200 million to hire the best security team to protect our family’s safety 24 hours. From now on, except for this one Apart from the people in the house, I don’t trust anyone anymore!”
The people in this room Gu Yanzhong said were his wife and daughter and Ye Chen.
Now, besides these three people, he really can’t believe anyone.
Even his own younger brother can betray him, and even think of robbing his own property, which is even more extreme. They even threatened him with the lives of his wife and children. This not only made him angry, but also made him feel angry. See through the nature of human nature.
What about brothers? In the face of interests, don’t they also draw their swords?
Thinking of this, Gu Yanzhong looked at Ye Chen and said seriously: “Chen’er, if you don’t have any plans tomorrow, why not go with me? With you, uncle will be more confident.”
Ye Chen naturally nodded and agreed without hesitation.
This time I came to Yanjing to help Gu Yanzhong solve the problem.
The physical problem is solved, and the asset problem must be helped as much as possible.
Otherwise, the current Gu Yanzhong is recovering from a serious illness and his control of the group is at the weakest stage, and he may not be able to beat his two younger brothers.
In case his two younger brothers join other shareholders to squeeze him out, this is also a problem.
Moreover, Ye Chen was even more worried that his two younger brothers would want to kill him.
After all, they have been greedy by these hundreds of billions of property for so long, and they cannot give up easily.

Chapter: 1528
Therefore, I must help Gu Yanzhong solve all the problems before leaving Yanjing and returning to Jinling.
Seeing Ye Chen’s agreement, Gu Yanzhong sighed, took his wine glass, and said, “Come on, Chen’er, uncle toast you!”
Ye Chen nodded and clinked glasses with him again.
Lin Wanqiu saw the two drunk happily, and whispered to Gu Qiuyi beside him: “Your dad hasn’t been so happy in a long time.”
Gu Qiuyi also nodded repeatedly, and said in her mother’s ear: “It seems that from the time Uncle Ye’s accident until now, I haven’t seen him so happy.”
Lin Wanqiu was under the table, gently holding her daughter’s hand, and whispered: “Chen’er is a good man, you have to hold it!”
Gu Qiuyi was a little embarrassed, and a little embarrassed: “Mom…how do you know now… Brother Ye Chen is already married, and he is not divorced now…”
Lin Wanqiu said earnestly: “Silly boy, he is your fiance since you were a child. This is your husband who robbed you, not your husband!”
After a slight pause, Lin Wanqiu said: “Besides, in Jinling, I don’t believe that a daughter with a family is worthy of Chen’er, and the local richest man is far from qualified. Looking at the entire Yanjing city, those who are worthy of Chen’er, except you , Only the girl from the Su family.”
“And you have a marriage contract with him again. The two are still friends for many years. It is justified and perfect for you to marry Chen’er.” Remember to read the book for one second
“Moreover, by then, your dad and I will have more sons! Your dad will definitely be happy all day long!”
Gu Qiuyi’s pretty face flushed with shame: “Mom, then you say, how should I hold it…I don’t have any experience in this area…”
Lin Wanqiu said, “I will teach you slowly when I turn back!”
At this time, Ye Chen also responded to Gu Yanzhong with a glass of wine, and immediately said: “Uncle Gu, this time I am here, in addition to seeing you and Aunt Lin, and helping you treat your illness, I also want to go to my parents’ tomb to mourn. Where are the parents buried now?”
Gu Yanzhong gave a melancholy sigh, and said, “Your parents are now buried in Yeling Mountain in the western suburbs.”
“Yeling Mountain?” Because Ye Chen listened to Gu Yanzhong uttering these three words, he didn’t know which Ye and Ling belonged to Ye.
Therefore, he asked in surprise: “Uncle Gu, why haven’t I heard of this place you are talking about?”
Gu Yanzhong said: “Yeling Mountain is actually a mountain with excellent feng shui in the western suburbs. Originally, your parents were buried in the tomb of Yejiazu in the northern suburbs. But something happened to the Ye family four years ago. I bought this mountain and renamed it Yeling Mountain. Ye is the leaf of your Ye family, and the mausoleum is the mausoleum.”
After speaking, Gu Yanzhong said: “After the Ye family bought Yeling Mountain, they invested hundreds of millions to refurbish the mountain and develop it again. This development took three years. It was not completed until last spring. The entire ancestral tomb was moved there. At that time, when the ancestral tomb was moved, there was a lot of movement and great momentum, and everyone in Yanjing knew it.”
Ye Chen frowned: “The Ye family has been in Yanjing for hundreds of years, and the ancestors buried in the ancestral tombs are more than 100. With such a large scale, the Ye family said that they have all moved?”
Gu Yanzhong nodded and said, “I heard the rumors about this incident that your grandfather was accidentally ill four years ago, but no problem can be found. It will not help to seek medical advice everywhere.”
“Later, the Ye family also traveled across the famous Sichuan and Dashan Mountains across the country and visited many experts. After seeing the experts, they all left without saying a word, turning around, and asking why they didn’t mention a word… ….”
“Your grandfather was in a madness, he went to the United States in person, and he invited back a hundred-year-old Chinese feng shui master after three visits to the thatched cottage. After the feng shui master came, he visited the tomb of Ye Jiazu and said what the feng shui bureau of the Ye family is Longkun Shoal. , And it’s not easy to resolve, so he instructed the Ye family to move the ancestral grave to Yeling Mountain…”

Chapter: 1529
Ye Chen didn’t care too much about Ye Family Fengshui and moving the ancestral grave.
He has no interest in the people and affairs of the Ye Family.
For the Ye family, he actually only cared about two things.
First, where the parents are buried, and whether they can worship by themselves;
Secondly, who did the parents hurt and whether they were the Ye family members.
As for the other things of the Ye Family, he didn’t want to take it into his mind.
Therefore, after listening to Gu Yanzhong’s introduction of Yeling Mountain, Ye Chen asked: “Uncle Gu, can I go to Yeling Mountain to worship?”
Gu Yanzhong said: “Yeling Mountain is the ancestral grave of your Ye family, and it is a place of feng shui. Usually the Ye family has very strict control over it. Outsiders can’t enter at all. Even if I go, I have to greet the Ye family in advance and make an appointment. But you are Ye family son, just say hello and you should be able to go directly.”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “Uncle Gu, I don’t want to tell you anything. I don’t want the Ye family to know that I have come to Yanjing, so I don’t want to have too much contact with them for the time being.”
Gu Yanzhong thought for a while, and then said: “Well, let me call your uncle later and say I want to pay homage to your parents and ask him to say hello to the people below. Then you disguise for a while and talk to I’ll go there together. After all, you look so much like your father. If you, Mr. Ye, your generation will be able to recognize you if they see you.” First URL
Ye Chen hurriedly got up and bowed deeply to Gu Yanzhong: “Uncle Gu, thank you for your accomplishment!”
Gu Yanzhong hurriedly got up to help, and said with a trembling, “Chen’er, what are you…what are you doing? You are the great benefactor of our family, why bother to salute me for this little thing…”
Ye Chen said solemnly: “Uncle Gu, it’s not a trivial matter to me that my deceased parents mattered. My parents passed away eighteen years ago and I never went to the grave to hang filial piety. It’s really unfaithful and unfilial. It is of great significance to me that you can fulfill me and give me this opportunity to fulfill my filial piety. How can I not salute you!”
Upon hearing this, Gu Yanzhong hurriedly said to himself: “Oh, I said the wrong thing. This is really not a trivial matter. Don’t worry, uncle will take you there tomorrow!”
Lin Wanqiu on the side said: “I will go with my daughter and daughter. If you and your father go, the Ye family will easily become suspicious. After all, what is the situation in our family? There are no young men.”
Gu Yanzhong said: “It doesn’t matter, you can let Chen’er pretend to be my driver.”
Lin Wanqiu nodded, but insisted: “Then our mothers should be with you, too. I haven’t seen Big Brother Ye and Sister Ye in half a year.”
“Yes!” Gu Qiuyi hurriedly said, “Dad, just let me and mom go together!”
Gu Yanzhong nodded and said, “Okay, then go together tomorrow!”
After speaking, he thought about the time, and said: “In this way, in the morning, Chen’er and I will go to the group’s board of directors. You two will wait at home. After the meeting, we will come over and pick you up.”
Lin Wanqiu immediately agreed and said: “Okay!”
While pushing the cup and changing the cup, Ye Chen and Gu Yanzhong killed the four-jin bottle of Moutai.
They were full of food and drink, and the two of them were in high spirits, so Gu Yanzhong took him and looked through many old photos in the study.
These old photos all have Ye Chen’s parents. The earliest photos were when Ye Chen’s parents were just married and before Ye Chen.

Chapter: 1530
Ye Chen’s parents, in terms of their looks, are also absolutely human beings.
Ye Chen’s father is handsome and handsome, and his mother is glamorous and generous, especially the beauty of Ye Chen’s mother, Lin Wanqiu can’t compare with it, no matter what era, they are outstanding.
It’s a pity that the pair of golden boys and girls who were famous in Yanjing back then are now gone, leaving only mottled images and surviving memories.
At that time, Gu Yanzhong was not married, so at the wedding, he stood alone beside Ye Chen’s father and took a photo with Ye Chen’s parents.
Then there are photos of Gu Yanzhong and Lin Wanqiu’s wedding.
Ye Chen’s parents were present to congratulate his wedding.
So, the four of them took a group photo.
Then, it was Ye Chen who was born, and the four people in the photo became five people. He was wrapped in a baby and held by his mother.
Then Gu Qiuyi was born.
As a result, the photo became six people. Remember the URL
These six people changed from having two children in their infancy to Ye Chen standing next to their parents, and then Gu Qiuyi standing next to their parents.
Then, there was a group photo of the two children.
Ye Chen is half a head taller than Gu Qiuyi, so he looks like a big brother, while Gu Qiuyi is like a little sister, closely following Ye Chen’s side.
What’s interesting is that in the group photo of the two people, every Gu Qiuyi grasped Ye Chen’s arm tightly, with a very happy expression.
On the side, Ye Chen always had a pretentious taste, deliberately trying to keep a distance from Gu Qiuyi.
Gu Yanzhong sighed while looking at these old photos for him: “I didn’t expect time to pass so fast. In a blink of an eye, you are already so old.”
Ye Chen saw so many old photos of his parents, his eyes were red, and he almost shed tears several times, but he abruptly endured it.
Seeing this, Gu Yanzhong patted his shoulder lightly and said, “Chen’er, your parents know well. If you know the news of your safety, you will definitely be very happy.”
Ye Chen nodded and said with emotion: “It’s just that I feel a little shameless to face them. I haven’t worshipped them for so many years, and I am ashamed. Moreover, for so many years, I haven’t made any proud achievements or sorry for the cultivation of my parents.”
“Don’t say that.” Gu Yanzhong said earnestly: “Your parents are open-minded throughout their lives, and they have never hoped that their sons will become a dragon. They are the dragons and phoenixes among people, so the expectation of you has always been that you can grow up healthy and happy for a lifetime. Don’t have any sorrows and troubles.”
Speaking of this, Gu Yanzhong smiled and said, “Do you know that your mother really likes the name Li Mochou in Jin Yong’s novels? I think it’s a very good name, but Li Mochou in the book is not a good person. When you were born, your mother joked that if you were a little girl, she would name you Mo Chou.”
Ye Chen smiled knowingly, thinking of his mother, there was a warm current in his heart.
Indeed, as Gu Yanzhong said, my mother never hoped that she would become a dragon or a phoenix. She told herself from an early age that a person needs to be happy when he is alive. It is enough to be a kind and upright person, and achievement and status are not important.
After chatting with Gu Yanzhong for an afternoon, when Lin Wanqiu came in to deliver the fruit, she said to Ye Chen: “Chen’er, the guest room has been prepared for you. On the second floor next to the girl’s room, you drank so much wine at noon. Go back to the room and rest for a while. If there is anything, you can just find the nanny directly.”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded: “Thank you Aunt Lin.”

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