The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1581-1590

Chapter: 1581
At this moment, Ye Chen followed Dong Ruolin into the villa.
The residences of big families like Yanjing are very luxurious. When you enter the door, the living room is almost the size of a small banquet hall.
At this time, there were a lot of people inside, and many of Yanjing’s more prestigious figures gathered here at this time, chatting eagerly in groups.
Accompanied by her wife, Mrs. Dong was talking and laughing with a few old friends of the same age.
Dong Ruolin hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “My grandma is over there, I will take you over to see her.”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “Then just give the gift I prepared to your grandma.”
When the two came to the old couple, Dong Ruolin smiled and said to them: “Grandpa and grandma, let me introduce you. This is my college classmate, his name is Ye Chen!”
The old lady hurriedly said with a smile: “Oh, it’s Ruolin’s college classmate! Welcome!”
After that, the old lady asked again: “By the way, Ruolin, I remember that among your college classmates at the time, there was a young girl who had a very good relationship with you. She was called Xiao Churan, right?”
At this time, Ye Chen said: “Hello, Grandma Dong, I am Xiao Churan’s husband. In fact, Churan always wanted to come here to pay you birthday greetings in person, but there are indeed many things in the family that cannot be separated, so I let me take her on behalf of her. Come here, please forgive me!” The first URL
The old lady smiled and said, “Oh, that little girl Churan is already married now!”
After speaking, she looked at Dong Ruolin again and said seriously: “Ruolin, look, your college classmates are getting married one after another, but you don’t even have a boyfriend up to now, you just listen to what grandma said. Don’t go to Jinling anymore, find a boyfriend in Yanjing, and get married early and grandma will feel at ease!
Dong Ruolin had mixed feelings in her heart at this time.
She likes Ye Chen, and it is the kind of like that goes deep into her bones, so in her heart, she has already decided not to marry Ye Chen.
But unfortunately, Ye Chen is the nominal husband of his good best friend, and now even his family knows it. Wouldn’t it be even more impossible for Ye Chen to follow him?
Although the Dong family is not a top-notch family in Yanjing, it is still good-looking. How could it be possible to let his granddaughter be with a married man?
Even if he was divorced, he was married again, and it would be embarrassing to spread it out.
Thinking of this, she felt extremely disappointed.
At this moment, a discordant voice came: “Grandma! Grandpa!”
Dong Ruolin turned her head to see, her cousin Kong Delong walked over with a look of consternation.
She subconsciously asked: “Cousin, I heard that you had an operation some time ago? How is your recovery now?”
When Kong Delong heard her ask about the operation, he couldn’t help being a little annoyed, and said angrily: “Don’t talk about the operation this messy thing with me, think of it, I’m fucking angry!”
Mrs. Dong said distressedly: “Ruo Lin, you don’t know, your cousin suffered a serious crime some time ago!”
Ye Chen didn’t look back at this time, but he heard the voice really familiar.
After thinking about it carefully, I caught the identity of the owner of this voice in my mind.
Isn’t this the Young Master Kong, Kong Delong who was forced to swallow a string of gemstone necklaces in Song Wanting’s house?
how? Is he Dong Ruolin’s cousin?
Moreover, Kong Delong called Dong Ruolin’s grandmother grandma, which means that he is the child of Dong Ruolin’s aunt.
This is really interesting.

Chapter: 1582
At this moment, Dong Ruolin said to Kong Delong: “Brother, let me introduce you to my college classmates!”
As soon as the voice fell, Ye Chen turned around with a smile on his face. The moment Kong Delong saw him, it was as if he had seen a ghost!
He was surprised for a long while before he came back to his senses, and then he began to gritted his teeth: “Okay! The name is Ye! I’m so fucking worried that I can’t find you. You dared to come to my grandma’s house. I won’t make it today. Damn you!”
Dong Ruolin was startled and blurted out: “Brother, what do you mean? Ye Chen is a guest, why are you talking to him like this?”
Kong Delong gritted his teeth and said, “Do you know why I had an operation?”
Dong Ruolin blurted out: “I heard my mother say that you swallowed a necklace.”
“Yes!” Kong Delong said angrily: “Why am I swallowing a necklace? It’s because of this bastard!”
Ye Chen snorted: “Master Kong, speak rationally and be kind, did I force you to swallow the necklace? Or did I break your mouth and stuff it into your stomach?”
Kong Delong did not speak.
How to say? Remember the URL
Ye Chen didn’t have any problems with what he said. He really didn’t force him to swallow the necklace, but he lost the bet with him and couldn’t get off the stage, so he bit his teeth and swallowed it.
But isn’t he the culprit?
Thinking of this, Kong Delong cursed sharply: “The surname is Ye! You’re so fucking here to break this with me! I just want to settle this account with you!”
Ye Chen ignored him. Instead, he looked at Mrs. Dong, handed over the gift box he had brought, and said seriously: “Grandma Dong, this is a birthday gift that Churan and I have prepared for you. Please be able to accept it. .”
The old lady didn’t understand the contradiction between Ye Chen and her grandson, but after all, she was an elder of a big family and she was very polite, so she reached out and took the gift and said, “Thank you for talking to Churan. Some thoughts.”
Kong Delong looked at Ye Chen ignoring himself, his whole body almost exploded.
He snatched the gift box from his grandmother’s hand, and then fell directly to the ground, pointing at Ye Chen and cursing: “The surname is Ye, get out of me now, and then return to Jinling to give it to me Be prepared to wait for death, I will go to Jinling to kill you personally in two days!”
Ye Chen didn’t get angry, but said indifferently: “Kong Delong, for Ruolin’s face, I call you Master Kong, but you shouldn’t push your nose on your face, otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding Ruolin’s affection!”
Dong Ruolin was also very angry, and angrily said: “Cousin, what are you doing?! Ye Chen is a guest! Why are you driving people out? Why are you throwing away the gifts they gave grandma?”
After speaking, he bent down and picked up the gift box that had been smashed open and the fan in the gift box.
Kong Delong said contemptuously: “This kind of slut, what good things can the fuck give grandma? It’s just a broken fan, and he can handle this kind of hanging silk!”
Mrs. Dong sighed helplessly.
The old lady knew exactly what virtue her grandson was.
Although she heard that Ye Chen might be inseparable from his grandson’s operation, but looking at what this means, 80% of her grandson’s own blame and asking for trouble, the responsibility may not lie with Ye Chen.
So, she seriously said: “Delong, such a big person, why is his speech so shallow? Gifts represent the mind, regardless of high or low.”
When Kong Delong heard this, he immediately took out a gift box from his pocket. After opening it, it contained a Maitreya Buddha carved with green jade.
At first glance, the jadeite is imperial green with excellent water. The material is excellent, there is no flaws, and the carving is perfect. There is also a circle of diamonds next to it, which is quite dazzling.
He handed the jade necklace to Mrs. Dong, and said unconvinced: “Grandma, this jade Buddha is Laokeng Emperor Green, worth at least 30 million. The broken fan is a few hundred dollars. There are so many Pan’s homes, these two things are placed together, and the judgement is made! Rubbish is rubbish, and no matter how well packaged it is, it can’t be valuable!”

Chapter: 1583
Seeing Kong Delong still having this face, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sneered: “I said Kong Delong, you also remember whether you eat or not. Have you forgotten the necklace you swallowed last time?”
The main reason why Kong Delong was forced to swallow that string of gemstone necklaces last time was because he lost the bet to Ye Chen.
At that time, he felt that he had taken a string of tens of millions of necklaces that was already great, and at the same time the rejuvenation pill that Ye Chen gave to Song Wanting was worthless.
But he didn’t expect that a rejuvenating pill would be directly sold for a sky-high price of 2 billion yuan at Song Wanting’s birthday party.
However, after Kong Delong came back, he has been pondering this matter, the more he pondered, the more he felt that something was wrong.
He always felt that it was impossible for anyone to be willing to spend 2 billion to buy such a stupid thing.
So the most likely thing is that Li Tailai and Ye Chen joined forces to sing a double song for himself!
Although Li Tailai had spent 2 billion on the surface, it was very likely that Ye Chen would return the money to him after turning around.
Therefore, he hated Ye Chen even more.
It turned out that he was planning to go to Jinling to settle accounts with him after the new year, but he unexpectedly came to Yanjing and his grandma’s house on his own initiative, which made him hate him immediately.
If it wasn’t for the birthday banquet at this time, he even wished to call someone over and beat Ye Chen to death. Remember the URL
Therefore, he immediately yelled at Ye Chen: “The surname is Ye, you fucking calculated my account last time, I haven’t settled it with you yet, now you dare to go to Yanjing and pretend to be a force?
As he said, he asked angrily: “You tell the truth to Lao Tzu, was that Li Tailai with you last time?”
Ye Chen snorted disdainfully, and said: “If you can’t afford to lose, you can just say it, not ashamed, but if you can’t lose, you are still playing a rogue, that would be a bit ashamed.”
Kong Delong suddenly became angry, gritted his teeth and said: “You fucking said I can’t afford to lose? I’m not going to lose?”
Ye Chen smiled and asked: “If you can afford to lose, then let’s gamble again.”
Kong Delong said immediately: “Okay! What to bet, you say!”
Ye Chen said, “Didn’t you say that the fan I gave is only worth a few hundred yuan? So, if my fan is better than your jade, you will eat your jade, just like the last time you ate gems. The necklace is the same.”
“Grass!” When Kong Delong heard that he mentioned that he had swallowed the necklace, he was immediately angry: “Boy, are you fucking looking for death, are you? Believe it or not, I fucking let people kill you!”
Dong Ruolin said angrily: “Cousin, Ye Chen is my friend, don’t go too far!”
“Excessive?” Kong Delong snorted coldly: “It’s not so good, you think it’s too much? I tell you, new hatred and old hatred, I will definitely kill him this time!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Look, if you say you can’t afford to lose, you still don’t admit it. You are so eager to jump over the wall and your mouth is stiff? What’s the matter, don’t you dare to bet?”
“I don’t dare to bet?” Kong Delong said contemptuously: “My damn carefully selected emperor green jade pendant is not as good as your dashed fan? What a damn international joke!”
After that, Kong Delong asked sharply: “What if you lose? Dare to eat your fan?”

Chapter: 1584
Ye Chen nodded: “Yes, then let’s just say that. If I lose, I will eat the fan. If you lose, you will eat the jade pendant.

“Grass!” Kong Delong gritted his teeth: “Okay! I don’t believe it anymore! That’s it! My jade was sold for 24 million yuan. I have transaction records as proof. How much is your broken fan worth?”
Ye Chen didn’t know how much the fan was worth.
However, he knows that Qi Baishi’s paintings have been rising rapidly in recent years, and the price increase of his works is much faster than that of jadeite.
Although this is just a fan, it is by no means a random graffiti, but a picture of Fushou drawn very carefully.
Qi Baishi’s top painting “High Litu of Pines and Cypresses” has been auctioned for a maximum of more than 400 million yuan, and this is still the auction price ten years ago. If it is auctioned now, it may even exceed 800 million.
Gu Yanzhong is not an ordinary person at all. The things he collects, even if it is a fan, must be the finest work of Old Baishi.
Since it is a superb work, it would cost tens of millions for a fan alone, plus this superb fan bone with a perfect golden tumor scar, the price must be far above 24 million.
So Ye Chen opened his mouth and said: “You can ask someone who knows how to paint to identify how much this fan is worth.”
“Fan?” Kong Delong curled his lips: “What the hell, the painting is so ugly!” Remember to read the book for a second
A knowledgeable person next to him immediately exclaimed: “Oh! This seems to be Qi Baishi’s painting! Fushou Tu fan, this fan is very famous!”
“Yes!” someone echoed: “This fan seems to have been auctioned at Christie’s in the past few years. If I remember correctly, it should have been auctioned off by Chairman Gu of the Gu family for 48.88 million! ”
“Chairman Gu? Is it Chairman Gu who announced his recovery in a high-profile manner yesterday and returned to the head of the Gu Group?”
“Yes, it’s him!”
“It’s weird, how can this young man have Chairman Gu’s collection? Could it be stolen?”
“Stealing? It’s impossible, but it can’t be the real product. I guess it’s an imitation product, or copy it from a contemporary expert.”
Kong Delong heard these conversations, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth, and said to Ye Chen: “Okay, Ye Chen, even fucking fooled my grandma with fakes, you are really looking for death!”
Kong Delong’s grandmother said embarrassingly: “Oh, don’t you two fight here like your kids. The courtesy is light and affectionate. Why bother to explore the real price? Delong, you take a step back. After all, Ye Chen is a guest. , And come from afar!”
“How can I do it!” Kong Delong gritted his teeth and said, “Grandma, this grandson has pitted me miserably. I will definitely not let him go this time!”
As he said, he shook the folding fan in his hand and sneered: “Oh, I said Ye Chen, if your fan is real, it is indeed worth more than my jadeite, but your thing is a fake, it’s worth the fuck. Three thousand yuan is great, how about it, hurry up and eat it!”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Why do you say it is fake? Are you an expert in appraisal?”
Kong Delong pointed to the crowd watching the excitement around him, and said: “What everyone said just now, you must have heard it too, don’t you want to be tough?”
After that, Kong Delong said in disgust: “This fan of authenticity is in the hands of Chairman Gu of the Gu Group. With your hanging silk, can you still get his collection from Chairman Gu? ?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “You’re right. Chairman Gu really gave this fan to me. I heard someone next to me saying that it was photographed at a price of 48.88 million that year. It is already more expensive than your jade pendant. It’s more than twice as expensive, so I won’t talk nonsense with you anymore, hurry up and swallow your pendant.”

Chapter: 1585
“I swallow your sister!”
Kong Delong yelled coldly: “Fucking your mouth when you die, even if you lie, you dare to bring Chairman Gu in. If Chairman Gu blames it, will you be the damn bear?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “If you don’t believe me, call Chairman Gu and ask him if he personally gave this fan to me.

“I’m pooh!” Kong Delong curled his lips: “Even as the young master of the Kong family, I don’t have the right to contact Chairman Gu directly. Do you fucking know that I can’t ask Chairman Gu to confirm the authenticity, so I’m here unscrupulously? Pretend to be forced?”
Ye Chen smiled noncommitantly: “This kind of thing is boring to talk about. It’s better to find a professional authority to come and see.”
“No need.” Kong Delong sneered: “Tell you, I specially invited Gu Weiliang, the eldest son of the Gu family, today. If this thing is true of you, then this is the collection of the eldest son of Gu, and you will know what the situation is. !”
Ye Chen laughed even louder when he heard this: “Okay, since you have to wait for the eldest son of the Gu family, then wait for him to come.”
Kong Delong didn’t expect that Ye Chen was not scared at all, he was not even half empty, and he couldn’t help being surprised.
If he changed himself to him, took a copy to pretend to be Chairman Gu Jiagu’s collection, and heard that Mr. Gu was coming over, then he would rush to avoid being caught by Mr. Gu.
But Ye Chen didn’t mean to run at all. First URL
This made him wonder, why is this kid so confident?
Although he is in Jinling, he seems to have some connections, but he can’t really get into Gu Yanzhong’s relationship, right?
Who is Gu Yanzhong? Yenching’s third-largest family, the Patriarch of the Gu family!
Not to mention Ye Chen, even his father can’t get into this relationship. Why can his son-in-law in a small Jinling place in Ye Chen district have a relationship with Gu Yanzhong? It’s impossible!
At this moment, someone yelled: “Grandpa Gu is here!”
All of a sudden, the spirit of twelve points was up.
Even Dong Ruolin’s grandparents became serious in a hurry.
Don’t care that Gu Weiliang is just a young man in his twenties from the Gu family, but in the eyes of the Dong family and the guests from all walks of life, he can be regarded as the one at this birthday banquet. Mrs. Dong had to be polite and even flattering in front of Gu Weiliang.
At this time, Gu Weiliang walked in with an arrogant expression under everyone’s gaze.
Dong Ruolin’s father and uncle followed him with flattering faces, nodding and bowing, completely kneeling and licking without concealment.
Today, Gu Weiliang didn’t intend to come here, because his relationship with Kong Delong is just normal. Although the Kong family is stronger than the Dong family now, it is still much worse than the Gu family, so Gu Weiliang doesn’t look down on Kong Delong at all.
But the main reason why he is still willing to come is that he heard from Kong Delong that he has a very good-looking sister who just came back from Jinling and wanted to introduce him to him.
Although Gu Weiliang still couldn’t do that, he still had the virtue of that dude in his heart. Although his ability was gone, he was still full of illusions and longing for the opposite sex in his heart.
In fact, this is also human nature. It is no secret that the ancient eunuchs often confronted the palace ladies in the palace.
In addition, Gu Weiliang had long heard that Dong Ruolin, the granddaughter of the Dong family, was beautiful, and it happened to have a chance this time, so he wanted to come over and take a look.
As soon as Gu Weiliang came in, Dong Ruolin’s grandfather immediately took a step forward, enthusiastically and respectfully saying: “Master Gu, I don’t know if you are coming here, if you have missed it, please forgive me!”
Gu Weiliang faintly waved his hand and said, “I also heard Delong say that today is his grandma’s premiere and invited me to join in, so I rushed to interrupt.”
Dong Ruolin’s grandfather said hurriedly, “Gu Master, you can come and let Dong Jiapengxun shine, how can it be an interruption!”

Chapter: 1586
With that, the old man immediately greeted Dong Ruolin and said: “Come on, Ruolin, get to know Young Master Gu!”
Dong Ruolin’s grandfather, uncle, and father have surprisingly unanimous views on Dong Ruolin’s life-long events.
They all felt that Dong Ruolin should marry a young master from a top family, so as to bring enough help to the Dong family.
This is why they arranged for Dong Ruilin to work for Jinling Emgrand Group.
However, after Dong Ruolin had been to Jinling for so long, they hadn’t even seen the chairman of Emgrand Group, so they gradually lost patience with this matter.
Now they looked at Gu Weiliang in front of them, and they all had the same idea, hoping that Dong Ruolin could be with Gu Weiliang, so that the Dong family could fly into the sky.
The moment Gu Weiliang saw Dong Ruolin, his eyes straightened.
Although Yanjing has many beautiful women, there are not many beautiful women in the big family.
After all, it is difficult for a person to have an excellent background and an excellent appearance at the same time.
Although the Dong family is a little downright now, Dong Ruolin is really beautiful and moving!
Therefore, Gu Weiliang immediately moved his mind to Dong Ruolin. Remember the URL
He immediately reached out to Dong Ruolin and said very gentlemanly: “Miss Dong, it is nice to meet you!”
Dong Ruolin’s expression was somewhat cold, she deliberately didn’t reach out her hand, but nodded and said, “It’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Gu.”
On the side, Dong Ruolin’s father Dong Jianghe immediately reprimanded: “Ruolin! Why are you so impolite? Why don’t you shake hands with Young Master Gu?!”
Dong Ruolin said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Gu, I touched the stray cat at the door just now and didn’t wash my hands.”
Gu Weiliang was a little bit upset. Dong Ruolin was so big that she didn’t even hold her hands. It was too shameful for herself!
However, he didn’t get angry on the spot, but wanted to endure the wave first, to leave a good impression on Dong Ruolin, and to facilitate the next in-depth development.
At this moment, Kong Delong hurried over with the folding fan that Ye Chen had brought, and while greeting Gu Weiliang respectfully, he said: “Oh, Master Gu, you are here just right. There is a fool, holding a fan of your uncle. I don’t want to say that it is genuine. I suspect that this kid has deliberately pretended to be imitations, and he wants to use Chairman Gu’s reputation to pretend!”
After that, he immediately opened the fan and handed it to Gu Weiliang, and said respectfully: “Look, Master Gu, this is the fan! Tell everyone, is this true?”
Gu Weiliang frowned. He didn’t understand antique bullshit. How could he tell the truth or not, he didn’t even know the origin of this fan.
Fortunately, Kong Delong said flatly at this time: “This fan is an old man Qi Baishi’s picture of the fortune and longevity. It is said that your uncle took the picture at the sky-high price of 48.88 million!”
When Gu Weiliang heard this, he thought to himself that if the genuine product was really uncle’s collection, he would definitely not sell it.
After all, he values ​​antique wenwan very much, and like Pai Yao, he can’t get in. He has bought various famous paintings over the years. It is said that paintings are worth tens of billions.
Although the transaction price of this fan was only 48.88 million, based on his understanding of the uncle, it was impossible for him to get the collection in his hands.
What’s more, he and the Dong family didn’t know each other at all, and the Dong family didn’t even have a chance to flatter him. How could he take out his collection as a gift to the old lady Dong?
Therefore, it can be concluded that the fan in front of us must be fake!
Thinking of this, Gu Weiliang immediately asked in a cold voice: “Where is the idiot, even my uncle’s collection dare to pretend to be? You’re so bored!”

Chapter: 1587
When Kong Delong heard Gu Weiliang’s curse, his eyebrows were immediately happy.
If Gu Weiliang was also dissatisfied with Ye Chen, then Ye Chen would definitely die this time!
When the time comes, not only will I force him to swallow this fan, but also force him to kneel in front of me and call myself grandpa!
So, he pointed to Ye Chen and blurted out: “Gu Gongzi, this is the fool!”
Gu Weiliang’s eyeballs were on Dong Ruolin’s body just now, and the Dong family’s flattery surrounded him, so he didn’t even see Ye Chen not far away.
At this moment, he followed the direction of Kong Delong’s finger and looked at Ye Chen, and he was immediately frightened!
“Ye… Ye Chen?! How could he be here…”
When he thought that Ye Chen could easily abolish a God of War, a realm master, and also let the four men in his family lose fertility, he felt a chill in his back!
What’s more frightening is not Ye Chen’s strange strength, but Ye Chen’s identity!
On the same day, Ye Chen announced his true identity in the meeting room of the Gu family. He was the young master of the Ye family! The son of Ye Changying, the legendary Yanjing! Remember to read in one second
In addition, Ye Chen had a 20-year marriage contract with his cousin Gu Qiuyi. If he did marry his cousin in the future, then he would have owned half of the Gu group!
After all, the uncle Gu Yanzhong, Gu Qiuyi’s daughter, will definitely inherit the future family property by Gu Qiuyi alone.
After all, Gu Qiuyi is a female generation. If she marries Ye Chen, it would be equivalent to treating Gu Yanzhong’s assets as a dowry and making Ye Chen cheaper. By then, Ye Chen will probably become the top richest in the country, not one of them!
So, adding up all these reasons, he was really scared to Ye Chen.
But he never dreamed that the “stupid” that Kong Delong was talking about was Ye Chen!
And the most terrible thing is that his mouth is really cheap! He even scolded a stupid man, didn’t this offend Ye Chen to death? !
Thinking of this, Gu Weiliang hurriedly slapped himself in the face, and then said to Ye Chen nervously: “Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect you to be here. I didn’t see you just now. Please don’t take it to your heart!”
Everyone present was frightened.
Especially Kong Delong!
He originally wished that Gu Weiliang could take a gun out of his pocket and kill Ye Chen on the spot, so as to solve his own hatred.
But I never dreamed that Gu Weiliang slapped himself and was so respectful to Ye Chen!
What the hell are you doing? !
Ye Chen, this idiot, wouldn’t he fool Gu’s family? !
Dong Ruolin was also struck by lightning.
She knew Ye Chen’s identity. She used to be an orphan, then she was a Diaosi. She had no place in her girlfriend’s family. She has gradually improved by showing others Feng Shui this year.
However, there has been improvement, and even the young master of the Gu family, the third-ranked top family of Yanjing, is so respectful to him. This is really incredible, right?
Ye Chen looked at Gu Weiliang with a calm face at this time, and asked: “What? Do you know Master Kong?”
Gu Weiliang was frightened by Ye Chen’s expressionless words. When he thought that he was brought into the ditch by the bastard Kong Delong, he was immediately furious, grabbed his collar, raised his hand and slapped him several times!

Chapter: 1588
While beating desperately, he cursed in resentment: “Kong Delong, you’re so fucking tired! Even Mr. Ye dare to scold you! See if I don’t suck your broken mouth!”
Kong Delong was immediately drawn with blood and swollen cheeks. His eyes were full of horror, but he couldn’t say a word.
At this time, a middle-aged lady came out of the bathroom next to the hall while wiping her hand cream. When she saw Kong Delong being beaten, she exclaimed, she ran over and cursed: “Where is the bastard, dare to beat me.” son!”
It was Kong Delong’s mother and Dong Ruolin’s aunt, Dong Xiuhua.
Dong Xiuhua loves her son earnestly. Seeing that her son has been beaten up, she immediately went forward to tear it up with Gu Weiliang.
Gu Weiliang felt resentful in his heart. Seeing her ran to her, raised her foot and kicked her out.
Dong Xiuhua sighed, the whole person had fallen back and fell to the ground. This time, he was kicked and fell not lightly, so he could only cry on the ground: “What are you guys doing in a daze, killing this bastard? How can he let him bully Xiaolong in Dong’s house!”
Dong Xiuhua’s eldest brother Dong Jianghai sternly shouted: “Are you blind? Didn’t you see that this is Young Master Gu?!”
Dong Xiuhua was taken aback. He only saw someone beating his son just now, so he immediately rushed over to help. As a result, he was kicked as soon as he arrived, and he didn’t even see Gu Weiliang’s appearance.
Now, listening to what the elder brother said, she hurriedly looked at it, and she was shocked by this look! First URL
Really the eldest master of the Gu family!
How strong is the Gu family! Even if the Dong family and the Kong family are added together and multiplied by two, they may not be their opponents.
So, if Young Master Gu hits his son, isn’t he just hitting him? What can I say?
But what is going on? !
Didn’t the son say that today he finally invited Master Gu to join him?
In this way, the relationship between the son and the Gu family eldest master must be an ordinary friend, right?
Then why did Young Master Gu beat him? ! It makes no sense!
So, she ignored the pain in her body and cried and pleaded: “Master Gu, Xiaolong is your friend. Where is he doing badly? You should be more worried because of your friends, and there is no need to beat him to death!”
Gu Weiliang kept beating Kong Delong on his hand, his palm was sore and his elbow cramped, but he still couldn’t understand his hatred, and gritted his teeth and cursed, “This bastard, dare to insult Mr. Ye, I fucking smacked his face. It’s all light, and I won’t get rid of him if I kill him!”
“This this……”
Dong Xiuhua asked eagerly and surprised: “Which is Mr. Ye, what is going on?”
Dong Ruolin also recovered at this time, and hurriedly came to Ye Chen and begged: “Ye Chen, please say something, don’t let Young Master Gu continue to fight like this, it will kill you if you continue to fight like this… .”
Seeing Dong Ruolin’s expression anxious, Ye Chen knew that she was also concerned about her cousin, so he said to Gu Weiliang: “It’s almost done, don’t fight anymore.”
Gu Weiliang was waiting for Ye Chen’s words.
Because he was scolded at Ye Chen by Kong Delong’s idiot, he knew very well in his heart that if Ye Chen was not satisfied, he could not stop doing anything.
Seeing that Ye Chen finally stopped, he was relieved, and kicked Kong Delong to the ground, and cursed: “If Mr. Ye had been merciful, I would have killed you!”

Chapter: 1589
Kong Delong now has the desire to die.
He really couldn’t understand what Ye Chen had the ability to make Young Master Gu respect him!
Even if he is really a Feng Shui master, he can’t give him such a face, right?
However, he did not dare to ask such a question.
After all, looking at it now, Gu Weiliang is really respectful to Ye Chen.
Dong Jianghai on the side has already seen that Gu Weiliang is not the most distinguished guest today, this kid with the surname Ye is!
Therefore, he hurriedly said to Kong Delong: “Xiaolong! Don’t you hurry up to apologize to Mr. Ye!”
Kong Delong didn’t expect that his uncle would yell at himself to apologize to Ye Chen. This is really because his family is not toward him.
However, he counted that although she was upset with Ye Chen in her heart, she didn’t dare to make trouble with Ye Chen at this time. She could only cry to Ye Chen and said: “Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t scold you, I hope you The adults don’t count the villains…”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “These are all trivial things, and I didn’t take it to heart.” Remember the URL
Kong Delong breathed a sigh of relief for an instant. Unexpectedly, Ye Chen was not a caregiver, so he hurriedly hugged Ye Chen and said: “Thank you, Mr. Ye, you have a lot!”
Ye Chen waved his hand: “If you are polite, you don’t need to say it. I won’t care about the things you called me just now, but we bet that we should continue or continue. There is a good saying, gentleman. It’s hard to chase the horse!”
When Kong Delong heard Ye Chen say that he would continue to gamble, his whole body fell to the bottom in an instant!
Originally, he thought that Ye Chen’s folding fan must be an imitation bought from outside, and it could never be a genuine product collected by Chairman Gu.
Therefore, the price of this fake is naturally not much higher. No matter how good a painter is, it cannot be more expensive than the jade pendant prepared by yourself.
However, it now appears that the situation has been reversed.
Because Gu Weiliang, the young master of the Gu family, is so respectful to Ye Chen, then this proves that Ye Chen is definitely a very important person in the eyes of the Gu family!
That being the case, it is very likely that Gu Yanzhong really gave Ye Chen the folding fan in his hand!
Someone said just now that Gu Yanzhong spent 48.88 million to photograph this fan of Qi Baishi that year!
At this price alone, it is more than twice as expensive as your own jade pendant!
What’s more, the collectibles market has been soaring in recent years, especially the painting and calligraphy market. The price of Qi Baishi’s paintings is getting higher and higher, and in recent years it has rarely appeared in the auction market. .
The main reason is that the price of Qi Baishi’s paintings has risen too fast, and collectors hope to hold them for a period of time, and then sell them when the rate of appreciation temporarily slows down.
Therefore, at this time, the price of Qi Baishi’s paintings will only be more expensive than in previous years.
If this fan is really put up for auction, it will be at least 60 to 70 million yuan.
It is far more than his own jade pendant with a transaction price of 24 million.
Thinking of this, Kong Delong was terrified.
Ye Chen insisted on gambling, so according to the agreement, if he loses, he will swallow the jade pendant…

Chapter: 1590
But I just had surgery for swallowing a gemstone necklace some time ago!
If you swallow this jade pendant now, wouldn’t you have to go for another operation? !
When he thought of this, he paled in shock immediately, crying and crawling in front of Ye Chen, begging bitterly: “Mr. Ye, I really know what I was wrong, please forgive me this time. I just finished the operation some time ago. , The wound has just healed, if I suffer it again, I am afraid I will die…”
Dong Xiuhua, who was eager to protect the calf just now, already understood the situation. She knew that blindly looking at her son would be useless and would only annoy Ye Chen and Gu Weiliang, so she could only cry and plead: “This gentleman , I beg you, don’t be familiar with my son, he is an unlearned dude, he has been punished last time, this time you let him go!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s not that I didn’t let him go, but that he bit me so hard. He provoked the matter last time. It’s the same thing today. He has to follow I bet, can you blame me for failing if you lose?”
Gu Weiliang on the side also echoed: “Damn, Kong Delong, you bet with Mr. Ye, do you want to deny it if you lose? Okay, if that’s the case, don’t blame me for turning over and denying anyone!”
Kong Delong waved his hands in fright: “No, no, I admit it! I admit it!”
At this time Kong Delong has already seen the situation in front of him. If he doesn’t admit it today, Gu Weiliang must just let him go. Maybe he won’t be able to get along in Yanjing in the future, and he may even hurt the Kong family because of himself. And Dong’s house.
Therefore, he can only honestly say: “I am willing to bet and lose…”
Having said that, he picked up the jade pendant and looked at it for a while, gritted his teeth, but was unwilling to swallow the jade pendant. Remember to read in one second
He knew just how painful it would be to swallow this kind of thing.
Dong Xiuhua on the side was very distressed. She had witnessed how painful her son had been during the last operation and almost caused an intestinal obstruction. How could he be willing to experience it again this time? !
Thinking of this, she hurriedly pleaded: “Young Master Gu, you have poor pitiful Xiaolong. It hasn’t been long since he just had an operation, so I can’t do it again this time…”
Don’t look at Gu Weiliang here urging Kong Delong to be willing to bet and lose, but he really doesn’t know what exactly Kong Delong bet on with Ye Chen. Hearing Dong Xiuhua said that he would have another operation, he asked Kong Delong in surprise: “You kid and Ye What bet did the husband make?”
Kong Delong replied tremblingly: “I…I…I bet with Mr. Ye that if the fan he takes is more expensive than the jade I bought, I will swallow the jade. in the stomach……”
Gu Weiliang was taken aback, and asked in surprise, “Your mother said you just had an operation. What’s going on?”
Kong Delong had to bite the bullet and said: “Last time I was at Song’s house in Jinling, I also made a bet with Mr. Ye. I also lost that bet. Then I swallowed a string of gemstone necklaces, which were later surgically removed due to intestinal obstruction. ……”
Gu Weiliang swallowed, horrified in his heart.
This Kong Delong is too miserable, right? Even swallowed a string of necklaces…
And this time, I have to swallow a jade pendant…
Although Gu Weiliang is not a good person, nor a kind, but when he hears such things, he can’t help but sympathize with Kong Delong in my heart.
Who’s wrong, you mess with Ye Chen?
Who is Ye Chen?
Don’t talk about you, the God of War was in front of him, and he was crushed into a baby boy in an instant.
I am the damn young master of the Gu family, Yanjing’s well-known diamond king Laowu, nicknamed “Yanjing Humanoid Pile Driver”, Yushu is windy and suave, and almost no one dares to mess with it in Yanjing.
Didn’t Ye Chen lose her fertility and be beaten into a dog by Ye Chen? In the end, he had to kneel down for Ye Chen and beg for mercy.
I’m like that, let alone a bastard from a second-rate family like you!

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