The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1671-1680

Chapter: 1671
At this moment, Takehiko Ito was sitting in his car and
He has never been as embarrassed as he is today.
The patriarch of the dignified Ito family was so insulted by a young man from China, and his bodyguard was abolished. The 4.5 billion US dollars were put into the account of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and the guy with the surname Ye wanted to fall back? !
This is 4.5 billion dollars!
It is equivalent to RMB 30 billion. This amount of money is an astronomical amount for anyone, and even rich people cannot accept the fact that they have lost so much money for no reason.
Therefore, Ito Yuihiko gritted his teeth and cursed: “If this revenge is not reported, I swear not to be a man! Not only my 4.5 billion US dollars, I will get back a lot of points, and I will let this kid die in Japan!”
Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly said: “Guild President, this Mr. Ye is very powerful, you must not rush against him!”
“Bastard!” Ito Yuihiko raised his hand and drew a red five-fingerprint on his face with a slap, and yelled in his mouth: “You are cultivating other people’s ambitions and destroying my prestige? Don’t you think I, Takehiko Ito, can’t solve a Chinese guy in his twenties?! “Qi Ba Chinese has the fastest update ^ Computer/
Hiroshi Tanaka covered his face, and said with some nervousness and aggrievedness: “My President, Mr. Ye is extremely powerful and acts extremely casually. At first, Yamamoto Kazuki only said the words sick man of East Asia in front of him, and he was beaten up. If you really intend to kill him, he still doesn’t know what kind of lethality will erupt, so even if you hit me, I will remind you from the bottom of my heart, don’t talk to this man Right”
Ito Yuhiko’s expression was extremely ugly.
He knows Koichi Tanaka. Remember to read in one second
This kid is loyal to himself, even if he asks him to perform a caesarean on the spot, I am afraid he will not hesitate.
Therefore, what Koichi Tanaka said must be from the heart.
Thinking of this, Ito Yuihiko couldn’t help but wondered: “Could it be that that kid is so powerful? Even so powerful that Hiroshi Tanaka felt for a while that the patriarch of my dignified Ito family couldn’t even offend him?”
Ito Yuhiko frowned and asked Koichi Tanaka: “Then you tell me, what should I do now? Can’t you really just give him the 4.5 billion dollars for nothing?”
“It must be impossible.” Tanaka Koichi said, “Chairman, the 4.5 billion US dollars we only paid Kobayashi Pharmaceutical were remitted through Ito Corporation’s public account. The bank has clear remittance records. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical did not pay the corresponding shares for the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars. We can sue the court to demand that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical must return all the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars. We will definitely win this kind of lawsuit.”
“Fighting a lawsuit?” Ito Yuhiko’s expression was very gloomy: “You let me Ito Yuuhiko to fight with him? Go to the court and cry that this kid didn’t pay me the money?!”
Koichi Tanaka said seriously: “President, this is the safest way and the way with the highest success rate.”
Yuhiko Ito said with a cold face and angrily said: “If the outside world knew that a young Chinese man would dare to take me 4.5 billion U.S. dollars and not return me, and I could not get him to return the money. Go to the court for help, where do I put my face? Where do I put the face of the entire Ito family? With this precedent, then other people can’t ride on my neck and shit?!”
Because the underground world is legal under the Japanese government, many Japanese families and consortia will get involved in the underground industry and even cultivate their own underground forces.

Chapter: 1672
The Ito family is not only Japan’s top chaebol, but also a top power in Japan’s underground world.
There are three strongest underground organizations in Japan. The Yamaguchi group ranks first, and the Ito family ranks second.
The underground world is a world where the weak eats the strong. The most important thing to survive in this world is to stay strong.
For people in the underground world, sometimes it is not their cruelty, but the law of survival forces them to be cruel.
If you have been implementing the principle of whoever hits you, you will dare to fight hard, and over time, no one will dare to provoke you.
But if you don’t go back after being beaten once, but swallow your anger and admit that you are unlucky, then from this day onwards, everyone in this world can come to bully you.
Moreover, there is another very important criterion for surviving in this world, which is not to use external forces to solve problems.
If a person in the Japanese underground world asks the police and the court for help, that person will immediately be disgusted and rejected by the entire underground world.
Therefore, what Ito said, he couldn’t get back the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars through legal means. He had to let Ye Chen honestly and intact, and return the money to the Ito family’s account.
Therefore, he gritted his teeth and said: “There are only two solutions to this matter. The first one is to let the surname Ye, and honestly return the money to me, and this matter must not be disturbed. Everyone knows it; the second one is to kill him directly!”
Hiroshi Tanaka said with some anxiety: “I will grow up, I am worried that Mr. Ye will not agree to your request.” The first website
Ito Yuihiko snorted coldly: “No? If you don’t agree, choose the second plan and kill him!”
Although Koichi Tanaka didn’t know how powerful Ye Chen really was, he always felt that Ye Chen was extraordinary.
And Ye Chen is not only strong, but also the key method seems to be very powerful. Otherwise, how could Ichiro Kobayashi give him all the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 90?
Therefore, he felt that I should try to avoid the conflict with Ye Chen as much as possible, otherwise, he might cause a big trouble.
So, he hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Mr. President, I don’t think you should worry about Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s 4.5 billion US dollars now. The money will definitely not run away. It’s just a matter of coming back early or late. Don’t forget, the people from China’s Yanjing Su family will be coming soon!”
Ito Yuihiko frowned and asked: “Did the Su family say that the specific day has come?”
“No.” Tanaka Hiroshi said: “They said they would come at any time. After all, the trip is a private jet, you can fly anytime you want.”
After speaking, Tanaka persuaded: “My President, the Su family is not only watching this opportunity, but also the Takahashi family. I heard that the Su family came here this time. Choose one of the Takahashi family to be a partner. At this time, you must not make any extravagance!”
Ito Yuihiko gritted his teeth and nodded, and said, “If this is the case, then I will bear the wave of the kid surnamed Ye, and you will keep an eye on him. If he does not leave Japan for the time being, then I will leave him alone. Take down the Su family cooperation first!”

Chapter: 1673
Thinking of the Su family’s cooperation, Ito’s expression looked a little melancholy.
Sitting in the car, he sighed and said with emotion: “Koichi, in the past ten years, the speed of our Japanese economy has been relatively slow, so the strength of several top families, including our Ito family, has shrunk somewhat. And the successor is weak…”
Hiroshi Tanaka hurriedly asked: “My President, Japan once led the world in development speed in the decades after the war, why hasn’t it kept up with it in the past dozen years?”
Ito said with regret: “There are many reasons for this lag in economic development, firstly because Japan’s local resources and land have been very scarce; secondly, because Japan has not made major innovations in the Internet and high-tech fields in recent years. …..”
With that, Ito Yuhiko continued with emotion: “Look, many local Japanese companies that had advantages in various fields more than ten years ago have gradually lost their original advantages in these years;”
“Look at the previous companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Toshiba. They are all in the world. I think that Sony’s color TVs were the best in the world and sold all over the world. Sony Ericsson’s mobile phones are also World-renowned, Panasonic and Hitachi’s home appliances, and Toshiba’s semiconductors are the world’s top-class existence, but now? All are gradually declining!”
“Most of the TVs in the world are produced in China, which are cheap, affordable and cost-effective; the world’s mobile phones are divided into two parts, the United States’ Apple occupies a large part, and the remaining large part is China’s Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo and oppo. What about Japanese mobile phones? Even South Korea’s Samsung is absent, and it’s already decadent!”
Koichi Tanaka couldn’t help but feel frustrated: “Mr. President, you are right. We in Japan have indeed completely lost many traditional advantages, especially in electronic products…”
Ito sighed: “More than electronic products? In addition, Japan’s steel industry was once the world’s top, our special steel, even the Americans have to look up, but because Kobe Steel was exposed to a long-term fraud scandal. , And plummeted!”
“Originally, Japan’s Shinkansen technology was the world’s top high-speed rail technology. We invented the high-speed rail technology. It is unique in the world. But who would have thought that China’s high-speed rail would come to the top, so that our Japanese high-speed rail technology and the high-speed rail technology of Germany and France all Decreased into second-rate in the world, Japan’s Shinkansen has also lost a large amount of overseas markets…”
Koichi Tanaka also kept sighing: “We, the Ito family, hold different proportions of shares in the companies you mentioned. They are lonely, and our assets are shrinking. This is indeed a very serious problem… .” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Yuhiko Ito hates that iron cannot be made into steel and said: “Not only that, but the most important thing is that our young people in Japan are seriously lacking in creativity as a whole!”
“Look at China in the past few years. A large number of world-class Internet companies have been born, such as Tencent, Alibaba, Toutiao, and Pinduoduo, as well as DJI drones that account for more than 70% of the world’s drone market. In contrast, Japan has never had an influential Internet company in recent years! If we continue to develop like this, we will lose all our advantages!”
Hiroshi Tanaka nodded: “In contrast, the top families in China, with the continuous development and progress of all walks of life in China, their wealth and influence are also increasing. They now have the ability to directly challenge Europe and the United States. I don’t put Japanese companies in my eyes at all.”
“That’s it.” Ito said in a melancholy voice: “Before, they were still chasing us. As a result, in the blink of an eye, they surpassed us and chased the United States. Instead, we were left behind by them. In the back of our heads, so much so that we now want to make a breakthrough in business, we have to turn back to please the Chinese family. It really responds to the old Chinese saying, 30 years in Hedong and 30 years in Hexi… .”
Speaking of this, Ito Takehiko seriously said: “Because we have been stagnating and China has been developing rapidly, we now need to be firmly tied to China’s top families. This time the Su family’s cooperation is right. For us, the significance is very important and should not be lost.”
Hiroshi Tanaka nodded in a hurry and blurted out: “President, please rest assured, I will definitely go all out!”
The Japanese economy has been sluggish in recent years.

Chapter: 1674
As Japan’s top chaebol, the Ito family is constantly being weakened.
Also confused with them, there is another big family in Japan, the Takahashi family.
Both companies are now actively seeking breakthrough points, so they all pin their hopes on top Chinese families.
As the top family in China, the influence of the Su family has been continuously increasing in recent years, and with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the strength of the Su family has also been soaring.
The focus of the Su family in the past few years has been focused on maintaining and consolidating the domestic market. After consolidating the position of the domestic first family, it has only begun to turn its attention overseas in the past two years.
Therefore, in recent years, many Japanese families and chaebols are eager to develop in-depth cooperation with the Su family.
Over the past ten years, China’s import and export trade has continued to grow, shipping demand has increased, and port construction and development have been extremely fast. Now, China accounts for seven of the top ten ports in the world in terms of throughput.
Today’s global trade relies very heavily on shipping. The vast majority of oil, ore and various goods rely on ocean transportation.
For example, the oil in the entire East Asia and Southeast Asia is almost transported from the Middle East to ports by giant tankers;
The entire East Asia and Southeast Asia’s iron ore also depends on a large number of giant freighters, transported from Australia and Brazil.
The Su family has been in port business for many years and has its own industries and shares in major domestic ports. It is now preparing to build Asia’s largest shipping company and build Asia’s largest shipping fleet, which can just match their domestic ports for resources Complementary. Remember to read in one second
In order to build the largest shipping fleet in Asia, the Su family not only invested heavily on their own, but also prepared in-depth cooperation with consortiums in Japan and South Korea, giving them a certain share and letting them participate in depth.
The reason for winning the consortium of Japan and South Korea is mainly because Japan and South Korea are both developed countries, and the demand for shipping is also very large. In addition, South Korea’s Busan Port, Japan’s Tokyo Port, and Yokohama Port are all large and established Asian ports.
If the Su family can also hold the resources of these ports, by that time, the shipping company headed by the Su family can control the lifeline of the entire East Asia to a certain extent, and the future profit space will be huge.
The consortiums of Japan and South Korea are extremely excited about this news. They all hope to reach a cooperation with the Su family and then get on the boat of the Su family.
In Japan alone, there are at least a dozen families and consortia that hope to cooperate with the Su family.
Among them, the strongest ones are the Ito family and the Takahashi family!

Chapter: 1675
In the afternoon, Ye Chen expelled nearly half of the entire staff of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in a desperate manner.
Originally, the people from Xiaolin Pharmaceutical still thought of using strikes to fight against Ye Chen, but he didn’t expect that Ye Chen was not at all soft to them, and they all fired them, leaving none.
This incident caused a huge earthquake in the Japanese business community!
First of all, no one thought that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, which has been well developed, would change ownership. Now 90% of the shares have been transferred to a Chinese and become a Chinese company.
Secondly, no one thought that after Kobayashi became a Chinese company, it would kill half of its employees in one go!
In Japan, apart from bankruptcies, very few companies will fire so many people suddenly.
Especially for manufacturing companies like Kobayashi Pharmaceutical with nearly 10,000 employees.
If half of them are fired at once, four or five thousand people will be fired!
Moreover, except for the employees in the production positions, the R&D, promotion and sales positions were all laid off. This operation method makes everyone feel incredible.
In their view, this method of layoffs is tantamount to abolishing martial arts.
But Ye Chen didn’t care. First URL
What he needs is not the brand of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, nor the reputation and patents of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals. What he needs is the production line of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.
As long as Kobayashi Pharma honestly produces Jiuxuanwei Powder for itself according to its own requirements, that is the greatest value of Kobayashi Pharmacy at this stage.
The rest of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical that has not been expelled are all the people in charge of the production line.
Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen immediately held a meeting at Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and appointed Wei Liang as the general manager of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical and Ichiro Kobayashi as the deputy general manager.
At the same time, Ye Chen also very clearly warned the remaining people in charge of the production line: “You people in charge of the production line will listen carefully. If you work for me honestly, listen to me and do things according to my instructions. Then your job can be retained and your income can be guaranteed. What I can promise you is to follow me honestly and I will make your income never lower than before.”
As he said, Ye Chen turned around and sternly shouted: “But! If anyone among you dares to play with me carefully, dare to fight against me, then I’m sorry, I will immediately kick you out of Xiaolin Pharmaceutical!”
When the people who stayed heard this, they were like tamed wild dogs, and honestly did not dare to say more.
When the group is angry, everyone wants to fight, because they feel that when everyone is tied together, Ye Chen must not dare to do anything to himself. After all, he certainly does not want Xiaolin Pharmaceutical to be paralyzed suddenly.
What everyone didn’t expect was that Ye Chen didn’t play cards according to the routine at all. Before everyone was tied together and confronted him, he had already driven out half of the people!
This immediately caused all the people who were evicted and their families to fall into a serious economic crisis.
Therefore, how can the remaining group of people dare to have any thoughts of making troubles, to keep the job and to ensure that the salary is not lower than before, which is to ensure that their family life will not be affected in any way and let them completely relax. Tone.
At this time, how can they have the least thought of confrontation?
As a result, a group of people quickly surrendered and decided to continue working for Ye Chen’s Xiaolin Pharmaceutical.

Chapter: 1676
Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and said to Kobayashi Ichiro: “From today, you must cooperate with Wei Liang to readjust all production plans of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, stop all production of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals before, and fully switch to production. Xuanwei San, understand?”
Kobayashi Ichiro hurriedly expressed his heartfelt words: “Mr. Ye, don’t worry, I will definitely cooperate with Mr. Wei!”
Wei Liang said to Ye Chen at this time: “Mr. Ye, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s production capacity is still very strong. If the production of Jiuxuanweisan is fully started, the demand for raw materials for Jiuxuanweisan will be huge. We have to do this in advance. Prepare, otherwise, once the production raw materials are insufficient, production capacity will be severely restricted.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “I will solve the raw material matter.”
When he said this, Ye Chen thought of Qin Gang, the lord of the Qin family far away in Jinling.
The Qin family originally started from the medicinal material business.
Moreover, Qin Gang is also very trusted by Ye Chen, so Ye Chen planned to hand over all the raw materials and medicinal materials business to him.
After that, he immediately took out his cell phone and called Qin Gang.
When the phone was connected, Qin Gang was eating.
Seeing that it was Ye Chen’s call, he respectfully said: “Master Ye, why are you free to call me?”
Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Mr. Qin, I have something to ask you.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qin Gang said respectfully: “Master Ye, please do not hesitate to ask.”
Ye Chen said: “What is the annual supply of medicinal materials in your Qin family?”
Qin Gang thought for a while, and said: “Last year, our Qin family made more than 200,000 tons of various medicinal materials and supplied them to more than 30 pharmaceutical companies across the country.”
Ye Chen snorted and asked, “Can we supply one million tons a year?”
Qin Gang exclaimed: “One million tons?! Master Ye, one million tons is almost equal to the total annual output of botanical medicinal materials in the three eastern provinces. Our total annual output in the country is also more than 5 million tons, the largest medicinal material in the country. The company can produce seven or eight hundred thousand tons a year…”
Ye Chen asked him: “Then do you have the confidence to supply one million tons a year?”
Qin Gang said: “Master Ye, all the medicinal materials are in the hands of pharmaceutical farmers across the country. As long as I buy them, one million tons is not a big problem. The key is that I have no channels to digest so many medicinal materials! In fact, personally, I am eager to Sell ​​more medicinal materials, but the key is to find a strong enough next home.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “To be honest, I have taken over Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in Japan. In the near future, all the production capacity of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals will serve me, and I am also going to continue to expand the production line. This year, I will consume one million yuan. Tons of medicinal materials is not a big problem. I can trust you. If you are interested in cooperating with me, then I will give you all the orders for this one million tons of medicinal materials!
As soon as Qin Gang heard this, he was so excited that he got up and got up from the dining chair. He couldn’t care about throwing the bowls and chopsticks to the ground, and said excitedly: “Ye…Master Ye… …You…what you said is true?!”
Ye Chen smiled lightly: “When did Ye Chen tell you a lie?”
Qin Gang was immediately ecstatic, so excited that he couldn’t add anything!
He was excited and thought to himself: “If Master Ye can really digest one million tons of medicinal materials from the Qin family every year, it would be equivalent to five times the business volume of the Qin family! That way, Isn’t the Qin Family’s strength going to increase rapidly?! And my dream of revitalizing the Qin Family can be easily realized?!”
At this moment, he almost regarded Ye Chen as the reborn parent of the entire Qin family, and said excitedly: “Master Ye! Since you look down on Qin so much and are willing to pull a certain Qin, then Qin will never give it. You are holding back! Don’t worry, no matter how many medicinal materials you want, even if I fight my life, I will definitely get it for you! And I will definitely give you the best quality and the lowest price!”

Chapter: 1677
After Qin Gang hung up the phone, Qin Aoxue next to him hurriedly asked curiously, “Dad, what did Master Ye say when calling you?”
Qin Gang, who was still trapped in excitement and couldn’t help himself, took about a few seconds to recover, and said excitedly: “Aoxue! We Qin family, we are going to meet the great opportunity!”
Qin Aoxue asked in surprise: “Dad, what great opportunity?”
Qin Gang was so excited that even his words were a little trembling, and said, “Master Ye Ye has annexed Japan’s Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, saying that we will let the Qin family supply him with raw materials and medicinal materials. The demand for a year is almost the same. One million tons!”
“Oh my God!” Qin Aoxue exclaimed dumbfounded: “One million tons?! Our whole family now has a supply of about 200,000 tons a year, right?”
“Yes,” Qin Gang said excitedly, “Master Ye asked us to supply one million tons a year, and our Qin family’s revenue immediately doubled! Isn’t this a great opportunity?”
Qin Aoxue nodded repeatedly, and said with gratitude: “Master Ye has really taken good care of our family. He can think of us for everything. He has helped us so much, and I don’t know how to repay his kindness.”
Qin Gang also agreed very much and said, “Master Ye is the second parent of our Qin family. Whether the Qin family can rise in the future depends entirely on Master Ye!”
After speaking, he couldn’t help but look at Qin Aoxue, and sighed: “Aoxue, Master Ye is right, our family has such a great kindness, and he will always take care of you like this, you have to hurry up!”
What did Qin Aoxue’s father mean? Knowing that he wanted to hold on tight, in fact, he wanted to make himself earlier and make substantial progress with Master Ye.
She suddenly said with a little shame: “Dad, many things are not what I want to do. After all, Master Ye is a married man. Although I like him, I still have more than enough energy.” Remember to read a book for a second. htp ://
Qin Gang nodded, and then said earnestly: “Ao Xue, otherwise, you will come forward to meet with Master Ye for the supply of medicinal materials to Master Ye. Anyway, you will graduate this summer and you should enter the internship soon. Now, just serve Master Ye’s pharmaceutical factory wholeheartedly! This way you will have more opportunities to get along with Master Ye.”
Qin Aoxue thought for a moment, then nodded immediately: “Good dad!”
Like Ito Nanako, she is already in her senior year this year.
There are basically no classes in the next semester of the senior year. After the Chinese New Year, I basically enter the internship period.
At that time, almost all senior students will find a work unit to start an internship, and Qin Aoxue is no exception.
She studied finance and management at the Jinling School of Finance and Economics, and it happened to be a professional counterpart for her to match up with Ye Chen.
Thinking of this, Qin Aoxue couldn’t help but look forward to it.
She herself has always been melancholy for not having the opportunity to get along with Ye Chen often. If there is a work issue with Ye Chen in the future, it means that she will often have the opportunity to see Ye Chen.
This made her feel very excited
Tokyo, Japan at this moment.
After Ye Chen’s killing of chickens and monkeys, the only remaining executives of the entire Xiaolin Pharmaceutical have been as honest as sheep.
Kobayashi Ichiro also cooperated with Paul in the local commercial department in Tokyo to complete the transfer and change of the shares of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Chapter: 1678
Now, 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares are all under the name of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical.
Because the next production work of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is of great importance, Ye Chen cannot leave Tokyo for the time being. He wants to ensure that all production lines of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical are successfully converted to Jiugenweisan before leaving Japan.
Therefore, the first production line to complete the conversion work is Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s Tokyo production line.
Ye Chen asked Wei Liang to take inventory of all the medicinal materials of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, count all the medicinal materials that can be used to produce Jiuxuanweisan, and then calculate how much other medicinal materials are needed based on the production capacity of the Tokyo production line.
After counting the demand, he immediately sent the list to Qin Gang, and asked him to immediately make arrangements to prepare these medicinal materials as soon as possible, and then quickly transport them to Tokyo by air transportation.
At the same time, Wei Liang had to count the medicinal materials needed by several other production lines, and send them to Qin Gang one after another, so that Qin Gang could prepare, and then send the prepared medicinal materials to other production bases.
After doing all this, Ye Chen and his party, led by Ichiro Kobayashi, came to the luxurious flat-floor villa of the Kobayashi family in central Tokyo.
Originally, Chen Zekai had arranged a hotel for Ye Chen, but because of Kobayashi Ichiro’s kind invitation, Ye Chen decided temporarily to stay at Kobayashi Ichiro’s house temporarily.
Kobayashi Ichiro’s flat-storey villa is the entire top floor of an 80-storey building. The indoor construction area alone is thousands of square meters. It is extremely luxurious. It also has the entire roof terrace and its own helipad. , Sky infinity swimming pool, can be said to be the ultimate luxury.
After nightfall, Ye Chen took a shower and called his wife Xiao Churan to report that he was safe. Then he stood alone on the large terrace on the top floor, watching the bustling night view of Tokyo, with thoughts flying.
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is a key part of his energy accumulation. First URL
If Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals successfully converts all production to produce Jiu Xuan Wei San for itself, then Jiu Xuan Wei San can be marketed worldwide in the shortest time.
Moreover, Ye Chen had already figured it out clearly that the price of Jiu Xuanwei scattered in the domestic market would never be raised, and to give back to the domestic people with the greatest price-performance ratio, but the price overseas must soar.
The selling price of retail terminals should be at least two to three times higher than RMB 100.
That is about sixty dollars a box.
In this way, the net profit of each box is at least 30 dollars.
Since Jiu Xuan Wei San can greatly relieve and treat many stomach diseases and discomforts, it will definitely become an essential medicine for every family in the future. Therefore, Ye Chen estimates that Jiu Xuan’s future income will increase rapidly at a rapid rate. , Maybe it can make tens of billions a year, and it’s still US dollars.
If you develop a few other categories, it will really make a huge profit.
Ye Chen is not a greedy person. The main reason why he can’t wait to make more money is because he hopes to improve his overall strength as soon as possible.
The parents’ grievances have not yet been retributed. The many Yanjing families that formed the Anti-Leaf Alliance led by the Su family back then had to pay the price for the death of their parents.
Even the Ye Family bears an unshirkable responsibility in this matter.
Ye Chen knows very well that if he wants to oppose the entire Yanjing family and make them surrender to him, the first thing is to improve his strength!
If one day, he can return to Yanjing as the raptor crosses the river, then all Yanjing’s families will tremble in front of him!

Chapter: 1679
Kyoto City is hundreds of kilometers away from Tokyo.
The huge mansion with a century-old history of the Ito family is located in the center of Kyoto City.
The Ito family residence is next to Nijo Castle, the residence of Oda Nobunaga, one of the three masters of the Warring States Period in Japan. Although the area is slightly smaller than Nijo Castle, the overall area is larger than the largest single-family villa in Yanjing Much more.
Around the mansion, there is a moat dug during the war, and it still bears the heavy responsibility of guarding the mansion.
360-degree surveillance without blind spots was installed on the city wall to ensure that the mansion would not be violated by anyone.
And behind the towering city walls are bodyguards with live ammunition.
The buildings in the mansion are all typical Japanese-style wooden buildings. Each one has a history of at least one hundred years. There are dozens of ancient trees with a history of one hundred years in the courtyard, plus those mottled and countless. The stone sculptures with a history of one hundred years are antique and full of charm.
At this time, in the large courtyard, a beautiful young woman is sitting alone in a wheelchair, looking up at the hazy sky. This beauty is the eldest lady of the Ito family, Ito Nanako.
She is waiting for the first snow this year in Kyoto.
In the past, the snow in Kyoto would come earlier, but this winter is an exception.
Although the winter of this year was cold, it was cold, and every day was extremely cold, but no snow fell. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Earlier today, the Kinki Regional Meteorological Department issued a heavy snow warning, saying that it will be heavy snow in Kyoto tonight, and Nanako Ito loves snow most, so she waited early in the yard.
However, after waiting till late at night, the heavy snow still had no trace, the sky was very cloudy, there was no starlight, and even the moon could not be seen clearly.
The housekeeper of Ito Mansion looked at Ito Nanako from a distance for a long time. Seeing that it was late, he walked over and respectfully said, “Miss, it’s late. It seems that the snow will not fall tonight, the weather It’s too cold, you should go back to your room and rest earlier.”
Nanako Ito looked at the hazy moon in the sky and whispered softly: “Since the weather forecast has said, there is still some hope after all. Watanabe-san should go back to rest first and leave me alone.”
The housekeeper sighed slightly, and said distressedly: “Miss, or go back to rest first, I will arrange for the next person to wait here, if it snows, let the next person notify you as soon as possible.”
Nanako Ito smiled lightly and said, “I’m here to watch. I just want to see the first snowflake falling from the sky, and I want to feel the first snowflake on my face. If I wait for the snow to fall. If you come out again, you will lose the fun.”
The housekeeper hurriedly said: “But now it is cooling down, the temperature is getting lower and lower, and you will catch a cold if you stay outdoors for a long time.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Nanako Ito said with a smile: “I will wait until twelve o’clock, no matter if it snows or not, I will go back to my room to soak in a hot spring. Although Watanabe-san can rest assured, although I am injured, my physical fitness is still relatively strong. The colder temperature will not affect me.”
The housekeeper nodded helplessly, and said respectfully: “I’m nearby, Miss, call me whenever you have any needs.”
Ito Nanako chuckled softly, “Good Watanabe-san, thank you!”
The butler carefully retreated to the distance, and Nanako Ito continued to look up at the sky.
For some reason, Ye Chen’s appearance suddenly appeared in the cloudy night sky at this moment.
She felt like spring blossoms in her heart, and thought to herself: “Ye Chenjun, don’t know if it snows in Jinling? I wonder if you are looking at the night sky above your head now? I don’t know, do you think of me?”

Chapter: 1680
Thinking wildly, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.
She took out her mobile phone and found that it was Tanaka Hiroshi who was calling, she hurriedly put away her thoughts, connected the phone and smiled: “Tanaka-san, why call me so late?”
Hiroshi Tanaka sighed and said, “Miss, something happened today. The president is very angry. I just smashed a lot of antiques at home.”
Nanako Ito felt nervous and asked hurriedly, “Tanaka-san, what happened? Is there any trouble with your father?”
Koichi Tanaka said: “Today, the president took me to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, intending to sign a share agreement with the board of directors of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. After the agreement was signed, the president and the financial staff sent 4.5 billion U.S. dollars to the account of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.”
When Ito Nanako heard this, she asked a little puzzled: “Isn’t my father always wanting to buy a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical? Today this is what I wanted, so why are you angry?”
Hiroshi Tanaka said helplessly: “Before the president, the financial staff made the payment, I didn’t know that Kobayashi Pharmaceutical had actually changed hands.”
“Changed ownership?” Ito Nanako asked in surprise, “What’s the matter? Didn’t it mean that Jiro Kobayashi is missing? Is he back again?”
“No,” Koichi Tanaka explained: “It’s not Kobayashi Jiro who is back, but Kobayashi Jiro’s brother, who is said to have been dead, suddenly came back alive!”
“Huh?” Ito Nanako said in a bit of amazement: “What’s the matter? Why am I getting more and more confused?”
“Hey” Hiroshi Tanaka sighed and said, “This is nothing. The point is that Ichiro Kobayashi, as the sole heir of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, transferred 90% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares to a Chinese company called Jiu Xuan. Pharmaceutical companies.” Remember to read the book in one second
Nanako Ito was surprised and said: “Isn’t my father taking a stake in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical 30? Then Ichiro Kobayashi has only 70% of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical’s shares. How can he transfer 90% of the shares to a Chinese company? ”
Hiroshi Tanaka said in a stunned voice: “This is the reason why the president is angry! He signed a share agreement with Kobayashi Masayoshi Kobayashi, the acting president of Pharmaceuticals, and paid after the signing, but Ichiro Kobayashi is back, which means The equity agreement signed by Masayoshi Kobayashi is invalid.”
Nanako Ito nodded slightly, and said, “So, my father’s plan to become a shareholder in Kobayashi Pharmaceutical has failed?”
“It’s more than an intention to fail” Tanaka sighed: “The chairman of Jiugen Pharmaceutical clearly told the chairman that Ito Co., Ltd. remitted the 4.5 billion US dollars of Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, and he will not refund!”
“Ah?!” Nanako Ito exclaimed, “How come there is such a shameless person? The act of holding shares is an equity transaction. When we pay, the other party must pay the corresponding shares. If the other party is unwilling to pay the shares, then it must Returning the money the same way, and even paying liquidated damages, why did the other party not give us shares and deduct our money?! This is too much, right?! Doesn’t he know our Japanese laws? ”
Koichi Tanaka said very depressed at this time: “Miss, the other party is simply an extra-legal madman!”
“Extrajudicial fanatic?” Nanako Ito frowned: “With the character of his father, it is impossible to be willing to suffer from this dumb loss, right? Does he have no countermeasures?”
Hiroshi Tanaka sighed: “Of course the president of the president does not want to suffer from this dumb loss. He originally wanted to fight the other party desperately, but I persuaded him. I am afraid that the president of the president can’t offend him! Oh, right, speaking of it. You know this person, Missy too”
“I know?” Ito Nanako asked in surprise, “Who is it?”
Koichi Tanaka said, “It’s Qin Aoxue’s coach, Ye Chen who injured Mr. Yamamoto Kazuki with one palm!”
“What? Ye Chenjun?!”
As soon as Ito Nanako heard this, she exclaimed in excitement and blurted out: “Ye Chen-kun came to Japan?!”

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