The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 201-210

Chapter: 201
Old Mrs. Xiao was already thunderstruck!
How did this happen?
A mere Ye Chen, but a single Ye Chen would have so much power? Even the Wang family has broken up with the Xiao family?
Her heart cringed at the thought of this.
She wanted to beg Wang Zhenggang not to abandon the Xiao family at this time, but they simply ignored her, and after saying that they wanted to withdraw from the marriage, they left with Wang Yunfei in a big swing.
Xiao Weiwei broke down and cried!
She had pasted Wang Yunfei for several years, and had given everything to the other party, even conceived a child, and now, surprisingly, everything had gone up in smoke.
That’s why she has a bone-deep hatred for her grandmother in her heart.
Her father, Xiao Changqian, was also very depressed, following the old lady and working against his brother’s family, but he didn’t seem to get anything out of it.
What’s more, the son is injured and arrested, and the daughter is abandoned by her fiancĂ©’s family, which is a real loss. First URL
He grumbled a bit and said to Old Mrs. Xiao, “Mom, I usually listen to everything you say, but this matter has come to this, and my family has lost too much.”
Old Mrs. Xiao tried to steady their nerves at this point and spoke, “Don’t you panic! What’s the hurry? We just need to buy him out. As for Vivian’s wedding, what do we have to be afraid of? Nowadays, good girls don’t have to worry about marrying, we are pretty, I wonder how many rich dudes will be lining up to pursue us! ”
Said the old lady, “Don’t you forget, we still have the contract from the Imperial Group! This, is our Xiao family’s turnaround! If we win this battle, do we still need to rely on the Wang family in the future? Do we still need to cling to the gates? We ourselves are the HoH!”
Xiao Changqian hurriedly asked, “Mom, the project of the Emperor’s Group, previously it was always that dead girl Xiao Churan who was in charge, now that she has been driven out of the Xiao Group, this project, as well as the director’s position, should be replaced, right?”
“Change! Of course I’ll change!” The old lady immediately took off, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave this position to Sea Dragon! When Hailong comes out, he’ll be the director of the Xiao Group, and will be fully responsible for the cooperation between the Xiao Group and the Emperor Group!”
Xiao Chang Qian’s heart was happy, and his entire body finally received some comfort.
Since this project was given to his son, his son would still be able to occasionally have a chance to turn over a new leaf in the future.
Old Mrs. Xiao then instructed, “The cooperation of the Emperor’s Group, there must not be any mistakes, when the time comes, let Hailong give me all-out docking, we must dry down this project beautifully, and even get more projects from the Emperor’s Group!”
Xiao Changqian immediately said, “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll make sure Hailong does his best!”
As I was saying, someone knocked on the door.
Immediately after, a man in a suit entered the courtyard of the Xiao mansion.
“Excuse me, is Old Mrs. Xiao at home?”
Old Mrs. Shaw welcomed him out and asked, “I am, and who are you?”
The other party said, “Hello, I’m the chief attorney of the Emperor’s Group.”
Upon hearing that it was someone from the Imperial Group, Old Lady Xiao panicked and said enthusiastically, “Oh my, oh my! So it’s the barrister of the Imperial Group! Come on in! Come on in!”
“No.” The other said in a cold tone, “I came over to give you a lawyer’s letter in person.”
“A lawyer’s letter?” Old Mrs. Xiao was surprised and asked, “What kind of lawyer’s letter?”
The other party said, “The legal letter of termination, we, the Imperial Hero Group, after consultation, have decided to terminate all cooperation with the Xiao family and will never have any form or sense of cooperation with the Xiao family in the future, please go to the Imperial Hero Group within three days of receiving the legal letter to go through the termination procedures.”

Chapter: 202
This was a bolt from the blue to the old lady, as well as to Xiao Changqian!
Just now, you said that the Xiao family’s turnaround relied on the Dihao Group, and now the Dihao Group is here to terminate the contract? And never work with the Shaw family?
This is to shut down the Xiao family!
The old lady shuddered and asked, “What is this all about, Counselor? Why is that? Aren’t we working well together?”
The lawyer said coldly, “Our cooperation with Ms. Xiao Choran is good, but I heard that Ms. Xiao Choran has left your Xiao Group, then I’m sorry, we don’t want to cooperate with you people.”
Only then did Old Madam Xiao understand that it was Madam Xiao Choran!
She was in a rage!
Why does it all have to revolve around that indiscreet granddaughter? Remember the URL
She’s a loser! She’s married to a loser herself!
Old Mrs. Xiao is in charge of the Xiao family. You should give me face! Why give her the benefit of the doubt? Why just look at her face!!!?
Old Mrs. Xiao was a bit angry and bellowed out, “Your Emperor Group is considered a big and respectable company! If you just unilaterally terminate the contract with us, aren’t you afraid we’ll sue you in court? Aren’t you afraid that this matter will affect the reputation of your Imperial Group after it gets out?!”
The lawyer smiled calmly and said, “Mrs. Shaw, haven’t you read the contract before? All the external cooperation of our Imperial Group, we have the right to unilaterally stop the cooperation, that’s the prerogative of the A-party, haven’t you heard that the A-party is the father when it comes to engineering?”
Said the lawyer and said: “Even if the whole Jinling, even the whole country knows that we canceled cooperation with you and so? We are reasonable and legal! And it’s not that I’m scaring you ah Mrs. Xiao, our Emperor’s Group is extremely famous in the country, and the companies we blocked, other companies usually don’t dare to cooperate, so your Xiao’s Group, you’d better fend for yourself in the future!”
“You…. You…….. “Old Mrs. Xiao was indeed frightened by that!
Banned by the Imperial Group! How are we going to make a living after this?
Wouldn’t the future of the Shaw Group be over!
If a company that does engineering and no one wants to work with it, there’s only one way it’s going to end up!
Bankruptcy and collapse!
No! No way!
The old lady was hysterical by now!
The Shaw Group is mine!
The Shaw Group should soar and make me the object of everyone’s respect! Let me enjoy endless glory and prosperity!
It can’t go bankrupt! It must not go bankrupt!!!!
The old lady thought of this, burst into tears, begging, “Lawyer, please look at my old lady for the sake of an age, talk to your Wang Dongxue Wang, plead, we Xiao’s group all rest on the cooperation with your company, this time, your company can not abandon us ah!”
The lawyer sneered, “I’m sorry oh old lady, the decision not to cooperate with you and seal you off was made by our Wang, and our Wang also said that an old, shameless, old thing like you is not worthy of working with us!”
After that, he dropped the termination letter and turned around!
Old Mrs. Xiao was so furious that she puffed out a large mouthful of blood and fell unconscious on the ground!

Chapter: 203
The news of the Empire Group sealing off the Xiao Clan quickly spread.
Just when the entire Jinling knew that the Xiao family was finished, the news came out that Old Lady Xiao was hospitalized in a rage and was rescued.
After Ye Chen’s father-in-law, Xiao Changkun, heard the news, he surprisingly didn’t have any waves.
He said to his daughter and son-in-law, “With that character of my mother and a lifetime of having to control other people’s psychology, it’s only a matter of time before she suffers a loss, there’s nothing to be sympathetic about, let her reflect on herself in the hospital, maybe she can figure out where she went wrong in her life!”
Ye Chen felt that his father-in-law had always been muddled, and this time it was rare to be able to see the essence of things clearly.
While the family was relieved, his wife, Xiao Churan, began to quietly study the matter of finding a job.
In the evening, Ye Chen had just finished cooking when he suddenly heard the sound of a door opening from behind him.
He passed over and saw Xiao Changkun with a happy face coming in from outside the door, his steps sturdy.
Ye Chen saw this happy face of Xiao Changkun and couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, you went out for a walk, is this something good that happened?”
“Hahaha, it’s really good luck to say today.” Xiao Changkun said with flying eyebrows, “After I ate the pills you gave me, not only did the pain on my body go away, this spirit is also better, it’s like a panacea.”
“No, I just went to the Antique Street for a stroll, and guess who I met?” One second to remember to read the book
“Who?” Ye Chen’s heart thudded, had the old father-in-law been coaxed around again by the peddlers of forgeries and slaughtered as fat sheep?
He was busy looking Xiao Changqian up and down and was relieved.
Fortunately, Xiao Chang Qian’s hands were empty and he didn’t take anything.
Xiao Chang Qian took a sip of tea and said mysteriously, “Son-in-law, you still remember that Zhang Er Mao who specializes in trapping people that we met last time in the Antique Street, right?”
“Remember, what’s wrong?”
“Haha, I met this kid today when I went there!”
Ye Chen was shocked, “Dad, you’re not buying his stuff again, are you?”
“No.” Xiao Changkun waved his hand and said cheerfully, “This Zhang Ermo, now that he knows that I am your father-in-law, he doesn’t dare to be clever at all. Not only did he give me an ancient jade pendant, he also helped me sell the pills.”
Ye Chen’s eyebrows furrowed, I’m afraid that the ancient jade pendant that Zhang Ermo gave to his father-in-law was also a fake, but he actually helped his father-in-law sell the pills, which was strange.
“What kind of medicinal pills?”
“It’s that whatever you made for me, the one that cures bruises, called what’s called the Heart Saving Pill ah.” Xiao Changkun slapped his thighs and said excitedly, “My injuries are all healed, after Zhang Ermo heard that the pill was so effective, he said he had a door to help me sell the pills, so I gave him two of them, but I didn’t expect that they were actually sold!”
Ye Chen was jaw-dropping.
Pills weren’t a rare thing, the old father-in-law could only throw them away if he couldn’t finish them, but this Zhang Ermo really knew how to exploit loopholes, he even had a way to sell the leftover medicine that the old father-in-law had eaten.
“Dad, this medicine is not right, how to sell it.”
Xiao Changkun said, “I don’t know about that, anyway, Zhang Ermao is helping me sell the medicine, guess how much.”
“Over a thousand?”
“You’re not even a fraction of a point.” Xiao Changkun proudly compared slaps, “It’s half a million!!!”
Ye Chen was drinking water and his mouth spurted out.
He simply couldn’t believe what he was hearing, a pill that cost less than a hundred yuan was sold for half a million by Zhang Ermo, a sycophant!

Chapter: 204
Which unlucky man with stupid money has been fooled by this sycophant again?
Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Which wronged merchant did this traitor sell the medicine to?”
“It’s hard to know, but Zhang Ermo says he has ethics and wants to keep his clients’ secrets.

After Xiao Changkun finished speaking, he shook his head and sighed, “This half a million, he pennies quite a bit into my card, saying that it’s a filial tribute to you, let me share his hard work, but he still doesn’t want it. This Er Mao does have a talent for business, when he stops pounding forgeries someday, I’ll advise him to do a proper job and go to work.”
Ye Chen shook his head.
People like Zhang Ermo couldn’t change a dog from eating shit!
He’s been a pit bull since he was a kid, it’s become a routine, and I’m afraid that’s what’s going to kill him if he really has to work a day shift.
It was impossible to go to work, and he would never go to work in this life.
However, since the pills were sold by his father-in-law at a high price, it would be good as a subsidy for the family.
Anyway, the Xiao family has recently separated from the Xiao Company, and I’m afraid that Xiao Choran will be unemployed at home for a while, and I’m afraid that the father-in-law won’t be able to get any dividends from the Xiao Company, so it’s just a good idea to use the money for the transition. The first website
Having gotten half a million for nothing, Xiao Changkun’s original somewhat depressed mood was swept away, humming the Peking Opera’s Red Lantern Tale all the way into the bedroom, and a smile finally appeared on his face.
Ye Chen returned to the bedroom and told this to Xiao Churan.
Xiao Churan almost jumped up from the bed and asked nervously, “Other people spend a lot of money on pills, but the money is easy to talk about, if something goes wrong with the food, can we escape the relationship?”
“Don’t worry.” Ye Chen smiled, “This “Blood Dispersion and Heart Rescue Pill” is only a blood revival pill, the ingredients are not worth much, it can’t kill anyone even if eaten as a meal, at most it will cause nosebleeds for two days. The only thing to blame is the customers who buy the medicine, they are stupid and have a lot of money.”
Xiao Chu Ran was still worried, “Then tell me, what kind of people are willing to spend half a million to buy these two pills?”
Ye Chen casually said, “Maybe there are people with brain obstruction or cardiovascular diseases in the family, this pill has a miraculous effect on these diseases as well.”
Hearing him say that, Xiao Churan’s hanging heart was considered to have dropped quite a bit.
These kinds of illnesses were all serious illnesses in medical terms, to really go to the hospital for treatment, the money spent was no less than half a million.
Hopefully, the medicine would work, so that one wouldn’t spend so much money for nothing.
After dinner, when Ye Chen was washing and scrubbing the dishes, he received a call from Master Hong Fifth.
Although Master Hong Fifth claimed to be the King of the Jinling Underground, he had become much more low-key and depressed since he met Ye Chen.
Although Ye Chen didn’t despise him, it had to be said that Master Hong Fifth was quite sensible, and the last time Wang Daokun was bullied in the hospital ward, he had helped himself to a small problem.
So at that time, Ye Chen had promised that he would give him a chance to soar, but he didn’t expect that he had taken the initiative to call himself.
Answering the phone, Ye Chen asked him, “Hongwu, what do you want from me?”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly said with a smile, “Oh my, Mr. Ye! I called you this time because I had heard about your command of the Jinling mystical world and came to congratulate you.”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Don’t talk to me here, if you have something to say, just say it straight, don’t dawdle!”
Mr. Hong Fifth hurriedly said, “Oh my, it’s still Mr. Ye that you’re so predictable, you’ve seen through my little thought in no time.”
Ye Chen asked in a cold voice, “More nonsense?”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly said, “It’s like this Mr. Ye, the Song family has treated me well for many years, their eldest miss has recently had some trouble, I would like to ask you to go over and help me.”
Ye Chen said, “The Song family’s eldest miss? Song Wan-ting?”
“Right!” Master Hong Fifth said, “Miss Wan Ting has run into trouble!”

Chapter: 205
The Song family, where Song Wanting was, was the top family in Jinling.
But the Song family was compared to the Yanjing Ye family, that was indeed still a hundred thousand miles away.
But Song Wanting didn’t know Ye Chen’s real identity yet, so all along, the Ye Chen in her eyes was just a young man who had some knowledge of antiques and then some dabbling in mysticism.
The last time Ye Chen induced lightning to strike and die in the Sea of Tranquility, it really scared a lot of people and was regarded as a master of metaphysics by many people, but Ye Chen deliberately induced Song Wanting at that time, telling Song Wanting that he was just a coincidence, after all, how could a normal person order heavenly thunder.
In the end, Song Wanting was confused and thought that Ye Chen might indeed be a bit more lucky.
Since then, Song Wanting had disappeared from Ye Chen’s world.
Ye Chen thought that she had disappeared, but he didn’t expect that there was trouble.
So, he asked Master Hong Fifth, “What happened? What kind of trouble is Miss Song in?”
Master Hong V said, “Miss Song has recently had a bad year, so maybe there’s something wrong with her feng shui luck, and she’s had a whole lot of bad luck.”
Saying that, Master Hong Fifth said, “Eldest Miss has searched everywhere for Feng Shui masters, but she hasn’t seen anything, I would like to ask you to go and give long eyes to see if you can break Eldest Miss’ predicament.”
Ye Chen said calmly, “You first tell me what problems she has encountered, so I can roughly make a judgment.” Remember the URL
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Saying that, Master Hong Fifth said, “The most heartbreaking thing for Eldest Miss is that she had a diamond necklace that she had worn for more than ten years and was the most precious that was inexplicably lost, it was a relic left to her by her mother before she passed away, Eldest Miss cried for days over this matter.”
Ye Chen accosted two laughs and said, “It seems that Miss Song has really been having bad feng shui luck lately.”
“I don’t know.” Master Hong Fifth looked at Ye Chen and said seriously, “Mr. Ye, you’re a master of mysticism, I’m sure there’s something you can do about this, right?”
Ye Chen asked him back, “Hongwu, why are you so attentive to Miss Song? What is your relationship with the Song family?”
Hong Wu hurriedly said: “I’m not hiding anything from you Mr. Ye, Miss Song’s grandfather is my benefactor, I was able to stand up in Jinling back then thanks to Miss Song’s grandfather’s support, I originally wanted to properly repay his old man, but the old man drove his crane west, so I’ve been very close to Mr. Song’s father, and have always helped the Song family solve some of their inconveniences. Appearing things.”
Said Hong Wu, “To be frank, I’m just trying to repay a favor, the Song family is my benefactor.”
“Grace.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “What you said is quite sincere, besides, Miss Song and I have some friendship, how about this, tomorrow, you come pick me up downstairs from my house and we’ll go over to take a look.”
“All right!” Master Hong V said excitedly, “Thank you Mr. Ye! Can’t thank you enough!”
Early the next morning, Master Hong Fifth gave Ye Chen a call.

Chapter: 206
When Ye Chen came downstairs, she was sitting in the car and waved at him, saying, “Mr. Ye, get in the car!”
Ye Chen nodded and quickly walked over to get into the car, as Master Hong Fifth hurriedly started the car and drove towards the outskirts of the city.
On the way, Hong Fifth was a little anxious, “I heard that a Feng Shui master from Hong Kong is also arriving soon, Mr. Ye, you can’t let him steal your thunder!”
Saying that, he added, “Miss Song is the eldest daughter of the Song family and is about to take over the entire family, if we can do this thing beautifully, you and I will both benefit immensely in the future!”
Ye Chen laughed, “Hongwu, Hongwu, you’re not a generous person, yesterday you said it was to repay a favor, now you’re showing your fox tail, so you want to suck up to Miss Song?”
Hong Wu said awkwardly, “Repaying the kindness is one thing, so is drawing closer together! I know that Mr. Ye is supernatural, but in my heart, it’s not a bad thing to get closer to Miss Song, Miss Song is young and beautiful and has a strong family background, so if you become friends and join forces in the future, it will be a good thing for you, don’t you think so?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said indifferently, “If that feng shui master from Hong Kong is really good, then there’s nothing I can do.”
Master Hongwu sighed and said, “Let’s go over there first, you’re a master of mysticism with real skills, you’ll see if you can find a suitable opportunity then, let’s just rob that Hong Kong guy of his trade!”
Ye Chen didn’t say anything, his heart was also considering this problem, Master Lai from Hong Kong, if he was really a descendant of the Lai family, he probably had a few brushes to his name.
He might as well take a look at how the Lai family did things, perhaps it would have some inspiration for his next comprehension of the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures!
Miss Song’s villa, in the most luxurious villa area on the outskirts of the city. A second to remember to read the book
Master Hong Fifth drove Ye Chen along and stopped in front of an ultra-luxurious villa.
At that moment, out came a butler-looking man, and Hung Fifth hurriedly poked his head out and said, “Uncle Yu, is Miss Yu at home?”
That steward nodded with an indifferent face and said, “Hongwu ah, what are you doing here?”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly accompanied the smile and said, “Uncle Yu, I have invited a master over and want him to take a look at it for Miss, he’s a true master of mysticism!”
The housekeeper took a look at Ye Chen in the passenger car, his heart didn’t take this young man seriously, and said coldly, “Hongwu, Hong Kong’s Master Lai has come and is reading feng shui for Miss, it’s inconvenient to disturb him, if there’s nothing else, you can go back first.”
Hongwu quickly said, “Uncle Yu, Mr. Ye has come, how can you let Mr. Ye try it, right? Besides, Mr. Ye has a friendship with Miss!”
Yu Bo asked him: “Many people say that they have a friendship with Miss Yu, my ears have heard the cocoon, besides, can the person you hired be as good as Master Lai of Hong Kong? Master Lai’s ancestor is the originator of feng shui, he was invited by us from Hong Kong after a lot of hard work, so why do you join the fun? Hurry up and go!”
The first thing I noticed was that I was a little surprised, not because I was surprised at Master Lai’s identity, but because I was surprised that even Master Hong Fifth was a big shot who could make the entire Dao of Jinling earthquake by stomping his foot, but as a result, he couldn’t even handle a housekeeper in front of Song Wanting’s house.
Not only couldn’t he handle it, but he even had to kneel down and lick
Ye Chen could not help but slander in his heart, this Master Hong Fifth, he could really be a deadbeat in front of Uncle Yu! If this gets out, I’m afraid it will be despised by the people of the Jinling Road!

Chapter: 207
Hong Fifth was despised by the housekeeper, but not at all angry, but instead, the smile piled up even more on his face, and said respectfully, “Uncle Yu you see, this Miss’s problem is so serious, we, as servants, must also want to share her worries! What if that Master Lai can’t see Missy’s problem? He’s a Hong Kong master, and he may not be able to handle it when he comes to our mainland!”
Yu Bo said coldly, “What can you eat or not eat, do you really think you can find someone who can match Master Lai? Quickly go, if you interfere with Master Lai’s deployment, you can’t afford to be blamed by Missy.

Hong Fifth Master anxiously scratching his head, didn’t think that Uncle Yu wouldn’t even let in the door, how can this still allow Ye Chen to read the feng shui for his eldest sister?
So he blurted out, “Uncle Yu, have you heard of the Sea of Tranquility? It’s also a Hong Kong master, and the bragging is great, but what happened? Come to Jinling to pretend in front of Mr. Ye, Mr. Ye said a word of thunder, ka-ching, and struck him dead!”
Yu Bo was dumbfounded after hearing this.
The look at Ye Chen’s eyes was also a little more awe-inspiring.
He had heard about Yu Jinghai’s matter.
However, he was unclear as to who exactly had killed Yu Jinghai.
Unexpectedly, it was this young man in front of him!
In an instant, he had some respect for Ye Chen. The first website
So, he arched his hands at Ye Chen and said, “I’ve heard about Mr. Ye’s good skills, I admire him!”
After saying that, he hesitated for a moment and said, “In that case, then please go in and take a look, but Mr. Ye, everything is about first come, first served, and since Master Lai from Hong Kong came first, please don’t interfere much until he finishes reading the feng shui, and everything will be discussed after Master Lai finishes reading it, and if Master Lai solves the problem with Missy, please Mr. Ye will not interfere. ”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said with a carefree face, “No problem.”
Only then did Uncle Yu use the remote control to open the gate and said to Master Hong Fifth, “Drive the car in.”
Master Hong Fifth hurriedly drove into the villa while saying with a marvelous face, “Mr. Ye, you’re really awesome just now, Uncle Yu rarely gives face like this to outsiders except to the Song family.”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “Look at that no-good look of yours, when you meet the Song family’s steward you have to kneel down and flatter, I really don’t know how you got into the position of big brother on the Jinling Road.”
Mr. Hong Fifth smiled serenely, “Mr. Ye you don’t know, even if we are mixed up, that’s still a pawn that can’t get to the stage, and in front of a big family like the Song family that is hundreds of billions of dollars, it’s just material to be a little brother!”
Saying that, he parked the car and said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, let’s go meet this Master Lai for a while.”
Yu Bo led the two into the villa, which was extremely luxuriously decorated, almost indistinguishable from a royal family.
At the second floor, Yu Bo led them directly to a room with an open door and knocked lightly.
He then led them straight in.

Chapter: 208
In the room, a lean middle-aged man in a blue shirt was looking around with a compass, chanting, Song Wanting stood with her back to the door, and when she heard the three enter, she turned around and asked, “Uncle Yu, what’s the matter?”
Uncle Yu hurriedly said, “Eldest Miss, Master Hongwu has brought Mr. Ye over, saying that he wants to help you look at Feng Shui.

Song Wanting turned around and was surprised when she saw Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, what are you doing here?”
As soon as Ye Chen saw Song Wanting, he noticed that she was quite a bit more emaciated than what he had seen the previous days, and according to the records in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, she had a blackened seal and outflow of luck, so it seemed that something was really wrong.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Hongwu said that you were in some trouble and insisted on dragging me over to show you.”
At that moment, the middle-aged man with the compass, speaking Hong Kong-style Mandarin, said, “Miss Song, I, Lai Yongfeng, do things that ordinary people are not allowed to interfere with! Otherwise it will affect the operation of the Feng Shui Formation!”
Song Wanting knew that Ye Chen knew a little bit of metaphysics, but feng shui luck, and metaphysics were still somewhat different, she felt that Ye Chen’s metaphysics was suitable for strife, but feng shui was a discipline related to Zhou Yi Bagua, and it was not the same path as strife metaphysics, so she didn’t think that Ye Chen could compare to this Master Lai.
So, she then apologized and said, “Sorry ah Ye Chen, Master Lai is helping me with my practice, you and Uncle Yu go sit downstairs for a while, I’ll come over later to entertain you, sorry!”
Ye Chen opened his mouth and said, “Miss Song, one more person, one more way, I do see that you are having some problems, as a friend, I hope to help you solve your problems, but I can let this Master Lai make the magic cloth first, if he can solve it, then naturally everyone will be happy, if he can’t, I will try again.”
At this time, the middle-aged man holding the compass snorted coldly and spoke up, “I, Lai Someone, am the 22nd generation of Lai Bu Yi, how can a mere trivial matter be difficult for me? I see you’re young and you dare to call yourself a Feng Shui master, I’m afraid you’re not a charlatan!” Remember the URL
Ye Chen smiled slightly and saw that this Master Lai’s seal was lingering with a black and red Qi with a slight smell of blood, so he faintly said, “Master Lai, since you are a Feng Shui Master, why didn’t you see if you had a bloodshot today when you went out?”
Master Lai laughed, “Saying that I have the bloodlight disaster? Kid, you’re crazy as hell!”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m telling the truth, the fact that the blackness of your seal does not dissipate, your eyes are white and puffy, and your pupils are red and open, is a sign of a great leak in fortune, if you don’t remedy this urgently, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stop the bloodshed!”
Master Lai sneered, “Kid, I’m a member of the Lai family from Hong Kong, so don’t you dare fiddle and spout nonsense in front of me!”
Ye Chen trailed off, “I’m spouting off? You’re not the only master from Hong Kong that I’ve seen, and to be honest, they’re all pretty watery!”
Master Lai cursed at once, “I pooh! You mean our Hong Kong Master Water? You’re nothing!”
Ye Chen smiled, “Have you heard of a person called Yu Jinghai? Do you know what happened to him?”
“I don’t know any Yu Jinghai!” Master Lai snorted coldly, looked towards that Song’s eldest daughter and said, “My lady, wait until I immediately do something to help you turn your luck around, and also let this mouthy brat see the true feng shui mastery of my Hong Kong Lai family.”
Song Wanting nodded slightly, looked at Ye Chen, and said to Master Lai, “Master, please also make your magic as soon as possible!”
Master Lai immediately took out a few talismans, gestured at the void for a while, and shouted intonationally, “Pro-armed fighters are all arrayed in front, urgent as a law!”
Saying that, he tossed the talismans into the air, observing the direction and speed at which they scattered, then pointed to a pot of greenery in front of the window and said, “My lady, we’ve found the problem! This window opens to the east, which is the direction of the violet energy, and your luck should merge in from the east, and this pot of greenery is exactly blocking the eye of the formation and your luck!”

Chapter: 209
Once Song Wanting heard that Master Lai had found the key to the problem, she became excited and asked, “Master Lai, then my luck, will it be better if I move the greenery?”
“No and no!”
Master Lai said with a serious look on his face, “Feng Shui formations are invisible formations, even if you remove the greenery, you can’t remove the effect it itself has on the feng shui pattern.”
Song Wanting hurriedly pursued, “What then?!”
Master Lai said, “In the place of the green plants, you should place something that has been made by a higher power to repel evil spirits and transport them! Only in this way can we completely eradicate your aftermath, ensure your luck opens up and your violet energy returns!”
Song Wanting asked, “Then what is the object that repels evil spirits and transports luck?”
Master Lai immediately pulled out an egg-sized stone from his pocket and said earnestly, “Miss, this is Mount Tai Stone Marrow, it is the essence of the entire Mount Tai Stone that has been left over after tens of millions of years of constant weathering and encroachment, it is a divine item to drive away evil spirits and bring good fortune! If you place this Taishan Stone Marrow in the place of the green plant, all the fury will immediately dissipate, and you will definitely be in good time when the Purple Qi comes!”
Song Wanting was overjoyed and asked, “Master, how much does this Taishan Stone Marrow cost? I’ll buy it!”
Hearing this, Master Lai’s eyes flashed with excitement!
Immediately, he said with a serious face, “Miss, this piece of Taishan Stone Marrow would be worth at least fifteen million Hong Kong dollars if placed in Hong Kong, but I am also destined with Miss, I will sell you this piece of Taishan Stone Marrow for ten million RMB.” One second to remember to read the book
Song Wanting nodded and said, “Money isn’t a problem, as long as it can really help me solve my problems!”
Master Lai said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, my lady, if you put the Tai Shan Stone Marrow on display now, your luck will completely change tomorrow!”
Song Wanting was relieved, she brought her checkbook without hesitation, and with a wave of her tender hand, she opened a cash check for ten million dollars and handed it to Master Lai, “Master Lai, I’ll buy the Tarzan Stone Marrow, please set up a battle!”
Right now Song Wanting was only thinking of resolving the troubles she was currently experiencing as soon as possible!
Lately, she’s been going crazy with her bad luck.
Just last month, just after her 24th birthday, she started to have bad luck.
Firstly, she kept getting into various car accidents, and all five of her cars were damaged in different degrees.
Shortly after, she sprained her ankle, which still hurts to this day.
A few days ago, her mother left her a relic, her most prized jewelry, and she lost it!
The jewelry has been with her for more than ten years, literally half of her life, and she has offered a reward of several million dollars, but there has been no news.
For this reason, she doesn’t know how many times she cried quietly at night.
Yesterday, the Hong Kong Li family, who the Song family was actively working with, also added a big plug to the Song family!
The two families had originally agreed to cooperate and sign a contract, but the Li family from Hong Kong suddenly introduced another partner, not only calling off the contract with the Song family, but also showing signs from all sides that they wanted to cooperate with another partner even more.
To Song Wanting, this is like, the duck to the beak is suddenly bitten into the mouth by someone else.
The loss this brought to the Song family was incomparably huge, far more than she could bear!
With all kinds of bad luck going on, Song Wanting has long been unable to endure, and right now she just wants to get in touch with this miserable life quickly so that she doesn’t suffer even more losses.
Therefore, spending ten million to solve the feng shui problem could be a very good deal for her.
Master Lai’s hand trembles with excitement as he gets the 10 million cheque.

Chapter: 210
He hid the check on his person and immediately took the piece of Tarzan Stone Marrow to the window sill, took down the pot of greenery and placed the stone on top of it, all the while chanting a Daoist mantra.
Ye Chen looked at all of this and secretly sneered.
This Master Lai, not only did he know nothing about dog shit, but he had also unwittingly made a huge mess!
In fact, he had already seen the oddity of this house through the feng shui secret technique in the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.
He could clearly feel that this room had basically formed, a very terrifying and destructive formation in the secret art of Feng Shui – the Trapped Dragon Formation.
The so-called Trapped Dragon Formation, as the name implied, in this formation, even a dragon would be trapped, not to mention the luck of an ordinary person.
Therefore, no matter how lucky a person is, living in the Trapped Dragon Formation is bound to be a loss of luck and bad luck.
When a lady lives in such a room, all her luck is trapped, and once a person’s luck is trapped, they will naturally have bad luck one after another.
Fortunately, this Trapped Dragon Formation was still just taking shape and had yet to be perfected.
If it was really allowed to continue to be perfected, not only people’s fortunes, but also people’s fate could be trapped in it. The first website
It won’t be a matter of bad luck then, it could very well be the loss of your life!
Coincidentally, the only loophole currently left in this Trapped Dragon Formation was that pot of greenery!
Greenery is wood, which represents life and vitality!
Having it here is like opening the only remaining door for this desperate formation.
With a living door, it could barely fight against the gathering of the Trapped Dragon Formation with difficulty, preserving the last bit of luck for Missy.
However, this Master Lai had coincidentally picked this place and wanted to place his broken stone here….
You know, stones are gold! The representative is unbreakable!
Once this stone replaces the greenery, the Trapped Dragon Formation will almost be complete!
At that moment, Master Lai finished reciting the incantation, let out a sigh of relief, and said, “My lady, someone Lai has finished setting up the formation, you can rest assured!”
Song Wanting hurriedly asked, “Then my luck will be restored in the future? Not so unlucky?”
“Yes!” Master Lai nodded his head and said, “I, Master Lai, am famous for my feng shui techniques in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, even Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka Shing and Macau’s gambling king Stanley Ho are the ones I show their feng shui fortunes to, so don’t worry Miss!”
Song Wanting hurriedly pursued, “Master Lai, I wonder if you have a way to wish me back the bracelet my mother left me? I’m willing to pay another ten million if I can!”
Master Lai scratched his head, “This…. Miss, I’m good at the secret art of Feng Shui, and finding things like this is not my area of expertise ah…”
Song Wanting nodded somewhat disappointedly, “It’s fine, I’m already grateful to you for reversing the current bad luck, Master Lai.”
As soon as she finished speaking, her cell phone rang, and on the phone, a woman said urgently, “Master Song, it’s not good, something big has happened!”
Song Wanting hurriedly asked, “What’s the big deal?”
The other side said, “The shipment we exported to the U.S., we just unloaded the ship in the U.S., and the other company said that our product was substandard, and we have to return it and recover triple compensation according to the contract!”
Song Wanting’s eyes widened in beauty and panic as she took off, “Five thousand tons of goods all back? This time around, I’ve lost tens of millions of dollars just in tossed transportation and customs fees, plus triple compensation, which is hundreds of millions of dollars!”

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