The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3703

The old queen said with a sad look: “If you don’t get married, when I die, you will be left alone in the entire Nordic royal family! Have you ever seen such a miserable royal family…”

Helena said seriously: “Grandma, if the royal family does not have a suitable heir, then Northern Europe can completely abolish the royal family and change the constitutional monarchy to a presidential republic after my death. As for us, we can hire ourselves. Why should we worry too much about what will happen to us? ”

The old empress sighed and said, “If the royal family is really forced to cancel because there is no successor, then I would rather you give birth to Ye Chen when you are unmarried!”

Helena smiled and said, “Look, grandma, we finally reached a consensus on this issue.”

“Yes, yes…” The old empress seemed to have given up resistance, and said quietly: “What you said is correct. The question now is, how can you be pregnant with Ye Chen’s child? If you are pregnant, the time will come. Give birth to a Eurasian mixed blood, half of the royal bloodline is broken, how can you explain to the people?”

Helena said seriously: “How to be pregnant, you must first have a chance to meet Ye Chen and then talk about it. As for the next thing, you have to wait until you are pregnant.”

“Hey!” the old empress lamented: “I don’t care…you can figure it out by yourself…”

After finishing speaking, thinking of the auction, I couldn’t help muttering to myself: “If only I had the opportunity to participate in the auction of Rejuvenation Pill, I would also help you ask when Ye Chen would be free to come. Travel to Northern Europe…”

Helena shook her head helplessly. Just as she was about to talk, the phone rang suddenly.

She lowered her head to see that Ye Chen actually called, and immediately said excitedly: “Ye Chen called me!”

“Really?” The old queen was also a little excited, and asked quickly: “Can you tell him about the auction?”

Helena responded casually: “Let me see what he has to do with me.”

With that, she stood up, pressed the answer button, and walked to the window.

She didn’t really want her grandma to hear the content of her conversation with Ye Chen, so she avoided a little bit.

When she answered the phone, she suppressed the excitement in her heart and asked softly: “Mr. Ye, why did you call me suddenly?”

Ye Chen casually smiled and said, “Oh, there’s nothing. I saw the registration information for the Rejuvenation Pill auction and found that the Nordic royal family had also signed up, so I just called you.”

Helena hurriedly said: “I’m sorry, Mr. Ye, my grandma handled the registration, and she didn’t discuss it with me before.”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Nothing, I called mainly to tell you that according to the normal approval process, the amount of assets of the Nordic royal family has not reached the top two hundred.”

“Yes…” Helena said somewhat embarrassingly: “The financial resources of the Nordic royal family are not strong, and it is estimated that they have just met the minimum threshold for registration. There must be no way to enter the top two hundred.”

Ye Chen snorted and said, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t enter the first two hundred. I have reserved a few VIP seats on the spot. Then I will reserve one for your grandma. I will send the invitation letter to the palace. , Let your grandma pay attention to check it.”

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