The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3716

As for all magical implements, the strength of their efficacy is closely related to three aspects.

One is the material used for refining the method.

The better the material, the stronger the refining tool, which is the same as the sword casting. The better the steel used, the higher the sharpness and rigidity of the sword;

The second is the refiner’s own ability.

The stronger the spiritual energy and the higher the cultivation level, the stronger the magical artifacts that can be refined, just like the gap between ordinary people and swordsmiths, insurmountable.

As for the three, it is naturally the user’s own strength.

All magical instruments are by no means a perpetual motion machine that can be used indefinitely.

Take the Thunder Order for example. There are two types of magic weapons of this kind. One is that the refiner directly injects aura into the Thunder Order. This type of Thunder Order can be used by people who have no cultivation skills as long as they know the formula. .

But in this way, how long and how many times it can be used, it completely depends on the amount of aura contained in the thundering order.

The principle is the same as the squirt gun. How much water can be squeezed depends not on who uses it, but on how much water is stored in it.

There is another type, the refiner uses aura to refine the thunder talisman into the thunder ring, and every time it is used, the aura must be injected into it to be stimulated.

Now Ye Chen, the spiritual energy in his body is quite pure, so he plans to refine the Soul Piercing Blade in the second way.

As a result, this soul-piercing blade can only be used by himself, and no one else can stimulate it.

However, the best refining material Ye Chen has right now is the remaining clams.

Otherwise, there is no other choice.

So Ye Chen used the remaining part of the clams to refine a soul-piercing blade for himself.

In the Soul Piercing Blade, Ye Chen superimposed ten layers of Flying Blade Talisman, so that the power of Soul Piercing Blade was relatively more controllable.

After the soul-piercing blade was refined, the whole body was almost the same length as Xiao Churan’s lipstick, and it looked like a flying knife carved out of a shell.

No matter who sees it, it will feel that it is just a small handicraft, and no one will use it as a weapon.

In order to test the power of the Soul Piercing Blade, Ye Chen drove to the Champs Elysian Hot Springs alone, and went straight from the half-hill villa to the back. After climbing a few mountains, he came to a lush and uninhabited valley.

In this valley, Ye Chen just inspired a layer of flying blade charm, and felt an invisible sharp blade made of spiritual energy whizzing out from the tip of his fingers, instantly cutting off the thick cypress tree in front of him!

Seeing a dense tree suddenly cut diagonally, and then the upper half of the trunk with dense branches collapsed. In an instant, a large number of birds flew up from the leaves, and a few squirrels were also scared. And escape.

Ye Chen himself was shocked by this powerful power, but this was not over yet!

After the sharp blade cut the first cypress tree, it continued backwards and cut three big trees one after another. When it reached the fifth big tree, the power of the soul-piercing blade was reduced a lot, and the trunk of this tree was cut in half. Finally dissipated!

In front of Ye Chen, four big trees collapsed suddenly, and a large area was vacated in a moment of time in the dense woods!

Ye Chen looked at the scene in front of him, then looked at the harmless clam knife in his hand, and muttered to himself: “This thing is so powerful on only one layer. If it is ten layers, wouldn’t it take a sigh of relief? Cut down dozens of big trees?!”

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