The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 3718

Although she is not a vegetarian, she also has very clear control over meat. She rarely eats red meat, and also rarely eats raw seafood. She usually eats low-calorie chicken on weekdays.

However, in places like Tianxiangfu, chicken is one of the ingredients that can’t be served on countertops, so there is only soup made with chicken on the dinner table, but this kind of soup is generally used to cook those very precious ingredients.

For example, shark fin, abalone, and fish maw are highly respected high-end ingredients in Chinese cuisine.

But for Fei Kexin, it is really difficult to swallow. The hundreds of thousands of tables of Tianxiangfu’s highest-level banquets, in her view, are a large table of inferior protein and a proper gout meal.

She felt that if she continued to eat like this, she would get anorexia sooner or later.

So she greeted the waiter and asked her: “Hello, can the chef make me a chicken salad? Just put some salad vegetables and boiled chicken breasts, and put a little less salad dressing on it. .”

The waiter respectfully said: “Sorry, madam, our house does not have chicken salad, bluefin tuna with caviar salad, Australian lobster sashimi salad, foie gras and black truffle salad, and puffer fish sashimi salad. Would you like to choose one? share?”

Fei Kexin only felt that her head was as big as a fight, and she felt nauseous just hearing the names of these ingredients.

So, she reluctantly said to the waiter: “Forget it, go ahead.”

After that, she stood up and said to Chen Yingshan and others: “You eat slowly, I will go out and see if there are any local Jinling snacks nearby.”

Chen Yingshan hurriedly said: “Miss, let me accompany you!”

Several personal female bodyguards also stood up and said in unison: “Miss, let’s stay with you!”

Fei Kexin waved his hand and said: “This table is still untouched. We all left. How can we come here tomorrow? It will definitely be strange for people here to see it.”

After all, Fei Kexin said again: “You don’t need to follow, I just go out and go around by myself, Jinling has such a good law and order, nothing will happen.”

Everyone else knows Fei Kexin’s uncompromising temper. Hearing this, he didn’t say much, and could only agree.

Fei Kexin got out of the box and walked all the way to the door of Tianxiang Mansion. He happened to ran into a few service staff who was stopping an American.

The American population kept begging: “Please, please help me tell Wu Ye again. I ran from the United States so far with all sincerity. If Wu Ye can help me meet Mr. Wei I’m willing to give him ten million dollars! It’s really not good, even if I can make an appointment with the last Mr. Ye!”

When Fei Kexin heard the three words of Mr. Ye, he couldn’t help frowning, and muttered in his heart: “Mr. Ye, I don’t know if it has anything to do with that Master Ye.”

“This person came from the United States and asked for ten million dollars to see someone, which is really incredible…”

“Even if you see Buffett, it won’t cost ten million dollars. What are the sacred Mr. Wei and Mr. Ye?”

Just thinking about it, she couldn’t help but glance at Smith more.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that Smith was familiar.

After all, Smith is the head of the FDA, the head of food and drug safety in the United States, and indeed has a certain reputation in the United States, so Fei Kexin quickly recognized him.

Fei Kexin immediately guessed his intention to come to China, and thought: “Since he is the head of the FDA, he must have come for the Jiu Xuan Zai Pill who has been on fire recently.”

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help muttering in her heart: “Jiuxuan Zai Zao Wan…Rejuvenation Pill…Master Ye…Mr. Ye…Will there be any? What is the connection?”

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