The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 391-400

Chapter: 391
Because Ma Lan was soft and admitted her mistake, and made a strong promise that she wouldn’t do it again in the future, only then did Xiao Churan soften and didn’t pursue it.
In private, Xiao Churan said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, my mother is this person, you should not blame her too much, as long as she knows her mistake and can change, then there is no harm in it.”
What could Ye Chen say, after all, he was his mother-in-law and Xiao Churan’s own mother, so he could only smile and say, “I know Churan, you just have to think about this kind of thing, you don’t have to think about me, I am your husband, she is my mother-in-law, I definitely won’t blame her.”
Xiao Choran nodded her head in a moved manner, gently hugged Ye Chen and sighed, “Today’s matter is really thanks to you, if it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid that Mom and I wouldn’t have been able to leave there alive…”
Ye Chen smiled, “Alright, words of thanks don’t need to be on your lips all the time.”
“Mm…” Xiao Choran nodded and said, “The matter of moving out will just wait and see, what do you think?”
Although Ye Chen really wanted to move out with Xiao Choran, he must still respect Xiao Choran’s wishes on these matters.
So he smiled and said, “I don’t mind about moving out, I can move out or not.”
Saying that, he remembered something and said, “Right, the villa in Tomson is almost finished, when it’s finished there, let’s move there together as a family.”
Xiao Churan was a bit overwhelmed and said, “That villa is Wang Zhenggang’s after all, in case he regrets and wants to go back one day, it will probably be troublesome again, it’s not good for our family to move there, right?” Remember the URL
“There’s nothing not too good.” Ye Chen smiled, “Wang Zhenggang changed the villa to me long ago, and now that I’m the owner of the villa, it’s impossible for him to want it back, besides, don’t you want to live a quieter life in the future? If we move to the villa, where the house is big and several floors, we can live on the third floor and let Mom and Dad live on the second floor, so that we can see each other as little as possible and be more or less free, don’t you think?”
Xiao Churan thought carefully about it, Ye Chen’s words had really moved her.
She didn’t want to escape from this family, but at times she felt that she was a child of a human being after all, how could she move out of the house immediately when her wings hardened.
However, this kind of thing is hard to buffer.
But if you really moved into the villa, it would be much more convenient, as the rooms are not on the same floor, and the interference between them can be reduced as much as possible.
So she nodded and said to Ye Chen, “In that case, let’s move there when the renovation is done!”
A villa was burning by the river.
The fire arrived at the scene and it took a long time to extinguish the fire in this villa, but everything in the villa had been reduced to ashes.
However, the fire also monitored the wreckage of the fire and no human bodies or bones were found, which proves that there were no casualties from the fire.
Naturally, a fire with no human casualties is not that noticeable, so no one cared about the sudden fire.
The reason why no corpses or bones could be found was because Gao Jianjun and Gao Junwei, the father and son, had already been split into ashes by Ye Chen’s heavenly thunder and melted together with the other items burned into ashes in the room, which were simply finer and smaller than flour, so it was impossible to detect any dna components.
The Gao family, father and son, completely evaporated in the human world.
The entire Gao family was anxious as ants on a hot pan .
Although they didn’t know where exactly the master and son had gone, nor did they know about this master and son’s terrifying plan to get back at Ye Chen, but the villa that had burned down was theirs, and now that it had burned to the ground and the man had disappeared, they would naturally feel a little bad about it!
Subsequently, the Gao family offered a five million dollar reward to find them, and even sent pictures of the two to the whole city.
However, no one could find the two people who had vanished into thin air, and the world could no longer find any clues related to them.

Chapter: 392
Meanwhile, Xiao Yiqian, whose roots were destroyed by Ye Chen, was waiting for Gao Jianjun’s call at the Xiao house.
Ever since he saw the father and son who wanted to use gasoline to set fire to Shi Tianqi’s Relief Hall at the entrance of the hall last night, he realized that he had fools he could use.
What he had originally thought was to first fool them properly and lure them to make a move on Shi Tianqi, and then he would use the fake medicine he had prepared to replace Shi Tianqi’s real medicine.
Once he got his hands on Shi Tianqi’s real medicine, the root that he couldn’t use would naturally be able to regain its former grandeur.
However, after saying that he would contact him by phone today, the guy hadn’t even called him, which made him a little anxious.
He did not know Gao Jianjun’s name, so he could only call according to the phone number he left, but no matter how he called, he was not in the service area.
The more he couldn’t get through to the phone, the more irritated Xiao Yiqian became.
Old Mrs. Xiao, Xiao Chang Qian and his wife Qian Hongyan, his daughter Xiao Weiwei and his son Xiao Hailong, all five members of the family were guarding the side, carefully watching Xiao Yiqian who was sitting on the chair.
“Damn it! That son of a bitch, stand me up! That’s so untrustworthy!”
Calling Gao Jianjun’s phone once more, he found that his number still couldn’t be reached, and Xiao Yiqian was full of gloom. A second to remember to read the book
His entire body was now on the verge of collapsing, without his manhood, he was simply a living eunuch, so now he couldn’t wait to get his hands on Shi Tianqi’s divine medicine.
However, he knew Shi Tianqi’s background and didn’t dare to mess with Xiao Yiqian directly.
Xiao Weiwei saw that he was getting irritated and hurriedly went forward to ask, “What’s wrong with you, dear? Who are you calling? So irritated.”
Xiao Yiqian said with a black face, “To an asshole with an unknown name, dammit.”
Everyone looked at each other, not understanding why Xiao Yiqian was repeatedly calling someone whose name he didn’t know.
At this time, Xiao Hailong suddenly received a WeChat, opened it, it was a large group of Jinling dude, the group leader @ everyone, said, “Gao Junwei and his father Gao Jianjun are missing, the Gao family is offering a reward of five million for clues, if anyone knows a clue, you can go and get the money and buy everyone a drink ah!”
Immediately after that, pictures of the two were sent out.
Xiao Hailong was surprised and muttered, “How could the two men, Gao Junwei and Gao Jianjun, suddenly disappear?”
Xiao Weiwei was surprised and asked, “Brother, didn’t Gao Junwei make Ye Chen throw and fall crippled from the hospital’s building two days ago?”
“Yeah.” Xiao Hailong said, “He disappeared today…”
As soon as Xiao Yiqian heard this, he immediately matched up with the father and son who were carrying the gasoline last night and hurriedly asked, “Who is the Gao Junwei you just mentioned? Any pictures?”
“There.” Xiao Hailong hurriedly handed him the phone and said, “Look, Xiao Dong, it’s them and their son, who went missing today.”
As soon as Xiao Yiqian saw the photo of the father and son, he exclaimed in shock, “Fuck!”
What’s going on?
We were supposed to go mess with Shi Tianqi today, but then this retarded father and son suddenly disappeared?
Could it be……. Did that Ye Chen do it?!

Chapter: 393
Thinking that the disappearance of the Gao family’s father and son might have something to do with Ye Chen, Xiao Yiqian was inevitably nervous.
If Ye Chen could really make the father and son vanish from the earth, then I’m afraid that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to him….
Moreover, in that case, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to miss Shi Tianqi’s divine medicine.
After all, there was no scapegoat or backstabber available now, and one must not take the risk to provoke Shi Tianqi.
At this time, Old Mrs. Xiao looked at Xiao Yiqian with a face full of obsequiousness, humble as a dog, and said obsequiously, “Mr. Xiao, why don’t we think of another way to go to the big hospital in Yanjing to take a look at it, it might be able to your stubborn illness.”
Now that Xiao Yiqian was the straw that saved the entire Xiao family, Old Mrs. Xiao was even more anxious than him, if Xiao Yiqian had been unable to recover his manhood, the remaining 70 million investment would definitely float.
“Yeah Mr. Xiao, I think that Shi Tianqi is just a person who sells his reputation, he can hang out with a loser like Ye Chen, he has a fart.”
Xiao Changqian also licked his face and answered on the side, even more obsequious than Old Madam Xiao.
Their words fell to the ground, Xiao Yiqian’s face became even uglier, gritting his teeth, “Shut up, I know what that old bastard Shi Tianqi is capable of, he’s not willing to treat me, it’s probably useless to go to Yanjing.”
Xiao Weiwei also said anxiously, “Mr. Xiao, is there only one miracle doctor in Jinling, Shi Tianqi? Why don’t we find someone else?” First web site
It wasn’t that she had developed feelings for Xiao Yiqian, but she had just paid such a great price without getting much benefit, how could she be willing to do so?
Xiao Changqian remembered something and hurriedly asked, “Xiao Dong, didn’t you say that night that there was a friend who ran a pharmacy? Do you want to go to the other side and ask about it?”
Xiao Yiqian’s expression was suddenly happy, just thinking about Shi Tianqi’s miracle medicine, but forgetting about this matter.
There was a Wei family in Jinling, which was itself a large company in the pharmaceutical industry in Jiangnan, and the Weihe Tang under its name could be ranked in the country.
It just so happened that Xiao Yiqian and the Wei family’s young master had a pretty good relationship, and the two of them often fooled around together, and now they were probably the last straw for themselves in Jinling.
And that Wei family’s eldest young master, just like himself, is also a lustful evil spirit and a fellow traveler.
If you wanted to ask for his help, you had to start with that.
He looked up at Xiao Weiwei, his eyes filled with discontent and disgust.
After spending fifteen million dollars before and after, he ended up playing with this woman for two or three days and then became a eunuch himself, this was truly the most expensive woman he had ever played with!
Now, his roots have become a display, and he can’t continue to screw Xiao Weiwei, keeping this woman is useless, so he might as well bring her over to the Wei family’s young master to exert some residual energy.
Thinking of this, Xiao Yiqian looked at Xiao Weiwei and suddenly smiled and said, “Weiwei, tomorrow you dress up beautifully and accompany me to meet a friend.”
Xiao Weiwei, who had rarely seen Xiao Yiqian smiling and talking to her in the past few days, was delighted and hurriedly nodded her head, not even knowing what Xiao Yiqian had in mind.
The next day.
The news of the Gao family’s father and son’s disappearance was still spreading throughout the city.
However, Xiao Choran and Ma Lan didn’t take it seriously because Ye Chen had already said that they were absconding for fear of crime.
Since they were absconding for fear of crime, they would naturally disappear from the face of the earth.
Xiao Yiqian contacted the Wei family’s young master in advance, and at the end of the night, he took Xiao Weiwei to a club box in Jinling, anxiously awaiting the other party’s arrival.

Chapter: 394
Xiao Weiwei was beautifully dressed today, wearing a black hip-skirt worth over a hundred thousand dollars, which not only showed off the curves of her body, but also deliberately exposed the career line of her chest, and her face was heavily made up.
Although she was more than a step behind Xiao Churan, Song Wanting and other women, but after carefully dressing up, coupled with the exposure of the dress, it could still make most men want to move.
She was even a little excited when she heard that she was coming to meet the Wei family’s young master.
Although the Wei family was not considered the top family in Jinling, it was still much stronger than the Xiao family.
Now that the Xiao family had fallen out of favor, Xiao Weiwei also wished that she could get to know more rich people, in case she found a good opportunity, she might be able to bring some improvement to the family.
The two of them waited in the compartment for a short while before the door of the compartment was suddenly pushed open.
A middle-aged man in an Armani suit walked in, this man had a big back hair, dirty eyes, and a Patek Philippe watch on his wrist.
Behind him, there was a man carrying a bag, about a year or two younger than him, who looked like an assistant.
Xiao Yiqian stood up, smiled and said, “Oh my brother Wei, quickly sit inside.”
The middle-aged man smiled and said to Xiao Yiqian, “Xiao Dong, you’re a busy man, you used to come to Jinling to take care of everything, why do you suddenly have time to ask me out, I’m really flattered!” Remember the URL
Saying that, he saw Xiao Weiwei beside Xiao Yiqian and his eyes brightened up fiercely.
So he smiled and said to Xiao Yiqian, “I say, Mr. Xiao, who is this beautiful woman? You don’t introduce me to little brother either.”
Xiao Yiqian pulled Xiao Weiwei over and said with a smile, “Come, old brother Wei, let me introduce you, this is a niece of one of my own family, Xiao Weiwei.”
“So she’s the niece of Xiao, no wonder she’s so beautiful.”
When Wei Changming heard this, he smiled and nodded, a greedy look flashed in his eyes, he extended his hand to Xiao Weiwei and said, “Miss Xiao, it’s a pleasure to meet you!”
Xiao Yiqian said to Xiao Weiwei again, “Weiwei, this is Wei Changming, the general manager of Wei Family Pharmaceuticals, Wei Family Pharmaceuticals is a very famous pharmaceutical company in Jiangnan, but its strength is very strong.”
Xiao Weiwei also hastily shook hands with the other party and said, “Hello, General Manager Wei!”
Wei Changming greedily touched Xiao Weiwei’s hands twice before taking off his jacket and tossing it to the man dressed as an assistant behind him.
That assistant one didn’t catch it and the jacket fell to the ground.
Wei Changming’s eyes flashed with a look of incomparable disgust as he glared at him and cursed, “Rubbish! Can’t even do this little thing right!”
“I’m sorry brother, it’s all my fault…. You mustn’t be angry.” The man’s face was pale, and he quickly picked up his jacket and wiped the dust off it.
It was fine if he didn’t say it, but as soon as he said that, Wei Changming became even more upset, walked forward and directly smacked him with a slap, coldly saying, “Wei Liang, how many times have I told you, you’re a bastard son born and raised by a framer, you don’t even have the right to call me big brother, get out of here and wait outside.”
Wei Liang was slapped, but he didn’t dare to retort in the slightest, as if he was already used to it, he nodded his head in a humble manner and said, “I know big brother.”
After saying that, he hurried out of the box.
“What a buzzkill, damn it!”
Wei Changming cursed, and Xiao Yiqian, who was on the side, said curiously, “Old Brother Wei, this is that trash brother of yours, right?”
Wei Changming said coldly, “A mere bastard, not much of a brother to me!”
Afterwards, he looked at Xiao Weiwei with a greedy face and asked with a smile, “Miss Weiwei is so beautiful, I wonder if she has a boyfriend?”

Chapter: 395
Upon hearing this, Xiao Weiwei did not answer Wei Changming’s question, but looked at Xiao Yiqian awkwardly.
She didn’t dare to say that she didn’t have a boyfriend, because she was now Xiao Yiqian’s lover after all.
But she also didn’t dare to say that she was Xiao Yiqian’s lover, after all, Xiao Yiqian had a family, and she couldn’t see the light of day at all, so if she took it upon herself to say that she was his lover and caused trouble for him, she would instead be looking for trouble for nothing.
However, what she didn’t expect was that Xiao Yiqian was very generous at this time, and directly smiled and said to Wei Changming, “Old brother Wei, I’m not hiding anything from you, Weiwei she is actually my lover, but you must keep your mouth shut and not say anything to the public.”
Wei Changming was suddenly a little regretful, he thought that it was really Xiao Yiqian’s own niece, but it turned out that the niece was just a cover, but she was actually a lover.
Although he was attracted to Xiao Weiwei, he didn’t dare to steal a woman from Xiao Yiqian, so he could only dispel the thought in his heart.
Naturally, Xiao Yiqian saw all his performance in his eyes, and with a silent smile, he struck up a conversation with Wei Changming.
He deliberately asked Wei Changming, “By the way, Old Brother Wei, how is Master Wei’s health lately?”
Wei Changming sighed and said, “It’s not good, the old man had too many affairs and debts when he was young, and now that he has suffered retribution, his health is deteriorating day by day.”
Xiao Yiqian asked curiously, “Old man Wei has a lot of affair debts?” One second to remember to read the book
“Of course much.” Wei Changming said helplessly, “You don’t know, this old man of mine, almost like me, is a human pile driver, he was handsome when he was young, and he can coax women, taking the opportunity of doing business to acquire herbs everywhere, he almost sleeps wherever he goes, and as far as I know there are no less than twenty old lovers! And that’s just more than I know!”
“I’ll go!” Xiao Yiqian was shocked and said, “Your old man was such a flirt when he was young?”
Wei Changming nodded and said depressingly, “How else could I have found me a half-brother of the wild species back? In fact, there are several wild seeds outside my father, the other several are girls, only this wild seed is a man, my grandfather knew about it, he had to say that the Wei family’s seeds can’t go out, forcing my father to bring him back from Changbai Mountain.”
Said Wei Changming, “Not only I don’t treat this wild seed, my father himself also doesn’t treat him, but I can’t help it, having already recognized my ancestors, I can’t drive him outside, it would make people laugh, so I can only stay at home and do odd jobs.”
Xiao Yiqian had long heard that the Wei family had two sons, the eldest son was Wei Changming, while the youngest son, Wei Liang, was an illegitimate son, a windfall left by the old man of the Wei family from his earlier years outside, and was not received into the Wei family until he was in his teens, so he was never treated well, and was not even eligible to use the Wei family’s character.
The first one is the one who has the right to use the word “long”, so he is called Wei Liang.
It seems that this Wei Liang grew up in this kind of environment, is also miserable enough.
Xiao Yiqian suddenly asked curiously, “Right old brother Wei, your old man is so amorous, his ability in that area must be unusual, is there any good medicine?”
Wei Changming nodded and smiled, “Not to mention, there really is a recipe that the old man got by chance outside when he was young, it can strengthen the Yang and tonify the Kidneys and drastically improve a man’s ability in that area.”
“Really?!” Xiao Yiqian was pleasantly surprised and said, “Older brother, is this recipe still around now?”
Wei Changming said, “What can I say about this recipe, when I was young my father took it for twenty or thirty years, it really works, it is said that when the old man was collecting medicine in the southwest, he fought a dozen times a night, and people gave it the nickname Wei Family Fourteen Lang…”
At this point, Wei Changming sighed and said, “But this prescription ah, I later wanted to bring it over for mass production, and as a result, I had a pharmacokineticist study it and found that it has strong liver and kidney toxicity, so you see that old man of mine, in his early sixties, his liver and kidneys are on the verge of failure, the doctor said that he would have to live for two or three more years at most, and then he would have to go to the west to report to the Buddha in the west. ”

Chapter: 396
Xiao Yiqian’s face, which was originally overjoyed, was suddenly covered with heaviness again.
It was important to regain his male abilities and regain his masculinity, but his life was more important.
You can’t risk your life for a woman, right?
Wei Changming saw his contrast and asked curiously, “Dong Xiao, what are you…. Is there something hard to say?”
Xiao Yiqian showed a helpless expression and said, “Old Brother Wei, I’m not going to lie, Old Brother I’m now, just a fucking living eunuch, I can’t do anything at all, I went to the hospital and the doctor couldn’t do anything, you have to help me ah!”
Saying that, he hurriedly asked, “That medicine your old man used, is it toxic to take once or twice? You want to try to get me one?”
Wei Changming hurriedly said, “Older brother, just don’t try that medicine, in case it really ruins your body, the loss will outweigh the gain!”
Saying that, he added, “By the way, our Wei family is just working on this remedy, and we hope to improve it so that it can strengthen male virility without hurting the body, and if it’s done well, it could potentially have a strong restorative effect on that aspect of male ability!”
“Yes?!” Xiao Yiqian said in surprise, “That would be great! When will you get it?”
Wei Changming said, “But this door medicine is still lacking an herb, and in order to finish making it, we have to wait for the TCM Expo to be held in two days before we can buy this herb at the Expo.” The first website
Xiao Yiqian was overjoyed, don’t say two days, as long as he could be cured, two years could wait!
So he hurriedly said, “Brother Wei, after the medicine is made, can you sell me a copy of it, I really need it now.”
Could it not be needed? He is now a living eunuch, if he stays like this, he might as well cut it off.
Wei Changming staged a dilemma and said with a sigh, “It’s not that my brother won’t help you, the materials needed for this medicine are too precious, it’s estimated that only one portion can be made during the preliminary test…”
After saying that, he looked at Xiao Weiwei and said with a smile on his face, “However, it is not non-negotiable…”
How could Xiao Yiqian not know what Wei Changming, the old fox, meant, he smiled the smile that all men understand and said directly to Xiao Weiwei, “Weiwei, from now on you are Wei’s old brother’s person, you have to thank him for me and serve him as if you were serving me, got it?”
Wei Changming was so excited when he heard this.
The first time he saw Xiao Weiwei, he was eager to have something happen with this beauty.
But as soon as he heard that she was Xiao Yiqian’s native niece, he was suddenly extremely disappointed.
But he never expected that she is actually Xiao Yiqian’s lover, and Xiao Yiqian directly pushed Xiao Weiwei into his hands in order to get medicine.
This was truly a blessing in disguise!

Chapter: 397
Xiao Weiwei’s heart was somewhat unhappy.
She would prefer to continue to be Xiao Yiqian’s lover, while Xiao Yiqian could introduce herself to more big names.
This way, with the help of Xiao Yiqian’s aura, she would be able to manage her own connections and gradually become a famous woman in Jinling.
At that time, not only would she be able to benefit greatly, the Xiao Clan would also follow suit, and she, too, would become dependent on and at the helm of the Xiao Clan.
But what she didn’t expect was that Xiao Yiqian would only treat himself as a tool, and in order to ask for a share of the medicine, he would have to give himself away to Wei Changming?
She wanted to be Xiao Yiqian’s lover and a debutante of the upper class, but she didn’t want to be a plaything of the upper class, once the reputation of a plaything spreads, then she won’t be able to climb up in her life.
So, she pulled Xiao Yiqian’s hand and said coquettishly, “Yiqian, people love you so much, they just want to stay with you and don’t want to leave you….”
Xiao Yiqian was very irritated with Xiao Weiwei at this time, because Xiao Weiwei was the least cost-effective of the women he had played with.
Therefore, he was now desperate to get rid of Xiao Weiwei in exchange for the last bit of benefit.
Giving her to Wei Changming would naturally be the best choice nowadays. Remember the URL
Now that he no longer had the ability in that area, keeping Xiao Weiwei could only dry watch and eat, but if he sent Xiao Weiwei out, in case the Wei family could really cure his hidden disease, then he could still continue to find another woman.
So, he coldly said to Xiao Weiwei, “Don’t follow me with this, if I tell you to accompany Old Brother Wei, you will, where is all this nonsense?”
Xiao Weiwei was in tears of frustration and cried, “Yiqian, aren’t you with me because you like me? If you really like me, how can you give me away to someone else?”
Wei Changming at the side was a little less than pleased and spoke up, “Oh my Xiao Dong, since Miss Weiwei is deeply in love with you, then don’t force yourself on others!”
Xiao Yiqian raised his hand and slapped Xiao Weiwei, scolding her, “You’re just a plaything of Laozi, you have to do whatever Laozi tells you to do, and you still dare to disobey Laozi? I’m telling you, if you don’t spend some time with Old Brother Wei today, I will immediately withdraw my capital from the Xiao family and make the Xiao family bankrupt, and you must also return the money I gave you, and how I, Xiao Yiqian, can lift the Xiao family back to its original form!”
Hearing this, Xiao Weiwei was stunned, and a sense of humiliation instantly came to her heart.
However, what was the use of humiliation?
Can I reject Xiao Yiqian just because of humiliation?
It’s easy to reject Xiao Yiqian, a sentence of I won’t do it.
But after refusing? After the refusal, everything was knocked back to its original form, the Xiao family was waiting to go bankrupt and their dreams of being a famous lady would be shattered.
So, Xiao Weiwei could only force out a smile and said, “I promise, I promise! I will definitely serve General Manager Wei well.”
Xiao Yiqian sneered and said, “Count you sensible!”
With that, he pushed Xiao Weiwei into Wei Changming’s arms and smiled, “Go with Wei tonight!”
Wei Changming was particularly excited as he hugged Xiao Weiwei and said with a smile, “Weiwei, I’ll have someone open a room in the hotel, we’ll have a good chance to get to know each other better tonight!”
Xiao Weiwei quietly wiped away her tears, her heart resentful.
Once upon a time, she, Xiao Weiwei, was also the daughter of the Xiao family and the object of countless people’s pursuit, she also had a proud heart, looking for a boyfriend, always recognized the rich second generation of big families, ordinary hanging silk did not even look at it.
However, she never expected that she would end up in such a situation after her own machinations.

Chapter: 398
Fiancé Wang Yunfei abandoned himself to be Xiao Yiqian’s lover, but Xiao Yiqian used him as a tool and casually threw him back to Wei Changming, and if Wei Changming also got tired of playing with himself in the future, to whom would he be thrown?
At this moment, she couldn’t help but think of her cousin, Xiao Churan.
Xiao Choran had never been so thoughtful herself, she had never fallen in love before and had directly married Ye Chen, a trash, but although Ye Chen was a bit of a trash, Ye Chen would never let her suffer such an insult….
In comparison, he may not be the winner.
Wei Changming held her tightly in his arms and said to Xiao Yiqian with a dirty face, “Don’t worry, Mr. Xiao, as soon as we get the prescription together, we’ll immediately send the medicine to you! Help you get back on your feet!”
“Great!” Xiao Yiqian finally put his mind at ease and said with a smile, “Then I can wait for your good news with ease!”
Wei Changming nodded and looked at the time, his heart was a little hot and anxious to do something with Xiao Weiwei, so he smiled at Xiao Yiqian and said, “Mr. Xiao, you see it’s not too early today, why don’t we come here tonight?”
Xiao Yiqian knew that Wei Changming couldn’t wait to take Xiao Weiwei to spend the night together, and his heart couldn’t help but feel a surge of envy.
However, he nodded very generously and smiled, “Alright, that’s it for tonight, you two go first!”
Afterwards, she said to Xiao Weiwei, “Serve General Manager Wei well, do you understand?” One second to remember to read the book
Xiao Weiwei nodded her head in humiliation, her mouth could only honestly say, “Understood…”
This night, Xiao Weiwei had become Wei Changming’s lover again.
Deep down, Xiao Weiwei was disgusted by this new title, but Wei Changming marveled at that aspect of her performance.
This night, Wei Changming had also found his own second spring in Xiao Weiwei’s body.
So, after the rain rested and the clouds closed, he hugged Xiao Weiwei and promised her, “You don’t need to accompany that old guy Xiao Yiqian anymore, follow me steadfastly and I will make you a superior person.”
It was only after this that Xiao Weiwei’s heart finally felt a little better.
If Wei Changming could make himself a superior person, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for him to follow him.
After all, although he wasn’t as rich as Xiao Yiqian, he was at least much younger than Xiao Yiqian, and, by the looks of it, he wasn’t the type of man who could casually give himself away to someone else.
The next morning, the news of the Gao family’s father and son’s disappearance was still fermenting.
It was said that the Gao family had raised the reward to ten million yuan, and many small thugs on the road began to search everywhere for the father and son, expecting to become rich overnight.
Unfortunately, the Gao family’s father and son had already vanished into thin air, and no longer existed between heaven and earth.
After breakfast, Xiao Churan went to the studio, Xiao Changkun went to the Antique Association, and it was said that he was recently learning antique appreciation from the masters in the association, as for Ma Lan, she was scared like a dog yesterday, and went to play mahjong again early this morning in heavy makeup.
Ye Chen was mopping the floor at home by himself when he suddenly received a call from the Song family’s eldest daughter, Song Wanting.
Ye Chen pressed the answer button as he mopped the floor.
Song Wanting’s gentle voice rang out, full of respect and asked, “Master Ye, may I ask if you are at home now?”
“In.” Ye Chen asked curiously, “You want something from me?”

Chapter: 399
Ye Chen asked curiously, “You want something from me?”
Song Wanting smiled slightly and said, “It’s like this, our Song family has invested in a high-end clubhouse in the Jin Kai District, and we want to give you a Supreme Membership Card, I’m currently downstairs at your house.”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “You can come up directly, I’m at home.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “That’s great, I’ll be right up.”
Ye Chen hung up the phone with a hmmm.
A few minutes later, Song Wanting rang the doorbell.
Ye Chen opened the door and couldn’t help but see a bright light.
Today, Song Wanting was wearing a black evening gown dress that was trimmed very close to her body, revealing her thin willow-like waist perfectly, and under the short front and long back skirt was a pair of long, flawlessly white legs that were like beautiful jade.
Coupled with her cold and noble face, and the superior temperament she had cultivated for a long time, her entire body was as wonderful as a dark night elf.
This outfit of hers was so stunning that Ye Chen couldn’t help but take a few more glances. The first website
“Master Ye.”
Song Wanting yawned, having purposely spent and dressed up with makeup when she came herself, and seeing Ye Chen’s stunning gaze, her heart couldn’t help but feel sweet.
Ye Chen nodded faintly, “Come in and sit down.”
Song Wanting mmmed and cautiously followed Ye Chen in.
After they sat down, Song Wanting took out a VIP card made of pure platinum and respectfully presented it with both hands.
“Master Ye, this is the Supreme VIP card of the Splendid Clubhouse, only one card was made, only you have it, it’s a small token of my appreciation, any time you go to the Splendid Clubhouse, with this card you will be free for life.”
The newly opened Splendid Clubhouse had been a hot topic in Jinling’s high society these days.
Because it was the Song family’s investment in the club, the overall investment was extremely high, and it had taken several years to build before it was finally completed, it could be considered the top high-end business club in Jinling.
With the Song family behind it, the place gathered almost all the big names in Jinling, as well as the entire South Canton Province.
The more this kind of place where big personalities were piled up, the better choice it was to discuss business, engage in cooperation, and expand one’s network, which was why this place was sought after by countless people before it even opened, who all wanted to be able to become members of the brilliant club.
However, in order to ensure that the club’s high-end, the membership here has a very strict threshold restrictions.
Brilliant’s members were divided into a total of four levels: ordinary member, senior member, vip member, and senior vip member, and as for the supreme vip card that Song Wanting gave to Ye Chen, it was unique, so the outside world didn’t even know about it.
Among them, just the lowest ordinary member would cost a million to join, while the senior member would cost five million, and the VIP member would cost tens of millions.
To become a senior vip member, one had to be the head of a family whose family assets were in the tens of billions, otherwise it was simply impossible.
Therefore, to the outside world, a senior VIP would already be a top level member.
Ye Chen had no interest in this kind of thing, but it wasn’t good to refute Song Wanting’s face, after all, people had made a class of members specifically for themselves, and if he refused, it seemed a bit unreasonable.
So he took the supreme membership card, smiled and thanked her, then put it into his pocket smoothly.
At this time, Song Wanting looked at Ye Chen, hesitated for a moment, and somewhat not too kindly said, “Master Ye, in addition to that, Wanting has an unsympathetic request, I wonder if Master Ye can fulfill it.”

Chapter: 400
Ye Chen faintly said, “Tell me.”
Only then did Song Wanting panicked and said, “Master Ye, our family invested in the Brilliant Clubhouse and spent over a billion dollars before and after, it is also considered a relatively large project, Wanting is afraid of any mistakes, I hope you can help look at the feng shui and break the misfortune.”
Song Wanting said so with her mouth, her heart was also a bit apprehensive, not knowing if Ye Chen would agree, a pair of big eyes looked at Ye Chen nervously.
Ye Chen smiled faintly, thinking that the Song family had always behaved well and was quite loyal to him, plus Song Wanting’s attitude was very respectful this time when she personally came to the door, so he might as well go over and take a look.
Thus, he nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll go there with you.”
Song Wanting hurriedly said, “Thank you Master Ye for taking the time out of your busy schedule, my car is just downstairs of your house, we can leave anytime, see when it’s convenient for you?”
Ye Chen said, “Right now, it’s just a good time to also see how you’re doing with this clubhouse.”
Song Wanting was overjoyed and hurriedly accompanied Ye Chen out respectfully.
Soon, Song Wanting’s Rolls-Royce was parked at the entrance of the Splendid Clubhouse. Remember the URL
The Splendid Clubhouse was located in the Jin Kai District, the most prosperous area of Jinling.
The Song family started working on this project a few years ago, and it was not until recently that the construction was completed.
The clubhouse, which was manned by one of the country’s top architects, was decorated in a style that was at the forefront of trends and extremely luxurious.
As soon as the car stopped, a waiter immediately opened the door, and Ye Chen and Song Wanting walked down.
After getting out of the car, Song Wanting respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, please follow me.”
Ye Chen nodded and first roughly measured the entire clubhouse’s facade.
The external shape of the brilliant clubhouse appeared to be wealthy and magnificent, the luxurious atmosphere revealed a hint of nobility, and the two Chinese white jade stone pillars were carved with dragon patterns, not to mention lifelike, making people awe-inspiring.
From the moment you stepped into the clubhouse, the floor was all covered with a layer of Arabian handmade wool carpet.
Such a wool carpet would cost almost tens of thousands of yuan for a square meter, and the entire hall’s thousands of square meters of space would cost tens of millions of dollars just to spend on the floor!
Song Wanting followed respectfully and pointed at the surrounding walls of the several dozen meter high hall, and said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, these murals are world-class cultural treasures, each one of them is worth around ten million dollars.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “There’s a country in the Middle East called Abu Dhabi, and the entire Grand Mosque there is in this style, but you’ve handled it just right here, and it’s not so religious.”
“Yes.” Song Wanting said carefully, “After all, most of us in China are atheists and don’t promote too many feudal superstitions, so when we designed this clubhouse from the beginning, we tried to avoid the style of religious culture.”
After saying that, Song Wanting pointed to the top of the hall, a ten-meter tall, very huge ceiling crystal lamp, which was not only extremely large, but also very bright, lighting up the entire interior like daylight.
Song Wanting continued, “Master Ye, this crystal chandelier is made of natural crystals and weighs 8.8 tons, the Song family wasted a lot of contacts and efforts to get it, and in order to get it over from Europe, we specially flew it from Austria to Jinling and then assembled it.”
Ye Chen said, “Feng Shui says that all business places and all serious business, the light should not be too dark, the darker it is, the more it affects the feng shui, so on the lamp, you must not save money.”
Song Wanting nodded and said, “What Master Ye has reminded me is, Wan Ting has been taught.”
Saying that, Song Wanting smiled at Ye Chen and said, “Master Ye, the top floor here is closed to the public, other than the Song family, only you, the only Supreme VIP, can go up there, why don’t we go to the top floor first and take a look?”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, “Good.”

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