The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 4854

Fei Kexin didn’t think that the old man still remembered himself, and quickly said respectfully: “Mr. An, how are you recently?”

The old man nodded and said to Fei Kexin, “Miss Toffee’s clothes, I have been doing well recently.”

Fei Kexin said hurriedly: “Mr. An, don’t say that, how can I be a junior like me!”

An Chongqiu on the side also nodded politely to Fei Kexin and said, “Hello, Miss Fei!”

Fei Kexin responded respectfully: “Hello, Mr. An!”

An Chongqiu asked with concern: “Miss Fei, I would like to ask, where is my good brother Li Yalin buried now? If it is convenient, please give me an address, I want to go to worship.”

Fei Kexin still didn’t speak, and Li Yalin, who was wearing a mask and sunglasses, suddenly said, “An Chongqiu! Your brother Li is still alive!”

When Li Yalin said this, An Chongqiu and An Qishan around him were stunned!

Both of them could hear that this was Li Yalin’s voice.

However, neither of them could believe that the person in front of them would be Li Yalin.

After all, in the gym that day, the dead men beat the top players of the An family into a beehive. Even if they didn’t see Li Yalin’s body with their own eyes, they knew that Li Yalin, who was the first to bear the brunt, could not survive.

And Ye Chen, who rescued them that day, also said that Li Yalin was dead, and immortals could not be saved.

So, how can they believe that Li Yalin can appear in front of them alive at this time.

Li Yalin saw the An family’s father and son staring at him with wide-eyed eyes and speechless. Impatiently, he tore off his mask and sunglasses, and blurted out, “It’s me! I’m not dead!”

“Fuck!” An Chongqiu blurted out in horror, “I’m not fucking dreaming…you…how did you survive?!”

An Qishan on the side couldn’t help but sigh: “Yarin, is it really you?”

Li Yalin nodded and said respectfully, “Uncle An, it’s really me!”

An Chongqiu came back to his senses, stepped forward and patted Li Yalin’s face, shook his shoulders, and asked in disbelief and excitement, “Old Li…what’s the matter? What the hell! I’m running out of brains!”

Li Yalin sighed and said with emotion: “This is a child without a mother, it’s a long story…”

At this time, An Qishan stepped forward with great satisfaction, embraced An Chongqiu, and said repeatedly: “Yarin, no matter what, you can stand here alive, my old bones are so gratified!”

An Chongqiu was also very excited, hugged Li Yalin tightly, and choked: “Old Li, it’s great that you are alive… Brother, I’m really so happy…”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but redden his eyes and sighed: “Chongqiu, the moment the elevator door opened and countless bullets passed through my body, I knew that I was dead. At that time, I was only worried about my wife. My daughter and I were also worried about your family, and thought you would also encounter unforeseen circumstances, but I am very happy to hear that you are all alive!”

The old man An Qishan sighed and said quickly: “Yalin, Miss Fei, this is not the place to talk, let’s go in and talk! Go in and talk!”

An Chongqiu also came back to his senses, and quickly said excitedly: “Yes, yes! Let’s go in and talk! Old Li, I want to have a drunken break with you at noon!”

An Qishan looked at Fei Kexin again and invited: “If Miss Fei doesn’t dislike it, let’s stay together for a light meal at noon!”

Fei Kexin knew that the An family must have a lot of questions to ask themselves and Li Yalin, and that he had to observe Li Yalin’s answers and performance to prevent him from saying the wrong thing or revealing key information to the An family.

So, she cupped her hands and said, “Thank you, Mr. An, the younger generation would be more respectful than obedient!”

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