The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5402

Oberjun on the plane was very relaxed. In his opinion, going to Cyprus is no different from ordinary people going to a chicken farm, and there is no need to worry about any danger.

Halfway through the flight, he suddenly took out his mobile phone, and using the internal communication software of Po Qinghui, he sent a video call invitation to Boyun Ruge in Dingyuan who was in the Far East.

Yun Ruge didn’t answer, but after rejecting his invitation, he replied with a voice: “What does Uncle Jiangong want me for?”

Au Bojun said with a smile: “Ruge, the Far East must be very boring, right? I went to Naples today and found that the climate and customs in Southern Europe are very good. If there is a chance, we two might as well go there together.”

Yun Ruge said lightly: “Forget it, I want to be alone.”

Ou Bojun replied: “Ruge, why do you keep rejecting me thousands of miles away? After so many years, you should know my sincerity to you. If you look around, there are people in the world who are more suitable for you than me.” ?”

Yun Ruge asked in a bad tone: “Why do I need others to suit me? Don’t you think that I still need feelings today? What’s the use of feelings? Can I improve my cultivation? Can I gain longevity?”

Ou Bojun sighed, and said with an awkward smile: “Ruge, look at you, although feelings can’t improve your cultivation, and you can’t live forever, but it can satisfy people! No matter how much you and I practice, it’s impossible for us to last forever. Since you will die sooner or later, why not take some time and enjoy yourself in time?”

Yun Ruge said coldly: “Sorry, I’m not interested in carpe diem.”

Au Bojun’s tone became a little anxious, and he asked her back: “You can’t be a big girl who has never been married until you die, right? If you don’t find a partner, at least you have to have a son and a half daughter, otherwise, after we die, who will give birth to you? We set up monuments, who will kowtow and burn paper for us?”

Yun Ruge said disdainfully: “Death is like a lamp going out. If I die, the best ending is to die without any worries. Let this body return to ashes and dust to dust. As for setting up monuments and kowtow to burn paper, I will die.” They’re all dead, what else do you want to do?”

Ou Bojun realized that Yun Ruge was wary of him, sighed helplessly, and muttered: “It’s hard to come to this world for a while, I don’t want to die in obscurity, I think there will be people who will remember me after death, don’t Forget about me.”

Yun Ruge snorted and replied, “Then hurry up and find a woman in the meeting to marry, and let her bear a few more children for you. After you die, descendants will go to your grave and burn paper.”

Ou Bojun said resentfully: “Uncle Dingyuan, I have repeatedly hinted and hinted that you have found all kinds of reasons to prevaricate me. I, Ou Bojun, am I so bad? I can’t get into your eyes, Uncle Dingyuan.”

Yun Ruge smiled lightly and said, “Uncle Jiangong was joking, what virtue and ability Ruge has, you value him so much, and it’s not that Ruge doesn’t look down on you, Ruge is just aiming at cultivation, if he can achieve longevity, the world will be Everything worth having will be there sooner or later; if you don’t want to live forever, everything will be like a passing cloud and cannot last forever, Ruge doesn’t like this feeling.”

Ou Bojun was stunned for a moment, and then sighed: “How can longevity be so desirable? Even an old man who is as strong as the Lord of England doesn’t have this ability. It must have the ability to reach heaven!”

Yun Ruge said indifferently: “Whether I want it or not is my business, whether I want it or not is a matter of heaven, the two are not in conflict.”

After finishing speaking, Yun Ruge sent another voice, saying: “Uncle Jiangong, although you and I are in the same robe, we are not in the same way after all, so I ask Uncle Jiangong not to waste time on Ruge in the future.”

Oberjun was very depressed, but also mixed with sadness, anger and dissatisfaction.

It’s just that when Yun Ruge talked about this, he really had no face to continue stalking, so he sighed and said dejectedly: “That’s all, Uncle Dingyuan has great ambitions, I know I’m not good enough for you, today is the truth Meng Lang is gone, and when we meet in the future, I ask Uncle Ding Yuan not to mind.”

Yun Ruge said with a smile: “I am very forgetful, I accidentally deleted Uncle Jiangong’s information just now, and I can’t even remember what Uncle Jiangong said just now.”

Ou Bojun knew that Yun Ruge was giving himself a step down, so he replied: “Since Uncle Dingyuan deleted it and forgot about it, then I won’t mention it anymore, I hope you and I can complete the Lord Ying’s explanation. mission, return in triumph!”

After Ou Bojun borrowed the slope to get off the donkey, Yun Ruge didn’t talk to him any more, just replied OK.

Oberjun looked at these two letters, and his mood suddenly became very bad.

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