The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5416

At this moment, Cyprus has mobilized a large number of personnel and equipment from multiple departments to come to support, so the people on the scene are mixed, and the troops in charge of security around them focus their energy on blocking media reporters from approaching, so they don’t realize at all that Wu Shutong and the others Has bypassed their marking.

When Wu Shutong came to the periphery of the copper mine quietly, he was completely shocked by the scene in front of him.

He never expected that this huge copper mine, which took decades to complete, has now turned into a ruin more than ten meters deep!

In the ruins at this time, a large number of construction machinery are being excavated at different points.

There are even several drilling machines at the scene. These drilling machines are constantly drilling underground, trying to bring out the soil components hundreds of meters deep underground to see if there is human DNA in it, so as to determine whether the bottom of the copper mine exploded. someone.

Wu Shutong was terrified and frightened. He took out his mobile phone to take some photos of the scene after a long pause, and prepared to send them back to the hero.

Afterwards, he saw a lot of marching tents set up in the surrounding air, so he decided to go in and find out about the current work progress of the Cypriot officials.

When he discovered that someone was sending samples to one of the marching tents one after another, he immediately leaned against it without making a sound.

Through the tarp of the tent, he heard the conversation inside.

One of them said, “Commander, we have found multiple warheads at the location where the anti-aircraft warheads were found before, and we have found more than 30 warheads so far, including four warheads with human DNA.

These words shocked Wu Shutong incomparably!

He couldn’t help thinking in his heart: “Close-up guns?! How could there be close-up guns in the garrison of dead soldiers?!”

At this time, the commander said: “Immediately ask the biological experts to check the human DNA on the four warheads to see if they are the same person.”

The reporter said: “Okay Commander, I will make arrangements now.”

The commander said again: “By the way, there is one more thing.”

The reporter said respectfully: “Commander, please speak!”

The commander said: “I need to know where these close-in defense shells came from, whether they were fired from the inside of the copper mine, or from the outside of the copper mine, so the most urgent thing now is that you must give me Find the casing of the close-in gun!”

After all, the commander said again: “Order to go down, let the excavation team at the site pay attention to whether there are any bullet casings of the anti-aircraft guns in the ruins, and in addition, let the second team look for clues to the bullet casings within two kilometers around the copper mine!”

The reporter immediately said: “Okay Commander, I will arrange it now!”

As soon as the words fell, a voice came from the intercom: “Report No. 31, Report No. 31, we found some shell casings of 30mm close-in anti-aircraft guns in the ruins. Please ask weapons experts to see if these shell casings are consistent with the previously discovered warheads. match!”

When the commander heard this, he immediately became excited, and blurted out: “Send the shell casings to me immediately!”

A few minutes later, a staff member ran into the tent holding several shell casings that had been squeezed and deformed in the ruins.

After receiving the photos, the long-distance weapon experts also gave preliminary opinions. These shell casings are indeed the shell casings of the Soviet-made 30mm close-in anti-aircraft shells, which are very consistent with the caliber and model of the warhead. Basically, it can be concluded that these shell casings It belongs to the same batch as the warhead.

After receiving the reply, the commander exclaimed: “These near-anti-aircraft guns are actually in the copper mine… That is to say, the copper mine did not encounter a terrorist attack… They secretly equipped the near-anti-aircraft guns themselves!”

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