The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5480

This was originally a lecture hall specially used by the Champs Elysees Hot Spring Hotel for group clients to hold meetings. It can accommodate hundreds of people for meetings at the same time, but now, it has been completely emptied and has become the main training hall for this martial arts training.

In the practice hall, the original rostrum of more than 100 square meters has been demolished and replaced by a super large arena with the same area.

Here, it will be the main venue for future students to learn from each other and even learn martial arts from their master.

In front of the arena, there is a practice field made entirely of solid wood floors. At this time, more than a hundred futons have been placed here regularly, and students have to sit cross-legged on the futons when they are listening to the class.

Nanako Ito and Qin Aoxue were so excited that they didn’t sleep much all night.

Both of them love martial arts, but they have never had the opportunity to learn real martial arts.

All those who practice external kung fu dream of being able to master true qi so that they can cultivate both internally and externally, and these two people are no exception.

However, apart from being excited, the two of them were also very nervous. After all, they had never really practiced martial arts, and they didn’t know how to move Qi to the dantian and break through the meridians. They were afraid that they would not be able to find the trick.

Just when the two were confused, Su Ruoli came to them and asked with a smile, “Miss Ito, Miss Qin, why are you two so sad?”

“Ruoli!” Seeing Su Ruoli, the two felt a little less anxious, Qin Aoxue sighed and said, “Ruoli, Nanako and I are very afraid that we won’t be able to get in, how long did it take you to get in? ”

Su Ruoli thought for a while, and said: “It took about a year from the beginning of cultivation until I was able to see the existence of the meridians and dantian inside. It’s been more than a year, add up before and after, it’s three years.”

“Three years?!” Qin Aoxue was extremely disappointed in an instant, and lamented: “It is said that this training will only last for six months at most, so Nanako and I may not even have time to get started…”

“How is it possible.” Su Ruoli said with a smile: “With the talents of both of you, I think it will be no problem.”

Nanako Ito said with a smile: “We are just afraid that we don’t have the ability to see inside. This is also very talented?”

Su Ruoli thought for a while, and said, “Internal peeping… how should I put it, it’s not as mysterious as it sounds, as if you can really see the inside of your body, but it is actually a kind of sense, and the senses of ordinary people are external , The external wind and sun, cold, heat, dryness and humidity can all be perceived intuitively through the senses, but the movement of true qi is inside the body, so you must first establish your own internal senses, this feeling can only be felt and cannot be expressed in words , once you find the way, you may be able to master the mystery one day.”

As he said that, Su Ruoli said again: “This feeling is exactly the same as that of ordinary people watching others speak ventriloquism. I wonder if you understand ventriloquism?”

Nanako said subconsciously: “I saw it on TV, it seems that you can speak with your abdomen, is that so?”

“Almost.” Su Ruoli said, “It’s actually a special pronunciation technique, but this technique is very different from the way ordinary people speak. You need to adjust your breath through your abdomen, which is similar to the feeling of martial arts training. Very similar, when ordinary people see ventriloquism, they will find it incredible, because they don’t understand how people can use their abdomen to make a sound. Moreover, if no one teaches the skills and only rely on their own thinking, there may not be one out of 10,000 people. Personally figured out the real mystery of ventriloquism;”

“However, for those who really understand the principle of its sound, ventriloquism is easy to come by, just like ordinary people can’t understand, and it’s hard to understand how to use the dantian and meridians to circulate the true energy;”

“Or to put it more simply, it’s like riding a bicycle. Before the bicycle was invented, no one could have imagined that a two-wheeled vehicle could keep balance while riding, and when learning to ride a bicycle, it was also difficult to find that The point where the bike balances;”

“But this kind of situation is often like a layer of window paper. If you can’t find a way, you will never be able to pierce through it for a lifetime. But if you find a way, you will be enlightened in an instant!”

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