The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5489

In the afternoon of local time in the United States, Li Yalin packed some simple clothes and supplies, and took off from Houston to New York on a Gulfstream business jet sent by Anjia.

An Chongqiu has already arranged a plane to take off from New York at night and go to Jinling. After Li Yalin lands in New York, he can directly transfer to Anjia’s large passenger plane to Jinling.

This time, although only An Qishan, his wife, and the eldest son An Chongqiu went to Jinling together in the An family, they were accompanied by many housekeepers, assistants, servants, and nearly a hundred well-trained bodyguards.

Therefore, what An Chongqiu arranged this time is a private jet converted from a Boeing 748. This huge wide-body airliner is divided into upper and lower floors in the nose part. There is a small living room and two bedrooms on the upper floor. Below the bedroom, there are more than 100 standard business class seats and a rest room for the shift crew.

When Li Yalin landed in New York, An’s family and his entourage had just completed boarding in the hangar dedicated to their own shipping company. The Gulfstream business jet taxied directly into the hangar and slowly stopped on the parking stand next to the 748.

Immediately afterwards, the cabin door opened, and one crew member took Li Yalin off the plane, while another crew member helped him carry the suitcase and sent him all the way to the Boeing 748 next door.

The crew took him directly to the second floor of 748. At this time, An Chongqiu was chatting with his parents on the sofa seat in the living room. Seeing that the crew brought Li Yalin up, he hurriedly waved to Li Yalin and said, “Come on!” Come on, Lao Li, sit down quickly, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Li Yalin smiled slightly, first greeted the elders, called Uncle An and Aunt An, and then said to An Chongqiu: “Chongqiu, your schedule is too tight, why don’t you fly at night? Let Uncle An and Aunt An have a good night’s rest, and fly again tomorrow morning!”

An Chongqiu smiled helplessly: “It’s not up to me to decide when to fly.”

The old lady An on the side smiled and said: “Yalin, let’s fly at night, and we will arrive soon after sleeping, and we must not sleep well on the plane, we will wake up from sleep, and it will be night when we arrive at the place. Not at ease, just catch up on sleep after landing, and it will be dawn after waking up, so there is no need for jet lag. If you fly in the morning and fly all the way to Jinling in a particularly energetic way, it will still be morning when you arrive in Jinling. If you can’t do it, it’s not easy to reverse the jet lag.”

An Chongqiu said with admiration: “Auntie, it has to be you. After hearing what you said, it immediately makes more sense. You think more comprehensively than I do.”

The old lady An said with a smile: “Stop praising me here, if you think about it comprehensively, who can compare with you.”

An Qishan looked out the window in silence for a while, and then asked old lady An: “Hui Yin, where are we going by plane?”

Old Madam An said patiently: “Didn’t I tell you just now, let’s go to Jinling and find Chen’er.”

“Looking for Chen’er…” An Qishan murmured, and then asked: “How old is Chen’er this year? Is he an adult?”

The old lady said: “Chen’er is twenty-eight this year, maybe when he is found, he will be able to find his grandson along with him.”

An Qishan froze for a moment, nodded, and looked out the window blankly again, and stopped talking.

Li Yalin asked the old lady in a low voice: “Auntie, Uncle An, is he serious again?”

The old lady nodded and said: “It’s a little worse than before. Now, more than half of the waking hours are spent explaining the situation to him repeatedly, but most of the time I just turn my head and forget.”

As she said that, the old lady said again: “The reason why I was in a hurry to go to Jinling is also because of this reason. If I procrastinate any longer, even if I see Chen’er, I’m afraid he won’t be able to remember.”

“Hey…” Li Yalin sighed, and thought to himself: “Ye Chen has supernatural powers to save me and treat the old man’s Alzheimer’s disease. When the two meet, at least they have to find a way to let him cure the old man’s illness…”

Just when Li Yalin was thinking about something, the old lady said: “By the way, Yalin, you have solved the case for so many years, tell me, based on your experience, where should we start to find Chen’er’s whereabouts? ”

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