The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 551-560

Chapter: 551
“Absolutely not?!”
Wu Donghai never dreamed that Master Song would reject him so cleanly.
It was as if Master Song didn’t even consider it before rejecting himself!
On what grounds?
My Wu family is more powerful than your Song family. My son is the eldest grandson of the Wu family, and to put it politely, he is the most outstanding young talent in the entire Jiangnan.
He is the most outstanding young man in the entire Jiangnan Province. Many girls from big families even take the initiative to throw themselves at my son to seduce him.
If I like your Song Wanting, it’s because I’m giving your family face!
In the end, it’s you Song family who have overrated us!
You have 10,000 reasons to say yes, but there shouldn’t be half a reason to say no. One second to remember to read the book
But you didn’t hesitate to reject me. Why?
Why do you despise the Wu family so much?
So, he followed up with a somewhat indignant question, “Uncle Song, do you think that our Xiao Xin is not good enough for your Wan Ting?”
Song’s subconscious wanted to say something that didn’t deserve it!
Are you kidding me? Can your Wu Xin be compared to Master Ye Chen Ye?
In my eyes, your baby son is not even a hair on Master Ye’s head.
After all, your precious son is not capable of making me even a month younger.
But Master Ye, he can make me at least ten years younger!
Moreover, Master Ye has extraordinary means and extraordinary strength, how can a junior of your Wu family compare to him?
However, after all, the Wu family was a world friend of the Song family, so he couldn’t say things too bluntly, or else it would be too hurtful.
So he said calmly, “Donghai ah, don’t get too excited, it’s not up to me to decide such things. You also know that nowadays, all advocate the freedom of love and marriage, Wan Ting’s matter, it’s up to her to decide, I can’t make the decision.”
Wu Donghai shook his head and said, “Uncle Song, what is the situation of our kind of family, aren’t you still clear about it? In a family like ours, boy or girl, where is there any such thing as freedom of love or freedom of marriage? You still have to follow the family’s orders? If you agree, Uncle Song, I believe that Wan Ting should not disobey your wishes.”
Families like theirs had always been about marrying each other.
He originally thought that if he proposed for Song Wanting to marry Wu Xin, Master Song would definitely happily agree to it, after all, in terms of strength, the Wu family was still above the Song family, and Song Wanting marrying in was considered high climbing.
Moreover, Song Wanting was also the right age, and was even almost past the best age to marry.

Chapter: 552
In these top big families, girls are often set to be married by the time they are twenty.
Moreover, most of them were married as soon as they reached the age of twenty-two or thirteen and graduated from college.
Therefore, Wu Donghai hoped that Master Song would directly mention this matter to Song Wanting, or even directly ask her to accept the marriage.
Most of the girls in big families had the awareness that the family arranged the marriage, so as long as the family elders arranged it, the younger generation naturally had to obey.
Master Song didn’t expect that after he had politely rejected Wu Donghai, Wu Donghai wouldn’t even know that he was retreating.
So he could only smile and waved his hand, “Actually, to speak from the bottom of my heart, Wan Ting she is still young, I have no desire to marry her off for now, after all, her brother is not even married yet.”
Wu Donghai blurted out, “Boys can wait longer, girls can’t! Marrying at twenty-four or twenty-five is the best way to annualize, and if you wait until you’re thirty to get married, your own value will be greatly diminished!”
Master Song smiled faintly, “In front of people who truly like her, twenty-four or twenty-five years old is no different from thirty, or even forty or fifty, but in front of people who don’t like her, twenty-four or twenty-five years old may change drastically from twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, so I would prefer my granddaughter to marry the former, rather than the latter. ”
Wu Xin, who was on the side, hurriedly said, “Grandpa Song, if you are willing to marry Wan Ting to me, I will definitely treat her like my first love forever and always!”
Master Song nodded and said, “I’m sure you will, but it’s still up to Wan Ting to decide this matter, not me.” The first website
Wu Donghai was a little upset.
After all I’ve said, you keep refusing, my son even made a promise. You look down on my family?
After a moment of silence, he spoke up, “Uncle Song, I dare to ask, if you keep rejecting my good intentions so much, is it because the Song family has a better candidate than Wu Xin?”
Master Song saw that this was a relentless step-by-step approach, and if he was still playing taijiquan, the other party would definitely persevere, so he nodded and said seriously, “Truth be told, I do already have a good candidate in mind.”
Saying that, he added, “Wan Ting’s heart, in fact, also already has a good candidate, and what we both have in mind to look forward to, is the same person.”
Upon hearing this, Wu Xin felt incomparably disappointed, it was so hard to meet a woman that he was incomparably impressed by, but he didn’t expect the other family to look down on him, and he also revealed that she already had someone in mind!
Wu Donghai also felt struck by the blow, looking at Master Song’s eyes, there was some unconcealed anger.
Damn, this bad old man’s eyes are pretty damned high, even our Wu family can’t look up to him? You’re going to heaven!
Thinking of this, he frowned and asked, “Uncle Song, since this person can make you despise even the Wu family, then he must be the son of a big Yanjing family?”
Old Master Song shook his head and said, “No…. That young man, is just an ordinary person, not a member of any family at all, and even I heard that he is an orphan, he entered an orphanage at the age of eight.”
When Wu Donghai heard this, he got a little angry and took off, “An orphan who doesn’t even have parents, where can he be better than Wu Xin, where can he make you look at him differently, Uncle Song?”
Master Song laughed and said, “Between people, sometimes you can’t just compare wealth, family and background, sometimes you also have to compare connotations and some other abilities.”
Wu Donghai frowned and asked, “Uncle Song, are you thinking that our Wu Xin has no substance?”
“Of course not.” Song said with a smile, “I mean, people always have their own strengths and weaknesses, let’s say, Mr. Wu is good at everything, but only can’t play basketball, while another person may be bad at everything, but only good at basketball, and a girl is precisely attracted by the latter’s basketball skills, it can’t be said that the latter is better than Mr. Wu, but only that the latter is more able to Get attracted to this girl.”
At this point, Master Song’s inner monologue was, “Wu Donghai where did you get so much nonsense? After all I’ve said, not only do you not know better and know better, but you even lick your face and continue to whine with me, do I have to point out to your face that your son is a piece of shit in my eyes before you’re satisfied?”

Chapter: 553
Wu Donghai was also quite depressed in his heart.
I thought that when I came over and proposed the marriage, Master Song would not hesitate to agree to it and would immediately consider his son as a son-in-law.
But I never expected that Master Song would repeatedly reject his proposal three times!
This caused Wu Donghai to feel a sense of humiliation.
Wu Xin likewise furrowed his brow and said with slight dissatisfaction, “Grandpa Song, why don’t you want sister Wan Ting to marry me? My Wu family is the number one family in Jiangnan, even if we put it in Yanjing, in the whole country, how many people dare to say that they can be stronger than me, Wu Xin?”
Old Master Song looked at him, smiled slightly and said, “Young Master Wu is naturally a hero among men, but where can you force this matter of affection.”
To Master Song, this father and son didn’t have any self-knowledge, and he couldn’t put it too strongly himself, so he could only persuade mainly.
Wu Xin grunted sullenly, feeling particularly unhappy.
He thought it was something that would come true, but it turned out to be even harder than the Tang monk’s quest for scriptures.
Just when he was bored, Song Honor returned. Remember the URL
As soon as he saw that the Wu family father and son were paying their respects at home, Song Honor hurried forward and said very politely and courteously, “Uncle Wu and Wu Xin, why are you two free to come to the house today?”
Wu Haidong smiled at him and said, “Honor, I just sent Wu Qi back to Suhang this morning, and I’m going to stay in Jinling with Wu Xin for the next few days and properly investigate who harmed Wu Qi, so I came to visit your grandfather and prepare to borrow your home for a few days.”
Saying that, Wu Haidong said, “Right Honor, what do you think, my son Wu Xin, and your sister Wan Ting, are these two together, compatible?”
When Song Honor heard this, he said off the cuff, “Matching! Of course it’s perfect! Absolutely gorgeous! A match made in heaven!”
Wu Haidong nodded his head in satisfaction and said to Master Song, “Uncle Song, you heard the words of honor, I feel that even if you ask the entire family of Jiangnan about this matter, everyone will say the same answer as honor.”
Master Song was slightly embarrassed and didn’t reply for a while.
Here, Song Honor was a little unable to hold back and said out of his mouth, “Grandpa, how well matched Wu Xin and Wan Ting are, moreover, together, they are a strong union for our two families!”
Song Honor knew what Grandpa was thinking and knew that he wanted Song Wanting to be with Ye Chen.
However, this was unacceptable to Song Honor, so he also longed to be able to convince his grandfather to agree to the Wu family’s marriage proposal.
Song didn’t expect that his own grandson would speak for an outsider and persuade himself instead!
Didn’t he know that he wanted Song Wanting to be with Ye Chen?
Master Song knew in his heart that he was obviously aware of this, and the reason why he said that must be because he didn’t want to see Song Wanting and Ye Chen develop.
Thinking of this, Master Song was even a little dissatisfied with Song Honor.
The old man had lived to this age, he was already a fine human being, and Song Honor’s little thoughts were penetrated by him at a glance.
So, he said indifferently, “Honor, your sister’s matter, it’s not your turn to persuade me yet.”
Song Honor’s heart thudded, knowing that he had upset his grandfather, so he immediately shut his mouth in good humor.
Uncle Yu came in from the door at that moment and said to Song, “Master, Miss is back and is parking the car.”

Chapter: 554
“Mm.” Master Song nodded lightly.
Wu Donghai exchanged a glance with Wu Xin.
Wu Xin saw the meaning in his father’s eyes, he was encouraging himself to mention this matter directly to Song Wanting.
A moment later, Song Wanting stepped in and saw Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, first stunned, then also rushed forward and exchanged a few polite pleasantries.
Wu Donghai smiled as he said to Song Wanting, “Wan Ting ah, I was just talking about you with your grandfather.”
Song Wanting was surprised and asked, “Talking about me? I wonder what you and Grandpa were talking about me?”

Song Wanting was a little embarrassed and said, “Wu Xin, we haven’t seen each other for a few years, isn’t it a little too sudden for us to suddenly say this…”
Wu Xin hurriedly said, “If you think it’s too sudden, we can slowly cultivate our relationship and start by falling in love, what do you think?”
Song Wanting looked at her grandfather, then shook her head apologetically and said, “Sorry ah Wu Xin, I already have someone I like…” One second to remember to read the book
Wu Xin was depressed in his heart, but he continued to pursue the matter unrelentingly, “Wan Ting, I heard Grandpa Song say that you like just an ordinary person, not the son of any big family, you, as the granddaughter of the Song family, will be laughed at if you marry an ordinary person!”
“No.” Song Wanting said very seriously, “Marriage is something like this, it’s only right to marry love, marrying anything else would go against the essence of marriage.”
Saying that, she also advised Wu Xin, “Wu Xin, you just said that we’ve known each other since we were kids, I also advise you not to choose your spouse and marriage for the sake of family interests, most of such marriages are not long-lasting and even less happy.”
When Wu Xin heard this, he was even more depressed to death.
Damn it, I came here to marry you, but not only did you reject me, you also advised me not to marry for the family’s benefit? That’s a hell of a hand you’ve got there, Tai Chi! With that one move, what kind of a girl is she in her twenties!
Wu Donghai was also marveling in his heart at this time.
He really didn’t expect that Song Wanting would not only be able to politely reject her son’s courtship, but she would even block the road even more by using the family marriage as an excuse for being unsustainable and unhappy, this was simply a double rejection of Wu Xin ah!
The more surprised she was at Song Wanting’s mind, the more Wu Donghai wished that Song Wanting could become his daughter-in-law.
If such a woman could become the Wu family’s daughter-in-law, then she could definitely become her son’s virtuous assistant!
At this moment, he had already made up his mind: the Song family’s granddaughter, the Wu family was determined to win!
So, Wu Donghai then went forward and patted the somewhat depressed Wu Xin and said with a smile, “You and Wan Ting are both young people and should indeed uphold the freedom of love and marriage, so this kind of thing can’t be remembered, anyway, you’re still young and have plenty of time, so there’s no need to rush for now.”
Master Song was relieved to see that Wu Donghai was finally no longer aggressive, so he nodded his head, called for Uncle Yu and instructed, “You first arrange Donghai and Wu Xin into the guest room, and never be lazy, then inform the restaurant side to prepare lunch quickly, and treat them both well for lunch.”
Yu Bo even agreed and said to Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, “The two of you, please follow me to the guest room first.”
Wu Donghai nodded and said to the Song family, “Then we’ll go to the guest room first and see you in the restaurant later.”
After saying goodbye, they followed Yu Bo out and made their way to the guest room.
Once they entered the guest room and closed the door, Wu Xin said somewhat impatiently, “Dad! Old man Song despises people too much, doesn’t he? He can’t even look down on me?!”
Wu Donghai smiled calmly and said, “Don’t panic, let’s investigate in the next few days to see if Song Wanting really has a heart of gold, if so, I will find out exactly who it is!”

Chapter: 555
“Who is the divine?”
Hearing Wu Donghai’s words, Wu Xin looked disdainful and said angrily, “Dad, among the young people in Jiangnan, who dares to call themselves God or Saint in front of me? No matter who he is, he’s nothing but trash in front of me! Even if it’s a dragon in the sky, you’ll have to dish it out in front of me!”
Saying that, his face sank as he spoke, “This Master Song is really a bit insensitive, asking Song Wanting to marry me would be an honor for their family, what kind of a thing is this Song family, how dare they look down on me!”
Wu Donghai said indifferently, “Wu Xin, don’t forget that this is the Song family, if you talk nonsense in the Song family, if it reaches the ears of the Song family, do you still want to have the room to mediate in this matter?”
When Wu Xin heard this, he shut his mouth in shock.
Wu Donghai sighed and said, “You, ah, are still too impetuous in doing things, in the future, you must be more calm in encountering things.”
Wu Xin hurriedly said, “I’m sorry dad, I was too impulsive.”
Wu Donghai said, “Master Song has been shrewd all his life, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to build such a family business, so he shouldn’t make the old foolish mistake, if Song Wanting really liked a plain and ordinary person, he definitely wouldn’t agree to it, let alone support it, so I suspect that the other party should have some real ability.”
Wu Xin’s eyes flashed with cold light and said, “Dad, I’ve never heard of any remarkable young man emerging from a family in Jiangnan, besides, in this entire Jiangnan, my Wu family is respected…”
Wu Donghai thought for a moment and said, “You’ve also said that the Wu family is respected in Jiangnan, but looking at the whole country, we’re still far from it, those really powerful and incomparable hidden families are basically entrenched in Yanjing, so I suspect that the Song Wanting’s sweetheart that Master Song was talking about is probably the offspring of a big family in Yanjing.” First URL
Wu Xin’s heart was racing and hurriedly asked, “Dad, what do you mean?”
Wu Donghai said in a cold voice, “Tonight, I am going to hold a banquet at the Heavenly Fragrance House in Jinling, and summon some heads of other families in Jinling to meet me, I believe that they will definitely be there after hearing the name of my Wu family.”
At this time, Uncle Yu came over and knocked on the door, saying outside the door, “Mr. Wu, Young Master Wu, the Master invites you two to move to the restaurant for lunch.”
“Good.” Wu Donghai responded and said, “Please tell Uncle Song that we’ll be there later!”
Saying that, Wu Donghai lowered his voice again and said to Wu Xin, “I have two purposes in hosting this banquet: first, to get these families in Jinling to help us probe for clues about that incident with your brother; second, to find out about the man Song Wanting likes, to find him out and find out who he really is! If it’s a descendant of an extended family, we’ll find a way to save the country on a curve, and if it’s really an ordinary person, then we’ll simply make him disappear from this world!”
Wu Xin was delighted and agreed, “Dad, I understand!”
At this moment, Ye Chen had already made lunch and was opening up for his wife, Xiao Churan, and his father-in-law and mother-in-law to eat with him.
During the meal, Xiao Changkun was extremely excited, his face was always filled with an expectant smile, as if there was some great joy .
Mother-in-law Ma Lan frowned and sized up Xiao Changkun, questioning, “You bad old man, with such a nasty smile, what have you done to lose heart?”
“Which is it!” Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “Our old classmates have arranged to return to our alma mater for a party in the afternoon, and we will also invite our class teacher from back then to come with us.”

Chapter: 556
“A reunion?” My mother-in-law despised it and said, “Half of your body is going into the ground, what’s the point of having a class reunion? Haven’t you heard that reunions are where old lovers go on dates!”
“Don’t you dare talk nonsense!” Xiao Changkun said offhandedly, “All of us who went to the party this time were male students, and not a single female student was invited.”
“Really?” Ma Lan’s face was in disbelief.
Xiao Changkun hurriedly explained, “It’s true, you don’t know what our class was like back then, there were only a few girls, and all of them have left the country and are now abroad, so this party is all male.”
“I don’t believe it! You’re not allowed to go!” Ma Lan blurted out, “You must be holding back to see that old flame of yours! Don’t think I don’t know!”
Ye Chen was stunned, listening to his mother-in-law this means, old father-in-law Xiao Changkun used to have some romantic stories?
Xiao Changkun was busy saying, “There’s no such thing as an old flame, they’re really all boys!”
Ma Lan grunted disdainfully and ignored Xiao Changkun, but her face was also a little unpleasant.
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said again: “This afternoon, we just have to let Ye Chen come over with me, our class teacher is now in a wheelchair, the old campus building has no elevator, we have to find a few young and strong young men to carry him up to the fifth floor classroom, if you don’t trust me, let Ye Chen come back to report to you, there is a female student present, I come back to kneel rubbing board!”
Ma Lan said brashly, “That’s not allowed either! Remember the URL
Xiao Changkun was also a bit angry and spoke out, “We haven’t seen each other for decades, how can I pigeonhole you? Besides, our homeroom teacher is over 80 years old, and we don’t know how long we’ll live, but if we don’t see him this time, we may never see him again in our lifetime!”
Xiao Churan, who was on the side, also couldn’t see past it and said, “Mom, let Dad go, it’s not easy to organize a class reunion at such a young age, don’t make people laugh because you’re cool with it.”
Ma Lan glared at her and said, “What do you know, back then your dad hooked up with a vixen in their class for a long time, if it wasn’t for my slight trick to take him down, your dad would have gotten with that vixen long ago, in that case, where would you be?”
Ye Chen listened to this, heart amazed, how does this sound, all as if the mother-in-law third party interfered ah, why does she make as if she is very reasonable?
Xiao Changkun’s face was also a bit too hung up at this point, looked at Ma Lan and said seriously, “Don’t talk nonsense to the child about old things!”
After saying that, she hurriedly said to Xiao Churan: “Churan, don’t listen to your mother’s nonsense, this old woman always has no gatekeeper on her mouth, just knows how to arrange me blindly…….”
The first time I saw her, she was so embarrassed that she didn’t want to know about her parents’ love triangle, so she said to Ma Lan, “Mom, one of you is going to play mahjong in the afternoon and the other is going to the class reunion. You let Dad go.”
Xiao Changkun brightened up and threatened, “If you don’t let me go to the class reunion, then don’t go play mahjong yourself, we’ll just stare at each other at home, big eyes!”
When Ma Lan heard that Xiao Changkun didn’t allow her to play mahjong, she became anxious and scolded, “You old thing, isn’t it delaying me from earning money if you don’t allow me to play mahjong? Chen Shu Yi will be leaving for America soon, I have to play a few more games of poker with her before she leaves, I can make three to five thousand now if I just play a game with her!”
After saying that, she looked at Ye Chen and spoke out of turn, “Ye Chen, you go with your father this afternoon! If there’s a girl at the reunion, call me immediately and I’ll rush over there and gouge his old face off!”

Chapter: 557
Xiao Changkun cringed at Ma Lan’s vicious words before his mouth hardened, “I’m not afraid of shadows!”
Ma Lan glared at him and said, “I don’t care to bullshit with you, okay, I’m going out to play mahjong.

After speaking, Ma Lanzhan got up and reached out to Xiao Changkun, saying, “Here, give me your car keys!”
Xiao Changkun said, “You’re playing mahjong and driving to it? I need the car this afternoon!”
Ma Lan gave him a blank look and said despicably, “What? You still want to drive to your classmates to show off? I’m telling you, no way! Come on, give me the car keys!”
Xiao Changkun had no choice but to pull out his car keys and hand them to her, instructing, “You drive carefully, don’t get cut up.”
Ma Lan said viciously, “What do you care about my mother? I’ll drive your car into the river if you get mad at me! Let you burn the bag!”
Xiao Changkun was depressed and wanted to die, but Ma Lan felt a sigh of relief and happily put on her jacket and walked out with a flourish.
After Ma Lan left, Xiao Changkun uttered a helpless sigh and said to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, you will follow me this afternoon, it just so happens that there are a few old classmates who also bring young people over to help.” A second to remember to read the book
“Okay dad.” Ye Chen was helpless, but could only nod his head and agree.
Xiao Choran handed his car keys to Xiao Changkun and said, “Dad, why don’t you guys take my car this afternoon and I’ll take a taxi to the office.”
“Forget it.” Xiao Changkun waved his hand and said, “Your car is a beggar among beggars in the BMW 5 series, I’m not embarrassed to drive it.”
Xiao Choran had no choice but to take the key back again and said to Ye Chen, “Then you guys can take a taxi over there.”
Ye Chen gave a hmmm and said to himself that this father-in-law was too vain, you dislike Xiao Churan’s beggar-in-law 5-series? Do you know that that car is actually a BMW top-of-the-line 760?
At this moment, Ma Lan was just walking downstairs, ready to drive away, when she suddenly heard a familiar voice.
“Geez, siblings, wait a minute!”
Ma Lan raised her eyes and realized that the visitor was actually Xiao Chang Qian’s wife, her own sister-in-law, Qian Hongyan.
She was a bit surprised, she had despised her and her husband fiercely in Chen Shu Yi’s villa, she was really addicted, but she didn’t expect that she had found her way to her house.
So she opened her mouth and asked, “Qian Hongyan, why are you here?”
When she thought of the fact that she had viciously squeezed Xiao Chang Qian and Qian Hongyan before, Ma Lan’s mind was filled with the couple’s resentful expressions at the time, and her heart was even more pained.
Unlike before, Ma Lan had been worried that after the bankruptcy of the Xiao family, her own pension would not be in place, but now, the person who wanted to see the Xiao family go bankrupt the most was her.
Because, she had found an even greater source of pleasure, which was to mock Xiao Changqian and Qian Hongyan, the two couples.
If the Xiao family went completely bankrupt, then she would be able to mock the two of them every day with impunity!
These two have been sarcastic for so many years. I’ll have to get it back with interest!
So now, seeing Qian Hongyan appear in front of her, Ma Lan was actually a little secretly happy!
I was just thinking that I hadn’t had enough last time, but I didn’t think it would actually? You’re here!

Chapter: 558
Hearing Ma Lan’s question, Qian Hongyan, on the other hand, said with an apologetic face, “Oh my younger sibling, I actually came to find you today to say I’m sorry…”
She then said with a shameful face, “In the past, when I was in the Xiao family, it was all because of my dog’s eyes, not only did I always give you a bad look, but I also often said bad words about you in front of the old lady every now and then, these were all my mistakes, I have deeply reflected on my mistakes, that’s why I came to find you and wanted to solemnly apologize to you.”
After saying that, her face was hot and she bit her teeth, so she bowed deeply to Ma Lan.
Ma Lan was a bit startled all of a sudden.
I thought this bitch was here to provoke, but she came to bow and apologize.
She was all ready to pull out her 30-meter dagger and slash her hard, but all of a sudden, when she heard this, she suddenly didn’t know what to do again.
At this time, when Qian Hongyan saw that Ma Lan was silent, she suddenly became a drama queen and cried as she knelt on the ground, begging bitterly, “My good sibling, do you still blame your sister-in-law? We are brothers-in-law, and we are outsiders in the Xiao family, so we should be like sisters and get along well.
After saying that, Qian Hongyan a slap in her face, agitated cried: “My good sister-in-law, sister-in-law before really ignorant child, please do not with sister-in-law general knowledge, the two of us still like sisters in the future, okay?”.
Marashi was so excited!
Yes! First web site
The high and mighty Qian Hongyan actually kneels down to herself and tries her hardest to slap herself, this looks really hateful!
For so many years, when had Qian Hongyan ever bowed to herself, and now, she finally felt that cool feeling of stepping on someone else’s feet.
When Qian Hongyan looked at the complacency on her face, her heart swelled with anger, but she sighed and said, “Sister-in-law, to tell you the truth from the bottom of my heart, I’ve sort of figured it out, you said I’ve been doing all kinds of evil and targeting you for so many years for what purpose, and in the end it’s all just a waste. Now I especially regret it in my heart, but whenever I was polite to you all these years, how did our sisters-in-law get to this point?”
Saying that, she continued sincerely, “A thousand mistakes, they are all my Qian Hongyan’s fault alone, now I only hope that sister-in-law you can look at our love for so many years and forgive me for the mistakes I made before.”
Ma Lan was agitated in her heart, but her mouth was very indifferent and said, “Oh my sister-in-law, it really impresses me that you can recognize your mistakes, I was afraid that you would never come to your senses in this life.”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said with a smile, “How could she, sister-in-law has already lost her way!”
Ma Lan used to dreamily hope that the overbearing sister-in-law would bow to her, but after waiting for more than twenty years, she didn’t get her wish, but now her dream has come true.
Ma Lan was so excited that she couldn’t help but feel proud and smiled, “Since sister-in-law you have realized your mistake, I’m not the kind of person who is calculating, so let bygones be bygones.”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “Fine, fine, sister-in-law is really generous, then after that, we are still good sisters!”
However, she said so with her mouth, but in her heart she cursed, this bitch is really giving you some sunshine to shine!
After all these years together, how can I not know what kind of person you are, Ma Lan? I’ll hold you up so you can float, so you don’t know your last name, and then I’ll kick your ass!
Ma Lan pulled out the BMW keys from her pocket at this time and said with a smile, “Sister-in-law, now that we’ve talked about the misunderstanding between us, I won’t chat with you any more ah, I’m in a hurry to go play mahjong, I’ll leave first!”
Qian Hongyan was worrying about how to open her mouth to invite her to play mahjong, and when she heard this, she stopped her and asked off the cuff, “Sister-in-law, are you going to play mahjong?”
Mashi nodded, “Yeah, what’s up?”
Qian Hongyan hurriedly said, “That’s just right! I have a sister, her family is especially rich, and she also likes to play mahjong, but her card skills are not very good, but as you know, a rich wife like her doesn’t care about money, and she mainly just wants to have fun, so every time she loses tens of thousands of dollars, she doesn’t blink an eye.”
At this point, Qian Hongyan said in a low voice with a cautious face, “Just right, she told me that she would like to meet up with a few regular poker players to play mahjong together every day in the future, I wonder if you are interested in this, sibling? Let’s partner up with the sisters and win her some more money then!”

Chapter: 559
Marashi brightened up when she heard this!
She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find an innocent after Chen Shu Yi had left, but she didn’t expect Qian Hongyan to find a replacement right away!
And it sounds like this wronged man has more money than Chen Shu Yi, Chen Shu Yi loses thousands a day, this wronged man loses tens of thousands a day!
She loves to play mahjong with people like this who have a lot of money in their pockets and are not very good at cards… she’s getting rich!
If you work with Qian Hongyan on the inside and the outside, and we agree on some little secret codes, you’ll definitely make a lot of money.
She was overjoyed at the thought of it!
She’s a typical money-obsessed person, and when she sees money, she kisses it better than she sees her own parents!
Now that she heard Qian Hongyan say this, she couldn’t help but feel even more itchy.
I’m not sure how much I’d like to spend on this, but I’m sure I’d like to spend on this,” she said.
As soon as Ma Lan heard this, she immediately happily agreed and hurriedly said, “Okay, if you say so, sister-in-law, then let’s play a few rounds with her and see what happens!” Remember the URL
Qian Hongyan beamed with joy and deliberately said, “That’s done, I’m telling you, this person is rich and lives in the Townsend One Villa area, when do you think we’ll go over there?”
Marashi immediately said, “Now is fine, come on, come with me in my BMW!”
In the car, Qian Hongyan looked at Ma Lan’s impatient demeanor and smiled coldly in her heart.
In order to make a game for Ma Lan, she specially hired two swindlers and even spent a high price to short-rent a set of Tomson’s Endorsements, in order to win over all of Ma Lan’s possessions and leave this bitch with nothing!
Ma Lan didn’t know that Qian Hongyan was setting up a trap for herself, instead she was determined to hurry up and slaughter that legendary wrongdoer.
Just as Ma Lan and Qian Hongyan were rushing to Thompson’s, Ye Chen also took a taxi with his father-in-law to his alma mater, Zhong Shan University.
Ye Chen was surprised to see the magnificent gatehouse carved by white jade at the entrance and the six big words “National Zhong Shan University” that were particularly dated at the top of the gatehouse.
Unexpectedly, this father-in-law, who usually looked incomparably wretched, was actually a famous university student.
Moreover, the famous university students of his time were much more rare than now….
Seeing Ye Chen’s surprised gaze, Xiao Changkun snorted and said, “What, do you think that Dad doesn’t look like a person who went to college?”
Ye Chen nodded his head honestly and said, “Dad, you really don’t look like a college student with this temperament…”
Xiao Changkun sighed, but with a face full of pride, he said, “Back then, I was also the talk of the school, my academic performance was always among the best, if I didn’t want to be too far away from home, I would have gone to Peking University.”
Ye Chen lost his smile and asked, “Then what happened later? You graduated from a prestigious university, but why are you working as a homemaker instead?”
Ye Chen thought that it was also interesting that his father-in-law, who was a famous university student and the second young master of the Xiao family, ended up being a wimp man who was reprimanded by Ma Lan every day.
When Xiao Changkun heard this, his tone stalled, and he accosted her and said, “Later…. Hey, don’t mention the later, it’s all fucking tears of bitterness…”
At the same time as the two were chatting, a middle-aged man of similar age to Xiao Changkun came out from behind the gatehouse, and after seeing Xiao Changkun, that middle-aged man came running over in a flurry.
“Changkun, haven’t seen you for many years, you can now ah, dressed in five people and six people…”

Chapter: 560
Xiao Changkun stared at the man in front of him for a while before he laughed and said, “Are you Zhou Qing? We must have not seen each other for thirty years, you look like a big boss, rich?”
Zhou Qing shook his head and said, “I can’t compare to you, Chang Kun, in the words popular among kids today, you could have been a rich second generation back then…”
Back then, the Xiao family did have something.
At that time, when Master Xiao was in his prime, the first wave went into business and made a lot of money, so Xiao Changkun was also very prosperous at that time, and his pocket money alone could not help but be more than half the class combined.
It was also precisely because of the money that he was targeted by Ma Lan from the other classes at that time.
At this time, Xiao Changkun was about to be humble when he heard others say that he was a rich second generation back then, but then a middle-aged man and a young man came out.
The middle-aged man came forward and suddenly snorted and said, “Still a second generation rich man, it’s just that you guys came from abroad and don’t know his situation…. Let me tell you, now that the Xiao family has completely cooled down, our man of the moment back then, Xiao Changkun, is not having a good time now…”
Xiao Changkun’s face was a bit unpleasant and said, “Pan Yuanming, what are you saying all this for? I live my life, do I need you to tell me what to do?”
Zhou Qing was busy rounding things up, “You two are also really, after so many years, why do you still pinch whenever you see each other, you pinched every day when you were in college, at this age, you still can’t forget that thing about stealing your girlfriend?”
Xiao Changkun snorted and said with a proud face, “What do I have to pinch with him? He was just my defeat, at that time, after people were with me, Pan Yuanming’s jealous ah, every day in the bedroom to drink heavily, drink too much and cry, can’t wait to skin me alive, hahahahahaha.” A second to remember to read the book
At this time, there were quite a few more middle-aged and elderly people around, and when they heard this, they all laughed and agreed, “Back then, Pan Yuanming could really be infatuated, I remember that he was crying every day, and his eyes were swollen so much that he couldn’t see.”
“Yeah, haha, at that time, everyone said that Pan Yuanming was a lover!”
Ye Chen was surprised as he listened to the conversation of a few people.
Unexpectedly, the old father-in-law and this Pan Yuanming were still rivals?
Does this Pan Yuanming like Lan Ma too?
How can a fire pit like Mashiro attract so many people to jump into it?
Are these two that blind?
When Pan Yuanming heard that so many people were ridiculing him back then, he became angry again and said in a cold voice to Xiao Changkun, “Xiao Changkun, you’re too irresponsible with your words. What a joke. Where did you win? Did Han Miharu get together with you? Who doesn’t know that people Han Meiqing went away to America back then and dumped you!”
Han Miharu?
When Ye Chen heard this, he finally understood that what the two people had robbed back then was not Ma Lan….
The surrounding students also laughed.
Someone patted Xiao Changkun’s shoulder and asked curiously, “Right Changkun, why did Han Meiqing break up with you back then?”
“Right. We’ve all been wondering about this for decades, what’s going on?”
Xiao Changkun did not expect everyone to start gathering around him and asking about the unbearable past, so he waved his hand with an embarrassed expression, “Oh my, let’s not talk about the past…”
Ye Chen suddenly caught a few looks of pain from Xiao Changkun’s embarrassed look.
Could it be that there was something hidden in the old father-in-law’s past affair with his mother-in-law

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