The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5545

Chang Shengbo followed the little Taoist priest to the side hall of the middle courtyard of Changyun Temple. This is the living room of Changyun Temple, which is specially used to entertain abbots, supervisors from other Taoist temples, or pilgrims who have made great contributions to the Taoist temple. believer.

After placing Changsheng Bo here, the little Taoist hurried to report.

In Changyun Temple, most of the people who stay in the front yard for a long time are young Taoist priests with little experience, so they are asked to maintain the order of tourists and believers in the front yard. is their job.

Therefore, if the little Taoist priest wanted to report the news to the prison, it would have to pass it up layer by layer, and the number of layers to be passed on was more than the little Taoist priest thought.

Twenty minutes later, surrounded by the crowd, an old man in Taoist robes hurried over, both happy and surprised.

He rushed into the living room non-stop, glanced at Chang Shengbo, and stood motionless at the door as if he had been cast in a body spell.

This person is the current prison of Changyun Temple, a Qingxu Sanren. m.lins✬huge.✪co❅✡✳m

Qingxu is the Taoist name given to him by his master who adopted him back then. Since he was a child, his master has called him by this nickname. After he took over as the supervisor, he added the word Sanren after it.

Chang Shengbo looked at him, gently stroked his long beard, and asked him with a smile: “Qingxu, do you still recognize me?”

Qingxu Sanren was extremely horrified, two lines of hot tears welled up from the corners of his wrinkled eyes, he choked up and said, “Uncle Changqing…is it really you?!”

Chang Shengbo nodded lightly: “It’s really me.”

Qingxu Sanren was very excited, looked at him, and murmured: “Uncle Changqing, you are younger than Qingxu now, could it be… Could it be that you have really found the method of longevity?”

As soon as Qingxu Sanren said this, the faces of several elderly Taoist priests around him were shocked!

These people are all core members of the Changyun Temple, and they all heard the story of the real Changqing told by Xu Sanren.

Qingxu Sanren once told these people that the last time he saw Master Changqing was in the late 1950s.

Now, after nearly seventy years, I never expected that the real Changqing in front of me would look younger than the Sanren Qingxu.

In their view, Master Changqing really found the legendary method of longevity.

Daoist disciples are different from warriors in that warriors all use martial arts to enter Taoism, but there are many ways to enter Taoism.

Among the Taoist sects, there are also those who use martial arts to enter Taoism. The Quanzhen Sect, which is often mentioned by martial arts, is a model of using martial arts to enter Taoism;

But in addition, there are many ways to enter the Tao with Dan, enter the Tao with talismans, enter the Tao with divination, and even enter the Tao with Qimen Dunjia.

The Taoist priests of Changyun Temple have used alchemy to enter the Tao for hundreds of years, but because their cultivation base and alchemy are not exquisite enough, they have not produced any real great talents for so many years.

Chang Shengbo became a disciple of Changyun Temple at the end of the 19th century. Until the 1940s, he stayed in Changyun Temple for more than half a century. In order to try the alchemy, I walked countless times before the gate of hell, but I couldn’t really master the spiritual energy.

It was also at that time that he was disheartened and decided to leave Changyun Temple, and since then he gave up using pills to enter the Tao and looked for other methods.

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