The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 5554

Since her family members were murdered, Claudia has become very cautious towards others, and usually doesn’t like to communicate with others. When she was in Canada, the only two people she trusted were Aunt Li and Li Xiaofen.

However, she, who is usually taciturn, somehow has a lot of common topics with Lin Waner. No matter what the two of them talked about, Lin Waner’s conversational performance can give her a feeling of seeing each other late.

From Claudia’s point of view, Lin Wan’er is not only beautiful and has an excellent temperament, but more importantly, Claudia found that Lin Wan’er is also a very connotative and well-educated girl. It’s amazing, even every move in daily life is elegant and decent.

So for Claudia, deep down in her heart, she admires Lin Wan’er, and even involuntarily regards her as a role model in her heart.

Lin Wan’er is also very friendly to Claudia. Don’t look at the people around her who are respectful to her like a human being. At school, in the dormitory, and in front of Claudia, she is like a big sister. Dia was extra caring and caring.

Of course, Lin Wan’er wanted to deliberately get closer to Claudia, but apart from that, Lin Wan’er also felt that Claudia’s character was very against her temper.

Although Lin Wan’er wanted to know more about Ye Chen from Claudia, she never dared to mention Ye Chen in the actual chat with her.

Although she was also looking forward to having the opportunity to meet Ye Chen again, on the other hand, she was also a little apprehensive, fearing that Ye Chen would not trust her, and would use spiritual energy to test her next time she saw her.

For her, although Ye Chen’s psychological suggestion had no practical effect, the sequelae caused by the spiritual energy entering the brain last time have not been completely relieved until now.

Seeing Lin Wan’er chatting, Claudia frowned unconsciously, and couldn’t help asking her, “Xiao Wan, what’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?”

Lin Wan’er forced a smile, rubbed her temples and said, “It’s nothing, just a little headache.”

Claudia asked cautiously; “Did you have your period? Today the counselor said that if you have your period, you can explain the situation to her, and she will help us ask the instructor for leave.”

Lin Wan’er shook her head: “It’s not a period, it’s probably a migraine, the temples are throbbing, and the pain is very severe.”

Claudia asked her, “Then do you want some painkillers? Sister Xiaofen sent me some regular medicines in the afternoon, including ibuprofen.”

Lin Wan’er waved her hand and said, “Thank you, but I’ve been taking painkillers for the past two days, and it doesn’t work.”

As she said that, she took out a board of ibuprofen from her pocket. The twelve pills of ibuprofen were already more than half empty.

Claudia exclaimed: “This is what you took these two days? It seems that this kind of medicine can’t be overdose, right?”

Lin Wan’er said helplessly: “I can’t help it, it hurts too much, I can only try to eat two more pills, but it seems that the effect is not obvious.”

Claudia said sternly: “This can’t work, why don’t you go to the hospital, I’ll go with you!”

“Forget it.” Lin Wan’er waved her hand: “Migraine is one of the most intractable diseases, and the hospital doesn’t have any good solutions.”

Lin Wan’er knew very well in her heart that her headache was the sequelae of Ye Chen’s last psychological suggestion, and there was no good way for this situation except to recover slowly.

Claudia thought for a moment, then suddenly remembered something, and said, “By the way, Xiaowan, do you still remember brother Ye Chen who came to see me off last time?”

Lin Wan’er was taken aback, she knew that Ye Chen was just trying to erase the process of asking her for a question last time, but not all her memories of him, so she pretended to be curious and asked: “It’s the one who came to see you off last time.” That guy?”

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