The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 621-630

Chapter: 621
Xiao Changqian was shaking with anger by Xiao Changkun!
Auntie I don’t want to make an effort such a synopsis, he can occasionally see on his phone’s various headline advice.
At that time, he even had a crooked thought, thinking that in the future, if he was rich and met a young and beautiful older girl who told him that Uncle I don’t want to try harder, then he could also send her an address directly to come to him….
Of course, this only existed in his mind’s imagination, never having the guts or strength to turn it into reality.
However, now that he heard Xiao Changkun say that about his wife, somehow, that image was suddenly very strong!
In his mind, he even thought of a scene of a young man, sitting in his wife’s arms, obsequiously calling her aunt….
Xiao Changkun was extremely angry for a moment, feeling like he had no idea how many more green hats on his head.
At this instant, he was anxious and angry, and he bit his teeth and scolded, “Xiao Changkun, what qualifications do you have to mock my wife? Your wife is no good! You’re lucky you don’t have any money, if you did, with a product like Ma Lan, you’d already be out wrapping up ten little white men!”
At that moment, Xiao Changkun’s bedroom door opened and Ma Lan ran out, pointing at Xiao Changqian’s nose and scolding him, “Xiao Changqian, your own wife has run away, why did you come to our house to make a mess? How dare you mock me? You don’t even see what you are!”
Xiao Changqian saw Ma Lan finally come out and harshly questioned, “Ma Lan! Have you seen Qian Hongyan or not?!” First web site
Ma Lan scolded, “If I said I haven’t seen it, I haven’t seen it, why are you talking so much nonsense? I’ve told you, Qian Hongyan has bedded a little white man outside, rolled up the money and run away, believe it or not!”
Xiao Changqian gritted his teeth and scolded, “You said she’s keeping the little white man, what proof do you have?”
Ma Lan said coldly, “Your wife and money are missing, what more evidence do you need? Why don’t you go find the evidence yourself? What are you looking for in my house?”
Xiao Changqian was on the verge of a heart attack, and Old Mrs. Xiao was now coldly saying, “Okay, go home! Don’t be embarrassed here!”
Xiao Chang Qian hatefully pointed at Ma Lan and cursed, “Shrew, wait the fuck up! Sooner or later, I’m going to fix you!”
Ma Lan spat a mouthful of phlegm on him and said angrily, “You’re so poor you can’t even afford to eat, and you still want to fix me? Sooner or later you’ll starve to death, you old bastard!”
Saying that, Ma Lan directly closed the door.
Xiao Changqian was furious, but didn’t dare to continue to pester, afraid that Ye Chen would beat himself up again in anger, so he could only join the old lady and leave in shame.
At the entrance of the community, old lady Xiao said to Xiao Chang Qian with a black face, “You have three days to find Qian Hongyan, if you can’t find her, bring me back the money, otherwise, you don’t need to return to this house!”
After saying that, the old lady furiously brushed her sleeves and left.
Xiao Changqian almost collapsed.
The world was so big, where to find Qian Hongyan!
It seemed that the only way was to go to Qian Hongyan’s mother’s house first.
After scolding Xiao Changkun away, Ma Lan’s mood, which had been extremely depressed, was only a little better.
Xiao Changkun didn’t know all that had happened today and thought that Qian Hongyan had really rolled up her money and ran away, saying with a gleeful face, “Haha, this big brother of mine is really smart and confused for a moment, he didn’t calculate that he would start a fire in his backyard, he really laughed me to death, hahahahaha!”
Ye Chen looked at Ma Lan, didn’t think that this mother-in-law was quite upbeat, she and Xiao Chang Qian deadly denied having seen Qian Hongyan, and also had to falsely accuse Qian Hongyan of having an affair and running away with a roll of money, all of a sudden, Xiao Chang Qian’s attention was diverted to something else.
Ma Lan hatefully looked at Ye Chen with a look that would have eaten him alive!
It’s all because of this punk, who made He Lian and Qian Hongyan donate all the money they lost, and now that he’s lost all the money in the house, he still doesn’t know how to hide it from Xiao Changkun!

Chapter: 622
At this time, Xiao Changkun said happily, “Right wife, get me 20,000 yuan, I’m going to treat my guests to dinner tomorrow.”
“Treating guests to dinner?” Lan Ma got nervous and asked off the cuff, “Who can you ask for 20,000 dollars for dinner?!”
Xiao Changkun was overjoyed and said, “Didn’t I join our Jinling Painting and Calligraphy Association some time ago, and now there’s just an executive director position vacant in the association, I want to fight for it! That’s why I want to invite the chairman and the other executive directors to have a meal together to bring us closer together.”
Saying that, Xiao Changkun said with a proud face, “If I can take this executive director’s seat, then I will be considered a celebrity in the Jinling antique circle!”
Lan Ma hurriedly scolded, “Are you going crazy? $20,000 for dinner? You think you run a money-printing machine at home? I’m telling you, I won’t!”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said, “Oh my wife, I’m not just trying to climb up the ladder, too! When the executive director, the future exposure to antique calligraphy and painting much more opportunities to pick up leakage, I pick up leakage skills you have not seen, a hand to earn hundreds of thousands of ah!”
Ma Lan was so guilty that she said, “That’s not going to be able to spend $20,000 on dinner! Do you really think the family’s money is a big windfall?”
Xiao Changkun was furious, “I’ve spent this money and I’m sure I can earn it back in the future! Can’t I just borrow yours?”
Ma Lan said, “Who doesn’t know about your stinky level, even if you become an executive director, what’s the point? I think you’re just like Ye Chen, and you’re about to become a big liar who just knows how to fool people all day long!”
Xiao Changkun became anxious, “You old woman, why do you look down on me like that?” Remember the URL
Ma Lan snorted, “Just looking down on you, so what? Tell you what, want money, no!”
After saying that, she twisted her body and returned to the room in a show of anger.
Xiao Changkun was very depressed.
What the hell are you doing, stinky bitch?
You’re not even going to give me $20,000?
I’m making a lot of money, at least!
He was about to go to his room to find Ma Lan’s theory, but Ye Chen hurriedly stopped him and laughed, “Dad, since Mom doesn’t want to give you money, it’s useless to chase after her for it.”
Xiao Changkun said angrily, “But I’ve already greeted people, I’m going to treat them to dinner ah! I only have a thousand or so dollars in my own pocket, how can I afford to treat myself to dinner!”
Saying that, Xiao Changkun added, “But our chairman has said it, my chances of being this executive director are great, it’s up to me to perform well!”
Ye Chen’s heart swelled with helplessness when he heard this.
This old father-in-law of his own, how does he know anything about antique calligraphy and painting ah, is completely a small white of a small white, was pitted so many times, lost a lot of money, but in the end only made a profit by pitting that Zhang Ermo.
It is said that Zhang Ermo is now avoiding him every day, not answering his phone calls, not returning his WeChat, seeing him in the Antique Street, even the stalls do not want to run away.
A person like him, mixed in with the Painting and Calligraphy Association, is just an indiscriminate person.
However, Ye Chen naturally wouldn’t say such words, so he said to Xiao Changkun, “Dad, I still have some private money, so I’ll give you WeChat to transfer 20,000.”
As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he immediately said with excitement, “Oh my good son-in-law! You’ve really done Dad a favor!”
Ye Chen sighed and transferred 20,000 yuan to him, saying, “Choran will be back soon, I’ll go cook.”
Xiao Changkun accepted the money and hurriedly said flatteringly, “Good son-in-law, I’ll help you with the rice!”

Chapter: 623
While Ye Chen was busy cooking, Wu Donghai and Wu Xin, father and son, also left the Xiao family and drove to the Heavenly Fragrance Residence.
Tonight, Wu Donghai hosted a banquet at the Tianxiang Mansion and invited some of the more prominent local figures in Jinling, in order to find clues about his youngest son Wu Qi’s sudden change of heart, and also to allow the Wu family to lay a little foundation in Jinling first.
Although the Wu family was the number one family in Jiangnan, it didn’t mean that they had enough control over the entire Jiangnan.
The Wu family’s home base was in Suhang, so they had extraordinary control over the area, but Jinling was the Song family’s home base, so the Wu family’s influence in Jinling was far less than the Song family.
Originally, all the great families in Jiangnan had their own spheres of influence, and everyone maintained such a tacit understanding and respect for each other that no one would go to the other’s sphere of influence to expand their power.
Wu Donghai originally didn’t want to plow deep in Jinling either, but the key was that now his eldest son Wu Xin wanted to marry Song Wanting of the Song family, and in order to achieve this, Wu Xin would have to stay in Jinling for a long time in the future, so he was prepared to, first, say hello to these families in Jinling, and also bring enough convenience to Wu Xin’s future in Jinling.
Wu Xin had been a bit irritated in the past two days, firstly because, the last time Wu Donghai mentioned the marriage matter to Song, Song directly rejected it, making Wu Xin feel very ashamed.
On top of that, Wu Xin was even more annoyed by Song Wanting’s attitude.
For the few days that he and his father had been staying at the Song house, Song Wanting had been leaving early in the morning and returning late at night every day!
In the past, I heard Song Honor say that Song Wanting used to eat breakfast at home before going out, and then come home early in the evening to have dinner with the old man. A second to remember to read the book
But now, Song Wanting didn’t even eat breakfast every day, and drove straight away in the morning after leaving her own room.
She also came back late at night after eating out on her own, and when she came back, she went straight to her room, basically not giving Wu Xin the chance to meet her.
This made Wu Xin depressed.
He really didn’t expect that Song Wanting would still kind of look down on herself and not want to marry her, why should she?
In the car, Wu Donghai also saw that his son’s state was not quite right, so he spoke up and said, “You, ah, you have to be a little more patient with everything, a girl like Song Wanting, the entire Jiangnan may not be able to find another, and it will definitely take some energy and thought to get her on board.”
Wu Xin couldn’t get angry and said, “Dad, the entire Jiangnan can’t find another young man who is better than me, right? If I can fall for her, why should she be ungrateful?”
Wu Donghai said indifferently, “You don’t understand, girls from big families will always be more popular than boys from big families.”
Saying that, he added, “A woman like Song Wanting, even those few first-class families and top families in Yanjing would want to marry her in, because not only is she beautiful and capable, but her family is not weak and good inside and out, marrying her back would not only give her face, but she would also play an important role in the family, and even bring a generous dowry with her. ”
“However, if you want to marry a girl from a first-class, top family in Yanjing, it’s hard for them to look at you, and that’s because when they look at you, they’re not just looking at you personally, but the strength of the entire Wu family.”
“In layman’s terms, in high society, if a woman’s overall strength reaches 70 points, she can marry a man with an overall strength of 80 points; but it’s hard for a man with an overall strength of 70 points to marry a woman with an overall strength of 70 points.”
Wu Xin was a little angry and got out of his mouth, “Then what do you mean, I’m looking for Song Wanting or I’m high up?”
Wu Donghai said indifferently, “Although you may not like to hear it to be honest, it’s essentially similar to this, Song Wanting can definitely find a better man than you, but you, it’s hard to find a better woman than Song Wanting.”
Wu Xin was stunned, a little unconvinced at first, but on second thought, he felt that Dad was right.
Song Wanting, indeed, was the woman he had met and had the highest overall score.
As for the daughters of those big families in Yanjing, even if their families were richer than the Song family, it would be hard for them to have Song Wanting’s appearance and temperament.

Chapter: 624
Moreover, even if they could look down on themselves, their family might not be able to look down on them.
Wu Donghai sighed at this time and said, “The family told me that your brother’s situation isn’t too good.”
“What’s wrong?” Wu Xin hurriedly asked, “Has the situation worsened again?”
“That’s not true,” Wu Donghai said, “It’s still the same as before, you have to eat every hour, but your brother is having a bit of an emotional breakdown of his own, before it was a seizure, he wasn’t allowed to eat, he was going to kill himself, now he’s allowed to eat, after he eats and regains consciousness, he wants to kill himself, he thinks it’s too painful to live like this.”
After saying that, he sighed, and wondered what kind of people Wu Qi, his son, had provoked to become like this.
Wu Xin gritted his teeth and said, “If I were to catch the person who harmed my brother, I would have to let him die without a funeral!”
Although Wu Xin said so, what his heart desired most right now was not to avenge or heal his brother, but to quickly take down Song Wanting.
As for his brother Wu Qi’s situation, he didn’t really care.
Instead, he felt that the way his younger brother was now, it would be the best outcome for himself. First URL
Because this way, he would have one less absolute competitor in the future.
In Wu Qi’s current state, if he couldn’t be cured, he wouldn’t be able to inherit any of the family’s assets in this lifetime, and the only thing that would happen to him would be for the family to lock him up at home in snow to renew his life.
In this way, he would have the chance to inherit the Wu family alone.
Wu Donghai then let out another long sigh and said, “You don’t need to worry about your brother’s matter, I’ll check this line, so you go all out to pursue Song Wanting, be sure to chase Song Wanting down, understand?”
Wu Xin nodded hurriedly, “I understand dad!”
Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and said, “Today I’m setting up a game at the Heavenly Fragrance House, among those invited are the heads of the Wang family, the Qin family, the Liu family, the Zhao family, and the Kong family, these are all families that have been deep in Jinling for many years, each with their own strength, connections, and resources.”
“And the owner of the Tianxiang Mansion, Hong Wu, is also among those invited today, he is the boss of the underground world of Jinling, although he doesn’t come up to the stage, he is the one who has the most eyes and ears, most things in Jinling can’t escape his eyes, so you should also liaise with them today, it will be of great use to you in the future in your pursuit of Song Wanting. ”
Wu Xin only knew about the Wang and Qin families, knew that their heads were Wang Zhenggang and Qin Gang respectively, understood their power, but didn’t know much about the other families, so he asked, “Dad, apart from the Wang and Qin families, what are the rest of the Liu, Zhao and Kong families?”

Wu Xin said in surprise, “Wouldn’t he be similar in nature to Hong Wu then?”
“The nature is similar.” Wu Donghai nodded and said, “But the strength is quite a bit worse than Hong Wu, Hong Wu has many junior brothers in Jinling, and is dozens of times more than Liu Guang’s collection team, so even if Liu Guang hates Hong Wu to the bone, he wouldn’t dare to do anything to him.”
“Liu Guang hates Hong Wu?” Wu Xin was surprised and asked, “There’s a conflict between them?”
Wu Donghai laughed, “The contradiction is much bigger, Liu Guang has an only son, named Liu Ming, some time ago, he didn’t know how to offend Hong Wu, and was used by Hong Wu to carve two words on his forehead with a knife.”
“What words?”
“Poor hangman!”

Chapter: 625
When Wu Xin heard this, he exclaimed, “Hong Wu actually used a knife to carve the word “poor” into the forehead of Liu Guang’s only son? It’s no exaggeration to call this a deadly feud!”
“Yes.” Wu Donghai smiled slightly and said, “I guess, Liu Guang and his son would dream of killing Hong Wu and eating his flesh.”
When Wu Xin heard this, he couldn’t help but ask, “Dad, since you know that Liu Guang and Hong Wu have a grudge against each other, why did you invite this Liu Guang over for the banquet?”
Wu Donghai smiled, “Don’t you think Liu Guang would be a good person to use? A dog that wants to bite someone, but is afraid to open his mouth, what it lacks most is a master who can back him up and make him feel at ease and bold enough to open his mouth and bite.”
Wu Xin said, “Dad, if you want to subdue and use this Liu Guang, why did you set the dinner party at Tian Xiangfu? He’s as powerful as Hongwu, isn’t that a difficult thing to do?”
Wu Donghai looked at Wu Xin with deep eyes and said, “Liu Guang and Hong Wu are both dogs, the only difference is that Liu Guang is a stray dog without an owner, while Hong Wu, is the Song family’s dog.”
Wu Xin nodded his head and asked, “Then what? Dad, what’s the deeper meaning of what you’re doing?”
Wu Donghai said, “If you want to marry Song Wanting in the future, you must have your own power in Jinling, now these Jinling families are very polite to us, but they don’t treat us as their masters, but the Song family, so we have to develop our own power in Jinling.”
Saying that, Wu Donghai said, “There are two kinds of forces, one is above ground and the other is underground, the above ground is these families that do serious business other than the Liu family and Hong Wu, and the underground, if we can’t subdue Hong Wu, we must cultivate a dog that can compete with Hong Wu, so the Liu family is the best choice.” Remember the URL
Wu Donghai looked at Wu Xin and earnestly instructed, “If you want to inherit the Wu family in the future, you must be adept at power and strategy, why should I invite Liu Guang to the Heavenly Fragrance House for dinner?”
“On the one hand, I want to make Liu Guang feel surprised, the joy is that a stray dog like him, who has no master, finally has the chance to eat with a big man like me.”
“On the other hand, I want Liu Guang to feel humiliated, humiliated because a stray dog like him, who has no master, can only swallow his anger when facing his deadly enemy Hong Wu, and only by making him feel humiliated will his desire for revenge be multiplied! At that time, I will be merciful and give Liu Guang a chance, a chance to be my dog and a chance to take revenge, he will be grateful to me and go all out to deal with Hong Wu.”
“If Hong Wu falls, then he will be the underground emperor of Jinling, in that case, the underground world of Jinling will be our Wu family’s power, understand?”
After hearing this, it dawned on Wu Xin!
He was so excited he said, “Dad, that’s a wonderful trick you pulled! In that case, Liu Guang will definitely be devoted to you and to our Wu family! If we want to march into Jinling in the future, Liu Guang will be our vanguard and bridgehead!”
Wu Donghai praised, “Not bad, only then will Jinling become the unbreakable hinterland of the Wu family in the future.”
Wu Xin admired his father’s strategy in his heart and sighed, “I wonder when I’ll have a tenth of your father’s…”
Wu Donghai smiled slightly and said, “The way you act now is quite a shadow of what I did back then, what you need to do now is to accumulate more, settle more, think more, in all things, not impulsive, to Xu Xu!”
Wu Xin was taught and said, “Dad, I get it!”
“Mm.” Wu Donghai nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “So back to Song Wanting, you must be patient enough, steady and like a boiling eagle, boil Song Wanting over!”
Wu Xin looked awe-struck and immediately said respectfully, “Dad, I know! I will not fail to live up to your expectations!”
The words fell, and the car arrived at the entrance of the Celestial Fragrance House.

Chapter: 626
Before the car had even stopped, Wu Xin looked up and saw that, outside the car window, a middle-aged man was busy welcoming him, and through the car window, he saluted his father and himself with immense respect.
Wu Donghai nodded at him and mouthed to Wu Xin, “This, is the Liu Guang I was talking about.”
Wu Xin suddenly realized.
When the car stopped, Liu Guang hurriedly reached out to help Wu Donghai open the door and said with a smile on his face, “Liu Guang has met Mr. Wu, Young Master Wu…”
Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and said indifferently, “You’re quite early.”
Liu Guang hurriedly said, “I never expected that you would invite me to the banquet, so I was afraid that I would be late.”
Originally, Liu Guang had never been willing to come to the Heavenly Fragrance Residence in his life.
Because not only did Master Hong Fifth carve the word poor hang on his son’s head, but he also demanded that his son have to come to the Heavenly Fragrance Residence every Friday to see him for a routine report and have him check if there was any problem with the forehead lettering, saying that if the scar was shallow, it would have to be re-carved to deepen it, simply an animal!
This humiliation made Liu Guang hate Master Hong Fifth to the bone, so he was deadly unwilling to come to Master Hong Fifth’s territory.
But this time can be really different. One second to remember to read the book
He had never dreamed that Wu Donghai, the big man of the Wu family, would take the initiative to call and contact him, saying that he would set up a dinner party at the Heavenly Fragrance House and he would be the dinner party’s invitation.
This was Wu Donghai of the first family of Jiangnan!
It’s the thickest leg in Gangnam!
Liu Guang was worried that he couldn’t hold a big leg, and suddenly received Wu Donghai’s invitation, naturally, he was ten thousand excited, even if he was dissatisfied with Master Hongwu, he must hide his dissatisfaction and anger in his heart and couldn’t be absent.
Even, Liu Guang is eager to be able to climb up with the Wu family through this dinner party, preferably to be able to become the dog of the Wu family, so that he will have the opportunity to seek revenge on Hongwu!
Wu Donghai nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Liu Guang, your attitude is good, keep it up.”
Upon hearing this, Liu Guang trembled with excitement and said, bowing and flattering to Wu Donghai incessantly, “General Manager Wu, truth be told, I have always admired the Wu family for a long time and have always been enthralled with your prestigious name, if you don’t mind, could you give me a chance to saddle up? I will do my best to be of service to you!”
Wu Donghai took a look at him, feeling that this guy was quite upbeat.
However, he still had the intention to knock him first, so he said indifferently, “Being a dog for the Wu family, your Liu family is not qualified enough, but I see that your attitude is quite good, recently I also need an errand boy in Jinling, you first work well for me, later I will definitely not treat you badly.”
Liu Guang showed a color of ecstasy, constantly arched his hands and respectfully said, “Thank you, General Manager Wu, I will do my best to be a cow for you!”
Wu Donghai gave a hmmm and said to him: “Alright, it’s almost time, I guess Hongwu has already prepared a banquet, you can go in with me.”
Hearing the word Hongwu, Liu Guang’s expression showed a few resentment, but he still bent his waist respectfully and made a pose of invitation to Wu Donghai, saying humbly, “You first, Mr. Wu!”

Chapter: 627
Wu Donghai was satisfied with Liu Guang’s attitude, and with a slight nod of his head, he stepped forward into the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion.
Inside the Heavenly Fragrance Mansion, Hong Wu had already arranged for the dishes to be prepared and the other people who were invited to the banquet had also arrived early and waited for a long time.
Whether it was Hong Wu, Qin Gang, or Wang Zheng Gang, these three had the same attitude towards the Wu family’s father and son, that is, not to suck up, but also not to offend.
That’s why they accepted the Wu family’s father and son’s invitation and came over to attend this banquet.
In fact, everyone had thought about it very clearly, and privately had worked together on this matter, and everyone’s idea was to give the Wu family face and be polite and courteous, but in reality, they still wanted to follow Master Ye Chen Ye properly.
As for the others, they were all running to hug the Wu Family’s thigh.
After all, the Wu Family was the number one family in Jiangnan, and to many small and medium-sized families, it was like a gnarled tree filled with all kinds of fruits, and every monkey wanted to hang on this tree.
Therefore, seeing the Wu family’s father and son enter the Diamond Box, several other families almost instantly rose to greet them.
Among them, the head of the Zhao family even took the lead in flattering and saying, “Mr. Wu, you’re really instrumental, Young Master Wu is also a talent, worthy of being the number one family in our Jiangnan Province, this grandeur is just different!”
The other Confucius family head nodded repeatedly and echoed, “Yes! I’ve never seen Wu’s heroic appearance in the reports before, but today I saw his real face and realized that the real Wu is even more outstanding than reported!” First web site
Wu Donghai gave a faint hint, his face dignified, and swept around.
Sitting here, all of them were famous and famous people in Jinling, the owners of the Zhao family, Kong family, Liu family, all the time incomparably respectful to themselves, the meaning of befriending was particularly strong.
On the other hand, the three people, Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang, and Hong Fifth, were calm and indifferent, would be polite, but they were just plain polite, and did not have any heartfelt compliments to themselves.
Although Wu Donghai didn’t show anything, he was still secretly unhappy with Wang Zhenggang’s people.
Liu Guang followed behind Wu Donghai like a grandson, and as soon as he came in, he saw Hong Fifth in the private room and stared at him with a look of extreme resentment.
In his eyes, Master Hong Fifth and himself, had already made a deadly feud!
The fact that his own precious son is carved with the word poor hanging on his forehead is simply one of the two biggest jokes in Jinling’s time.
The other joke was the matter of the Wu family’s second son, Wu Qi, eating shit.
However, people were afraid of the Wu family’s strength and majesty and only dared to laugh at this matter in private, but in comparison, the Liu family’s strength was mediocre, so the story of Liu Guang’s son, Liu Ming, spread widely in Jinling and was the capital of gossip for countless people after dinner.
Just the day before yesterday, Liu Guang was working outside and happened to hear two children around ten years old scolding each other, one scolding the other for being a poor hangman, the other immediately scolded back, “Liu Ming is the real poor hangman, I’m not!”
Liu Guang heard this, on up on the slap to this kid, smacked that child did not stand straight fall to the ground, the other father came to find his theory, was his driver, bodyguard pressed on the ground a fierce hammer, and finally hammered into the hospital.
However, the entire Jinling, there are too many people laughing at Liu Ming, where the hammer over?
What’s more, many people Liu Guang simply couldn’t afford to offend.
This humiliation made Liu Guang have the heart to kill, if it wasn’t for the fact that Hong Fifth’s strength was much greater than his own, he would have brought his brothers over to chop Hong Fifth into mincemeat.
So, at this time, when he saw Master Hong Fifth, he was naturally extraordinarily jealous of his enemies, and his eyes were about to spurt fire.
Hong Fifth didn’t expect this guy to come, after all, Wu Donghai only told him to set up a banquet here, but he didn’t say who exactly he was inviting.

Chapter: 628
However, Master Hong Fifth was not afraid of Liu Guang, seeing Liu Guang’s murderous face, he also looked at Liu Guang with cold eyes, then deliberately reached out and touched his forehead.
This touch on the forehead, Liu Guang’s body was shaking with anger.
But, shaking back to shaking, he really didn’t dare to call out to Master Hong Fifth at this time.
After all, Master Hong Fifth is much stronger than himself, and Wu Donghai also said that he is not qualified to be his dog, and is still on probation.
Thinking of this, Liu Guang’s heart is uncomfortable to death.
What kind of world is this, to be a dog for someone and still have a fucking probationary period!
However, a probationary period is fine, as long as you can get straightened out, then you’ll have the strength to fight to the death against Master Hongwu!
As the saying goes, small intolerance can lead to chaos.
This is called enduring humiliation.
As the owner of the Heavenly Fragrance House, and one of the guests at this banquet, Master Hong Fifth naturally took the initiative to step forward and invited Wu Donghai to sit at the main seat at today’s table, while Wu Xin sat at his right hand. Remember the URL
This time, the seat to Wu Donghai’s left was still empty, and many people were staring at this seat wanting to go over and sit closer to Wu Donghai.
But since Liu Guang had been right beside Wu Donghai, he made the quickest move, and as soon as Wu Donghai sat down on the main seat, he had already scampered to the front and sat on the seat on Wu Donghai’s left hand side.
A few people continued to compliment Wu Donghai, and Wu Donghai didn’t say much, sitting with a dignified face the whole time.
Only after a few people had taken the initiative to greet him, did Wu Donghai speak, “Today, I have invited you all here, mainly because I want to get to know you all, I am new to Jinling, and in the future, there will inevitably be some things that I need to bother you all to help me.”
Liu Guang was the first one to stand up and smiled, “That’s natural, it’s a blessing for our Liu family that you can look up to us, our Liu family takes Wu as our head in everything.”
He knew that what Wu Donghai needed right now was someone to take the lead in taking a stand, so he fought to be the first to speak up.
Wu Donghai took a look at him, nodded his head in approval and said, “Liu Guang, you do your work well in the future, I won’t be able to do less for you.”
Liu Guang was indeed somewhat resourceful and knew what words he wanted to hear right now.
“Thank you, I will do my best to serve Mr. Wu well.”
The Zhao family and the Kong family also hurriedly stated their stance, both of them were also kneeling and licking, clearly wanting to get on the Wu family’s big boat.
Only Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang, and Hong Wu were the only ones who looked at each other and didn’t say anything.
They knew that Wu Donghai was trying to get them to take a stand.
If they were to take a stand here today to help the Wu family, it would be the same as officially declaring their complete surrender to the Wu family.
However, these three people were only thinking about following Ye Chen with a death wish right now, so naturally, they couldn’t take a stance on Wu Donghai’s words.
After all, in the eyes of these few of them, Ye Chen was the standard true dragon on earth, compared to him, no matter how strong the Wu family was, it was still a mortal, and since it was a mortal, what qualifications did it have to be on par with Ye Chen?
Wu Donghai swept a glance at the three of them and spoke, “The three of you, it seems that you are a little less willing to serve the Wu family?”

Chapter: 629
Faced with Wu Donghai’s question, Wang Zhenggang smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Wu, truth be told, the three of us, all of us already have our allegiance to the Wu family to the death, so if you want to make us join the Wu family, it is really forgivable…”
Qin Gang touched his nose, then spoke, “What Mr. Wang means is also what I mean.”
Wu Donghai looked towards Hong Wu and asked, “Boss Hong, what about you?”
Hong Wu laughed and said, “I’m just an underground, I can’t come up to any stage, but acting on a righteous word, the person I’m turning to now is very good to me, I can’t turn to anyone else.”
Wu Donghai frowned, he did not expect that these three people were so resolute.
He thought that these three people had sworn allegiance to the Song family, and was still wondering in his heart, what benefits had the Song family given them to be so loyal?
And as soon as Liu Guang heard this from the three, he stood up in excitement, pointing at the three and cursing, “You guys, don’t give a damn about your shame, do you know what the Wu family represents? There are so many people out there who want to be dogs for the Wu family that they can line up two streets, and it’s lucky that Wu remembered you, what kind of a person are you that you dare to refuse!”
At this time, Wu Donghai reached out his hand to stop Liu Guang’s questioning and said indifferently, “Everyone has their own aspirations, and Wu doesn’t force them.”
Saying that, he added, “However, even if you don’t pledge allegiance to the Wu family, it’s still okay to help out a little, right?”
Master Hong Fifth said indifferently, “Please speak up, Mr. Wu, as long as you don’t violate the principle, it’s natural.” One second to remember to read the book
Wu Donghai nodded his head and said, “I came to Jinling this time, there are two main things, the first thing is, my Wu family is in trouble, I’m sure you all know about it, right?”
No one was answering, but the awkward expressions already said it all.
Wu Donghai also knew that the matter of his second son was too damaging to the Wu family’s dignity, and had already made the Wu family the laughingstock of countless people’s hearts, but the more so, the more he couldn’t wait to find the culprit who had harmed his second son.
So, he said with a cold face, “This first thing is to ask you all to help me find the person who trapped my second son, I’m not too familiar with the situation in Jinling, so I’m relying on you all to keep an eye on this, if there’s any news about this matter, let me know in time, my Wu family will definitely reward me heavily, I personally promise that the honorarium will not be less than one hundred million! ”
One hundred million just to find a clue, I can see that the Wu family is indeed very generous!
Liu Guang almost immediately took off his words, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wu, the Liu family will do their best!”
The owners of the Zhao and Kong families, not to be outdone, took their positions one after the other.
Wang Zhenggang, Qin Gang, and Hong Wu, still hadn’t expressed their positions.
Wu Donghai was a bit indignant and asked, “Three, aren’t you willing to give Wu any face at all?”
Qin Gang, Wang Zhenggang and Hong Wu looked at each other and said, “It’s not that we’re not giving face to Wu, since Wu has asked, we’ll naturally do our best to help, it’s just that the three of us have more realistic personalities and don’t really like to put anything on our lips.”
The expressions of the others who were kneeling and licking Wu Donghai were not too good, but they couldn’t say anything.
Wu Donghai faintly nodded his head.
He already knew the attitude of these three people, helping was fine, but being a dog, impossible.
If it were Wu Donghai’s previous personality, he would have been afraid that he would be furious at this time.
But today’s situation was special and he felt that business was still most important, so he looked at Qin Gang and the three of them with cold eyes, then continued, “This is the first matter, the second matter is somewhat related to the Song Family’s Miss Song Wanting.”
“Song family?” Hong Wu frowned and said, “Mr. Wu, Miss Song has treated us well in the ordinary days, if you want to target Miss Song, I, Hong Wu, will never agree!”

Chapter: 630
Wu Donghai said indifferently, “It’s not that I’m inviting you to deal with the Song family, it’s just that my son has a crush on this Song Wanting and is interested in joining forces with the Song family, but Song Wanting seems to have a heart of gold, so I want you to help me find the man Song Wanting likes, and if I find him, I’ll be rewarded heavily!”
Wang Zhenggang and the others immediately looked at each other again.
If we were to say that Song Wanting already had someone she liked, then this person, other than Master Ye, couldn’t have been anyone else….
However, they naturally couldn’t say Ye Chen’s name out loud.
Liu Guang asked attentively, “Mr. Wu, do you want me to find this person and kill him?”
Wu Donghai waved his hand and said, “In this matter, you don’t need to help with anything else, you just need to find this person for me, how exactly to deal with it, my Wu family will decide on its own.”
The crowd at the table each had their own thoughts.
The Wu family was treating guests this time, and the two things were even both about finding the person, and both of them had a heavy reward, which if they could really find a clue, then they could also receive a generous reward.
Wu Donghai spoke up at this time, “Alright, that’s all I’m asking for your help, let’s start eating now, I’ll drink a toast to all of you first.”
The crowd lifted their glasses and drank a glass of wine with Wu Donghai. The first website
Liu Guang then said in a pleasing manner to Wu Donghai, “Mr. Wu, I wonder how Second Young Master is doing now?”
Hearing his question, Wu Donghai instinctively frowned.
You’re really a fucking pain in the ass!
However, since he was taking a few dogs for his own use, he certainly couldn’t be too harsh on the dogs right off the bat, so he shook his head and said, “It’s not getting any better, I’ve already had him sent back to the Wu family.”
Liu Guang hurriedly said, “Mr. Wu, I know that a divine doctor has recently come to Jinling, and it is said that he is extremely skilled in medicine, and he used to treat the big names in Yanjing and Zhonghai! Why don’t you ask him to show it to Second Young Master?”
“Oh?” Wu Donghai put down his chopsticks and hurriedly asked, “Who is this divine doctor you’re talking about? Surname who?”
Liu Guang hurriedly replied, “It’s the nationally renowned Divine Doctor Shi Tianqi Shi, who is said to be much more skilled in medicine than the doctors at the National Medical Center.”
Wu Donghai was surprised and said, “Divine Doctor Shi is in Jinling?! How did I hear that he’s been in Zhonghai?”
It was said that the Wu family was the number one family in Jiangnan, but that didn’t include Zhonghai, which was the best municipality in the country for economic development, and like Yanjing, it was impossible to find out how many cattlemen there were.
It was said that Shi Tianqi used to spend most of his time in Zhonghai, occasionally going to Yanjing to give medical treatment to Yanjing’s dignitaries, Wu Donghai had naturally heard about it, but he never expected that Shi Tianqi would be in Jinling, after all, Jinling was only a second-tier city, far worse than Yanjing compared to Zhonghai!
Liu Guang hehehe laughed and hurriedly said, “I don’t know why, Shi Shen doctor suddenly came to Jinling, and directly opened a medicine hall in Jinling, called Ji Shi Hall, now that place is exploding, many rich people are willing to pay millions of consultation fees at a time, just that are not even in the queue.”
Saying that, Liu Guang added, “I heard that Dr. Shi cured a paraplegic some time ago, and the whole world was shocked!”
“Really?!” When Wu Donghai heard this, he was ecstatic!
I never thought there’d be a doctor like Shi Tianqi in Jinling!
If he is found to help, then the second son’s problems may be saved!

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