The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 711-720

Chapter: 711
Zhang Zizhou was now nearly crippled, in excruciating pain, and all his courage and strength had completely dissipated!
He looked at Ye Chen in despair, thinking of those weaklings that he had killed.
Today, would he also step into the footsteps of those weaklings? To be crushed and decapitated by an expert you couldn’t fight against?
Thinking of this, Zhang Zizhou was terrified!
He was indeed very strong, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid of death.
On the contrary.
The more he killed and killed people, the more he cherished life.
He wanted to live, he wanted to live comfortably, to live with food, clothing and unrestrained elegance.
That’s why he followed the Wu family and aided and abetted them.
The enemies of the Wu family, he came to kill, and after killing them, he would be able to exchange them for huge amounts of wealth from the Wu family. First URL
It had been a good few years and he felt even better about being alive.
So, to let him die now, he couldn’t accept it no matter what.
So, he cried to Ye Chen and said, “Master Ye, Ancestor Ye, it’s me who has eyes and doesn’t know that you have such great strength, I only beg you to spare my life on the basis that I’m only working for the Wu family and taking orders from them!”
Ye Chen said coldly, “It’s because you’re working for the Wu family that I find you even more hateful!”
Saying that, Ye Chen stepped on his right shoulder and completely crippled his entire right arm as well!
Zhang Zizhou cried out in pain, but Ye Chen said in disgust, “I can still understand if someone else has a real grudge against me and comes to kill me, but I have no grudge against you, and you come to kill me just for money, so tell me, are you more hateful than my enemy?”
“Master Ye is sorry…”
Zhang Zizhou didn’t expect that trying to defend himself for a few words would unintentionally make Ye Chen even more upset, now that both of his shoulders had been shattered, from now on these two arms would be like two sleeves that could only dangle and flap back and forth with his body, basically already indistinguishable from an invalid!
Ye Chen then turned his face and looked at the frightened Liu Guang and his son and said coldly, “You two are very arrogant, you even dare to hit my father-in-law?”
The originally arrogant Liu Guang and his sons had already been scared silly now!
One had to know that these five people who were ruined by Ye Chen were young, but they were by all accounts the personal bodyguards of Young Master Wu Xin, and they were very powerful.
But they never dreamed that they would be so vulnerable that they wouldn’t even be a match for Ye Chen’s one move!
At the thought of this, Liu Ming panicked in his heart.
He pressed his dagger tightly against Xiao Changkun’s neck and his voice trembled as he cried out, “Ye Chen, you stop it! Otherwise, I’ll kill your father-in-law!”
Xiao Changkun was scared half to death and hurriedly shouted to Ye Chen, “Ye Chen, save me, Ye Chen!”
Just at this time, Liu Guang suddenly swung his arm and slapped Liu Ming hard, smacking Liu Ming’s eyes with gold stars.
Liu Ming hadn’t recovered yet, and covered his face in stunned silence, asking, “Dad, why did you hit me?!”
Liu Guang snapped out of his mouth, “You bastard, you dare to point a knife at Master Ye’s father-in-law’s neck, you’re looking for death! Kneel down to Master Ye yet!”
After scolding his son, Liu Guang twisted around, poofed to his knees, and immediately cried out in tears, “Master Ye, I was bewitched by the Wu family’s father and son, they told me to kill Hong Wu, and then held me up to sit in Hong Wu’s position, they also said they would kill you and vent their anger on behalf of his son, please forgive me for my momentary confusion!”
Liu Ming was a stunned young man, Liu Guang was not.
He knew very well that the current situation had been completely wrestled back by Ye Chen alone, and if he still confronted Ye Chen at this time, he would really be looking for death by lantern in the toilet!
Sure he’d love to take Hongwu’s seat, but that would require a life of his own to do so! Therefore, at this time, what Wu family, what the number one family in Jiangnan, what the underground emperor of Jinling was, it was nothing to him, he just wanted to survive and live well.
Otherwise, even if Ye Chen granted himself extra-legal favors and let himself survive, he was afraid that he would still end up beating himself into the same situation as Zhang Zizhou.

Chapter: 712
This Zhang Zizhou was already an invalid, he wouldn’t even have the ability to wipe his own ass afterwards, both shoulders had been completely powdered and shredded, and the fleshy tissues had been crumbled into mush, so the first thing he pulled to the hospital would definitely be a double arm amputation.
He didn’t want to live a life worse than death!
Liu Ming just thought of this time, he is still playing tough with Ye Chen is useless, Zhang Zizhou so awesome, to beat Hong Fifth’s men, chopping melons and chopping vegetables, under the hand of Ye Chen, is not just a move to be dried?
Even if he really used the knife against Xiao Changkun’s throat, I’m afraid that Ye Chen would be able to kill himself while keeping Xiao Changkun alive.
So, it’s still dad who knows the time!
Thinking of this, he also poofed to his knees and cried, “Master Ye, I was wrong, I beg your forgiveness…. My father and I came here today because Wu Shao forced us to ah, otherwise if you give me ten guts, I wouldn’t dare to touch your people ah…….”
After saying that, he knelt on the ground, kowtowing and apologizing, crying and collapsing throughout.
Ye Chen sneered and said, “It seems that you father and son have a strong desire to survive!”
Liu Guang was busy saying, “Master Ye, we’re also lost…”
Ye Chen coldly snorted, “Kneel properly, you two! If you dare to move a muscle, I’ll rip your dog’s head off!” Remember the URL
Both father and son shivered and knelt on the ground, not daring to move.
Ye Chen then stepped forward to Hongwu and touched his pulse.
Although it had been discovered just now that he still had a breath left, he had indeed been deprived of oxygen for too long, and his body had been severely damaged and extremely weak.
Such a person was like someone who had suffered severe brain damage, and although he didn’t die, he might not be able to wake up in three to five years, or even a lifetime.
Ye Chen couldn’t bear to see him become a living dead man.
After all, in Ye Chen’s opinion, Hongwu was a tough and loyal man, and such people were rare, so he couldn’t just stand by and see him become a cripple.
So, Ye Chen blocked his view with his body, and from an angle that no one could see, he pulled out a rejuvenation pill from his pocket and put it directly into Hong Wu’s mouth.
As it was a secret medicine made from a lost ancient recipe, this medicine melted in the mouth and had an excellent medicinal effect!
Therefore, the medicine soon turned into a warm current that entered Hong Wu’s internal organs.
Very soon, Hong Wu woke up ghostly from his near-death state.
Hong Wu was already deeply unconscious, but he suddenly woke up, opened his eyes, and saw Ye Chen right in front of him, unable to speak in surprise.
He knew that he was clearly dying just now, but he didn’t know why he suddenly woke up again now.
He couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “Master Ye…. This….. What is going on? I’m… I’m not… I’m not dead?”
Ye Chen nodded his head and said indifferently, “With me here, you can’t die.”
Hong Wu was extremely grateful and took off, “Hong Wu thanks Master Ye for saving my life!”
After saying that, he said guiltily, “I’m sorry Master Ye, because I got your father-in-law into trouble…”
Ye Chen waved his hand, “It’s not your fault, besides, my father-in-law didn’t suffer any harm.”
Hong Wu was relieved, and in the next moment, he felt a powerful heat current in his body that was traveling throughout his body.
Not only did this heat flow heal his injuries, it even gave his body a huge boost and improvement.
He felt like his body had become stronger and younger than before!
He was already a bit presbyopic, but right now, looking at Ye Chen, it was becoming clearer and clearer!
He looked at Ye Chen in stunned excitement to the point of trembling, and asked in a trembling voice, “Master Ye, how could it be in my body…. Is it, is it rejuvenation…. Rejuvenation….”

Chapter: 713
Today at Master Song’s birthday banquet, Master Hong Fifth had seen the Rejuvenation Pill and had seen how miraculous it was.
However, he didn’t dare to dream that he would have such a chance.
Therefore, although he felt as if he had taken the Rejuvenation Pill, this matter was too shocking for him, so deep down, he was not sure if he had actually taken the Rejuvenation Pill or not.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and hurriedly gave him a don’t-speak look, saying lightly, “This is your chance, feel it well.”
Hong Wu was in tears at this moment!
He knew that Master Ye’s words meant that he had granted himself a chance!
He couldn’t have imagined, last second, that he would almost certainly die! And in the next second, not only did he not die, but he also received a great opportunity bestowed upon him by Master Ye Chen Ye!
The rejuvenation potion!
The great opportunity that I had never dared to dream of, but it came straight to me uninvited!
At this moment, Hongwu’s inner loyalty to Ye Chen was almost bursting at the seams! One second to remember to read the book
He even felt that this life of his was given by Ye Chen, and from now on, every extra second he lived was for Master Ye.
Therefore, he was bound to saddle up for Grandmaster Ye with a death wish in the future, because without Grandmaster Ye, he would already be a dead man!
Immediately afterwards, Hong Wu’s body recovered so quickly that he even stood up with a flourish before kneeling in front of Ye Chen and kowtowed, “Hong Wu, thank you Master Ye for saving my life! From today onwards, this life of Hongwu is Master Ye’s!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Get up!”
Hong Wu heard the sound, which made him stand up.
He then looked around and saw the Liu family’s father and son kneeling on the ground, not daring to move, and Zhang Zizhou and the other five Wu family bodyguards had all become useless, and sighed in his heart, Master Ye’s strength was unfathomable!
So many people, but they couldn’t even hurt Master Ye a bit!
Immediately, he couldn’t help but ask, “Master Ye, what are you going to do with these people? Did you just kill them? Still…”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Come on, let’s raise the courtroom for a trial and convict them!”
“Ascension?” Hong Wu was surprised and asked, “Master Ye, what do you mean by that?”
Ye Chen laughed, “It’s the ancient lord of the government raising the court to hear the case ah.”
Hong Wu hurriedly nodded, moved a chair over and said with a smile, “Lord Ye please sit down, we’re going to elevate the court!”
Ye Chen laughed, sat down on a chair, pointed at Liu Guang, Liu Ming and his son, and said in a cold voice, “Human criminals Liu Guang and Liu Ming, you two are dogs for the Wu family, and you still intend to kill me, what is the crime?”
Liu Guang and Liu Ming were so frightened that they worshiped with their heads in their mouths, crying out, “Grandmaster Ye have mercy ah Grandmaster Ye…. We are also forced to do so….”
Ye Chen smiled calmly and said generously, “Since you are also compelled, then this official will spare you the death penalty!”
When they heard this, they were so excited that they were about to cry out.
But Ye Chen then said, “Capital punishment can be forgiven, living punishment is unforgivable! If you two want to live, you’ll have to see how well you actually perform!”
Liu Guang and Liu Ming stated, “Master Ye, from now on, we, father and son, will serve you as an ox! A lifetime of saddling up!”
Ye Chen waved his hand, “I don’t want you two to saddle me up.”

Chapter: 714
Saying that, he said to Hong Wu, “Hong Wu, since this Liu Guang is already a poor hangman, what should his father be?”
Hong Wu thought about it and said, “The words of the poor hangman’s father…. It should be called the father of the poor hangman, right?”
Ye Chen nodded, “Right! You’re right, the father of the poor hangman.”
After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Liu Guang and asked with a smile, “Liu Guang, what do you think yourself?”
Liu Guang panicked and nodded his head as if pounding garlic and said flatteringly, “Master Hong Fifth is right, I am the father of the poor hangman!”
“Mm.” Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said to Hongwu, “Look, since he himself has said that, then quickly prepare that ink treasure of yours as well and send him a pair.”
“Ink treasure?” Hong Wu was stunned and blurted out, “Master Ye, what kind of ink treasure? I’m a person who doesn’t know how to write calligraphy either…”
Ye Chen pointed at the word poor hanging on Liu Ming’s head and asked Hong Wu, “Human calligraphy ah, you forgot?”
Only then did Hong Wu slammed his head and said guiltily, “Oh sorry Master Ye, I was foolish, I didn’t think you meant it!”
Liu Guang was scared out of his wits when he heard this! First web site
The word “Poor Hanging” on my son’s forehead is already causing me great pain.
So he cried and said, “Master Ye, you see I’m also an old man, just save me some face…”
Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “I’m saving your face ah, that’s why I let Hongwu only carve your forehead, otherwise, carve the word poor hanging on each side of your face as well, and by the way, give your son a pair of them as well, to make up a progeny for you and your son!”
Liu Guang collapsed into tears and howled, “Master Ye please spare me, I’m old and my skin is wrinkled, Fifth Master he’s no good to cut!”
Hong Wu sneered, “Liu Guang, don’t bother, I have a steady hand, even if your forehead is full of big folds, I can still carve the characters for you!”
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Liu Guang shivered in fear and cried, “Mr. Xiao, I was just joking ah…”
“You’re farting your mother’s old mule!” Xiao Changkun was furious and cursed: “Just now, your son’s knife was to my head, if not for my son-in-law’s timely arrival, I would have let you carve the words!”
Liu Guang hurriedly cried to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, I was really playing a little joke with your father-in-law, I didn’t really mean it ah…”
Ye Chen said coldly, “I don’t care if you’re sincere or not, I’m giving you two choices now, either, you don’t move and let Hongwu finish carving the characters, or, I’ll let Hongwu castrate your son with a knife, and right in front of you! Take your pick!”
As soon as Liu Ming heard this, he bawled and knelt in front of Liu Guang, kowtowing and crying out, “Dad, Dad…. You can’t let him castrate me, I don’t have children yet…. Our Old Liu family can’t have no offspring….”
Liu Guang was also on the verge of passing out from the pain.
What to do? Had I known it was today, I wouldn’t have dared to mess with Hongwu and Ye Chen’s father-in-law to death!
Now that Ye Chen had put such a choice question in front of him, how should he choose?
Choose the engraving? The wisdom of my own life is considered to have been thrown into the latrine.
However, if he didn’t choose to engrave, his son’s roots might be severed by Hong Wu, this wasn’t just his son’s roots, this was the entire Wu family’s roots ah….
Thinking of this, he shivered and looked at Hong Wu, choking with despair and pain, “Fifth Master, please be merciful when you engrave it…”
Hong Wu sneered and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely carve it into your skull!”

Chapter: 715
Liu Guang cried out in frightened despair, and the moment the tip of Hong Wu’s knife touched his forehead, he cried out in even more pain, even struggling violently to hide.
Hong Wu slapped him directly and said in a cold voice, “One more scream and I’ll go and break your son’s roots!”
Upon hearing this, Liu Guangton didn’t dare to move, and could only tearfully, grit his teeth, and accept Hong Wu’s human inkblot.
Hong Wu’s knife was very hard and soon engraved four characters on Liu Guang’s forehead, Father of the Poor Hanged!
Liu Guang’s entire forehead had been blurred with blood and flesh, looking very miserable.
Liu Ming was also scared half to death at the side, watching his own father also being carved, and four at a time, this feeling, this taste, was also really unpleasant.
After the characters were carved, Liu Guang shivered and cried, asking Ye Chen, “Master Ye, can you let us go?”
Ye Chen shook his head and said, “Do you think that’s all there is to living crimes?”
After saying that, he said to Liu Ming, “Here, poor hangman, give me your phone.”
Liu Ming hurriedly pulled out his latest iPhone and handed it to Ye Chen after unlocking it. Remember the URL ´╝Ä
Ye Chen asked him, “Do you have a jitterbug?”
“There…” Liu Ming hurriedly nodded his head.
Ye Chen found Shakespeare, and after opening it, he said to him, “Come, today you master and son will record a father-son phase on Shakespeare, if you record well, I’ll let you go, if you don’t record well, all your legs and feet will be broken.”
The father and son panicked and said, “Master Ye, we’ll do whatever you say, as long as you don’t kill us, anything will do…”
“Mm.” Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “Come, I’ll give you master and son the lines, both of you remember it well, if you say it wrong palm a hundred, do you understand?”
The man nodded his head as if pounding garlic: “I understand, I understand!”
“Good.” Ye Chen sneered and greeted the two to come to the front, saying the lines he had designed for them.
After this speech, both father and son were scared blinded.
Liu Guang cried and said, “Master Ye, if we really say that and make a video and send it out, the Wu family will definitely kill us.”
Liu Ming also said, “Master Ye, you’re trying to kill our master and son…”
Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “What? The Wu family will kill you, but I won’t?”
The two of you paled in fright.
Ye Chen added, “I tell you, if you honestly record this video, the two of you will at least have one night to escape, if you escape Jiangnan, the Wu family may not be able to do anything to you, if you flee the country, you and your master will be able to live in peace for the rest of your lives, but if you don’t do as I tell you, then you will leave your lives here tonight! ”
As soon as Liu Guang heard this, he panicked, “Master Ye, we have so many years of hard work in Jinling, if we leave tonight, we won’t be able to take many of our assets with us ah!”
Ye Chen frowned, “What? Want to haggle? So forget it, don’t record it, just hand over your life!”
Liu Ming hurriedly advised his father, saying, “Dad! What’s more important than life? Let’s go to Yanjing tonight and then fly to Malaysia tomorrow morning to find my uncle. We’ll buy a small estate in Malaysia too, and we’ll just never come back for the rest of our lives!”
Thinking of this, Liu Guang bit his teeth and said, “Master Ye, let’s shoot!”

Chapter: 716
Ye Chen nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Come, come, hurry up and start.”
After saying that, he picked up his phone and pointed it at the Liu family’s father and son.
The two men stood side by side, Liu Ming wiped his tears and said with a forced smile, “Hello everyone, I am Poor Hanging Liu Ming.”
Liu Guang also hurriedly interfaced, “I am Liu Guang, the father of the poor hangman.”
The man and his son said at the same time, “We father and son will give you a comic speech today!”
Liu Ming then said, “Everyone must have seen these two words on my forehead, the reason why I carved the word poor hanging on my forehead is mainly because I am a person who is always arrogant, carving these two words on my forehead is to remind everyone that they are all poor hanging.”
Liu Guang also said, “They say that I am a heroic father of my son, but I am a heroic father of my son, and since my son has carved the word poor hanging on his forehead, I definitely can’t hold back my son, that’s why I have carved the four words father of poor hanging on my forehead.”
Liu Ming said at this time, “Seeing this, you will definitely ask why my father and I are so arrogant. This is mainly because we have a very good relationship with the Suhang Wu family!”
“Right!” Liu Guang said beside him, “Everyone knows that the Wu family is rich, but the best thing about the Wu family is not the money, but having a son who likes to eat shit!”
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Liu Guang chimed in, “According to what you say, this Wu family gentleman is indeed extraordinary!”
“Of course.” Liu Ming nodded repeatedly and gave a thumbs up praise, “So it’s still necessary to say that the others are powerful, otherwise, the second young master of the Wu family, could he be so arrogant?”
Liu Guang curiously asked, “Hey right, why haven’t you heard anything from the Wu family’s second young master lately?”
Liu Ming said, “I’ve heard that people are living a comfortable life now! It’s like the royal treatment!”
“How so?” Liu Guang looked gossipy.
Liu Ming said, “People are powerful now, living in the Wu family mansion, it is said that there are twenty or so times a day of shit, and there are people who specialize in giving it, and they all eat fresh food.”
Liu Guang was surprised and asked, “So exciting? Can the Wu family produce enough to supply twenty tons a day?”
Liu Ming said seriously, “That’s definitely not enough to supply ah, think about it, no matter how well the Wu family can pull it off, they can’t afford to have an occasional constipation or something.”
“Ouch!” Liu Guang took off, “Then it’s possible that the second young master of the Wu family will break off his toner!”
Afterwards, Liu Guang asked Liu Ming, “Dad, do you think the two of us should also sign up to go to the Suhang Wu household for a few days and cook a few hot meals for Young Master Wu?”
Liu Ming nodded his head repeatedly and said with a smile, “That’s a good idea! If we go, that old son of a bitch, Master Wu, and that son of a bitch, Wu Donghai, won’t be grateful enough to kowtow to us?”
Liu Ming’s heart trembled as he said this.
This was really going to fucking offend the Wu family to death!
Liu Guang’s heart was beating just as wildly, but he looked at Ye Chen and could only continue with a hard scalp, “More than just kowtowing! I guess they’ll all be grateful to kneel and lick with us, I’ve heard that Master Wu likes to acknowledge godfathers everywhere, maybe when he gets excited, he’ll have to acknowledge me as a godfather or something.”
“Master Wu likes to acknowledge godfathers?” Liu Ming was surprised and asked, “Why do you have this fetish?”
“Then who knows go.” Liu Guang shrugged his shoulders and said, “I heard that the old immortal has recognized more than three hundred godfathers since he lived until now, so it’s probably because this old immortal just likes to be a son to people.”

Chapter: 717
Liu Ming now hurriedly picked up Liu Guang’s words and said, “Then if I go to the Wu family, will that old immortal of the Wu family also want to recognize me as his father?”
Liu Guang snapped his fingers, “Hey, don’t tell me, I think it’s very likely!”
Liu Ming hurriedly said, “Oh daddy, that’s no good! That old immortal calls us both father, so we’re not the same generation, are we?”
Liu Guang pondered for a moment, nodded his head and said, “That makes sense, then I’ll let him acknowledge me as his god-grandfather, that’s always okay, right?”
Liu Ming hehe, “I think it works!”
Liu Guang then said, “Actually, this Wu family ah, all of them have a little special fetish, not only Wu Qi likes to eat shit and Master Wu likes to recognize his godfather, including Wu Donghai, he also has a special fetish.”
“Really?” Liu Ming asked curiously, “What is Wu Donghai’s fetish? Could it be that he likes to eat that stuff too?”
“That’s not true.” Liu Guang said, “I heard that ah, when Wu Donghai was young, he had a very strong cuckold plot.”
Liu Ming curiously asked, “Dad, what does cuckold plot mean?”
Liu Guang said, “Hey, just like to be cuckolded ah, and the more you wear, the more he enjoys!” First web site
Liu Ming exclaimed in shock, “Is it so magical?”
“Of course!” Liu Guang facially stiffened with two dry chuckles and said, “It is said that ah, when this Wu Donghai was young, he still had a particularly ambitious dream.”
Liu Ming hurriedly asked, “What dream?”
Liu Guang said, “Dreaming of wearing 10,000 green hats, and feeling that life isn’t complete enough even if one is missing!”
Liu Ming waved his fingers to calculate and said, “Dad, 365 days a year, one green hat a day, this Wu Donghai will have to wear for thirty years! The point is that his wife can’t be idle all day!”
Liu Guang laughed, “Look, you don’t understand this, who says people only wear one a day? People sometimes wear several tops a day, or even several at once!”
As Liu Ming heard this, he gave a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Or else people Wu family is awesome! It sure is powerful!”
Saying that, Liu Ming asked again, “Right dad, that Wu Xin, does he have any special fetishes?”
“Him ah?” Liu Guang laughed and said, “The Wu family is the most powerful of all this pups!”
Liu Ming curiously asked, “What?”
Liu Guang said mysteriously, “Actually, this pup, ah, is gay!”
“Huh?” Liu Ming exclaimed in shock, “Wu Xin is gay?!”
“Right!” Liu Guang took off, “Not only is he gay, but he’s one of those characters in there who gets screwed by men! I’m telling you, don’t look at him like he’s out there all day, but he’s a perverted pussy right behind the door! They say he loves to get with strong men, and several at a time, awesome!”
He said, “You know what? This Wu Donghai and Wu Xin’s father and son have a bodyguard named Zhang Zizhou by their side, this person is awesome! Back then, he was a super expert at killing people without blinking an eye, and then he took a few of his brothers and followed Wu’s father and son as a bodyguard, but this guy was also gay and just the type of person Wu Xin liked, so Wu Xin and these five bodyguards got together all day and night and had a great time!”
“Oh my God!” Liu Ming exclaimed, “So the Wu family is playing so excitingly! I’m so alone!”
Liu Guang laughed, “Let’s put it this way, this Wu family ah, there is one to count, all of them are perverts among perverts and beasts among beasts!”

Chapter: 718
At this point, Liu Guang paused briefly, but still plucked up the courage to say, “But to be honest with you, Wu Donghai’s wife is still very good-looking, and back then, she was also a famous beauty in the Suhang area!”
Liu Ming hurriedly asked, “Is that the one who likes to cuckold Wu Donghai and is even prepared to wear up to ten thousand hats?”
“Yes, yes, yes, she is!” Liu Guang said with an enthralled face, “I’ve really dreamed of having sex with her! Let me also give Wu Donghai a cuckold!”
Liu Ming was busy saying, “Dad, I’ve heard she’s a visitor, why don’t you bring me one too?”
Liu Guang smiled: “OK, then we’re both walking here? It’s not even nine o’clock in the evening, we drive, drive faster, more than twelve o’clock can be to Suhang, just can let Wu Donghai’s wife to serve us well!”
“Gotta go!” Liu Ming also hurriedly smiled, “Then let’s hurry up and leave!”
At this time, Ye Chen pressed the button to stop the recording and nodded his head in satisfaction, “Not bad, it seems that you two are quite talented at speaking comic dialogues, okay, hurry up and run for your lives!”
Liu Guang cryptically asked, “Master Ye, are you sending out this video?”
“Right.” Ye Chen nodded and said, “I’ll immediately send you guys Shakespeare on it, as soon as this phase of yours goes on Shakespeare, it’s probably going to be an instant hit all over the net!”
Liu Guang was shaking with fear and said, “Master Ye, can you post the jitterbug later? If you send it now, the Wu family will soon come after us…” Remember the URL
Ye Chen kicked Zhang Zizhou, who was like a dead dog, and said to Liu Guang, “Look at you, that wimp, what are you afraid of? The Wu family only brought these bodyguards with them. They’re all lying here now. What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that Wu Donghai and Wu Xin will personally come after you and your son? I don’t think they’re as good as you two with that body, and when you four fight, it’s definitely the two of you who will suffer.”
When Liu Guang thought about it, it seemed that it was indeed the case.
The Wu family now had no one available in Jinling, and it would take time to transfer people over from Suhang, and by then, he and his son would have already run away without a trace.
Liu Ming said to Liu Guang on the side, “Dad, let’s quickly go back and pack our things, then we’ll drive to Yanjing overnight and buy the earliest plane to Malaysia tomorrow, in that case, the Wu family definitely won’t be able to catch up with us!”
Liu Guang sighed and said, “This video of us is offending the entire Wu family, I’m afraid that they’ll get angry and chase us both around the world regardless….”
Liu Ming shivered and said with some worry, “Dad, the Wu family shouldn’t be so extinct, right?”
“No?” Liu Guang sighed, “You don’t know, Wu Donghai loves his wife the most ah…. We’re insulting his wife like this, I’m afraid…”
Ye Chen didn’t bother to listen to the two of them here nonsense, indifferently said: “I’m about to upload the video, if you two want to run, run quickly, if you run fast you can still live, if you run slow and die across the street don’t blame me for not giving you a chance to live!”
Liu Guang came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Master Ye, we’re leaving now! Leave now!”
After saying that, he pulled Liu Ming and took off, “Quickly go, go home, pack up and go to Yanjing overnight!”
Liu Ming was also afraid of being chased by the Wu family and hurriedly nodded his head repeatedly.
Immediately after, the father and son fled nervously and wretchedly.
Hong Wu looked at their backs and respectfully asked Ye Chen, “Master Ye, just let them both go?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Don’t worry, the two of them insulted the Wu family so much, the Wu family will definitely do their best to hunt them down, they may not live long, and even if they do, they’ll be on edge for the rest of their lives.”
Saying that, Ye Chen laughed, “And they may not have the guts to return home for a lifetime, they may not even dare to return home for burial when they die, otherwise, the descendants of the Wu family will definitely dig out their ashes and raise them!”

Chapter: 719
The Liu family’s father and son fled for their lives, and Hong Wu suddenly felt that Master Ye’s punishment was interesting, and without having to do it himself, it could be said to be the best punishment for the two of them to keep them on tenterhooks.
At this time, there were still five of the Wu family’s bodyguards left in the compartment.
Hong Wu opened his mouth and asked, “Master Ye, what to do with these people? Do you think we should just kill them? Still…”
Ye Chen smacked his lips and said, “This is something to think about, do you have any good ideas?”
Hong Wu looked at the dead dog-like Zhang Zizhou, naturally incomparably indignant inside.
He would never have thought before that the Wu family would want to kill him.
It was really thanks to Master Ye that he was able to pick up his life today.
Otherwise, he would have already died under Zhang Zizhou’s thumb!
Therefore, Hong Wu’s hatred for the Wu family had instantly reached its peak at the moment.
He hated to cut Zhang Zizhou’s five people to death by a thousand cuts. A second to remember to read the book
Thus, he hurriedly said, “Master Ye, why don’t you leave these five people to me!”
Ye Chen curiously asked, “What are you going to do with it?”
Hong Wu said coldly, “Take them all to the dog farm and let my dogs eat them all little by little in a month’s time!”
Said Hongwu, “Tonight, let my dog be the first to eat all the stuff in their pants!”
When Zhang Zizhou and the other five heard this, they all wailed in fear!
These usually murderous and powerful experts were now all afraid to death one by one.
Zhang Zizhou even cried up and down, begging bitterly, “Master Ye, Master Hongwu, I really know I was wrong! I beg you two to be merciful and spare my dog’s life!”
The other four people also begged and cried incessantly.
Ye Chen then looked at Master Hong Wu and smiled inscrutably, “They’re just a few dogs of the Wu family, killing them doesn’t mean much ah, for the Wu family, it doesn’t matter if a few people die, it still has to be interesting in a different way.”
Zhang Zizhou and the other five people let out a sigh of relief.
In any case, Ye Chen’s words were considered to have saved their lives!
At this time, Master Hong Fifth hurriedly asked, “Master Ye, what kind of alternative do you think?”
Ye Chen thought about it and said, “How about this, leave some ink on all of their foreheads as well, and let them go back and show Wu Donghai properly.”
After saying that, he turned to the five people and spoke in a cold voice, “Which one of you five will be the first to come? I’m telling you, there’s a discount for the first person to engrave, the first person to engrave only four words, and the ones after that, one word in descending order!”
When Zhang Zizhou heard this, he thought of Liu Guang’s miserable condition when the four words “Father of the Poor Hanged” were carved on the top of his head, his heart thumped, and he subconsciously wanted to beg for mercy.
However, one of them, knowing that there was no way to hide this time, shouted, “Me! I’ll be first!”
Next thing you know, someone shouts, “I’m second!”
“My third!”
“Me, I’m fourth!”
The four of them were almost like firecrackers, taking up all of the first to fourth in one breath.
Zhang Zizhou, who hadn’t said anything, was only left with the fifth.
His expression was extremely depressed and he almost wanted to commit suicide on the spot!

Chapter: 720
The first person inscribed with four words.
The second person engraved five words.
A third person carved six words.
A fourth person inscribed seven words.
If I’m the fifth, I’ll have to carve eight characters!
There’s no place like this on your forehead!
Zhang Zizhou burst into tears, wiping his tears as he begged, “Master Ye, please spare me this time, I will definitely serve you from now on, I will do everything you tell me to do and be your dog…”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “You are not qualified enough to be my dog, but if you continue to whine so much bullshit, I will have Hongwu take you to the dog farm and feed his dogs! I, Ye Chen, will do what I say, if you don’t believe me, try jabbering one more sentence!”
Zhang Zizhou was so scared that he shut his mouth tightly.
He was truly afraid of Ye Chen! First web site
Since Ye Chen said so, he didn’t care if he let out any more fart, afraid that Ye Chen would really kill him!
At this time, Hong Wu picked up the dagger from the ground, walked up to the first one who raised his hand and asked, “Master Ye, what was the first one to carve?”
Ye Chen thought about it and said, “It has to be concise! How to be concise and concise…”
Pondering for a moment, Ye Chen said off the cuff, “There, just carve Wu Xin silly bleep!”
The man was about to cry.
If he had carved four big words on his head, Wu Xin’s stupid bleep, Young Master wouldn’t be able to cut himself alive!
However, he didn’t dare to have the slightest refusal at this point, because now he simply didn’t have the power to refuse, and daring to say one more word might anger Ye Chen and send him to the dog pound to be fed to the dogs!
“Good.” Hong Wu readily agreed, took the dagger and carved four words deeply into the man’s face: “Wu Xin stupid bleep”.
The man’s face was dripping with blood, and the four characters on his face and forehead made the other four people feel chilled when they looked at him.
After the carving, Hong Wu pulled out the second person who had signed up and asked Ye Chen, “Master Ye, what did this person carve?”
Ye Chen thought about it and smiled, “It’s five characters this time, so let’s carve ‘Wu Qi loves to eat shit’.”
Hong Wu nodded and immediately carved his own human calligraphy on the second person’s forehead as well.
At this point, Zhang Zizhou realized that there really were more characters the further back he went, so he shouted, “Fifth Master! I’m third, I’m third! Don’t take anyone from me!”
Hong Wu pooh-poohed and asked with a sneer, “Where’s that arrogant streak of yours? Why are you such a wimp now? What’s the difference between a dog and a dog that snatches food?”
Zhang Zizhou hurriedly begged, “Fifth Master, just treat me as a dog and carve it for me first!”
Ye Chen frowned, went up and directly kicked Zhang Zizhou away, and said coldly, “You’re really unruly, the four of them are little brothers who followed you from birth to death, and you even want to trap them at the end of a disaster?”
Zhang Zizhou was kicked far away and cried, “Master Ye, I’m just a cowardly master, so please be merciful and let the fifth master carve it for me first…”
Ye Chen said coldly, “Cut the fucking crap with me, you’re last! If you bleep with me any more, I’ll just carve a copy of “The Exodus” into your face!”
Hong Wu smiled, “Master Ye, the Exodus is very long, I’m afraid one face can’t be carved!”
Said Hongwu, reciting while counting on his fingers, “The late emperor has ascended to heaven before half of his founding and his midway, and today three points down, Yizhou is tired…. Oops, that’s almost a full head and face…”
Ye Chen unconcernedly waved his hand and said, “There’s still the neck if you can’t carve the face, and the body if you can’t carve the neck, the worst that can happen is to carve all the places he likes to carve all over his body, so that he can take a look at and memorize the birth chart on a regular basis, and also learn about Zhuge Liang’s loyalty and courage!”
Zhang Zizhou shuddered in fear and hurriedly cried and begged, “Master Ye! Master Ye I was wrong, I don’t dare to bleep anymore, you’re right, I’m the last one! I won’t say a word, just wait honestly!”

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