The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 871-880

Chapter: 871
Ye Chen pretended to look for it all afternoon, and received a call from Zhangren, saying that Aunt Han was going home soon, so he drove home.
Xiao Churan also received a call from his father. Although he was reluctant, he drove home.
Dong Ruolin heard that there was a visitor from her family, and said tonight she did not want to go home for dinner.
Xiao Churan wanted her to accompany her, so she wouldn’t be so embarrassed, but Dong Ruolin felt embarrassed herself, so she used the excuse to work overtime and eat out by herself.
Xiao Churan couldn’t force it, so he said to Xiao Changkun, “Dad, after your classmates come later, try not to talk about me. I’m not in a good mood today, I don’t want to talk too much.”
Xiao Changkun also knows that if his daughter is willing to go home at this time and eat this meal with herself and her old classmates, even if it is a lot of face, she can’t force her.
So he said to Ye Chen: “Good son-in-law, you have to talk more at the dinner table later, and be more active and active.”
“Okay.” Ye Chen nodded awkwardly.
At this time, the door bell in the villa rang, Xiao Changkun couldn’t wait to walk to the videophone, and immediately said to Ye Chen and Xiao Churan excitedly: “They are here, I’ll open the door.”
After speaking, he opened the door and went through the yard to open the door. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Xiao Churan looked at Xiao Changkun’s positive look, couldn’t help sighing, and asked Ye Chen: “You said my dad and that Aunt Han, is there something else?”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “I haven’t seen each other for more than 20 years, what can I do? You must be thinking too much.”
Xiao Churan said earnestly: “But when I see my dad like this, I seem to be a little too excited.”
Ye Chen comforted: “You don’t know about this. After all, they have had a history.”
Xiao Churan hurriedly said: “But my dad has already married my mother, and he and my mother are not divorced! He is responsible for and loyal to the marriage!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “It seems like Dad really had an extramarital affair. He just saw his first love today. How could it be so serious as you said.”
Xiao Churan sighed and said, “I’m just worried, not that they already have something now.”
At this time, Han Meiqing was outside the villa, marveling at this top-notch villa in Jinling.
She has been away from China for a long time, so she doesn’t understand many domestic real estate and other things, nor does she understand what the words Tomson Yipin mean in China.
When Xiao Changkun told her the address, he only talked about Tomson Yipin Villa A05, and Han Meiqing didn’t think too much.
But after she came to Tomson Yipin, she discovered that the villa in this place turned out to be so luxurious and atmospheric.
Seeing that Xiao Changkun lives in such a luxurious villa area now, it made her faintly surprised.
Because she used to ask her classmates to inquire about Xiao Changkun’s recent developments over the years, but the feedback she got was that his life was not very satisfactory, which made her a little confused.
While waiting for Xiao Changkun to open the door outside the gate of A05, Paul was bored, so he checked the approximate selling price with his mobile phone, and said to his mother: “The house here needs about 80 million to more than one billion. I read it online. It is said that Type A villas are the largest in size, and they probably sell for one to several tens of millions.”

Chapter: 872
Han Meiqing nodded and said, “It’s not expensive for more than one billion, but I don’t quite understand. In your Uncle Xiao’s situation, how can he afford the villa here?”
Paul smiled slightly and said, “This requires you to ask him personally.”
Han Meiqing also smiled and said, “Maybe it’s called hiding.”
Paul thought for a while, and said, “Well, let’s be honest, I feel that Uncle Xiao should be a good person, but not like a hidden person.”
Han Meiqing asked curiously: “What do you mean by that?”
Paul said: “It’s nothing, it just feels a little strange.”
Han Meiqing smiled and said: “Okay, let’s not discuss this. I should be happy for the old classmate who can live in such an expensive villa. As for other things, we don’t have to ask about it.”
Paul nodded and said seriously: “Mom, you are right.”
At this time, Xiao Changkun had also opened the door of the villa. When he saw Han Meiqing and Paul, he immediately said excitedly: “Oh, Meiqing, Paul, you are here, please come in, please come in soon.”
Han Meiqing smiled and said: “Oh, Chang Kun, your house is really beautiful. When I entered this community just now, it felt very high-end and atmosphere. This should be the best villa area in Jinling, right?” Bar
Xiao Changkun said modestly: “I don’t know if it’s the best. Actually, I just moved in just two days ago.”
Han Meiqing and Paul walked into the villa with Xiao Changkun.
Seeing the exquisite decoration in the yard, Han Meiqing couldn’t help sighing: “It seems that the decoration of your villa is also a lot of thought. It should be designed for you by a high-end designer?”
Xiao Changkun said: “In fact, this villa was not decorated by us. In fact, this villa was also given to him by my son-in-law’s friend.”
Paul’s expression was very surprised, and he blurted out: “Uncle Xiao, this villa is worth more than one billion yuan, right? Mr. Ye’s friend was willing to give him such an expensive villa?”
Xiao Changkun nodded, and said, “Not only the villa was given away, but even the decoration was paid by his friends. We just bought a little furniture and didn’t spend much money.”
Paul couldn’t help asking: “Is this villa also earned by Mr. Ye showing Feng Shui for others?”
Xiao Changkun happily said, “You really guessed it. This villa is his reward for showing others Feng Shui. I tell you, don’t look at my son-in-law. It seems that there is nothing serious about doing things, and there is nothing to do. , But his ability to look at Feng Shui is truly unique in the upper class of Jinling!”
Paul felt a little strange in his heart. Normally speaking, no matter how expensive Feng Shui masters are, there will be more than one or two hundred million price tags once, right?
Ye Chen showed others Feng Shui, and others gave him such a good villa, coupled with exquisite decoration, this should not only be for the villa, there must be other reasons.
It seems that Ye Chen is definitely not an ordinary person!
Thinking of this, Paul couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Actually, I also believe in Feng Shui. But I have never met a very good and very capable Feng Shui master. Since Mr. Ye is so capable, then my new company must Ask him to help me take a look at Feng Shui.”
Xiao Changkun smiled and said: “Then you can go back and talk to him, Ye Chen is very interesting, I believe he will not refuse you!”

Chapter: 873
At this time, Xiao Changkun had taken Han Meiqing and her son Paul and walked in through the yard.
When they met, Xiao Churan was shocked by Han Meiqing. She had heard Ye Chen say that Han Meiqing’s temperament and appearance were very good, but she didn’t expect it to be so good.
Being a woman, Xiao Churan even envied Han Meiqing a little.
After all, it is really amazing that a woman can maintain such a good level at the age of about 50.
Han Meiqing was also a little surprised when she saw Xiao Churan. She really didn’t expect that the daughters of Xiao Changkun and Ma Lan were so beautiful and outstanding.
The Paul next to him, at the moment he saw Xiao Churan, couldn’t help being a little stunned. He was also shocked by Xiao Churan’s beauty and temperament.
Xiao Changkun introduced at this time: “Mei Qing, let me introduce to you, this is my daughter Xiao Churan.”
After that, he looked at Xiao Churan again, and said with a smile: “Churan, this is my father’s old classmate, Han Meiqing, you want to be called Aunt Han.”
Xiao Churan was shocked by Han Meiqing’s beauty and temperament, and at the same time was even more worried about the relationship between her father and her.
Because compared with Han Meiqing, my mother really seems to be a thousand miles away. In addition, the relationship between the two of them is not stable. Now that there is such a strong competitor, I am afraid it will become More fragile. First URL m.
However, out of politeness, she shook hands with Han Meiqing very warmly, and said with some respect: “Hello, Aunt Han.”
Han Meiqing smiled, and sighed sincerely: “Chu Ran, you really look so beautiful!”
Xiao Churan said modestly: “Auntie Han, you really appreciate it. Compared to you, I am far behind.”
“No, no,” Han Meiqing said seriously: “When I was your age, I was really not as beautiful as you.”
After that, she looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile: “Xiao Ye is really blessed to marry such a good wife.”
Ye Chen smiled and nodded and said, “Aunt Han, you are right. This is my blessing.”
Han Meiqing smiled and introduced her son again, and said, “Chu Ran, this is my son. His name is Paul. He should be one year younger than you. It stands to reason that he should call you sister.”
Paul on the side hurriedly stretched out his hand to Xiao Churan and said seriously: “Hello Miss Xiao, I am Paul, my full name is Paul Smith, I am glad to meet you.”
Xiao Churan was hesitating whether to shake hands with Paul, and Han Meiqing hurriedly said, “Son, Churan is a married person. You should avoid suspicion when you come into contact with the opposite sex.”
Only then did Paul come back to his senses, hurriedly withdrew his hand, and smiled awkwardly: “I’m really embarrassed, it’s because I was rash.”
Xiao Churan nodded slightly and smiled as a response. Ye Chen couldn’t help being surprised, Han Meiqing’s tutor was really extraordinary.
Xiao Changkun couldn’t wait to say at this time: “Meiqing, I have already bought all the ingredients and seasonings related to those dishes, and I’m in the kitchen now, or else let’s start now and let the children have a good chat outside. I’ll go in and beat you, what do you think?”
Han Meiqing naturally nodded and smiled: “No problem, let’s cook a meal for the children today.”
After all, she said to Paul: “Son, you have a good chat with Xiaoye and his wife. In the future, you have to develop as much as possible in the long term. Everyone knows and understands more. It is good for everyone’s development in the future. Young people should Communicate more and make more friends to expand your network.”
Paul nodded hurriedly and said, “Mom, don’t worry, I know.”
As Xiao Changkun took Han Meiqing to the kitchen, he turned around to explain to Ye Chen, and said, “My son-in-law, there is my good tea on the coffee table. You can make a cup and give Paul a taste.”

Chapter: 874
Ye Chen nodded: “Okay Dad, I see.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “Also, don’t forget the thing I reminded you!”
Ye Chen knew what he was talking about. He wanted to pay more attention to himself. If the mother-in-law came back, she would not be allowed to enter the door and break Han Meiqing’s affairs in her own house.
So he smiled and said, “Dad, don’t worry, I will give you a military order for this matter, and there will be no mistakes.”
Xiao Changkun gave him a thumbs up and exclaimed, “Really my good son-in-law, I will not treat you badly in the future!”
After speaking, Xiao Changkun took Han Meiqing and plunged into the kitchen.
Xiao Churan asked Ye Chen curiously: “What did Dad tell you? You two are mysterious, as if you are engaged in a shameful conspiracy.”
Ye Chenxin said, I definitely can’t tell you, did your dad let me be here to guard you? If your mother comes back, I will carry her away. If I can’t carry it, I will knock her out and carry her away.
So he smiled and said, “It’s okay. Dad just asked me to entertain Paul. Don’t let him think that our family has no hospitality.”
“Really?” Xiao Churan was full of disbelief. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ye Chen said seriously: “Of course it’s true. Didn’t you hear that he asked me to make tea for Paul just now?”
As he said, he hurriedly greeted Paul and said, “Come here to Paul, and I will give you a taste of the high-end tea that my father-in-law bought from the WeChat tea seller.”
Ye Chen feels that Paul is an American, even if he is half of Chinese descent, he probably doesn’t know much about tea when he lives in the United States.
Therefore, the ordinary tea that his father-in-law bought by the deceit, should still be able to fool him.
Unexpectedly, Paul immediately smiled and said, “Oh, what I like most is drinking tea. Since Uncle Xiao has good tea here, I must try it.”
Ye Chen was taken aback for a while, and said with a smile: “Since you understand tea, then I think you might be disappointed.”
With that, he took Paul to sit down on the sofa, ready to make tea.
Xiao Churan didn’t want to chat with his father’s first lover’s son, so he said to the two of them: “You two men talk, I don’t like tea too much, and I have a headache. I’ll go back to the house and rest for a while, sorry. Disappointed.”
Paul hurriedly stood up and said politely: “Okay Miss Xiao, take a rest first.”
Xiao Churan went upstairs, and Ye Chen said to Paul, “Sit down, don’t stand and talk.”
After sitting down, Paul looked at the Hainan yellow rosewood sofa sitting under him, and said in surprise: “The material of this sofa is really good! At first glance, it is made of sea yellow material, and it is old. As soon as the pulp comes out, the texture of this wood is particularly beautiful, a good thing!”
Ye Chen was a bit stunned. He really didn’t expect that although Paul was a mixed race, his mother was completely a Chinese.
He speaks good Chinese, knows tea, knows wood, and even knows patina. The other half of this guy’s American ancestry is not fake, right?
And why is his hobby so similar to his old husband?
Had it not been for his blond hair and a standard white skin color, he would even doubt if he had been left behind by the old man.

Chapter: 875
So Ye Chen looked at Paul and asked curiously: “Paul, did you often come to China before?”
Paul shook his head and said with a smile: “I just come here on business occasionally, but every time it doesn’t take more than a week.”
Ye Chen asked with a puzzled look: “Then how do you know so much about tea, Chinese furniture and wood?”
Paul smiled and said: “It’s mainly because my mother likes these. I only came into contact with these when I was a child.”
As he said, Paul said again: “Don’t think I look like a mixed race, and I seem to be more of a white race, but in fact I am a downright yellow person in my bones. I have been influenced by my mother since I was a child. I like Chinese culture and Chinese food, Chinese habits and everything in China.”
“That’s it.”
Ye Chen nodded, boiled water in the sea of tea, and started to prepare tea, while letting people be fooled into buying tea on WeChat.
After brewing the tea, Ye Chen poured a cup for Paul and himself, and smiled and said to Paul: “Come, taste my old man’s tea.”
Paul nodded and thanked him, then took his teacup to his lips and took a sip.
Immediately afterwards, his expression became a little weird. Remember to read in one second
After tasting it for a long time, he said embarrassedly: “Uncle Xiao’s taste in drinking tea is very strange. To be honest, I can’t taste the goodness of this tea. Why does Uncle Xiao treat it as a good collection? Where’s the tea?”
Ye Chen thought to himself that this Paul was really acquainted, much better than his own husband.
I am a silly old man who has been drinking this kind of tea. Not only did he fail to drink it, but the more he drank, the better it tasted.
If he hadn’t stopped him himself, he would definitely find the WeChat girl who sells tea to buy some more.
So he smiled and said to Paul: “My husband bought this tea from a liar on WeChat. It cost a lot of money, but it’s really not a good thing.”
Paul also understood what was going on. He nodded slightly and said to Ye Chen: “I have the best Jin Jun eyebrows from the south that I entrusted to others. I have a chance to give some to Mr. Ye next day. Uncle Xiao tasted it. The tea was really good. It was a tea that was picked and fried by the top master Jin Junmei.”
Ye Chen politely thanked him, saying: “My old husband doesn’t know much about tea, but he just likes it very much. So if you give him good tea, it will be a violent thing. Just keep drinking this tea and entertain yourself.”
In fact, Ye Chen’s psychological activity is that my son-in-law hasn’t given him any good tea. Does it seem inappropriate for you, an outsider?
Paul didn’t realize Ye Chen’s mentality. He thought of what Xiao Changkun told him before entering the villa, so he looked at Ye Chen curiously and said, “Mr. Ye, I heard Uncle Xiao say that this villa is for you to show to others. Is it true that Feng Shui earned it?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “That’s right. Actually, it’s not just looking at Feng Shui, but by looking at Feng Shui, it solves some of the more important problems for others.”
Paul said very sincerely: “Mr. Ye will tell you that, I am a person who has studied the Book of Changes and gossip, and I have studied a lot, but I have never had a very good master to get started, and my spare time is also relatively limited. , So my research is relatively superficial.”
As he said, Paul said again: “By the way, Mr. Ye, my new company will be officially opened in Jinling soon. Could you please help me take a look at Feng Shui?”
Ye Chen saw that this Paul was very friendly to himself, and his EQ and quality were relatively high. Based on the principle of reaching out and not hitting the smiley person, he smiled and said, “When will your company open? Before that I can take time to take a look.”
Paul was very excited and said: “Thank you so much. My company will open the day after tomorrow. If you have time, can you tomorrow?”
“it is good.”

Chapter: 876
In the kitchen at this moment, Han Meiqing has put on her apron, and with the help of Xiao Changkun, she began to process the ingredients and prepare to cook.
Xiao Changkun hit the side, playing very diligently.
He dreams of having such a day, he and his beloved Han Meiqing can have a sumptuous dinner in the kitchen together.
But he didn’t expect that this dream would finally come true after twenty years.
Han Meiqing was full of emotion. She has lived in the United States with her husband for more than 20 years, and the two often cook together, but she has never made herself feel the way she is now.
I feel that the man next to me, as long as he stands by his side, he can bring him an infinite sense of intimacy.
Cooking for him by myself, busy in the kitchen with him, full of joy and satisfaction.
When two people are cooking together, there is always some friction and contact on the body. Sometimes they rub their hands, sometimes they touch other parts. Soon, the two of them are red. face.
After all, the two have had a lot of past events, and they are each other’s first love, and even when they first tasted the forbidden fruit, they both gave each other the first time. First URL m.
So after so many years, after seeing each other again, the hearts of these two people are always affected by the memories of the past.
It’s as if there is a strong magnetic field inside the two people, and it is the kind of magnetic field that the opposite sex attracts each other.
When Xiao Changkun laid hands on Han Meiqing, he had been close to each other countless times, and had an impulse in his heart several times, wanting to hug each other directly in his arms.
But this impulse was quickly suppressed by the timidity in his heart.
Han Meiqing herself is very capable in housework, but today because she has her first love around her, she also feels that no matter what she does, she seems a little absent-minded.
Even always distracted by the man around him.
A few times when she cut things, she almost cut her own hands because of distraction.
Xiao Changkun was a little absent-minded beside him. His energy was not on washing vegetables, picking vegetables, and helping Han Meiqing at all, but on Han Meiqing himself.
At this moment, Xiao Changkun even regretted moving to Tomson Yipin’s big villa.
Because, if it were in the previous home, in such a small kitchen, two people were busy working in it, even if they borrowed it, they would have to touch or even stick to each other.
But the kitchen of Tomson Yipin’s villa is really too big.
Even if there are five people working in it at the same time, they can be in order without disturbing each other.
Therefore, every time Xiao Changkun wants to get closer to Han Meiqing, he needs to find some special reasons or excuses.
Xiao Changkun struggled for a long time and didn’t dare to hug Han Meiqing. Every time he mustered up the courage, he soon persuaded him again.
Finally, when Han Meiqing put the shrimp used to make Longjing shrimp into the pot, Xiao Changkun suddenly showed courage and hugged her from behind Han Meiqing, and murmured nervously and excitedly in his mouth: “Meiqing, Over the past twenty years, I really miss you!”

Chapter: 877
Suddenly, Han Meiqing was hugged tightly by Xiao Changkun, and her whole body stiffened in a moment.
From the bottom of her heart, why didn’t she hope that Xiao Changkun could hug herself tightly after twenty years?
After all, this is the only person he has loved in his life.
At this moment, the first lover from more than 20 years ago hugged himself so tightly, his hands clasped tightly on his belly, and the feeling seemed to have brought him back to the twenty-year-old. Youth years.
The true feelings in Han Meiqing’s heart were surging, and she suddenly couldn’t help it, and put her hand on the other’s hand.
But at the moment she put her hand on Xiao Changkun’s hand, she suddenly realized that it was wrong for her to do so.
So she broke away from Xiao Changkun’s embrace, arranging her hair in a panic, and said unnaturally, “Chang Kun, we two can’t do this, you are married after all, and I can’t apologize to Ma Lan! ”
Xiao Changkun was immediately anxious and blurted out: “At the beginning, she was sorry for you. When we were together, we were in such a good relationship. She knew that I was your boyfriend, and she took advantage of it when I was drunk. And in, if she were not so shameless, the two of us would have been together long ago!”
Han Meiqing sighed lightly and said: “Even though the past was her fault, I was the one who chose to let go. Since I have chosen to let go and give you to her, I will not be like her back then. I’m sorry for that, and I’m sorry for her again. This is a matter of principle. Otherwise, would I be like her?”
Xiao Changkun was anxious and said, “That woman almost ruined the relationship between the two of us for a lifetime. Do you still need to talk to her about principles at this time?” Kanshu8. nest
Han Meiqing said seriously: “In fact, after that incident happened back then, I also knew in my heart that all this was caused by Ma Lan behind her back. I know she is a villain, but I cannot become a villain because of being hurt by a villain. Villain.”
After that, she looked at Xiao Changkun again, and said very seriously: “You are her husband after all now. I can meet you and eat with you like ordinary friends or old classmates, but we cannot have Yue Lei Chi It’s not possible at all…”
Xiao Changkun’s tears were streaming down. He looked at Han Meiqing and choked and said, “Is it impossible for the two of us in this life? After so many years, we can finally meet again. Don’t you want to make up for us? Was it a regret back then?”
Han Meiqing’s expression was also a bit painful, and she sighed: “Of course I want to, otherwise I won’t make a special trip from the United States, but I think gentlemen must do what they want to do with money and feelings. If we The two have a chance to be together again, and that must be after you and Ma Lan divorced.”
Xiao Changkun blurted out without hesitation: “Then I will divorce her immediately!”
Han Meiqing said very seriously: “Chang Kun, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that after you divorce Ma Lan, the two of us can be together.”
Xiao Changkun asked nervously: “Mei Qing, what do you mean by this? I don’t understand, don’t you want to be with me?”
Han Meiqing said sincerely: “Chang Kun, after all we haven’t seen each other for so many years, how could we suddenly decide to be together? This is too trifling.”
Then, she said with a serious face: “We were in school when we fell in love. At that time, we were all students. We had to study and socialize with our classmates every day. We never lived together. Life is different from falling in love. Especially at our age, we must not only consider our own life, but also consider our own feelings, but also our children and their views on each other.”

Chapter: 878
“So this kind of thing is not something we can decide with our mouths when we are like teenagers. We must think carefully before we can make a more mature decision.”
Xiao Changkun said immediately: “I can’t accept what you said. I know that you still have feelings for me in my heart, and I have feelings for you in my heart. Since both people have feelings, what can’t you break through? ”
With that said, Xiao Changkun forced him to ask: “Mei Qing, I want you to tell the truth, do you really feel about me now?”
Han Meiqing said with some embarrassment: “How do you ask me to answer your question? After all, we were together back then, and the relationship was so good, and we were all our first love, and we had regrets for more than 20 years. It’s self-deception.”
As he said, Han Meiqing said again: “But as I said just now, this matter is not just about how you feel.”
Xiao Changkun’s tears flowed more and more, aggrieved like a child.
For so many years, he has suffered too much emotionally. So he felt great comfort at the moment when Han Meiqing came back.
When he saw Han Meiqing, he really realized that his previous life had always been in dire straits.
Therefore, he didn’t want to live that kind of life for a minute.
Seeing Xiao Changkun crying like a child, Han Meiqing’s eyes were red. Remember to read in one second
She walked up to Xiao Changkun, used her sleeves to gently wipe away his tears, and said distressedly: “Chang Kun, you have worked so hard for so many years. If you can go back in time, go back to the one before our graduation. At that time, even if you and Ma Lan already have facts, I will not give up on you…”
As she said, she sighed sadly again: “It’s a pity, time is gone, no one can let the years turn back. In a blink of an eye, we are all middle-aged and elderly people over half a hundred years old.”
Xiao Changkun grasped her hand tightly, and said excitedly: “Meiqing! It is because we can’t let the years turn back, we should not let down our future lives! Don’t let down for a second!”
At this point, Xiao Changkun was very excited, knelt on one knee, blurted out: “Meiqing, I want to be with you!”
Seeing him kneeling, Han Meiqing suddenly panicked, and hurriedly pulled him up and blurted out: “Oh, Chang Kun, what are you doing? Get up!”
Xiao Changkun said stubbornly: “If you don’t agree to me, then I won’t be able to get up here!”
Han Meiqing glanced at the door of the kitchen and said anxiously: “Oh, get up quickly, if you let the children come in, how can you explain this?”
Xiao Changkun said seriously: “If Paul comes in and sees it, then I will tell him that I love his mother. I want to be with his mother and hope to be blessed by him; if it was the first time I saw it, Then I will tell her that I love you, and I want to divorce her mother and be with you!”

Chapter: 879
When talking about this, Xiao Changkun suddenly became emotional.
He stared at Han Meiqing’s eyes and said emotionally: “Meqing, I’m really not joking with you. Every word I say comes from the bottom of my heart. In the past twenty years since you left, I have We have never been happy, we are all this old, why can’t we put aside those scruples and pursue a real love vigorously?”
Han Meiqing sighed faintly: “Chang Kun, I have thought about all of what you said, and to be honest, I also have illusions in my heart. It’s just that the situation is really different now, and the third party I hate most in my life. So I don’t want to become a third party, so we shouldn’t be so anxious about this matter. Give me some time, and I will give you some time.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly asked: “Are you willing to stay with me after I divorced Ma Lan?”
Han Meiqing’s big beautiful eyes with a few fine wrinkles stared at Xiao Changkun unblinkingly, and said seriously: “Chang Kun, I admit that one of my big motives for returning to China is to hope to see you again. I hope I can continue my relationship with you.”
Having said that, she changed the conversation and said: “However, we are not 18 or even 20-year-old youngsters. We have to think carefully about things now. I have no way to answer the question of whether we are willing to be with you. After you are truly single, the two of us have tried to get along for a while, and then I will answer your question solemnly.”
Xiao Changkun blurted out without hesitation: “I am willing, I am willing, ten thousand are willing, one million are willing.”
Han Meiqing said seriously: “Chang Kun, I also hope you will seriously and solemnly consider Ma Lan, but your marriage. Consider whether there is still love between you two. If you still have love, then I will I wish you the same as before; if you do not have love, then you must tell her clearly as early as possible. I still know your character very well. If you continue to be persistent, you will always suffer from it.”
Han Meiqing is already a complete winner in life, but the only thing she has not won in her life is true love.
Therefore, she is obsessed with Xiao Changkun. First URL m.
Everyone should have an obsessive object in his heart. If this obsessive object is with him, then his life is happy and his life is happy; but if this obsessive object is not with him Together, he will regret for life.
Therefore, Han Meiqing’s return to China this time can be said to be nothing else, just to rediscover the unforgettable love during this period of sunset in life.
Xiao Changkun couldn’t wait to say: “Meiqing, as long as you don’t dislike me and are willing to stay with me, I will definitely divorce Ma Lan!”
Han Meiqing sighed lightly and said, “Whether you and her were intentional or unintentional, or if you were used by others, in the final analysis, you have betrayed our feelings. If you are really willing to make up for it, then of course I am also willing. Give you a chance.”
Recalling that year, Xiao Changkun suddenly stood up and once again hugged Han Meiqing face-to-face.
While hugging her tightly, he said: “Miqing, I regretted what happened back then for more than 20 years. This time I will never let myself regret it again. You must wait for me!”
Han Meiqing nodded and said softly: “Okay! I’m waiting for you! But you can’t hold me like this anymore. What we do now is wrong!”
Xiao Changkun said stubbornly: “No matter what is right or wrong, I just want to hold you now!”
Han Meiqing was struggling in her heart. I want to talk about her feeling of being held in his arms, but she has lived a decent life in her life and cannot accept that she is so close to a married man.
So she said in a panic: “Oh, you let me go first, it’s not good for us, and I still have to cook…”
Xiao Changkun said: “I have you in my heart, and you also have me in my heart. What’s so bad about this!”
After finishing speaking, Xiao Changkun actually plucked up the courage, lowered his head and wanted to kiss Han Meiqing.
Han Meiqing hurriedly avoided him, and said very solemnly: “Have you talked to you for a long time?”

Chapter: 880
As he was talking, a burning smell spread in the kitchen.
Han Meiqing exclaimed: “Oh, my Longjing Shrimp!”
Having said that, he hurriedly pushed Xiao Changkun away, blushed and ran to the side of the stove, looked into the pot and suddenly cried out: “It’s over, it’s over, the shrimps are all cooked!”
Xiao Changkun quickly reminded him from the side: “Quickly turn off the fire, or it will burn out soon.”
Han Meiqing hurriedly turned off the gas on the stove. The shrimp that had been burnt in the pot said helplessly, “I blame you, originally this was my best dish, but now it’s all over… .”
Xiao Changkun was also embarrassed and guilty, and said, “Should I go out and buy you a bag of shrimps again?”
At this time, both Ye Chen and Paul, who were drinking tea outside, could smell the mushy smell spreading out of the kitchen, and Ye Chen subconsciously said, “Is it a mess?”
Paul frowned and said, “My mother cooks very professionally. It shouldn’t happen to her…”
Ye Chen stood up and said, “Paul, sit down for a while. I’ll go in and take a look. Don’t be surprised.”
Paul hurriedly said: “I’ll go, too.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
After saying that he was about to get up, Ye Chen stretched out his hand, pressed him back, and said with a smile: “Sit and drink tea. I’ll just go and see it.”
What Ye Chen was thinking at this time was, if your mother and my old husband were doing firewood in the kitchen at this time, and the two of them were disheveled and forgot what was in the pot, how embarrassing would you rush in?
I am not the same. My mother and my husband are not related by blood. I just went in to watch the show.
Paul didn’t know that Ye Chen’s heart at this time was all thoughts of watching the show. Seeing that Ye Chen had already stepped to the kitchen, he didn’t insist on it anymore.
Ye Chen came to the kitchen, opened the kitchen door, and probed in.
Seeing that the two people in the kitchen were hurriedly cleaning up and already burnt the pot, they seemed to be dressed neatly, and there was nothing wrong with them, Ye Chen couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.
I wanted to come over and eat a melon, but I didn’t even have a watermelon rind.
However, looking at the faces of his old husband and his first love, both seem to be a little red, and it feels as if the two should have had some closer contact just now.
So Ye Chen deliberately pretended to be surprised and asked, “Dad, Aunt Han, I don’t know what burned, are you two all right?”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said in a panic: “Well, nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong, just accidentally, the pot burns, I and Aunt Han are dealing with it, don’t worry.”
Ye Chenxin said, two people can still see the confusion after watching a pot, you two must have done nothing good just now.
Xiao Changkun said with a guilty conscience at this time: “Ye Chen, you should go out and have tea with Paul. It is enough to have me and Aunt Han here…”

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