The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 911-920

Chapter: 911
Xie Wenru, who was quite disdainful of Xiao Changkun just now, was a little more jealous of Xiao Changkun at this moment.
In any case, his son-in-law can make Yu Bo so caring and respectful, which proves that Xiao Changkun is more important than himself in Bo’s eyes.
He asked his old classmates about the background of Xiao Changkun’s son-in-law, who happened to have attended the last class reunion, so he smiled and said, “The son-in-law of Chang Kun looks like a vagrant. It is said that he is a full-time worker at home. Master, what exactly does it do, we really don’t know.”
Xie Wenru is in business after all and has seen the world.
From Yu Bo’s attitude alone, he realized that he must never underestimate Xiao Changkun’s son-in-law.
Maybe the other party is still a big person, otherwise it would be impossible for Yu Bo to be so respectful.
This also made him feel worried, fearing after ridiculing Xiao Changkun just now.
Aside from other things, just with Yu Bo’s respectful attitude, you can see that if he really had a quarrel with Xiao Changkun, Yu Bo would definitely not turn to him.
So, he looked at Xiao Changkun with some fear, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Changkun, I was so embarrassed just now. They were all angry words made in anger. Don’t take it to your heart. Everyone is old classmate. It’s just a matter of just saying a few words, what do you think?”
Xiao Changkun knew very well in his heart that Xie Wenru was so arrogant just now, and suddenly became so polite at this moment, and even took the initiative to apologize to himself, it must be because Yu Bo’s attitude made him realize that he was not so irritable. Remember to read in one second
He didn’t want to just give up with Xie Wenru, but Han Meiqing also said at this time: “Chang Kun, both are classmates. Don’t mention the unpleasantness just now.”
Xiao Changkun nodded and said to Xie Wenru: “Since Meiqing has spoken, I won’t mention it anymore. I am a person who does not offend me and I am not offender. If you do not continue to trouble me, of course I will not follow. Your general knowledge.”
If someone talked to Xie Wenru like this, he would have exploded.
But at this time, he dared not clamor with Xiao Changkun anymore.
After all, this is in the Song family’s territory, and Yu Bo has such respect for Xiao Changkun. If he really makes trouble, he must be finished.
Therefore, he can only say in an utter anger, “Chang Kun, you have a lot of adults, I will definitely toast you later.”
Other classmates also saw the change in Xie Wenru’s attitude, and everyone knew that Xie Wenru was a little jealous of Xiao Changkun.
Some people are also surprised, this Xiao Changkun, his son-in-law is really so good, can the Song family be so polite to him?
Xiao Changkun’s heart at this moment is also very proud. He did not expect that although he did not bring his son-in-law, his son-in-law could still help him grow a face.
With this attitude of Yu Bo today, in the circle of classmates, no one should dare to underestimate himself.

At this moment, Paul also took the car to his company-“Smith Law Firm”.
Americans and Chinese act differently. Chinese people rarely use their names to name companies, because the Chinese as a whole still believe in acting low-key, obscure, and not too public.
The whole should highlight a modest way of doing things.
However, Americans are generally very high-profile. Well-known American companies are basically named after their founders.

Chapter: 912
For example, the famous Boeing Company is a super aerospace group that produces passenger aircraft, military aircraft and space shuttles.
He was named Boeing because of their founder, William Edward Boeing.
It is equivalent to the founder using his surname as the name of the company.
Another example is the world-renowned hotel company Hilton Group. Its founder is Conrad Hilton. This family is also the famous Hilton family.
Paul’s full name is Paul Smith, Paul is his first name, and Smith is his family name.
Since his father founded this law firm, he named it Smith Law Firm after his family name.
“Smith Law Firm” has been well-known internationally after many years of hard work by Paul’s father.
So this time Paul moved his office to Jinling and directly chose the best cbd area in Jinling for the company’s location.
And he chose the most prosperous and top-notch office building, Gemdale Building.
The Gemdale Building, with 58 floors, is the best and top five-star office building in Jinling. Basically all the top enterprises in Jinling and the country and even the world can enter the Gemdale Building. First URL m.
Because Paul Smith’s law firm is also very well-known, and it serves all of the world’s top 500 companies, they also pay great attention to their appearance.
It is worth mentioning that the Emgrand Group, which Ye Family bought to Ye Chen, is the largest group company in Jinling, and it is mainly based on real estate.
The Emgrand Group owns a number of high-end office buildings in Jinling, and these office buildings are all operated by the Emgrand Group itself and have not been sold. This includes the entire Gemdale Building.
Ye Chen was a little surprised when he heard that Paul chose the company in the Gemdale Building.
Unexpectedly, he chose his property by such a coincidence.
But think about it carefully. The Gemdale Building is the best office building in Jinling. A law firm like his is in need of a sufficient facade, so there is no other option except Gemdale Building.
After he had lunch at home, he took a taxi to Gemdale Building.
Paul’s law firm is on the 27th floor of the Gemdale Building. He took the elevator directly to the 27th floor. Paul was already waiting for him at the elevator entrance.
When he saw Ye Chen, Paul was very, very polite, and he came forward and said politely: “Oh, Mr. Ye, it’s really hard for you to come here.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said to Paul: “It’s just a matter of raising your hand, don’t be so polite.”
Paul invited Ye Chen to walk in and said, “Mr. Ye, I had already let someone rent the 27th floor of Jinli Building a few months ago, and the renovation started immediately. Now the renovation is basically fast. When the project is completed, how about the overall Feng Shui? Is there anything that is not suitable, and if so, how to modify it?”
Ye Chen probably read it once, and soon found out that Paul had a very careful Feng Shui layout here. He smiled and said: “Paul, you seem to have seen an expert here, right? I think you have set up this entry point. The Jucai Fengshui Bureau can gather wealth; there is a disaster-avoidance Fengshui Bureau in the main hall. If you do legal business, this type of Fengshui Bureau can avoid disputes to the greatest extent. On the whole, it is very good.”
Paul was amazed and said: “Mr. Ye, you really have a unique eye. You can see the feng shui arrangement here at a glance.
Ye Chen said calmly: “Paul, your mother and my father-in-law have been classmates for so many years, so you don’t have to be too polite with me. But I am curious, since you have already found someone here to see Feng Shui, why do you invite me? What?”
Paul did not hide it at all, and said frankly: “It is true. Yesterday you invited you to help me see Feng Shui, mainly to see if Mr. Ye really has real talents in this area. Now it seems to be abrupt. Please forgive me, Mr. Ye!”

Chapter: 913
Paul was really curious about Ye Chen. From the beginning, he thought Ye Chen belonged to the Ye family of Yanjing. Later, even though Ye Chen let him dispel this doubt, the title of Master Ye Chen still gave Paul a new name. doubt.
Asking Ye Chen to come over and show himself Feng Shui is actually Paul’s one-step temptation. He has already asked someone to watch Feng Shui specifically.
If Ye Chen can’t tell after coming here, the Feng Shui Bureau has already been set up here, it proves that he does not have this level of master Ye;
But if Ye Chen can see the Feng Shui Bureau here after coming, it will prove that Ye Chen’s level is extraordinary.
Paul did not expect that Ye Chen could see all the Feng Shui layouts here at a glance. You must know that the previous master also watched for a long time and studied for a long time before thinking about and laying out these.
Ye Chen was not angry with Paul’s suspicion. On the contrary, he admired Paul’s magnanimity, and he said what he wanted, without covering up. This quality is very rare in today’s society.
So he said to Paul: “You want to see if I have this ability to learn. This is also human nature, but since I am here, I will charge you a fee for feng shui, which is also human nature. ”
In fact, Ye Chen didn’t plan to ask Paul for money before coming. After all, he was the son of the old man and his lover, so he still had to give him this little face.
But since Paul is so frank, one said one, and the other said two, then he should also get along with him in the same way.
When Paul heard this, he immediately said: “Of course! Since Mr. Ye is invited, how can you not pay for it!” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
As he said, he took out the checkbook from his pocket without hesitation, drew on it for a while, tore it off and handed it to Ye Chen, saying: “Mr. Ye, this 1 million is a little bit of my care. Please also Smile.”
Ye Chen accepted the check with a slight smile, and said with a smile: “Then I would be more respectful than fate.”
After speaking, Ye Chen looked around, and said: “That means that I have been looking for an expert here, but the expert will inevitably omit something. For example, if you get started in the Jucai Fengshui Bureau, the entrance to Jucai is naturally There is nothing wrong with it, but the failure to make a corresponding layout behind this is really a failure.”
Hearing what he said, Paul hurriedly asked: “Mr. Ye, what do you mean by this?”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “Feng Shui often says that purple energy comes from the east, wealth comes from the east, and your entrance faces east. There is nothing wrong with setting up the Jucai Fengshui Bureau. This is a good start, but your company must be able to keep the money.”
After all, he pointed to the back of the company and said: “Look at this side of your company, there are all transparent floor-to-ceiling windows and transparent glass. There is no such thing in the Feng Shui Bureau, so you just come in from the entrance and stay I went out directly from the back without stopping. Do you know what it is called?”
Paul asked nervously: “Please also ask Mr. Ye to make it clear!”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “There is an old Chinese saying that bamboo baskets can be used to catch water. Why do they say that is because although the mouth of bamboo baskets can enter water, the gaps themselves are too big to retain water. If the company can’t retain money , It is very likely that your company will be big in and out in the future, with more money in and out, and in the end nothing will be left behind.”
Paul exclaimed and asked, “Master Ye, how should this situation be resolved?”
Ye Chen said lightly: “First of all, all glass must be filmed. As I said just now, if the glass is transparent, it means there is nothing, but once it has a color, even if it is only a light brown color, it is equivalent to putting this The glass becomes a wall.”

Chapter: 914
Paul nodded excitedly, and blurted out: “Thank you so much, Mr. Ye, I will arrange for someone to do it quickly.”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “Don’t worry, I haven’t finished talking yet.”
Paul hurriedly said respectfully: “Mr. Ye, please speak.”
Ye Chen said: “While applying the film to the glass, you have to place a golden brave on each side. It must be made of pure gold to play the best role in fortune. Moreover, Paixiu is famous. The best way to keep money is to eat but not pull, but not to get in. This is tantamount to making a feng shui bureau for keeping money. After the money comes in, you can keep it and your business will naturally flourish.”
Paul hugged Ye Chen with a grateful look, and respectfully said: “Mr. Ye is indeed worthy of the title of Master Ye. From today onwards, I, like everyone else, will respect you as Master Ye!”
Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand: “You still don’t call me Master Ye. If you call me Master Ye in front of my old man, or in front of your mother, I don’t know how to explain it to them. ”
Paul blurted out: “From then on, in front of them, I will call you Mr. Ye, but when not in front of them, I must call you Master Ye!”
After that, Paul immediately took out his checkbook and wrote and drew on it for a while. Then he tore off the check, dragged his hands to Ye Chen respectfully and said, “Master Ye, this is a supply. Please accept your expenses.”
Ye Chen glanced at it and found that the check was written for 4 million, and he said to Paul: “One million is a lot. You don’t need to be so polite with me. I will accept this million, but this 4 million You should take it back.”
Paul resolutely said: “No, Mr. Ye, if it weren’t for you, I might just be emptied from a bamboo basket in Jinling.” Remember to read a book
Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled: “These are just some sayings about Fengshui. Even if I don’t point it out to you, you may not be able to make money. After all, your law firm has been in business for so many years and is already very famous. ”
Paul said earnestly: “Master Ye, it is true that when my father opened a law firm, he took a few cases at the beginning and lost all of them, and the reasons for losing the case are strange. During that time, using my mother’s words Said, Dad happily drank cold water and stuffed his teeth.”
“Later, my mother invited a Feng Shui gentleman from Chinatown to see Feng Shui in my dad’s law firm. At first, my father rejected this kind of oriental feudal superstition, but when the Feng Shui gentleman clearly figured out what happened to my father After a few difficulties, my father realized that the mystic academic fengshui was really extraordinary!”
“Then the Feng Shui gentleman changed the layout of my father’s law firm and re-established a Feng Shui bureau for him. Since then, my father’s law firm has prospered.”
Speaking of this, Paul said with emotion: “If it weren’t for the Feng Shui man at the beginning, my father might have failed at the beginning of his business, so there would be no Smith Law Firm, which is why I am so firm. Believe in the cause of Feng Shui.”
Ye Chen didn’t expect that from the beginning of the Paul’s business, it was Mr. Feng Shui that survived.
Feng Shui is sometimes so magical. When you are ready and only owe the east wind, the east wind may not come.
Then no matter how you prepare, it is impossible to succeed.
Feng Shui, in the subtlety, plays the role of borrowing the east wind!

Chapter: 915
Paul’s admiration for Ye Chen really called a five-body cast.
He himself is an American who looks more like a Chinese. He is obsessed with Chinese traditional culture and Feng Shui metaphysics, and he believes very much.
Everything that Ye Chen said just now made him feel that this man’s accomplishments in Feng Shui were unfathomable.
So he didn’t understand why someone would give Ye Chen a luxury villa worth more than one billion yuan.
Paul is very aware of the importance of a Feng Shui master. A good Feng Shui master can not only help people change their luck and gather wealth. It can even help people change their lives against the sky.
Therefore, the better the Feng Shui masters, the higher their appearance fees and the higher their worth. For example, Li Jiacheng from Hong Kong, it is said that their royal Feng Shui masters will pay hundreds of millions of Hong Kong dollars for one visit.
Therefore, he even felt that his 4 million cheque gave a little bit.
I knew I should write him a check for 10 million.
Thinking of this, he directly shredded the 4 million cheque and threw it aside, and then hurriedly rewritten a 9 million cheque and handed it to Ye Chen respectfully, “Master Ye, please accept it.”
Ye Chen said earnestly: “Paul, I will charge you 1 million is enough, you don’t need to give it to me anymore.”
Paul said very seriously: “Master Ye, Feng Shui metaphysics itself emphasizes piety. In some respects, money is also a representative of piety, so I hope you can laugh at it. Otherwise, you will appear to be insincere. .”
Ye Chen is not short of money. There are nearly 22 billion RMB in the entire account, so he doesn’t know how to spend it.
Whether Paul gives himself 1 million or 10 million, there is actually no difference to himself.
Ye Chen was not going to ask Paul for too much money. The money was just a form. He had no opinion on how much he gave, but he gave too much, and it was indeed not appropriate.
However, Paul was very determined, and he was unwilling to take the money back alive, and had to let Ye Chen accept it.
Seeing this, Ye Chen no longer shied away from him, saying: “Since you have to give me money, then I will accept it first, but if I need to use your barrister in the future, then you can You must charge as much money as you should.”
Paul smiled and said, “How can that work? You are Master Ye. You can use me. That’s an exaltation to me.”
Ye Chen said: “In this case, I have legal affairs in the future, so I dare not come to you.”
Paul hurriedly said: “Master Ye, if you have any legal needs in the future, you can come to me and I must collect the money normally. Is this the head office?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “It’s pretty much the same.”
After speaking, he looked at the time and said, “Paul, since there is nothing wrong with you, then I won’t bother you today.”
Paul hurriedly said: “Master Ye, I would like to treat you to dinner tonight. I wonder if you have time?”
Ye Chen smiled and waved his hand and said, “I don’t have to eat, there is still something waiting for me to do, I have to go.”
When Paul heard this, he immediately nodded and said, “Since Master Ye has something to do, then I will not keep you. I will send you out. Master Ye, please.”
Paul’s straightforwardness made Ye Chen very appreciated.
Most Chinese people prefer to be polite. If someone wants to invite themselves to dinner, and if they shirk something, they will definitely continue to warmly invite a few more times, until they explicitly refuse it.
Sometimes even if deep down in my heart, I don’t really want to invite the other party to dinner, they will treat each other politely.

Chapter: 916
It’s like a few people rushing to pay after dinner.
Everyone is rushing to pay, but not everyone really wants to pay.
It is very likely that everyone just wants to be polite, because I always feel that if you are not polite, it seems that you are not wise.
Therefore, there are often people at the hotel bar asking who pays the bill, and you come and go all the time.
Ye Chen saw many such people, but he admired Paul’s witty, decisive, and straightforward people.
Since he has said something, he will definitely stop talking nonsense, and send himself away directly. This is the way of communication between smart people.
Afterwards, Paul took Ye Chen all the way out of the company and came to the elevator door.
He took the initiative to press the elevator button for Ye Chen, and then an elevator came up from the first floor and stopped on this floor.
As soon as the elevator stopped, Paul hurriedly made a please gesture.
Just about to speak to Ye Chen, at this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened, and a super beauty with a glamorous and tall figure, wearing a small suit on the upper body and a skirt with a covered hip suddenly appeared in the elevator. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
The beauty is glamorous and moving, but at the same time there is no lack of glamorous and sexy. It can be described as the best of the best, which makes all men’s heart fascinated.
Paul looked at each other in surprise and exclaimed: “Miss Song, why are you here?”
The beauty was about to speak when she suddenly saw Ye Chen next to Paul, her cold and pretty face suddenly seemed to be bathed in the spring breeze, with a cheerful smile of the little girl, she said in surprise: “Master Ye, why are you here?”
Ye Chen looked up and discovered that the person in the elevator turned out to be Song Wanting, the eldest of the Song family. She was also accompanied by several bodyguards, each holding a beautiful flower basket.
Song Wanting did not expect to meet her sweetheart Ye Chen here, and she was naturally very happy.
Ye Chen felt a little surprised to see her here, and said with a smile: “I will help my friend take a look at his Feng Shui here.”
After all, he thought that Paul had recognized Song Wanting just now, so he guessed that the two of them must know each other.
Song Wanting smiled and said: “It seems that Master Ye, you also know Mr. Paul. I came here because my grandpa asked me to help him and gave Mr. Paul some flower baskets to congratulate him on the opening of the company.”
After speaking, she realized that she hadn’t greeted Paul, so she said with some embarrassment: “Mr. Paul, it’s been a long time.”
Paul is a smart man, and the most contacted criminal suspects when he was a lawyer, so he has a very strong ability to interpret people’s eyes and expressions.
FBI in the United States once offered a course on interpreting facial expressions.
This is mainly to teach the case handlers how to use the subtle expressions and eye changes of the suspect to guess whether the other party is lying.
This is a very high-end psychology category, but it is also a compulsory course for every judicial officer.
Paul studied law in the United States for many years, and also became a lawyer, coupled with his childhood family edification, so that he has a unique talent in this area.
Therefore, from Song Wanting’s look at Ye Chen’s expression and eyes, he could tell that Song Wanting liked Ye Chen.
While admiring Ye Chen, he was able to attract such a stunning beauty as Song Wanting, and he couldn’t help but sigh. It seems that Ye Chen is really extraordinary, and even the eldest lady of the Song family has a deep love for him.
More importantly, Ye Chen is a married person. The Song family’s eldest lady would actually like a married man. This is simply explosive news!

Chapter: 917
At this time, the graceful Song Wanting walked out of the elevator.
Although she came to give Paul a flower basket, her eyes were always on Ye Chen’s body.
Every time I saw Ye Chen, Song Wanting felt very happy, as if she had returned to the age when she was 18 years old.
In fact, an eldest lady like her matured earlier than most people, got in touch with the human world earlier, and learned to wear a mask earlier.
But after seeing Ye Chen, after falling in love with Ye Chen, Song Wanting’s ability to put a mask on herself ceased in front of him.
She looked at Ye Chen, her eyes full of admiration and admiration, and she answered shyly: “Master Ye, how did you and Mr. Paul know each other? Mr. Paul should have just arrived in China not long ago?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “My father-in-law and Mr. Paul’s mother are college classmates, so they met each other.”
Song Wanting said in surprise: “Oh, how could it be such a coincidence!”
Paul on the side smiled and said, “It’s such a coincidence. I didn’t expect that, Miss Song, you also know Master Ye.”
Song Wanting took a deep look at Ye Chen and said to Paul: “Master Ye can be regarded as my savior. Do you remember one time when our export goods arrived in the United States, they were immediately said to be unqualified, but Still have to sue us and let us bear huge damages?” Remember to read the book for one second
Paul immediately nodded and said: “Of course I remember that time you asked me to rush from the east coast of the United States to the west coast of the United States to help you resolve this dispute, but the problem has been resolved before I reach the west coast.”
Song Wanting said with lingering fear: “I accidentally broke the Feng Shui at home that time. Not only did the business suffer, but I also had many problems with it. I even had frequent driving problems and accidents.”
With that, Song Wanting raised her wrist to reveal the bracelet her mother had left her, and said with emotion: “At that time, this bracelet was already lost. If it weren’t for Master Ye, I wouldn’t be able to find it back.”
Paul exclaimed: “It turns out that the great Feng Shui master you told me was Master Ye!”
Song Wanting nodded and said, “Yes, it’s Master Ye.”
Paul’s eyes looking at Ye Chen are already full of worship and admiration!
He blurted out: “Master Ye, I really didn’t expect that you are the Feng Shui master who has always been praised by Miss Song!”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently, waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing more than a little bit of bugging skills, not worth mentioning.”
Paul hurriedly said: “Master Ye, you are really too humble. If it weren’t for your advice just now, my Feng Shui bureau might also have a big problem. I really appreciate it!”
Although Ye Chen was very humble, Paul didn’t think so. He already had some respect for Ye Chen in his heart.
Moreover, even the eldest lady of the Song family praised Ye Chen for being more natural, not to mention Ye Chen.
At this moment, Ye Chen said, “I still have something to do, so let’s talk about it first, and I will leave first.”
Song Wanting hurriedly asked: “Master Ye, where are you going? Have you driven yet? If you didn’t drive, I will see you off!”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Don’t you need to retell the past with Paul?”
Song Wanting hurriedly said: “Paul and I are old acquaintances. He will develop in Jinling in the future. We have time to relive the past. If you don’t drive today, please let me see you off!”
Seeing this, Paul knew that Song Wanting not only liked Ye Chen, but also put Ye Chen in a very, very important position in her heart.
At this time, he said in a timely manner: “Miss Song, thank you for the flower baskets you gave, and thank you, Mr. Song, for helping me. If you have the opportunity, you will definitely come to visit you next time. deal with.”

Chapter: 918
Song Wanting glanced at Paul gratefully, and said to him, “That’s fine, since you have something to do, then I won’t bother you much, let’s get together again!”
Paul is indeed very high in EQ, and also very high in IQ. He can see that Song Wanting’s mind is all on Ye Chen, so she proposed to send Ye Chen to him. In that case, why not push the boat along the way and help her. ?
So Song Wanting said to Ye Chen: “Master Ye, I’ll give it to you!”
Ye Chen nodded and said with a smile: “Well then, I will trouble you.”
Song Wanting smiled shyly, and said seriously: “Master Ye, don’t be so polite with me.”

Song Wanting left her bodyguard to carry the flower baskets to Paul. She pressed the elevator, reached out to block the elevator door, and said to Ye Chen, “Master Ye, please!”
Ye Chen nodded slightly, stepped into the elevator first, and Song Wanting followed in.
The elevator door closed, and the faint and advanced fragrance of Song Wanting’s body slowly penetrated into Ye Chen’s nostrils.
I have to say that Song Wanting’s taste is very high, the perfume on her body is light and long. Not only makes people feel very comfortable and refreshing, but also smells not vulgar at all, and even makes people obsessive and addictive. First URL m.
Standing with her, Ye Chen even had some contemplation in his heart.
It is undeniable that Song Wanting is indeed very beautiful, with a very noble temperament, and more importantly, this woman is too gentle when she is in front of her, and she can’t see the air of Missy.
The two left the Gemdale Building together, and Song Wanting personally opened the door of her Rolls-Royce and asked Ye Chen to sit in.
After getting in the car, Song Wanting respectfully asked Ye Chen next to him: “Master Ye, where are you going, I will see you off!”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “Then trouble you to send me back to Tomson first product.”
Song Wanting asked in amazement: “Mr. Ye, are you going to do errands? Why are you going home suddenly?”
Ye Chen said with a smile: “The time to do something hasn’t arrived yet, I’ll go home and wait.”
Although Song Wanting was a little surprised, she nodded slightly and said, “Then I will send you back.”
As she said that, she plucked up courage again and asked expectantly: “Master Ye, when will you have time? I want to treat you to dinner…”
Ye Chen thought for a while, and said, “Let’s take two days, there have been a lot of things recently, especially today.”
He has already explained to Chen Zekai very clearly that once Ma Lan is ready to be released, the detention center will specifically ask her to call himself.
At that time, I will go and pick Ma Lan back.
The reason why he had to pick up Ma Lan himself was mainly because he wanted to see how miserable Ma Lan was now.
This woman, who dared to steal 21.9 billion, would never be able to learn a lesson if she didn’t suffer from it.
21.9 billion, if you don’t show mercy to her, you are not afraid of revealing your identity, and you call the police directly, Ma Lan will be sentenced to at least a suspended death sentence even if you don’t shoot her for so much money involved.
Let her go in and suffer for a few days and then let her out. It’s very cheap for her!

Chapter: 919
After Ma Lan returned to the detention center from the police station for questioning, he has been waiting for the result with anxiety.
She didn’t know if the police would let herself go, so she could only pray in her heart.
In the two days since entering the detention center, Ma Lan has suffered. She has not suffered the tragic torture in her life. Now she feels that she is on the verge of collapse. If she does not let herself go out, she will really have to die here. It.
Old lady Xiao knew that Ma Lan was called to the police station for questioning in the morning, and she felt a little worried in her heart.
She was afraid that Ma Lan would tell the police officers that she and Zhang Guifen tortured and beat Ma Lan.
Moreover, he was also worried that Ma Lan would apply for a cell change with the police officer.
If the police officer replaced her, wouldn’t he lose the greatest pleasure?
For so long, the Xiao family has suffered so many misfortunes and tribulations, so that the old lady Xiao’s mood has been very low. It was not until Ma Lan and her were locked in the same cell that she regained the joy and joy of life. Beautiful.
The thought that Ma Lan might have been in prison for more than ten or twenty years, and that she would be able to go out after waiting for more than 10 days, the old lady Xiao felt excited.
Seeing Ma Lan curled up in the corner of the cell, the old lady Xiao was very playful. She stepped up to Ma Lan and asked with a smile: “Oh, I heard you were called to the police station for questioning?” http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Ma Lan looked at her, shivering: “Yes, mother, I was called to ask about the situation.”
Old Mrs. Xiao asked coldly: “Then did you talk nonsense with the police? Did you not complain to them?”
Ma Lan hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, mom, I didn’t tell the police what happened in the cell. They came to me to ask about the case.”
Old Mrs. Xiao relaxed, snorted, and asked her: “I said Ma Lan, have you consulted with a lawyer? How many years are you going to be sentenced to in this situation? Is 10 years and 15 years enough?”
Ma Lan shook her head repeatedly, and muttered: “I haven’t found a lawyer yet, so I don’t know how long I will be sentenced.”
After killing Ma Lan, Ma Lan did not dare to say that he might be released soon.
Because once they knew they were going to be let go, they would definitely do everything possible to torture themselves severely before they left.
So Ma Lan decided to forbear, until the moment the police came to let him go.
The old lady Xiao sneered and said proudly: “I have heard others say that in your case, at least 15 years will be sentenced!”
The old lady sighed, but she said with excitement: “Oh, 15 years, Ma Lan, 15 days, my old lady can’t stand it for 15 years, how can you take it then? I think I will worry about you. .”
Ma Lanneng said nonchalantly: “I don’t know, mother! When I thought that I might be locked up in it for more than ten years, my heart was so cool…”
Zhang Guifen stepped to Ma Lan at this time, and slapped her right and left, and then looked down at her: “Like you, a sorrowful woman who robs someone else’s husband, don’t say you have been detained for more than ten years, even if you are detained for a lifetime. I don’t understand the hate. Think about that Han Meiqing who was forced to the United States by you. Although I didn’t know him or her, I didn’t even meet her, but when I thought about what you did to her, I wanted to do it for her. Bad breath!”
After that, he stretched out his hand to grab Ma Lan’s hair, crackling her face several times.
Ma Lan’s mouth soon shed blood. At the moment Zhang Guifen stopped, she did not expect that the old lady Xiao on the side was also waiting to teach her.
Just as Zhang Guifen stopped, the old lady Xiao suddenly reached out and grabbed Ma Lan’s ears, pulling desperately, so that Ma Lan screamed in pain.
Ma Lan grinned and asked, “Mom, why are you pulling my ears? Did I do something wrong, mom?”

Chapter: 920
Old lady Xiao coldly snorted: “You still have the face to ask me, what did you do wrong? I tell you, as long as you are alive, as long as you can breathe, it is wrong. Your only correct choice is to die quickly. Don’t waste air in this world!”
Ma Lan felt that her ears were about to be pulled off, and the pain was so painful, but she didn’t dare to have the slightest intention of disobedience, so she could only swallow the bitterness in her stomach, thinking that if she persisted, she would be able to persist. out!
After I go out, this bad old lady will also be released in less than ten days. At that time, this bad old lady has no place to live, no place to eat, no place to drink, or she will go to death on the street. There is a chance to find her revenge!
Doesn’t this bad old lady feel that she is going to be locked up in it for more than ten years?
She also wanted to take the letter written by herself and go to live in her Tomson Yipin villa, which is simply a dream!
She must have never imagined that it would be impossible for her to be detained here for more than ten years, and she will be released soon!
When the prison guards came to let him go, I believe this bad wife will be dumbfounded, dumbfounded, and even very painful, very depressed, and very angry!
Maybe it’s possible to die here on the spot.
The old lady Xiao did not expect that Ma Lan might be released. She only felt that Ma Lan might stay in jail for the rest of her life.
That’s why she has always regarded the letter written by Ma Lan as a treasure, because with this letter in her hand, she can go to live in the big mansion of Tomson Yipin as long as she waits ten days after it is released. Remember to read in one second
OMG, Tomson Yipin, how dare I think about it before!
After staying in the Tomson First-Class this time, he said nothing would be possible to move away, and he would die in a mansion like Tomson First-Class.
She is relatively feudal and superstitious. She feels that only by dying in this kind of mansion can she join a wealthier family and enjoy the glory of a lifetime.
At this time, the guards in the detention center stepped over.
Only then did Mrs. Xiao reluctantly let go of Ma Lan’s ears. Just now, with all her strength, she pulled Ma Lan’s ears so red and swollen, and there was even some tearing and bleeding at the base of the ears.
Ma Lan’s painful tears burst, but when she saw the prison guard, she was almost crazy with excitement.
The prison guard is here, the prison guard is here to let himself go!
I am finally going to be free again!
I can finally return to the big mansion of Tomson Yipin, have a full meal, and sleep peacefully!
For more than two days, I didn’t eat anything except licked two mouthfuls of porridge on the ground, didn’t sleep well, and people also had a fever. This feeling was simply too painful.
So Ma Lan can’t wait to leave here quickly, leave here forever.
The prison guard strode to the cell, opened the door, and said, “It’s time to let the wind out, everyone lined up to the playground!”
“Out of the air?!”
Ma Lan’s heart was extremely excited, and instantly fell to the bottom.
Are the prison guards here to take everyone out? Isn’t she ready to let herself out? Haven’t the police officers discussed whether they want to let themselves out?

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