The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 561-570

Chapter: 561
Su Luoqing coughed and said, “Isn’t he just blind? Good luck, what else?”
Beichenying was dubious.
If Su Luo relies entirely on luck, he naturally doesn’t believe it.
If Su Luo does not rely on luck, then how to explain it?
Su Luo didn’t want to expose the special abilities of the little dragon, because this little thing was magical enough, she didn’t want this little thing to cause all parties to chase it.
Because if that were the case, she couldn’t protect it at all.
“I don’t quite believe it.” Beichenying still maintained his point of view.
“Then it’s up to you, but your tone is more important, don’t spread it. Otherwise, everyone will come to me to identify the rough stones, I’m going to be busy.” She didn’t cut the rough stones open in front of Li Aoqiong Come because of this.
Cut all the rough stones and each one contains spar. Such a record is really cool and exciting.
But the consequences?
What kind of scarce resource is spar? If people know that she has this peculiar ability, then she will have a stable life?
As for Li Aoqiong, he lost so miserably this time, I believe that with his character, he would definitely not say anything.
Wang Zhongkui and so on.
“I’ll use your order, the second child has already ordered it.” Bei Chenying said grimly.
Would Nangong Liuyun give Su Luo a one-tenth chance of getting into danger? He had already considered Su Luo thoroughly.
“When did he… when did he ask?” Mingming left so angrily last night, as if the two would never see each other again, as if they had parted ways.
“When I left yesterday.” Bei Chenying replied casually.
When you left yesterday? Su Luo’s heart suddenly twitched, and he grabbed Beichen Ying, “Did you remember correctly?”
“How can you remember it wrong? After you left, the second child’s temper was really bad, and it shrouded like a violent storm. It didn’t scare us to death. How could such a serious matter be remembered wrong?” Bei Chenying Those big beautiful eyes flashed with gossip, “By the way, how did you provoke him yesterday? I have never seen my cock so angry.”
Su Luo stared out the window blankly.
Yesterday, he was so angry that he almost lost his sense of anger, but he also warned Bei Chen and the others… After she treated him like that, he carefully relieved her troubles.
Su Luo’s chest throbbed in the place closest to her heart, and she felt utterly bad.
Bei Chenying sighed heavily, “Su Luo, can I ask you a question?”
This is the first time Su Luo has called her by name since he met Bei Chenying.
It is so solemn and solemn.
“You ask.” Su Luo looked back at him sternly.
“You said that you are very good to us, why are you not cold to Nangong?” Bei Chenying was very puzzled.
How many people are vying to be nice to Nangong, if they want to be honest, the entire emperor can line up in a circle.
But Nangong likes Su Luo, and Su Luo is inattentive to her, it really makes them and onlookers feel entangled.
Bei Chenying said a word, but really stopped Su Luo.
“Is it too easy to get, so I won’t cherish it?” Beichen Ying saw that Su Luo was silent, and added another sentence.
Su Luo pinched the corners of the skirt with both hands and continued to remain silent.
Is it really too easy to get, instead of cherishing it? Su Luo asked herself, but found sadly that she really didn’t understand.

Chapter: 562
The most troublesome thing is feelings.
Seeing Su Luo’s ambiguous attitude, Beichen Ying couldn’t help but mourn for Nangong Liuyun.
One chased and fought hard, one calmly, destined to have a rugged mountain road with nine bends and eighteen bends.
Beichenying decided to fight for a shortcut for Nangong Liuyun.
He stared at Su Luo earnestly, and slowly asked, “Do you know how much Nangong cherishes you?”
Su Luo suddenly raised his head and collided with his clear black and white vision.
Bei Chenying slowly told Su Luo, “Do you know that Nangong actually gave you all the warmth he wanted in his life but was not available.”
Bei Chenying’s words were like a thunderous blow.
Su Luo’s heart was shocked like never before.
The warmth that you want but you can’t get? Su Luo was alert to discover that there must be a story in it.
“As for the story inside, I can’t tell. Maybe, when you really give him your heart, he will tell you the whole story, but I remind you in advance that the story is very tragic.”
Su Luo’s curiosity was suspended in an instant.
However, Beichenying was well versed in conversation skills. After lifting Su Luo’s curiosity, she then changed the subject: “In fact, what happened last night was very tragic.”
“What’s the matter?” Su Luo frowned slightly.
“I didn’t know how you irritated him last night. After a few confessions, he went out and didn’t come back all night.”
Bei Chenying looked at Su Luo, “It wasn’t until this morning that he came back with a limping body covered in blood.”
Limp all over with blood? Su Luo’s eyes were locked tightly, “How can he use martial arts indiscriminately?”
Bei Chenying spread his hands, “Until later, we didn’t know that he went directly to Yunlu Mountain last night.”
“Yunlu Mountain?” Su Luo asked.
“Yunlu Mountain Dragon Tiger Village, according to our many days of investigation, we found that it was the backstage of the East China Sea Dragon Gang on the land. The court has already begun to dispatch troops. Who knows Nangong…” Beichen’s forehead twitched.
“The message we got this morning is that 1,300 gangs in Longhu Village were all dead, and all four guardians were staring at the wall. The village owner died in the worst condition. He was killed by a rough stone. !”
So, a man who is crazy about love is really scary.
Fortunately, the East Sea Flood Dragon Gang had long been destroyed. Otherwise, how would it endure this man’s anger?
The Dragon Tiger Gang was just the backstage of the East China Sea Flood Dragon. Who knew it had become Nangong Liuyun’s vent. The village owner didn’t understand why the opponent killed him with a rough stone.
Su Luo opened his mouth, but found that he couldn’t say anything.
Beichenying patted Su Luo on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, you are the only person he wants to be warm. He can only protect you, and he will… kill the rest of us…”
Su Luo: “…”
Beichen Ying brought Su Luo to Jin Wangfu.
Stopped at the door of Nangong Liuyun’s wing.
He solemnly coaxed Su Luo: “Nangong is now seriously injured. If you are not careful, you will easily have sequelae.”
Aftereffects? Thinking of Nangong Liuyun’s legs that hurt every month, Su Luo nodded his head.
Bei Chenying followed the temptation: “So, you absolutely can’t make him angry this time, understand?”
That is, let him take whatever he wants? Su Luoliu frowned. Such a request is a bit embarrassing. Who knows if Nangong Liuyun will… behave as a gangster?

Chapter: 563
Bei Chenying glanced at Su Luo for the last time, then turned and left.
Su Luo put his hand on the door, tangled several times, without making up his mind.
A vaguely impatient voice came from inside: “Take it out!”
Then there was a sound of rustling porcelain falling to the ground.
Then, the door of the room opened, and a maid came out with a red eye circle carrying the collected broken tiles, and her fingertips were covered with blood.
As the door opened, Su Luo smelled an unpleasant smell of wine.
Following the open door, Su Luo walked towards him step by step.
At this time, Nangong Liuyun was lying on the bed, facing in, only showing the tough lines of his back.
He doesn’t look bad at all at this moment.
He only wears a white shirt, covered with various scars, and gauze is entangled randomly, and it seems that he has not taken care of it carefully.
“Said not to eat, get out!” Nangong was very impatient in his words, and a pillow hit Su Luo on his face.
Although it’s just a pillow, how powerful is he as an eighth-tier powerhouse?
Su Luo’s body was slightly to one side, and he subconsciously slid away from the spirit dance step before he escaped.
If it were replaced by an ordinary maid, there was already a corpse on the ground.
Nangong Liuyun did not turn around, still facing in, lying with his back to Su Luo.
Su Luo stood there, motionless, looking at his back.
Thinking of this man, because of his unintentional mistake, he would go to war and destroy the entire Dragon Tiger Gate that had made the court jealous overnight, and blood flowed into rivers.
Thinking about this, her eyes became subtle and complicated.
After a long time, I probably felt that the people behind him had not moved. Nangong Liuyun turned around impatiently, “Why haven’t he died yet–”
A “death” is stiff on the edge of the perfect diamond lips.
He frowned, glared at Su Luo displeasedly, and gave her a vicious look, “Who allowed you to come?”
Su Luo pretended not to hear the displeasure in his words clearly, walked over step by step, and finally stood still in front of him, staring at him for a moment, but said nothing.
Nangong Liuyun’s expression was not good, and he coldly snorted, “Who do you think you are? You came to Jin Dynasty Mansion if you wanted to?”
His tone was icy, as cold as ice, and at first it sounded like a face, and he wanted to hide his face in tears.
But Su Luo could hear that, although he looked fierce, his eyes were not cold.
There was still the smell of strong alcohol on his body, with a faint smell of blood, which made people vaguely imagine his brutality last night.
Thinking of him venting his anger in that way, Su Luo felt a little sour, and subconsciously looked away.
Looking at Su Luo who stood in front of him but said nothing, Nangong Liuyun’s tone became more and more disgusting: “If you stick like a wood, you can’t apologize?”
Su Luo’s jet black star eyes just looked at him quietly, silent, without speaking.
The sunlight hit his face, adding a touch of life to his cold-lined profile.
Originally as beautiful as a god, it is more vivid because of anger, and it is almost impossible to move one’s eyes.
For a moment, both of them were silent, looking at each other.
The world seemed to stand still at this moment.
I don’t know how long it took, Nangong Liuyun suddenly stood up, limped over and opened the door: “What are you doing? Hurry, I don’t want to see you now.”
Nangong Liuyun’s eyebrows furrowed tightly, his complexion was not good, and his eyebrows seemed even more impatient.
Seeing Su Luo still standing still, Nangong Liuyun became more and more impatient

Chapter: 564
He stared at Su Luo fiercely, “Are you still going? Waiting for someone to invite you to dinner?”
He was so fierce and wicked, as if they were a stranger that couldn’t be more strange.
It’s as if all the previous gentle pampering was recovered overnight.
It was as if they were indifferent and strange.
Su Luo’s heart is slightly pantothenic.
I thought he was entangled and spoiled so much that I didn’t feel it, but now he suddenly treated her badly, and she felt a bit wronged.
“Nangong, what happened that day…” Su Luo walked over quickly, pulled his sleeves, and looked up at him.
Nangong Liuyun’s long and handsome body paused slightly, but his expression was still impatient, and his indifference was shrouded in frost.
“Get out of here!” He pointed outside, his expression so angry.
His tone was firm, as if he had made up his mind.
Su Luo knew that the four words of that day had completely annoyed him.
Nangong Liuyun saw that Su Luo was not moving, he snorted coldly, then opened the door with a clatter, the door panel hit the wall heavily, making a violent sound!
Outside the door, the three people who were too late to hide looked at each other, dumbfounded.
Beichen Ying saw this situation suddenly feel bad.
It seems that this time the incident has really taken off. If even Su Luo can’t live there, how can it be done?
“Are you looking for death?” Nangong Liuyun was obviously unhappy, staring at the three in front of him like ice skates, as if to eat people fiercely.
Such an angry Nangong Liuyun really didn’t dare to meet his eyes. Bei Chenying shrank his necks.
“Cough cough cough—-” Lan Xuan was the most uncomfortable, he hurriedly begged for mercy, “Second brother, this, this person, it’s us…”
“Go wherever you find it! Don’t dangle in front of me, it makes me sick!” Nangong Liuyun’s face sank like water, and he threw out these words viciously.
“Huh?” Lanxuan was speechless.
A few of them have no way of using Nangong, they finally invited the sister-in-law, but were told that this assassin’s trick didn’t work?
Hearing Nangong Liuyun’s fierce and cruel words, Su Luo was stunned, and didn’t know what to do.
Her chest was closest to the heart, and there was a piercing pain that made her eye sockets red.
“Throw her out!” Nangong Liuyun pointed at Su Luo and shouted impatiently.
Su Luo paused in his heart and squeezed his fist tightly.
Being so disgusted by others, if it were her previous temperament, she would have left her hand long ago.
However, this time she was really at fault. Su Luo looked at the criss-cross scars of Nangong Liuyun, feeling a little sour.
“Wait, you guys leave first.” Su Luo looked at the few Beichens who were helpless but slowly moved closer to him, shook his head, her voice was soft and soft, and it seemed very calm.
Beichenying looked at Su Luo, and then at Nangong Liuyun… Intellectually, they should listen to Nangong Liuyun, but in their hearts they hope that Su Luo can stay and heal the wounds in Nangong Liuyun’s heart.
Beichenying looked at each other, then…
I don’t know who said this first!
“Dare to leave and try!” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was as light as wind, but the threatening faces of the Beichen trio were like a dish.
However, in response to him, Su Luo closed the door heavily and made a heavy noise.
Nangong Liuyun’s complexion became more and more hazy at the moment.
Nangong Liuyun, dressed in a thin coat, stood indifferently at the door, staring at her coldly.

Chapter: 565
He acted very ruthlessly towards her, as if all the tenderness and love he had for her before were all dreams. He wanted to take it back, so he took it all back, and collected it cleanly.
But Su Luo could feel that his indifference to her was just a thin shell, and that was what he could put on a shell.
His self-esteem is heavier than anyone else.
Su Luo hugged Nangong Liuyun’s sleeves, her voice softened a bit, “Nangong, I was wrong…”
Nangong Liuyun’s handsome body paused slightly, but still stubbornly raised his chin, not looking at Su Luo, but coldly said, “Let go of this king.”
“Don’t let it go!” Su Luo simply leaned his entire head on his arm, holding it tightly, not letting it go.
“Who do you think you can hold this king’s arm by anyone who wants to hold it? You, the most unfavorable little prostitute of the Su Mansion, have any qualifications to hold this king! Humph!” Nangong Liuyun glared at her and bit Teeth, every word.
Although Nangong Liuyun was still fierce, it was a little looser than before, and Su Luo could naturally feel it all at once.
Su Luo is not stupid, but she is well versed in negotiation skills.
If you follow Nangong Liuyun’s topic, he will have to burst his blood vessels with anger, so he must not let him go down proudly.
Therefore, the smart she immediately changed the subject.
“Nangong Liuyun, you are not keeping your promises!” Su Luo’s accusation was accompanied by a trace of condemnation, and his tone was soft, soft and lazy like the afternoon sun.
Nangong Liuyun was a little dazed by Su Luo, who was still upright, proud like a phoenix.
At last he hummed twice: “Nonsense! This Wang Su said that one is one, and that two is two. He has never broken his oath. Don’t talk nonsense, you little girl!”
Because he hardly promised others, why not keep his promise?
“You swore the oath yesterday, and now you forgot it so soon? Don’t you remember? Huh, do you want Li Aoqiong to testify to us?” Su Luo feigned angrily.
Nangong Liuyun’s figure was slightly startled.
What he swore in front of Li Aoqiong yesterday was what he said from the bottom of his heart, how could he forget it?
“Remember it? Nangong Liuyun, you are mine all your life. If you dare not want me, I will…I will prevent you from getting married forever!” Su Luo threatened fiercely.
Yesterday, Nangong Liuyun’s oath is vivid.
Nangong Liuyun was enlisted by Su Luo, his eyes were complicated, those dark and deep eyes looked at Su Luo for a moment, and looked deeply into the deepest part of her eyes.
The two stood opposite each other, very close. Due to the natural height difference, his breath lingered on top of her head, and the tall figure cast on her, covering her whole.
It seemed that the two became one and never separated.
Nangong Liuyun looked down and looked at her quietly.
Su Luo raised her eyes, looking back at her smart beautiful eyes.
Feeling that he was not as cold as before, Su Luo’s mouth was filled with a gorgeous smile like summer flowers: “Nangong, I was wrong, I was really wrong, you just let me as a fart, don’t worry about me Okay~”
Nangong Liuyun still didn’t say a word, her dark eyes stared at her closely.
His breathing is not as steady as before, and there is a slight fluctuation in his mood.
Su Luo smiled again, and took Nangong Liuyun’s hand and shook it left and right: “I really know that I was wrong, so don’t be angry, okay? Forgive me, eh? Regenerating anger will hurt your body. It’s not worth the loss.”

Chapter: 566
“Huh, I know it’s wrong now? It’s too late.” Nangong Liuyun hummed, turning his face away, taking a childlike anger.
“As long as you are still there, as long as you are still waiting for me, it is not too late.” Su Luo pulled his sleeves, walked up to him, and stared at him deeply.
She could feel the emotional changes in Nangong Liuyun.
It was originally a defense that did not advance with oil and salt, but now it is gradually showing signs of softening. As long as she keeps on working hard, the hard frost will be melted.
Because he has her in his heart, she can control his emotions.
Nangong Liuyun glared at Su Luo, almost gritted his teeth: “A self-righteous woman, who gives you this illusion!”
“Are you self-righteous, you know it best, don’t you?” Su Luo didn’t care about his attitude.
Su Luo felt extremely cute with his childlike anger.
“Don’t put gold on your face, who likes it?” Nangong Liuyun’s voice was hard and he turned his face away.
“Don’t you like it? Then I’ll go.” Su Luo abandoned him, turned and walked out.
Nangong Liuyun’s complexion instantly became extremely ugly, and a pair of eyes pierced Su Luo like a sharp sword.
Such a stinky girl, just leave? !
Seeing her back who turned away without nostalgia, he opened his mouth, but hesitated, unable to make a sound.
Just when he raised his hand to stop Su Luo.
Su Luo, who had taken a few steps, suddenly stopped and turned around and smiled at him: “How? Are you reluctant to bear me? Do you really want to stop me, but embarrassed to speak?”
Nangong Liuyun suddenly put down his raised hand, glared at Su Luo angrily, turned his back, facing her.
Su Luo smiled silently.
Her Nangong is so cute, I really like it as I look at it.
“Okay, okay, I won’t go anymore, stay with you, this is all right?” Su Luo walked slowly to his side, took his slender arm, raised his eyes and smiled at him.
Nangong Liuyun pretends to be casual, holding a posture: “Now you want to stay, crying and crying to stay, but no one is forcing you.”
“Understood, you kept pushing me out, because I stubbornly begged to stay. Now I feel comfortable? Have a sense of accomplishment? My Royal Highness Jin?” Su Luo said with an angry smile. .
Seeing Nangong Liuyun’s complexion for a moment, Su Luo felt happy sincerely.
“Okay, I’m not angry anymore. Being angry is not good for wound healing.” Su Luo pointed at his wound, frowning slightly: “Why didn’t the wound be treated? What did the servants eat?”
Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo and sat on the soft couch, picked a comfortable posture and slanted slowly, saying, “Without this king’s order, who would dare?”
Domineering and powerful man. Su Luo reluctantly shook his head, “I found out that you are really a disaster physique. It hasn’t been long since I met you, and you have been adored one after another. What about the future deity His Royal Highness Jin Wang, is it embarrassing?”
Nangong Liuyun stared at Su Luo almost gritted his teeth: “It’s not all because of you!”
Before getting to know Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun had hardly been injured, but after knowing Su Luo…It was really all kinds of disasters that followed, and Nangong Liuyun was really convinced.
Su Luo stuck out his tongue embarrassedly.
It’s no fault that Nangong Liuyun put the charges on her, he seemed to be right…Every time it was because of her.
But at least not this time.
“Is it because I told you to kill the dragon and tiger gate? Don’t push all the charges on me.” Su Luo hummed twice.

Chapter: 567
“It’s because of you!” Nangong Liuyun grinded his molars, “Dare you deny it?”
Those eyes were as dark as ink and menacing. How could Su Luo dare to say nothing?
“Okay, okay, it’s all done on me, so what do you want?” Su Luo’s attitude softened.
Nangong Liuyun cocked Erlang’s legs, leaned comfortably on the soft couch, raised his eyebrows, curled his lips at Su Luo, and smiled evilly.
What is this for?
Su Luo’s heart was groggy suddenly.
“Come here.” Nangong Liuyun’s handsome face was filled with an enchanting smile.
Su Luo who looked at that smile panicked with caution.
“What do you want?” Su Luo took a step back subconsciously, staring at Nangong Liuyun cautiously.
Nangong Liuyun Jian’s eyebrows moved slightly, and he wrinkled: “Still lingering? Haven’t eaten enough?”
Su Luo nodded solemnly, “How do you know? I really haven’t eaten enough.”
Nangong Liuyun’s face turned dark, and he was about to speak, but he heard Su Luo yell: “Seeing you were so busy last night, you must have not had a good meal? Wait, I will bring it to you right away.”
After speaking, Su Luo ran away in a slip of smoke.
Nangong originally hated iron and steel and pointed at her finger, and suddenly froze in the air.
Then, he slowly lowered his hand, and the corners of his pink lips curled up slightly, obviously in a good mood.
The Great Hall of the Jin Palace
The three of Bei Chenying squatted in a circle, and the three heads were grouped together, and each face was like a bitter gourd.
Bei Chenying was about to cry sadly, and said at a loss: “What should I do, what should I do? Now that the trump card is no longer working, who else can we go to?”
Lan Xuan pursed his brows and frowned: “My second child killed the dragon and tiger gate last night. I may decide which sect to destroy tonight. Those sects are so pitiful.”
Dark Yeming slapped the natural dull blue-rendered head: “Fool! You don’t want to think that the other gangs of the second child are immortal. Why do you want to kill the dragon and tiger gang?”
“Have you run into it?” Lan Xuan said this with no confidence.
“Come on to your sister!” Bei Chenying gave him a horrified brow, “That’s because Longhumen belongs to the East China Sea Flood Dragon Gang, and the rough stones from the East China Sea Flood Dragon Gang are the original sins, boys.”
“Raw stone?” Lan Xuan exclaimed, “But we moved the original stone…”
“So, the next goal is–” The eyes of the three handsome boys suddenly showed horror.
At this time, Su Luo was running out of Nangong’s room, her speed was extremely fast, as if a dog was chasing behind.
“Hey, the three of you are here? It just happens—” Su Luo was very happy to see them, and was about to ask them what Nangong likes to eat.
However, the three of them saw Su Luo as if they saw a ghost, stood up with a bang, and rushed forward with a sigh.
“Hey, what are you three running?” Su Luo shouted at their backs.
She also wanted to tell them that Nangong’s mood had changed and it had turned to sunny.
“Hey, sister-in-law, the mercenary union is so busy, I’ll go back to deal with the affairs first, the second child will ask you!” Bei Chenying shouted back as he ran.
“I’ll help!” Lan Xuan shouted afterwards.
“Second.” Dark Yeming, who had always been silent, actually ran ahead.
“Hey, you–” Su Luo was extremely helpless with his hands on his hips.
Su Luo could only walk into the kitchen by himself.
The steward in the kitchen saw Su Luo, his eyes straightened suddenly, and he was astonished as an enemy.
“Wang, Princess, there is a strong smell of oily smoke in this kitchen, you, why did you come in?”

Chapter: 568
This Guan Shi was nervous and almost crying.
His Royal Highness King Jin once spoke at the mansion, if anyone dared to neglect the great Buddha in front of him, the consequences would be disastrous.
Su Luo suddenly smiled when she heard her name.
“What is the princess girl? What is all this? Just call me Miss Su.”
Su Luo rarely smiled, but the people in the kitchen, including Guanwu Xu, treated her in terror and caution.
It seems more nervous than meeting the emperor.
Su Luo touched his face subconsciously.
The facial features are exquisite, clear and beautiful, and may not be amazing at first glance, but it belongs to the type that gets more and more attractive. Why are these people so afraid of her?
“Miss Su, Su, you can give me an order if you have anything to do. The fumes in this kitchen are heavy and slippery. If it hits, we, this…” Ten lives can’t afford it.
As soon as Guanshi Xu said, the cook helpers behind her nodded.
Su Luo sighed inwardly, the subordinates of the Jin Palace were really pitiful, and the psychological quality of being scared by the tyrant like Nangong Liuyun was extremely low.
“How long have you had no meals, Your Royal Highness?” Su Luo asked quietly.
Guanshi Xu respectfully returned: “Since His Highness came back last night, the kitchen has prepared 18 meals, but without exception, it was useless.”
“Okay, you can go out.” Su Luo waved his hand.
“But…” Guan Shi was still worried, staring tremblingly at Su Luo’s little white hand holding the knife. She swallowed with difficulty: “Or, let the old slave beat you?”
“No, you all go out.” Su Luo said with a stern face.
Guan Shi suddenly became nervous, nodded repeatedly, and took a group of people out.
Soon, only Su Luo was left in the huge kitchen.
No one knows, even Yun Qi back then, but Su Luo has a good cooking skill.
Su Luo decided to treat Nangong Liuyun better, so he started cooking.
Nangong Liuyun hadn’t eaten all night and had an empty belly. It was most suitable for soft food, so Su Luo decided to make porridge.
The most delicious and popular congee with preserved eggs and lean meat cannot be made because there is no preserved eggs here.
So Su Luo decided to make her best shredded chicken porridge.
Take a piece of chicken breast, tear it into silk, wash the vegetables and cut them.
Su Luo put the chicken breast soup with the top-quality japonica rice. As for the water for cooking porridge, Su Luo lavishly replaced it with the spiritual spring in her space.
After tightly covering the pot, let it simmer over low heat.
Just drinking porridge is too monotonous.
Su Luo looked around in the kitchen and showed her an silverfish in the tank.
Silverfish, after injury, is the most suitable for Nangong Liuyun’s disease.
Su Luo realized that after martial arts, the processing speed of fish was not as fast as usual, and when the knife fell with his hand, a golden silver fish had been cleaned.
Su Luo cleaned it and made a few slanted marks on both sides of the fish’s back.
A palm wind swept over, and the silver fish that was dripping dried immediately.
Open the fire, pour a little rapeseed oil, add a few slices of ginger and green onion.
Su Luo put the golden silver fish in a frying pan and stir-fried for a while, and fry both sides until golden brown.
Pour in a pot of boiling water, put the fried fish in, add a few slices of ginger and green onion, and boil over high heat until the soup is simmered to creamy white.
Of course, Su Luo replaced the soup here with spatial spirit spring water.
Uncovering the pot, I saw a strong fragrance rushing over my face…

Chapter: 569
Seeing the fruits of his labor, Su Luo nodded in satisfaction.
Outside the kitchen, Guan Shi and the others did not go far. They all guarded the door nervously, raising their ears to pay attention to the scene inside, for fear that their future princess might make a little mistake.
“Wang, Miss Su, what is she going to do?” Chef A tiptoed up and looked in.
“Give your Royal Highness personally to cook.” Chef Yi got it right.
“But will she? It’s not that I said, our highness is the most picky about food, we don’t eat chicken, duck, fish, and we don’t even look at fresh vegetables. A few of us are the best in the royal kitchen, right? I’m not very satisfied yet, what Miss Su made…” Can I eat it? Chef C was deeply skeptical about the result.
Chef Ding was most indignant: “Why don’t these daughters cook personally? You must not eat what you make.”
Guan Shi’s eyebrows were cold, he glanced at them and warned seriously: “Shut up if you don’t want to die.”
His Royal Highness King Jin said that if this girl Su is a bit unhappy, even if she frowns a little, they all have to jump off the moat automatically.
Therefore, everyone’s attitude towards the future princess must be like the hearts of all people holding the moon, and the future princess cannot be wronged at all.
As soon as Guan Shi spoke, the surrounding area was silent, and the sound of the wind blowing and falling leaves was clearly audible.
Isn’t His Royal Highness not close to women? This time is truly unprecedented.
At this moment, a cry of exclamation suddenly erupted from the chef.
“Hey, what’s this smell? It smells so good.” Chef A sniffed his nose and walked forward step by step, eyes obsessed.
“It seems to come from the kitchen.” Chef B stared in surprise and closed the door.
“Could it be Miss Su…” Chef C couldn’t believe it.
“It’s impossible!” Chef Ding’s eyes were round, with a strange look.
“Squeak–” With a sound, the closed door of the kitchen was quietly opened.
Su Luo carried the food box and walked out without squinting.
An unprecedented fragrance permeates the entire world, the fragrance spreads, making people move their index fingers.
“Oh my god, this smell is so fragrant…”
“Oh my god, just by smelling this smell, I will faint happily…”
“Is this really the dish made by the future princess? If it is true, do we still have a way to survive?” The dishes made by the princess herself are many times better than their professional chefs!
Everyone sighed again and again, but also uneasy.
The rich scent fills the air for a long time.
The scent is so tempting, it makes people move their index fingers, swallow hard, and make people have the urge to pounce on the food box.
They have been chefs for most of their lives, but they have never had such a fragrance.
And they faintly felt that no matter how many spices they put in, they would not be able to produce such a delicate and rich flavor.
“How on earth did this happen? It’s not because of the spices at all. I really can’t figure out what I think.”
“I really want to have a bite, just one bite… oh oh oh… when the dishes are removed, no one can snatch me!”
“If you let the old man have a bite, he will die immediately and look at him.” The oldest cook A sighed with emotion.
Guanshi Xu swept the chefs who had no hope for Su Luo.

Chapter: 570
Turning his eyes to look at Su Luo’s leaving back, he muttered to himself, “It’s worthy of the person that your Royal Highness likes. The cooking skills alone are not ordinary, and the one next to him is definitely more brilliant…”
Su Luo didn’t know the sensational effect she caused. She only carried the food box and walked slowly towards the bedroom of Nangong Liuyun.
She was softened, and she washed her hands and made soup for him in a low voice. This time, shouldn’t it be over?
When she entered, Nangong Liuyun calmly leaned on the soft couch with a righteous spirit, supporting her forehead with one hand, and she felt lazy and tired.
“Hungry? Come and drink the porridge.” Su Luo put down the food box, brought out the steamy chicken porridge and silver fish soup, and reached out to greet Nangong Liuyun.
However, Nangong Liuyun glanced at her slowly, looked up at the sky, curled his lips, and confidently said, “Don’t eat.”
It’s really a child’s temperament, and you are still angry with her now?
Su Luo reluctantly, paced over, and pulled him up: “Don’t be angry, come and taste my craft, I promise you have never eaten such delicious food in your life.”
It’s not that Su Luo boasted that he used Lingquan water to make soup extravagantly. As far as she knew, there was really no one else.
Su Luo dragged his arms to the table, Nangong Liuyun stared at the simple ingredients in disgust: “Can these things be eaten? You just sent me like that?”
“Hey, give you some color. You really started the dyeing workshop. Nangong Liuyun, you can almost order it.” Su Luo took a small bowl of hot porridge and handed over another spoon. “Hurry up, while it’s hot.” , Drink porridge first.”
“Don’t drink.” Nangong Liuyun turned his face awkwardly. Ask him to drink as much as he wants, how can it be so cheap.
“You haven’t eaten all day and night. This is both internal and external injuries. How can you stand it without eating? Good thing, drink it quickly. It took me a long time to get it out, but they are all good things. Su Luo coaxed him in a good voice.
However, the awkward big boy paper was simply unreasonable. He looked up and stared at Su Luo with black eyes: “I must eat it?”
“Of course, I must eat it!” Su Luoyi said righteously.
“That’s good.” Nangong Liuyun stared at Su Luo with his dark starry eyes, confidently, “You feed me, I will eat, otherwise I won’t eat it.”
Su Luo reluctantly put down the porcelain bowl, “Why don’t you take your own body so seriously? Beichen and the others care about you.”
“Then do you care about me?” Nangong Liuyun’s gaze stared at Su Luo closely, earnestly and solemnly.
Su Luo: “…”
Under his scorching gaze, Su Luo stopped talking, and after a while she picked up the bowl: “Okay, let me feed you, come on, open your mouth.”
Who knows, Nangong Liuyun followed into a dead end, staring at Su Luo stubbornly, saying, “Then, you, Guan, Xin, me?”
Su Luo twitched the corners of his mouth slightly, his eyes fixed on him, a little angrily: “Are you a fool? I’ve cooked soup for you myself. Isn’t that called care? You have seen me cook for others. Are they? Are my fingers used for cooking? You are the first person to taste my craft. Don’t eat it.”
Su Luo stood up, carrying the bowls and chopsticks to fill the food box. If she doesn’t eat it, she doesn’t eat it, so she is in vain.
“What are you doing!” Nangong Liuyun protected the food, preventing Su Luo from approaching, “These are all mine, you must not move! Let go.”
Nangong Liuyun’s nervous appearance is just like the child protecting the food, childish and cute.

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