The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 581-590

Chapter: 581
“Very touched, isn’t it? Is there an impulse to immediately want to marry this king?” Nangong Liuyun approached her, smiling enchantingly.
While she was speaking, the warm breath lingered in her ears, hazy and ambiguous.
“It’s so beautiful. The three-month investigation period hasn’t come, so don’t give me crazy thoughts.” Su Luo broke off his close handsome face.
But Nangong Liuyun insisted on getting close to her, so the tug of war between the two began.
At this time, the housekeeper of this garden was holding a pile of things. When he saw this scene, he staggered under his feet and almost fell to the ground.
Seeing someone coming, Su Luo immediately let go of Nangong Liuyun and sat in a precarious manner, looking like a dignified lady.
Nangong Liuyun glared at the steward Wang displeasedly, but steward Wang suddenly softened his legs, and finally got a crooked stature again, and sat down directly on the ground.
Chapter 581: Below the Nanshan Mountain 4
“What’s the matter?” Nangong Liuyun glanced horizontally. The aura of looking over the world was really shocking.
The cold sweat on steward Wang’s face rolled down with a scream.
Su Luo couldn’t bear to look at it.
Nangong Liuyun, the ruffian, is cynical and full of smiles. How can it be so scary? Why do these servants consider him Satan one by one? Are all scared to death?
In fact, where did Miss Su know that Nangong Liuyun has always been scornful to others, but she can only spoil her.
Steward Wang finally got up, ran to Nangong Liuyun in small steps, and respectfully handed over the stack of files in his hand.
Nangong Liuyun hummed casually.
Suddenly, steward Wang’s legs became weak again.
Nangong Liuyun only glanced, then handed the stack of files to Su Luo’s hands: “Take it away.”
Su Luo took it and saw that it was the land deed and house deed of this garden.
“Huh, the whole Nanshan is yours?” Su Luo looked at the label on the land lease, suddenly surprised.
“To be more precise, now the entire Nanshan is yours.” Nangong Liuyun smiled and looked at her, with tenderness in his eyes that he had never noticed.
“Will this be too expensive?” Su Luoyang held the thin land deed in his hand.
“You saved this king’s life, do you think this king’s life can’t be compared to a small Nanshan?” Nangong Liuyun narrowed his eyes dangerously and glanced at Su Luo.
Su Luo wasn’t a dragger either, and since Nangong Liuyun said so, she unceremoniously accepted it.
On the contrary, the steward Wang on the side stared at Su Luo with a pair of eyes, wishing to stare a hole in her.
Is the world changing too fast, or is he staying in the mountains and forests for too long?
His Highness, who has always regarded women as nothing, will bring women over, and give her the title deed to Nanshan without saying a word?
This is the title deed of Nanshan, Nanshan…
Nangong Liuyun’s indifferent eyes swept across the steward Wang, but steward Wang suddenly shrank, and quickly withdrew his gaze on Su Luo.
“I have seen the future Princess Jin.” Nangong Liuyun said indifferently.
The future Princess Jin? Butler Wang was shocked.
Su Luo frowned and was about to speak, but the steward Wang reacted quickly, so he knelt down and kowtowed to Su Luo, calling for the princess.
“Do you have to create this illusion for everyone?” Su Luo glanced at Nangong Liuyun coolly.
“Anyway, it’s morning and evening. Calling earlier, it’s good habits.” Nangong Liuyun seemed to be in a good mood.
The appellation, when the girl gets used to the title of Princess Jin, she will become his person naturally.

Chapter: 582
So, the steward Wang, who received a hint from Nangong Liuyun, the first thing after returning home was to greet everyone to change their title.
The rich aura in front of him made Su Luo feel embarrassed to be lazy.
With Su Qing, the bomb hanging on her forehead, Su Luo felt a lot more urgent.
She and Nangong Liuyun sat on the two ends of the grass respectively, transported their spiritual power, and began to repair the chain.
Su Luo sat cross-legged, eyes closed, deep in the chain repair, completely unaware of what eve is today.
Her deity is repairing chain fire elements.
In the space, she is constantly repairing the elements of space.
Thanks to that weird spiritual stone, I brought back the countless flames in the flame cave for Su Luo to repair the chain.
Last time Su Luo broke through the Fountain of Fire, after several days of repairing the chain, Su Luo faintly showed signs of breakthrough.
Sure enough, after repairing the chain for two weeks, Su Luo successfully entered the Stream of Fire.
The range of flames she can release is five times larger than the previous Or Zhiquan.
She is not idle in the space.
In the last battle with Su Qing, she inadvertently realized that the second palmprint of the Great Void-Void Space.
But this void space is too small and too small.
Su Luo had seen the jade slips given to her by the old Shenlong. The void space demonstrated in it was so vast that it was almost an independent world.
In this independent world, the old dragon is the king, the master, he can control the speed and gravity.
But Su Luo’s current void space was only as small as an embrace, and she couldn’t do anything.
She has offended so many people, the Li family alone made her unprepared.
No one knew when this jade slip would save her life, so Su Luo decided to do everything possible to learn the techniques in the jade slip.
The time for repairing the chain passed quickly, and when Su Luo opened his eyes again, the sky shone slightly.
On his side, Nangong Liuyun sat cross-legged, his eyes closed tightly, it seemed that the chain was at a critical juncture.
Su Luo did not disturb him, got up and walked out quietly.
The air in the early morning was exceptionally good, and Su Luo walked slowly in the garden with his hands folded behind his back.
Suddenly, she found that there seemed to be a slight movement around her.
Listening carefully, I noticed that the sound came from outside the wall.
The long breathing sound should be human, and not a person.
Su Luo was puzzled.
Who will appear under this corner of the wall early in the morning? The more he thought about it, the more doubtful Su Luo rose up and fell to the wall lightly.
Sure enough, there were two people sitting cross-legged below.
A man, a woman.
Su Luo immediately became happy when he saw these two people.
Su Luo didn’t have many acquaintances in this different world, but she happened to know both of them.
“Hey, you two, what are you doing here?” Su Luo sat on the wall, shaking his legs slowly, looking at the two men with a smile.
“You-why are you here?” In the dim morning light, Liu Ruohua was focusing on repairing the chain, but he did not expect to be awakened.
She raised her eyes and saw a woman who gritted her teeth with hatred sitting on the wall, looking at herself with interest.
Liu Ruohua burst out loudly on the spot.
Liu Ruohua’s voice immediately awakened Liu Chengfeng who was also immersed in the chain repair.
He opened his eyes, and when he saw Su Luo, a trace of anger flashed in his eyes.
“Do you know where this is? You have the courage to show up on the wall!” Su Luo hadn’t asked before, Liu Ruohua had already lost his words.

Chapter: 583
As soon as Liu Ruohua finished speaking, Su Luo’s mouth evoked a joking arc.
It’s really interesting. They actually questioned her like this. Poorly, they didn’t know that Su Luo belonged to the whole Nanshan.
However, before Su Luo could speak, Liu Chengfeng on the side followed him and said angrily: “Smelly girl, so courageous, just because you deserve to sit on this wall?”
Su Luo couldn’t help but feel funny.
Now that she is the real owner of this garden, they said she didn’t even have the chance to sit on the wall? It’s really fun.
Su Luo didn’t tell them the truth, and a casual smile was provoked from the corner of his eyes: “Oh, why can’t you sit on this wall? Is it yours?”
“If it’s from our house, you can still sit down, but here…” Liu Ruohua’s mouth raised a sneer and sneer, “This is the garden of His Royal Highness Jin! Your behavior is simply looking for death!”
Liu Ruohua thought that Su Luo was sneaking into the palace secretly, and he would feel very guilty. I thought that Su Luo would be scared, but seeing her still sitting on the wall with composure, her two long legs swinging around leisurely, it looked very loose.
A look of anger flashed in her eyes!
His Royal Highness didn’t like his thing being touched by others, if he knew it… suddenly, Liu Ruohua’s face went dark.
Because she suddenly thought of the raging battle between Su Luo and Su Qing in the imperial capital. At that time, His Royal Highness led Su Luoyi and flew over, plus what she saw in the mountains that sunset…
Su Luo looked at them with a faint smile, “Do you want to understand?”
Liu Ruohua coldly said, “His Royal Highness was very good to you, and he even brought you here.”
Su Luo held his hands on the wall, raised his eyes to look at the red sun in the east, and then glanced at them casually after a long while, “That’s right, you are like you, you are also a descendant of the family, but you can only hide in other people’s houses. Secretly repair the chain under the corner, shame not shame?”
Liu Ruohua was caught on the spot, with an awkward expression on his face, and his face stiffly said, “What do you know? This is the place with the strongest aura in the entire Nanshan Mountain. If you don’t repair the chain here, where else is it?”
“Inside.” Su Luo pointed at the location of the rockery waterfall with a slender finger.
Liu Ruohua sneered mockingly: “Are you deliberately killing us? Who can enter the door of His Royal Highness King Jin?”
Su Luo Tanshou: “I, didn’t I just enter when I wanted to?”
It’s just a garden, they are so afraid of this, it is too fussing, right? Is Nangong Liuyun that scary? How does it seem to her to be like a shameless child who doesn’t grow up to be shameless and likes to be angry?
Su Luo’s words were very ill-behaved, and his attitude was also owed. Liu Ruohua immediately became furious when he heard it.
“If I can let you in, can you answer me a question?” Su Luo smiled and looked at Liu Ruohua.
Since the sunset mountain range came back, she has been busy all the time, delaying the most important things.
“You can let me in? Dream you!” Liu Ruohua sneered, “If you want to kill us, just say it, don’t be so subtle.”
“Hey, I said, why are you so inferior? Isn’t it just entering a garden? Why is it related to life?” Su Luo couldn’t understand, why this entry to the garden was related to life.
“Inferiority? You are too ignorant, right!” Liu Ruohua glared at Su Luo: “You don’t even know the taboo of His Royal Highness King Jin, how did you live by his side until now?”

Chapter: 584
“Tabs?” Su Luo thought for a long time without trying to understand what taboos Nangong Liuyun had, so he asked for advice humbly and studiously.
“Dare to ask, what taboos does His Royal Highness Jin have?” Su Luo expressed his curiousity. How did she feel that the only thing Nangong Liuyun taboo was that she said breaking up.
“Since you don’t know, why should I tell you? Wouldn’t it be better to watch you being rejected by His Highness?” Liu Ruohua also confessed.
“If you don’t tell me, let’s go back to the topic. If I can let you in, can you answer me a question?”
“Su Luo, are you really stupid or fake? Do you know that Nanshan’s aura is the richest in the entire imperial capital? Do you know that His Royal Highness Jin’s mansion is the richest in the entire Nanshan? Do you know how many people pray to enter the mansion? Sit down?”
Liu Ruohua’s words spouted out, endlessly: “Among those people are princes, nobles, and family of officials, but none of them let in! Now you boast that you can let us in? Who do you think you are, you! Be a green onion!”
Liu Ruohua sneered and glanced at Su Luo contemptuously, his eyes full of disdain.
“If I can prove it?” Su Luo smiled lightly and looked very kind.
“Can you prove it? Dream.” Liu Ruohua pulled Liu Chengfeng and wanted to turn around and leave.
There was already a noise, and the housekeeper must have come out again to chase people.
Thinking that the chain repair was interrupted by Su Luo, Liu Ruohua glared at Su Luo again.
“I can really prove it.” Su Luo drew out a contract from his arms, and raised his head toward Liu Ruohua.
“Just use this waste paper?” Liu Ruohua smiled coldly, “Okay, if you can prove it, then I will answer your question.”
At this critical moment, the wooden door on the side opened with a creak.
A serious face appeared at the door.
“Steward Wang?” Liu Ruohua shrank when he saw him, turning around to run.
If you are caught, you will be reprimanded if you are caught, or blamed if you are serious.
“Huh!” Steward Wang glanced at her displeasedly, “I told you not to come here, so as not to disturb His Highness Qingxiu, you are quite brave.”
Liu Ruohua shrank her neck. When she saw Su Luo, she suddenly had an idea. He pointed to her to file a complaint against Steward Wang and tried to mislead him: “Steward Wang, look at him, she dare to sit on the wall! Get her up quickly. Yan Xiaoyou!”
Even the people brought by His Royal Highness King Jin shouldn’t be so arrogant, right? Humph, Su Luo, but the steward Wang is very ruthless, and it’s up to you how to take the move this time.
Steward Wang followed Liu Ruohua’s line of sight and saw a girl with a fluttering dress sitting on the wall. She was about to scold her, but her face changed greatly when she saw it clearly.
I saw him hunched over and walked quickly towards Su Luo.
Liu Ruohua smiled and stared at Su Luo coldly, looking forward to the fate that Su Luo would face.
However, the things that surprised her happened so clearly in front of her.
Seeing steward Wang walked quickly to Su Luo, that straight waist bowed ninety degrees, respectfully, with a flattering smile.
“Wang… Miss Su, it’s you, but you have something to ask? If you have something, just ask. The prince said, your words are the biggest, and no one will pass you. We can’t do what you asked. The head was beheaded.” The steward Wang was very respectful, as if the person in front of him was His Royal Highness himself.

Chapter: 585
Liu Ruohua stared at Steward Wang in shock and took a step back subconsciously. The butler, who is usually fierce and vicious, has such a good attitude towards Su Luo?
Then, when she heard the housekeeper’s words, she suddenly became unwell…
How can this be? ! Absolutely impossible! She must have absorbed the aura too much, dizzy and hallucinating.
Liu Ruohua pinched her thigh. It hurts! Only then did she know that everything was not an illusion, it was all real.
So, her gaze turned to Su Luo again.
Su Luo sat high on the wall and waved at the housekeeper casually: “It’s okay, you can go in first, and I will call you if I have something.
“Yes, you can tell me if you have anything to do, and the old slave is waiting by the door.” Steward Wang said with a smile.
Liu Ruohua watched as steward Wang walked quickly to the door, waiting respectfully.
Steward Wang is on this Nanshan Mountain. It is a tycoon, a master who speaks no one, and even the children of the aristocratic family must respect Steward Wang.
But now, he is so respectful to Su Luo…
What went wrong in the middle? Is it true that His Royal Highness King Jin really spoiled Su Luo to such an extent?
Is it true that His Royal Highness King Jin is more than just playing with Su Luo?
Su Luo sneered at Liu Ruohua: “What you just promised, do you want to regret it?”
Liu Ruohua really wanted to regret it, but she had to have the courage.
Under steward Wang’s eye-catching salute, Liu Ruohua squeezed a stiff smile from the corner of her mouth: “How do you prove it?”
If she could really go into this garden to repair the chain, she would have made it.
How could Su Luo’s temperament with such a careful calculation take advantage of her? She took out the title deed from her sleeve and threw it directly on Liu Ruohua’s face.
“What is this, do you dare to–” Before the words finished, Liu Ruohua and Liu Chengfeng read the words clearly, and both of them suddenly looked horrified.
The title deed of the entire Nanshan Mountain?
This is impossible! ! !
Liu Ruohua was dumbfounded, looking at the title deed in his hand in disbelief, unable to recover for a long time.
Nanshan, this is by no means just a famous mountain.
It is precisely because of the strong spiritual energy here that it has attracted much attention over the years, and various families competed for grabs. It was not until later that it fell into the hands of His Royal Highness.
It is said that the prince once wanted to build a yard in Nanshan, a small yard, which could not take up much land, but His Royal Highness refused without raising his eyes, and refused simply and neatly.
At that time, His Royal Highness was going crazy.
Now, on the Nanshan Mountain, apart from the garden of King Jin, the rest of the houses were rented from King Jin with a lot of money.
The rent is ridiculously high, but everyone is still rushing.
But now, the entire Nanshan Mountain has fallen into the hands of Su Luo, this stinky girl, this is impossible…
Liu Ruohua thought to the left, but didn’t understand how he thought. Even if His Highness King Jin spoils Su Luo again, it is impossible to give the entire Nanshan Mountain to Su Luo? This is the whole Nanshan!
If Liu Ruohua knew that His Royal Highness Jin Wang actually sold the entire Nanshan for 40 green spars, I wonder if she would faint in shock.
Su Luo stood in front of her with his arms around her arms, raising her eyebrows with a smile, “Why? I can’t read? I can’t understand?”
“How did you do it?!” Liu Ruohua glared at him, staring at Su Luo.
“Of course I bought it. Now I’m asking you.” Su Luo smiled close to her and whispered in her ear.

Chapter: 586
Liu Ruohua smiled coldly when he heard the words, “It turns out that His Royal Highness Jin has never told you until now. It seems that you are not very good in his heart.”
Su Luo smiled faintly: “You can choose not to say it, but the consequences of not saying it—”
Su Luoyangyang glanced at her contemptuously at the thin land deed in his hand, “You are not the only one who repairs chains on this Nanshan from the Liu family, right.”
Liu Ruohua glared at Su Luo, “Are you threatening me?”
The Liu family spent a lot of money to rent a small piece of land in Nanshan and built a small courtyard. The people who repaired the chain in it were all the Liu family elites. Is she trying to drive them all away?
“You can understand that too.” Su Luo nodded with a smile.
Liu Ruohua clenched his fists, held back his anger, gritted his teeth, and stared at Su Luo.
And Su Luo was still smiling casually, looking at her with a smile.
“Okay! Be cruel!” Liu Ruohua said coldly, and said to Su Luo, “Go find someone named Wang Laoqi, and he will tell you everything you want to know!”
“Of course, His Royal Highness King Jin also knows this person.” Liu Ruohua glared at Su Luo angrily, turning around angrily to leave.
However, Su Luo frowned and stopped her.
“What’s the matter with your hand?” She actually noticed it at the beginning, but she never had the opportunity to ask.
She remembered very clearly that Liu Ruohua’s hand was indirectly cut off by Nangong in the small town outside the sunset mountains. At that time, the blood was flowing and she almost died.
And it wasn’t just Liu Ruohua, Liu Chengfeng’s hand was cut off by himself when he was in the Jin Dynasty Mansion.
But now, the hands of their brothers and sisters have grown again, they move freely and are intact, which really surprised her.
“I’m sorry to see that we didn’t have a missing arm or a broken leg, isn’t it? Surprised? Huh!” Liu Ruohua raised his chin triumphantly, and deliberately stretched out the broken wrist and shook it in front of Su Luo. .
Today, in front of Su Luo, she was too aggrieved. It is rare that there is something worth raising. How could she let this opportunity go?
“Can the broken limb regenerate?” Su Luo frowned suspiciously. Why hasn’t she heard that a broken limb can be reborn? Which expert helped the two brothers and sisters of the Liu family?
“Hmph, you wish that our brothers and sisters will never have arms!”
At this moment, Liu Chengfeng on the side stared at Su Luo with cold eyes, like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark, ready to rush to take a bite at any time.
“A general pharmacist can’t cure this severed hand. Could it be a high-level pharmacist? No, how could your Liu family get a high-level pharmacist?” Su Luo was puzzled.
Sure enough, Liu Ruohua’s eagerness factor broke out, and she sneered and said: “High-level pharmacist? Do you think high-level pharmacist can heal the severed hand? Don’t dream! I tell you, don’t talk about you, even His Royal Highness Jin may not ask Get his old man.”
That was a super powerful character in the legend, the kind that would scare Su Luo to death! Hmph, don’t think that you know great people, and so can the Liu family!
“If your Royal Highness can’t invite people, can your Liu family invite them?” Su Luo looked at her contemptuously, and curled up his lips mockingly.
She didn’t believe that the Liu family would have such ability. If they had such ability, they would not sneak here to repair the chain.
Liu Chengfeng smiled coldly: “Super Alchemist, Cold Medicine Master, ho ho, I’m afraid that in your capacity, it is impossible to have heard of his old man.”

Chapter: 587
Leng Yan Leng Pharmacist?
Su Luo’s forehead twitched slightly! I thought they were going to move out a great man, but it turned out to be Leng Yaoshi.
She is really unfamiliar with other pharmacists, but this cold pharmacist happens to know her, and she is quite familiar.
“Pharmacist Leng? Is he able to heal and severed his hand? It’s impossible.” He couldn’t be clear when we met last time.
“Yao Master Leng is lucky, and he can be cured by getting the ancient pill-Shengji Pill.” Liu Chengfeng smiled coldly, “Su Luo, you are disappointed now!”
More than disappointment!
Su Luo was speechless about the arrangements of fate.
She is the most familiar with that Shengji Dan recipe.
Speaking of this, she gave it to Leng Yaoshi!
Who would have thought that Yao Master Leng would directly heal her opponent Liu Family after he made the pill?
This is really a stuffy message.
Su Luo held his breath depressed, and decided to talk to Medicine Master Leng after returning to the city, and promised not to kill him.
Su Luo frowned and walked back, wandering in vain.
Unexpectedly, as she walked, she finally banged her head straight into Nangong Liuyun’s arms.
“His–” Su Luo squeezed his forehead painfully, and stared at Nangong Liuyun, “Why are you standing like a wooden stake? He didn’t remind me, so I hit him.”
Nangong Liuyun smiled and hugged her, and pulled her into his arms: “You were the one who gave it to you, but this king did not take the initiative.”
Nangong Liuyun expressed his pleasure to Su Luo’s embrace.
“You still care about this?” Su Luo looked at him helplessly, every time his focus was biased.
“Of course you have to care about it. It’s rare for you to take the initiative.” Nangong Liuyun straightened his chest and was confident.
“You–” Su Luo just exited, remembering the puzzle Liu Ruohua had left her just now, frowned slightly, and finally asked directly: “What’s the matter with Wang Laoqi?”
Su Luo stared straight at Nangong Liuyun, without missing a trace of emotion on his face, so she quickly caught his fleeting discomfort.
Nangong Liuyun did not directly answer Su Luo’s words, but talked about him from left to right.
“Are you hungry? This king will take you to breakfast.” Nangong Liuyun gently took Su Luo’s hand with a smile, and turned to leave.
Su Luo frowned and threw him away: “When are you going to hide from me? Since it’s my background, I naturally have the right to know. I don’t understand. Why are you hiding from me.”
“Luoluo, don’t be willful.” Nangong Liuyun frowned, a trace of annoyance flashed in his eyes.
“Liu Ruohua told me everything, how long do you want to hide it? This makes my heart hang, that’s your purpose?” Su Luo shouted a trace of anger in his eyes, staring coldly at Nangong Liuyun. .
She just stood on the spot, holding her chin, her complexion shrouded in frost.
A haze flashed through Nangong Liuyun’s eyes.
After thinking for a while, he raised his eyes and stared at her seriously: “Luo Luo, do you really want to know?”
Su Luo looked solemn and nodded earnestly.
Seeing her serious appearance, Nangong Liuyun couldn’t help but smiled, rubbing her head: “Why are you so serious? It looks like the sky is about to collapse. With this king, you won’t be bullied, and you still You can bully people with confidence.”
This is true, isn’t Liu Ruohua being bullied today?
But Su Luo still stared at him closely: “The truth, tell me the truth, don’t change the subject, I want to know the truth, and I have the right to know the truth.”

Chapter: 588
Su Luo faintly felt that her life experience contained a huge secret, and this secret would subvert her previous cognition.
“I will tell you if I accompany the king for breakfast.” Nangong Liuyun triumphed.
Su Luo was anxious, but there was a smile on his face: “Yes.” Nangong Liuyun liked this trick the most, and Su Luo was used to it.
Breakfast is nothing, she is hungry anyway.
Nangong Liuyun took Su Luo’s hand, and the two walked slowly, viewing the scenery along the way, and then slowly walked towards the restaurant.
The breakfast is very rich.
There are only two of them, but the round table is filled with dishes, which makes people move their index fingers when they look at them.
Su Luo didn’t wait for Nangong Liuyun to greet him, so he ate it himself.
Seeing this, Nangong Liuyun shook his head and smiled bitterly.
Although this girl didn’t change her expression on her face, she was afraid that she would have opinions on him in her heart.
When he was smiling bitterly, suddenly, a crab dumpling was caught in his bowl.
Su Luo smiled and looked at him: “Why are you looking at me? Eat.” After eating, she could tell her about her life, and she was waiting.
“My lord’s girl is beautiful and delicious, far more delicious than these.” Nangong Liuyun triumphantly picked up the crab yellow dumplings and ate them gracefully.
Su Luo glared at him, “Are you full?”
“Just so urgent?” Nangong Liuyun raised an eyebrow and smiled.
“It’s so urgent.” Su Luo glared at him. It’s a matter of life experience, who can be in a hurry?
Su Luo kept staring at him for dinner, “It should be finished now, right?”
After Nangong Liuyun finished eating the crab yellow dumplings, he slowly put down his chopsticks.
“Well, if that’s the case, this king will tell you.” Nangong Liuyun scraped the tip of her nose in a petulant manner. “But you can’t cry after you know the truth.”
“I’m really a three-year-old kid and crying, do you want to think I’m so naive?” Su Luo gave him a push, “Okay, I’m mentally prepared, let’s talk.”
“Huh huh.” Nangong Liuyun coughed to show his attention, “Your life experience, it’s really complicated to say, until now this king hasn’t fully checked it out.”
“Then tell me what you know, maybe I can provide some inspiration.” Su Luo decided to look at him.
“This has to start from fifteen years ago.” Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo and slowly told some things he found.
This is a very vulgar story.
The concubine Yang, who Su Zian loved so much, gave birth to a baby girl. Yang fainted on the spot because of a dystocia, and the baby died shortly after being born.
On that day, there was a natural vision, the sky was full of sunshine, the rainbow was paved, and the divine bird flew around the entire imperial capital.
At such auspicious moments, it would be very unlucky if there were reports of a dead baby in General Su’s Mansion. For Yang, that might be a disaster.
Yang’s nanny was too anxious, but she happened to find the little girl Su Luo at the gate of her home. This is a godsend.
In order to prevent Yang from falling out of favor, the nurse changed the baby girl into a bellyband embroidered by Yang himself, put her in a big red swaddle and sent her back to Yang, and then replaced the dead baby.
Yang was dizzy and didn’t know that his biological daughter was dead, and the little baby girl lying next to her was no longer biological.
Seeing the affectionate appearance of Yang and the little girl, the nurse really did not dare to tell the truth.
You can only make mistakes and make mistakes forever.

Chapter: 589
Before the age of five, because of the aura of a natural vision at birth, Su Luo had a happy childhood like a little princess that everyone surrounded her.
Because of Su Luo, the Yang clan was always favored by Su Zi’an. Even Madam Su was jealous of all kinds of things, but he was stunned by the Yang clan.
Seeing this scene, the nurse naturally hid everything tightly and did not dare to reveal a word.
However, those who care for people in Israel are fascinated and relaxed, while love is graceful.
Su Zian’s love for her is no longer the same, so the Yang family who is not witty will naturally be overthrown by Mrs. Su.
Poor Yang didn’t know until he died, that Su Luo was not actually her biological daughter. Her biological daughter had already died the moment she was born.
When Yang was still alive, he had already returned the deed to his wife, who had no nostalgia for Su Mansion, and left at that time.
And Wang Laoqi was the person the nurse married later. Niang Niang had a good relationship with Wang Lao Qi, so she accidentally told Wang Lao Qi about it.
But a secret, if only one person knows it, then it can be called a secret, if it is known by a second person… this secret can no longer be a secret at all, it cannot be kept at all.
Nangong Liuyun caressed Su Luo’s hair with pity: “This king didn’t believe it at first, but after many verifications, I was convinced that what Wang Laoqi said was true.”
“So, I’m not Su Zian’s biological daughter?” Su Luo supported his chin with one hand, his expression as usual.
Su Luo was greatly relieved to hear that she was not Su Zian’s biological daughter.
She didn’t like Su Zian very much. There was no blood bleed in her body, so Su Luo was naturally happy.
And Su Luo also knew that with Su Zi’s temperament, he would definitely be unlucky in the future. If he did something against his will due to filial piety, it would be too unpleasant.
“Yes, you are not the fourth lady of Su Mansion.” Nangong Liuyun clasped her hand tightly. Without the identity of the Fourth Miss Su Mansion, she was just a commoner.
“That’s really great, I’m really afraid that something bad will be passed on to him.” Su Luo smiled, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, this is a good thing, why should you keep it secret?”
“You girl, really…” Nangong Liuyun shook his head with a wry smile. It seems that he was worried before.
According to normal logic, don’t you all cry and be heartbroken when you know you are not your parents? The response of this girl is often unexpected.
In fact, how did he know that Miss Su Si was not Miss Su Si, and the inner core had already been replaced.
Su Luo now has no feelings for Su Zian, a cheap daddy. She had no impression of the Yang who had been born a long time ago. Not their daughter was a good thing for her.
“Since I am not Su Zian’s daughter, who are my biological parents? Did you find out?” Su Luo held his face in both hands and looked at Nangong Liuyun suspiciously. I hope that your biological parents will not be troublesome.
Nangong Liuyun slowly shook his head, and sighed in frustration: “It’s hard to check, it takes time.”
“Don’t you think it’s weird?” A sharp light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, “Back when Yang’s daughter had just died, and I was put at the door of the nurse’s house. How could there be such a coincidence? This, no Is it doubtful?”
“Yes, the nurse was indeed used at the time.” Nangong Liuyun said to Su Luo earnestly, “If Yang’s baby doesn’t die, she can’t take you in.”

Chapter: 590
“You mean…” Su Luo gasped. That baby will die because of her? In other words, the baby girl did not die naturally?
Although the truth is cruel, since it has been said, Nangong Liuyun is not prepared to hide her.
“You guessed it.” Nangong Liuyun touched her head with pity, “No one can change the destined thing, don’t think about it.”
A trace of complicated emotion flashed in Su Luo’s eyes.
That baby girl shouldn’t have died, just because she wanted to make way for her, she returned to heaven before she opened her eyes.
“Who are my biological parents? Who are the people who threw me to Su Mansion? What kind of secrets are there?” Su Luo asked with a headache.
“These things are not in a hurry, let the king come to investigate.”
In fact, Nangong Liuyun didn’t tell her. In fact, he had been investigating secretly, but whenever he found a clue, he was quickly killed by the other party.
It was as if there was a pair of deep eyes in the darkness, watching this matter coldly.
This is also the reason why he kept hiding from Su Luo and didn’t want her to participate. When the plan was not as fast as the change, she still learned from Liu Ruohua.
Su Luo nodded helplessly.
I didn’t know it before, but now that she knows it, she should check it down.
Because she faintly felt that her life experience…hiding a huge secret.
However, Nangong Liuyun is much better than her in all aspects, and now even he is embarrassed, which shows how tricky things are.
“Okay, don’t think about it, there is this king.” Nangong Liuyun couldn’t bear to see Su Luo wrinkling a little bitter face, knocking her forehead with a thud.
“Then remember, if you have new progress, you must tell me as soon as possible, and don’t hide it like before.” Su Luo warned him.
“Okay.” His Royal Highness King Jin, who was invincible in front of others, looked at Su Luo tenderly at this time and rubbed her head, “Don’t worry, I am.”
“There are also Wang Laoqi and the nurse, you also put me in custody, but it will be of great use in the future.” Su Luo insisted.
“it is good.”
“As for when to show off with Su Zian, it’s up to me to decide. You must not force me.”
“it is good.”
No matter what Su Luo asked, Nangong Liuyun nodded indulgingly, indulging her to ask for anything.
Since knowing his life experience, Su Luo’s mood has become very good, and the speed of repairing the chain has also followed.
She can be seen in the blessed land beside the rockery waterfall from morning to night.
Because Su Luo understood deeply, there was not much time left for her.
If Su Zian knows her life experience, she will inevitably tear her face apart, and Su Qing who has disappeared now but is staring at her secretly.
She couldn’t hide behind Nangong Liuyun time and time again, seeking protection and care from him. She must grow up quickly and take a stand alone to meet these wind and frost erosions.
Because I focus on repairing the chain, time flies very quickly.
On this day, Su Luo by the waterfall suddenly opened his eyes.
Nangong Liuyun, who had been by her side all the time, collected his merits and looked at her with concern: “What’s wrong?”
“I have reached the fourth-order peak, but at the last moment I can’t break through.” Su Luo scratched his head irritably.
She has been working hard for a month, but she still can’t…It’s really anxious.
From the middle stage of Tier 4 to the peak of Tier 4, she repaired the chain very smoothly, as if the road went smoothly, but she was turned away when the peak of Tier 4 hits Tier 5.

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