The One & Only

Chapter: 1555

This is a handsome to handsome, will be the battle of the generals.

Suddenly, Nasus, the wolf warrior god, was killed by Chen Ning, and the two wolf warriors were also killed by Dian Chu at the same time.

This sudden result, otherwise the blade wolf riders outside the town, or the humans in the town, would be stunned for a while.

“He killed the god of war Nasus!”

“kill him!”

“Avenge Nasus!”

Among the more than ten generals in the Blade’s Edge Wolf Rider, someone kept roaring.

But Chen Ning’s strong performance of killing Nasus head-on is still vivid in his mind.

Even if the werewolves had great nerves, they could not come out of the shock for a while, and no one dared to charge Chen Ning in a short time.

The blade wolf riders dare not charge!

On the contrary, the Eight Tiger Guards in the city, the Seven Heroes of the North, the bounty hunters, and the Holy See troops led by Hepburn have already begun to come out.

Among the dozen or so Blade’s Edge Wolf Riders, there were a few guys who were loyal to Nasus, and saw that the Blade’s Edge Wolf Rider did not dare to attack.

Immediately, they roared, urging the gray wolf to sit down, and screaming that it rushed out, turned into a few blasts, and took the lead in killing Chen Ning.

Chen Ning looked at the werewolf generals who were killed in the werewolf camp, snorted coldly, suddenly stepped forward, and pulled out the vertical and horizontal saber from his waist, which was the simplest sweep of a thousand troops like lightning.


The vertical and horizontal war knives turned into a shock and passed by in a flash.

Due to the sword light, they were all cut off.

The three wolf warriors who charged at the front were cut off together with their mounts.


Blood splattered, limbs shattered.

The werewolves in the distance saw Chen Ning kill the three wolf warriors with one sword, and they were fried on the spot.

The other two wolf warriors who were charging were also intercepted by Hong Qi and Wei Yan, who had arrived.

Fight tricks.

Hong Qi and Wei Yan almost simultaneously killed their opponents.

So far, the five wolf warriors who took the lead in the charge have all been killed.

The remaining few wolf warriors, and more than a thousand blade wolf riders, were completely frightened, and they turned around and started to flee.

Chen Ning looked at these fleeing werewolves, his face was indifferent, his voice was not heavy, but he could hear it clearly.

“Since you’re here, don’t leave in a hurry, just stay one by one!”


He personally led the human joint force on the scene to pursue and kill the fleeing enemy.

In this pursuit battle, Chen Ning led his men, chased and killed all the wolf warriors five miles away, and killed all the wolf warriors.

With the remaining twelve or ten, they escaped by luck and killed the wolf king Reza.


In Phoenix City, was it the werewolf howling excitedly in the middle of the night, and vaguely hearing human beings crying softly.


The werewolves occupied these nearby cities and killed all the resisters.

The rest of the ordinary civilians.

Men are all become slaves, and women are the targets of werewolves.

In these days occupied by werewolves, no human beings have escaped, as if living in hell.

But even if they were slaves of the wolf clan, they were wronged in every possible way, but the werewolves were brutal by nature and loved to kill, and many people still died under the claws of the werewolves every day.

City Lord’s Mansion!

This place has been occupied by the wolf king Reza.

At this moment, in the city lord’s mansion, those enslaved humans are frightened to bring the exquisite dishes that have been prepared to the table from a distance, and take out pieces of wine from the warehouse.

The little chiefs, shamans, priests, gods of war, and warriors of the wolf clan were all wearing different costumes, holding wine glasses, and chatting and drinking together in twos and threes.

Of course, there are also many people nibbling on various foods such as steaks on the table in rude mouths.

The enslaved humans around have their heads lowered, their eyes full of contempt, and they feel that dog people are always dog people.

“The Wolf King is here!”

Suddenly someone shouted.

All the werewolves at the scene were shocked, and the human beings who were in charge of serving were startled.

With the sound of heavy and powerful footsteps.

The burly Reza, accompanied by the High Priest Hades, appeared unhurriedly with a large number of cronies.

Ressa looked at the decently arranged celebration banquet scene, the dazzling drinks, and the delicious food, and couldn’t help showing a satisfied expression.

Look at your subordinates.

On weekdays, his subordinates usually only wear jeans and ordinary vests.

Now, one by one, following the example of the human nobles and the blood nobles, they are wearing exquisite suits.

He smiled and said to Hades next to him: “Hoho, I finally understand why those guys from the blood clan like to pretend to be nobles and like to hold parties day and night.”

“These guys really enjoy it!”

Hades said with a smile: “Hoho, when the dark races rise, and when the blood race and werewolves become the new masters of the world, then, like the blood race, we will all be nobles on the earth.”

Having said that, Hades looked at the human servants in the hall who bowed their heads and shivered, and sneered: “And human beings will eventually become lower races, and they will become our slaves from generation to generation.”

The werewolf powerhouses at the scene couldn’t help cheering excitedly when they heard the words of the High Priest Hades, full of longing for the future.

They have been hiding in the dark for a long time and have been compressed in their living space for a long time. In their bones, they longed for the day when they would kill human beings and turn themselves into masters.

Now that they have seen the loss of hope, can they be unhappy and excited?

Even Reza couldn’t help but look forward to the future in his eyes.

As for the humans at the scene, their faces were ugly, everyone was pale and desperate, and they didn’t know when they could get out of this bitter sea?

Reza smiled and sat down in the master’s seat in the hall.

He looked around the audience and suddenly noticed that the protagonist of the celebration banquet, one of the ten gods of war, Nasus, had not returned.

Estimated for a while, it is reasonable to say that it should be back soon.

He then asked Hades: “High priest, has Nasus returned, and there is no good news from the front?”

Hades just wanted to say that there is no update yet!

Suddenly, I heard a panic-filled shout from outside: “Report—”

There is a battle report coming from the front.

Ressa and the others were all shocked and excited, looking forward to good news.

But Hades, as the high priest of the wolf clan, has a much more delicate mind than the general werewolf.

When he heard this report, which was full of panic and abnormal tone, he was sensitively aware that something was wrong.

If it is a good news, the person who reports it must have a high voice and an excited tone.

And now the werewolf warrior who rushed in to report in a panic, his steps were messy, his voice was abnormal, and his eyes couldn’t hide his panic and panic. This is a clear sign of bad!

Hades lowered his face involuntarily, with a touch of worry.

Reza didn’t think too much, and asked carelessly: “Is it the battle in front of Nasus, there is news coming, let’s hear it.”

The werewolf warrior was so frightened that he knelt on the ground and said shiveringly, “Reporting…reporting to the Wolf King, the latest news.”

“Nasus led a dozen capable subordinates and a thousand blade wolves to kill Chen Ning.”

“Nasus and Chen Ning duel. The two sides confronted each other head-to-head. In the end, Nasus was beaten to death by Chen Ning.”

What? !

Ressa was taken aback, and all the werewolves at the scene were also stunned.


Ressa smashed the table in front of him with a punch, stood up in anger, and roared, “You are lying, Nasus is so powerful, how could he be so exhausted by Chen Ning?”

The werewolf warrior crawled on the ground and said in a trembling voice, “Wolf King, every subordinate’s sentence is true.”

“Nasus is dead!”

“A dozen of Nasus’ subordinates were also beheaded.”

“There are more than 1,000 Blade’s Edge Wolf Riders, and they also died in seven or eighty-eight ways. Only one or two of them survived.”

“If the wolf king doesn’t believe it, you can ask the warriors who brought it back.”

Ressa was shocked and angry. He was trembling with anger, and suddenly raised his head in anger and roared: “Chen Ning, I will kill you.”

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