The One & Only

Chapter: 1891 Part 2 (END)

Song Pingting, Qin Que, and Dian Chu woke up one after another.

They thought they were going to say goodbye this time.

But they were rescued without thinking. At first, they couldn’t believe it. Later, Chen Ning told them that Chen Ning had changed their bodies and turned them into blood clans.

this time.

In the room, Chen Ning and Song Pingting were snuggling together, looking at the gorgeous space outside the window.

Chen Ning said apologetically: “I’m sorry, I can’t protect you, and I turned you into a blood clan, but I really have no way, and I can’t lose you, so I have to…”

He didn’t finish his sentence.

Song Pingting covered her mouth.

Song Pingting said softly, “Needless to say, I understand everything.”

“I thought I was going to die at the time. When I passed out of a coma, the most reluctant thing for me was you and our children.”

“No matter what I become, as long as you are by my side, as long as our family can be together, it is enough.”

Chen Ning said: “Well, let’s go to God’s Domain, where there are humans, gods, blood, natives, and many different cosmic races.”

“Everyone is equal, every race is equal.”

“And there is a vast land there, ten times the size of the earth.”

“It will be our home in the future, and we will live here for generations!”

Song Pingting couldn’t help but look forward to it. She was full of fantasies about her new home. She smiled and said, “I can’t wait to see it.”

Chen Ning hugged his wife and said with a smile: “It’s coming soon, we will arrive in ten days.”

Song Pingting: “Yeah!”

Chen Ning looked out the window, the solar system was already invisible, and the earth would become a hometown that he couldn’t go back to in the future.

Probably, he will go back only after the Earth has calmed down, offered to cooperate with God Domain, and actively hoped God Domain to help!

After ten days.

God’s Punishment arrives at God’s Domain.

The king of gods returns.

Hepburn took the left hand, Broken Tooth, One Eye, Dinwiddie, Moblen and other important figures of the Divine Realm, led the people of the Divine Realm, and greeted them grandly.

Chen Ning’s family got off the God’s Punishment.

Song Pingting and others were shocked to welcome the army, and they were completely stunned by the sci-fi city in front of them.

The happy cheers of son Chen Cheng and daughter Song Qingqing were endless.

Song Pingting couldn’t help but whispered to Chen Ning, “Our new home looks good.”

Chen Ning smiled, holding Song Pingting’s hand, surrounded by countless subordinates, and entered the temple…

Since then.

Chen Ning’s era officially began.

He first sent people to conquer the four planets of the Four Emperors of the Universe, and the four planets quickly surrendered and became Chen Ning’s satellite planets.

follow closely.

Chen Ning sent a spaceship formation in succession to sweep away the threatening cosmic forces.

In the end, all the planets and races in the universe surrendered to Chen Ning one after another.

Chen Ning eventually became the king of the universe.

Chen Ning has never touched the mother planet of the earth, and the water of each other does not violate the well water.

Earth aspect

Because the West was retaliated by Chen Ning, the military strength was far less than that of the Eastern countries.

not long.

Oriental Huaxia officially rises, takes the lead in the world, and leads all mankind.

Fifty years later, the Earthlings have taken China as their core.

At this time, Greedy Wolf was already ninety years old.

With his efforts, the earth finally got in touch with God’s Domain again, expressing his willingness to establish friendly relations with God’s Domain and strengthen cooperation.

On the day when Greedy Wolf was 100 years old!

Chen Ning finally led the cosmic formation, returned to Earth, and met with Greedy Wolf. It didn’t take long for God’s Domain to officially start cooperation with Earth.

One hundred years later!

All planets and races in the entire universe are highly dependent on God’s Domain and highly dependent on Chen Ning.

Chen Ning was elected as the king of the universe by all planets and all races.

Chen Ning’s reputation resounded throughout the universe.


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Beautiful, very beautiful this is by far the best book have ever read! Thanks a lot to the team for putting this all together, I really appreciate.

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