The One & Only

Chapter: 541

Judge Cui saw that Dian Chu took the initiative to walk towards him!
He grinned and said, “Silly big guy, if you want to die first, then I will fulfill you.”
Speaking, he strode and punched his fist, his body like a dragon, his fist like a cannonball, and a heavy fist whizzed towards Dian Chu’s chest.
Dian Chu knew that this guy was hurt by the violent winds and waves. He didn’t dodge or dodge the violent punch in the face of the opponent, but he abruptly took the heavy punch from the opponent.
Judge Cui’s fist hit Chen Ning’s chest!
His fist is full of power, and he is confident that the power of his fist can kill a buffalo alive.
However, his punch on Dian Chu’s chest was like hitting a steel plate, which caused severe pain in his fist and numbness in his arm.
And Dian Chu, who looks like a Yue, doesn’t move at all.
Judge Cui couldn’t believe it, and looked up at Dian Chu in shock.
Dian Chu sneered: “I thought the guy who hurt the wind and waves was so powerful, it turned out that it was just that.”
Cui Panguan’s face changed drastically when he heard this!
He just wanted to continue to attack Dian Chu, but Dian Chu had already moved.
Dian Chu raised his right hand, and yanked his hand like a fan like a fan, to Judge Cui’s face.
A loud noise!
Dian Chu’s palm was drawn on judge Cui’s face, like a grenade blowing up mud. The flesh on judge Cui’s face was directly torn apart by Dian Chu’s violent hands, blood spattered, and blood was blurred.
The whole person flew out at an angle, fell like a dead dog in front of the old lady and Li Huaiping, motionless, and didn’t know if it was dead or fainted?
Everyone in the Li family was stunned again!
Judge Cui was actually slapped away by Chen Ning’s men.
You know that judge Cui is also a master in the Li family, and Chen Ning’s subordinates are too powerful!
Chen Ning was not surprised by this result. Dian Chu was his guard captain, the king of soldiers of the Northern Army, and he did not catch a master of the Li family casually.
He snorted coldly at this time: “I think the Li family is so powerful, that’s it!”
After he finished speaking, he walked straight towards Li Huaiping and wanted to take his daughter back in person.
When everyone in the Li family saw Chen Ning approaching, they immediately shaved their bald head and burned with ring scars. The bloated monk stopped Chen Ning’s path, and said angrily: “I am one of the eighteenth masters of the Li family. Monk Flower, I will teach you all!”
Chen Ning raised his hand and slapped the flower monk away!
Immediately, two more viviparous brothers stopped Chen Ning’s path: “Hugh is presumptuous, we are the Li family twin stars among the Li Family Eighteenth Road masters, our two brothers will meet you!”
The two Gemini brothers had just flew close to Chen Ning, and there was a flower in front of them, and they were taken away by Chen Ning almost simultaneously.
The figure flickered, a tall old man with a long white beard stared at Chen Ning like electricity, and his voice was as powerful as a Shen Lei: “I am the leader of the Eighteenth Road Masters of the Li Family, White Beard, I will personally Teach you!”
As soon as White Beard’s voice fell, Chen Ning Lightning slapped him away.
at this time!
Chen Ning has reached the plane of Li Huai who is holding Song Qingqing!
He walked all the way, he had already drew away the four super masters of the Li family, and now the Li family’s men were all shocked, and no one dared to come up again to stop them.
Song Qingqing, who was already crying with a face like a little tabby cat, called to his father in a crying voice, and stretched out a pair of small hands towards Chen Ning.
A touch of distress flashed in Chen Ning’s eyes, and she reached out and took her daughter from Li Huaiping’s hand.
His eyes fell on Li Huaiping, who was full of horror, and snorted coldly: “You dare to kidnap my daughter and seek death!”
Chen Ning raised his foot and kicked Li Huaiping’s right knee.
Li Huaiping’s knee was directly kicked off by Chen Ning!
He let out a scream, his whole body was unstable, and he knelt in front of Chen Ning with a thump.
Chen Ning hugged his daughter and looked down at Li Huaiping who was kneeling. Then he looked around at the Li family around him, and finally his gaze fell on the face of the old Li family.
He said indifferently: “The Li family, whom we are proud of, is nothing in front of me!”
“From now on, your people from the Li family in the capital will not be allowed to appear in Jiangnan Province, let alone come to Zhonghai. I will meet one in Zhonghai and kill one!”
He held his daughter, took Dianchu and Bahuwei, and turned and left.
The old lady recovered from the shock at this time. The dignified Li family was trampled on by Chen Ning, a bastard they looked down upon. If Chen Ning were to leave like this, how would they look good?
She sternly said: “Can’t let them go!”
“Everyone will work together and take them all down!”
The voice fell, and the tens of meters around the ministers, hundreds of subordinates, immediately moved all together, roaring at Chen Ning and the others.
The Li family’s subordinates are killing like a pack of wolves!
Song Qingqing’s face paled with fright, and his whole body shivered uncontrollably, curled up in Chen Ning’s arms like a kitten.
Chen Ning is holding her daughter, and it is not difficult to see from her daughter’s reaction that she must be very scared all day and night.
He showed a distressed expression and said softly: “Qingqing, hold your father, close your eyes, and father will take you home.”
When Song Qingqing heard the words, he immediately closed his eyes obediently, his small face pressed tightly against Chen Ning’s chest, feeling Chen Ning’s solid chest, and listening to Chen Ning’s strong heartbeat.
Her emotions soon calmed down!
She now has an inexplicable sense of security, she is not afraid of anything with her father!
Around, Dianchu and Bahuwei had already fought fiercely with the Li family.
The Li family has a lot of manpower, and they are all good players.
It’s just a pity that what they met today was the guard captain of the Northern Army’s marshal and eight ace guards, both of whom were the best soldiers of the Northern Army.
As soon as they approached Dianchu and the Eight Tigers, they were directly knocked down by thunder-like means, and they were not Dianchu’s opponents at all.
Not to mention breaking through Dian Chu Bahuwei’s defense and approaching Chen Ning’s side.
Chen Ning hugged her daughter and fought fiercely around her, and walked towards the door calmly and unhurriedly.
The old lady saw her men rushing to Dianchu and the others like moths to the fire, and then screamed and fell in front of Dianchu and the others, she was completely stunned.
Where did Chen Ning find these powerful men?
Chen Ning’s subordinates are enough to beat the Li family’s dozens of retainers and hundreds of subordinates, right?
The old lady was stunned!
Li Huaiping, Li Zangfeng and others were also stunned.
The Li family was shocked!
Li Huaiping, who was kicked off a leg by Chen Ning, knelt on the ground tragically, watching Chen Ning holding his daughter and leaving calmly. The Li family’s men could not approach or stop him.
He is not reconciled!
He hates Chen Ning!
He suddenly turned towards Chen Ning’s back and shouted: “Chen Ning, don’t be proud.”
“The talents of our Li family are not at home on weekdays, and the fact that you trampled our Li family spreads. The children of our Li family all over the country will come back and seek revenge from you!”
“Also, we have sent the picture of your daughter to the African armed chief Akin!”
“A Jin has taken a fancy to your daughter. If you don’t obediently cooperate with us to send your daughter to Africa, then you can wait for the African tyrant A Jin to find you moldy!”
Chen Ning frowned slightly, snorted coldly, and left with her daughter in her arms.

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