The One & Only

Chapter: 75

Chen Ning, Song Pingting, and Song Zhongxiong first came out of the unfinished building and drove away.
They are responsible for handling the aftermath, and Chen Ning does not need to worry about it.
On the way, Song Zhongxiong looked at Chen Ning and Song Pingting suspiciously.
He was still immersed in the shock of the scene just now. Chen Ning unexpectedly called a group of soldiers and killed all the kidnappers sent by the Zhu family.
Too arrogant!
However, he also had many questions in his heart.
For example, who is Chen Ning and why can he call in service soldiers to help? How powerful is this?
But he didn’t dare to ask, so he could only stare at Chen Ning with suspicion.
After a while, Chen Ning drove a jeep to the Song family mansion.
The Song family father, Song Zhongping, Song Haoming, Ge Meili and others are still asleep, Song Zhongxiong was kidnapped, how could they sleep?
However, they were afraid that the kidnappers would tear the ticket, so they did not dare to call the police.
It can only be like an ant on a hot pot, rushing around in a hurry.
“Uncle is back!”
Song Zhongping’s son Song Haojiang rushed in from outside and cried out in surprise.
When Mr. Song and others heard this, they all showed joy and went out together to greet them.
They just came out of the living room, and then they saw the embarrassed Song Zhongxiong, accompanied by Chen Ning and Song Pingting, coming across the front yard.
Father Song spoiled his eldest son the most. He was so happy to see Song Zhongxiong return safely, he hugged Song Zhongxiong excitedly: “My son, you can count as coming back, scared father to death.”
Song Zhongxiong also felt that he had recovered a small life tonight, and said with emotion: “Tonight is really dangerous, there is almost no way to come back alive.”
Song Pingting yelled crisply, “Grandpa!”
When Mr. Song saw Chen Ning and Song Pingting, his expression instantly sank: “You two beasts, you dare to find someone to kidnap your uncle.”
“If I hadn’t said that I would lead the whole clan to kneel at your door tomorrow and let everyone scold you, I am afraid you would not let them go!”
“Now, do you still have the face to come to see me? Come, blast them both out for me!”
Song Zhongxiong hurriedly said in a low voice embarrassingly at this time: “Dad, I was kidnapped. It has nothing to do with Chen Ning Xiaoting and the others.
Mr. Song and others frowned upon hearing this, and asked, “Really?”
Song Zhongxiong said, “Yes, another group of people did it. And thanks to Chen Ning’s dispatch of a group of soldiers, they killed the kidnappers and rescued me.”
After hearing this, everyone in the Song family looked at Chen Ning with wide eyes. Can Chen Ning mobilize soldiers?
Song Pingting explained at this time: “In fact, it was not Chen Ning mobilizing soldiers. Chen Ning served in the army before. This time the uncle was kidnapped, Chen Ning asked the army for help. The army sent several comrades to help rescue the uncle. ”
That’s it!
The Song family and others all showed stunned expressions, and they said that Chen Ning, an idle man, could mobilize soldiers in the army!
It is said that China Shipping has leaders leading the troops to conduct exercises and training, and also to fight against evil and evil.
There were Jiuwenlong and Luo Linyuan before, and they were handled by the soldiers.
The kidnappers who kidnapped Song Zhongxiong were too arrogant, so Chen Ning asked the army for help, and the army immediately dispatched soldiers to deal with it.
Everyone in the Song family didn’t think that this was Chen Ning’s ability, but that it was now fighting hard.
Chen Ning and Song Pingting saw that the Song family didn’t want to see them, and the two naturally didn’t want to be funny.
Anyway, Song Zhongxiong had been rescued, and it was confirmed that Song Zhongxiong’s kidnapping had nothing to do with them.
The two of them didn’t stay in Song’s house much, so they left directly.
Mr. Song called Song Zhongxiong and Song Zhongping to his study and asked in detail, what happened?
Song Zhongxiong didn’t dare to conceal it, so he said it.
After Mr. Song and Song Zhongping finished listening, their expressions changed and they became extremely ugly.
Father Song said with a worried expression: “So it was the Zhu family who did it!”
Song Zhongxiong smiled bitterly and said: “I wish you had an accident in our house, and Lord Zhu felt that our family was to blame.”
Mr. Song said angrily: “It’s too much. We also offered to offer our family’s subsidiary, Tianzi Apparel Company, to Zhu’s family as a gift for apologizing. I don’t think they promised to accept the compensation. Come against us.”
Song Zhongping said in horror: “Dad, eldest brother, this Zhu family is one of the four pillars in the south of the Yangtze River, with power all over the south. They want to deal with our family, what should we do?”
Song Zhongxiong’s complexion kept changing, and then gritted his teeth and said, “When things are up to this day, only misfortune is going to cause trouble.”
Mr. Song hurriedly asked: “Why is this a disaster?”
Song Zhongxiong said with a sneer: “Didn’t our family just promise to dedicate the subsidiary, Tianzi Clothing Company to Zhu’s family. Since Zhu’s family has the heart to destroy me, then Tianzi Clothing Company does not need to dedicate it to Zhu’s Yes, I suggest giving Tianzi Company to the second child’s family!”
Mr. Song was surprised: “What, give Tianzi Company to Zhong Bin’s white-eyed wolf?”
Song Zhongxiong nodded: “Yes, not only will the Tianzi Company be assigned to the second child, but also the second child will be invited back to the family again.”
Father Song opened his eyes wide: “I drove them out, but I have to invite them back, and I have to give them a company?”
Song Zhongping smiled and said, “Dad, I understand, this is what the eldest brother calls trouble.”
“We said before that we dedicated Tianzi Company to Zhu’s family, and Zhu’s family is likely to send someone to take over Tianzi Company. And we gave Tianzi Company to the second brother’s family, and then the second brother and Zhu’s family, It’s probably because Tianzi Company started to fight!”
Song Zhongxiong smiled and said, “Yes, it is to let the second brother and his family absorb the enemy’s hatred and firepower for us!”
“In addition, bringing the second brother’s family back to the family can also share a little pressure on us.”
The old man Song was relieved when he heard the words, and said with a smile: “So this is your strategy! Okay, I will invite my second child back tomorrow and distribute the Tianzi apparel company to my second child!”
The next day, in the morning.
Elder Song brought a bunch of family members and various gifts to the Jiangbin Garden Community to visit Song Zhongbin’s family.
Song Zhongbin’s family was flattered and hurriedly welcomed Mr. Song and others into the house.
Father Song thanked Chen Ning and Song Pingting for saving Song Zhongxiong last night, and at the same time said to Song Zhongbin: “My second child, Dad did something wrong before. I came today just to invite your family back to the Song clan. !”
Song Zhongbin was full of excitement, and he couldn’t believe it.
Ma Xiaoli was half-believing, she said coldly: “We can’t stand it, lest we upset everyone and be driven out of the house by you one day.”
Song Zhongxiong smiled and said, “Second Sister-in-law, Dad sincerely invites you to return to the family this time.”
Song Zhongping also said, “Yes, Dad wants to compensate your family. He decided to distribute the largest subsidiary of our family, Tianzi Apparel Company, to your family. The money that Tianzi Company will make in the future will be yours!”
At this moment, not only Song Zhongbin and Ma Xiaoli were shocked.
Even Chen Ning and Song Pingting next to each other looked at each other. Is this the sun coming out from the west?
Song Zhongbin has an honest character and a kind heart.
He saw his father come to apologize in person, ask them to return to the family, and give him the Tianzi company worth more than 500 million yuan.
His eyes moistened, and he choked up and said, “Dad, be a father for a day and be a father for life. I don’t want Tianzi Company, I promise to return to the family.”
Mr. Song smiled and shook Song Zhongbin’s hand: “No, I want to make up for you. Tianzi will be yours from now on.”
“But I want to remind you that you have to manage well, but don’t let Tianzi Company get rid of it. Then I will be extremely disappointed!”
Song Zhongbin always felt that his father would not give him a chance to show off, but now his father is finally willing to give him a chance to show off his skills.
He was very excited and promised loudly: “Dad, I must take care of the Tianzi Company. Unless I die, the Tianzi Company will never be taken from me.”
Mr. Song seemed to smile, “Okay, I’ll wait and see.”

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