The Protector

Chapter: 1556

At the moment, the old man in the black gown is in madness.

It’s totally different from the way you did Tai Chi just now.

It turns out that he is the father of Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon formed the Avengers and planned various events, and he had a helping hand behind him.

It’s just that the black dragon doesn’t know it.

Heilong is not actually a sinner, he just pretends to be a sinner and organizes all sinners.

This is why there is no damage to the face under the mask.

“Everyone who kills my son must die! Especially Ye Junlin must die!”

“I want him to watch his child die first! Then let him die in pain!”

Said the old man in a black gown.

“Are you sure to make such a big deal? Once things get big, we may be exposed!”

“According to the rules, we can’t join the WTO!”

“Yes, once we join the WTO! The world will be completely chaotic!”

Several others persuaded.

“I don’t care! To kill my son, I must pay for my life! I am in a hurry, I will kill Yan Longwei!”

Said the old man in a black gown.

“Understand, leave it to me!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in the eyes of the jacket man.

A few days have passed since the death of Prince William, and another big deal has happened.

Prince William’s father, William II, died…

Died under his own desert eagle.

That is the gun that killed the black dragon.

It is not known whether it was suicide or homicide, and it is still under investigation.

After this happened, the whole world was a sensation.

No less than when Prince William died.

For the first time, everyone thought of Daxia starting.

But William II died in his room.

The Eagle Nation was furious.

Threatened to find out the murderer…

When Daxia heard this message, she didn’t pay much attention.

As long as it doesn’t target Daxia.

After all, no one knows the truth.

Only Ye Junlin’s face changed after hearing this message.

The people behind the black dragon are taking revenge.

Sure enough, it’s not ordinary.

Even William II could be killed easily.

The absolute background is great.

More than all that Ye Junlin had encountered before.

But he was not shocked much.

After all, I just learned about the world from the “Master”.

He didn’t think it was terrifying to the powerful forces behind the black dragon.

William II is dead.

So the next step is yourself.

In particular, I failed to kill myself once.

They must send super powerful masters to kill themselves.

But he is not afraid.

Kill as many as you come.

Thank you “mentor” again.

He really can’t be an ordinary person.

If it is really an ordinary person, I don’t know how many deaths.

In the afternoon, Ye Junlin went to pick him up from school.

Several masters secretly arranged by King Shu closely followed.

On the way back, there were few people everywhere.

Suddenly, two people appeared out of thin air and blocked Ye Junlin’s way.

Regarding this, Ye Junlin was shocked.

Sure enough, it’s not ordinary.

There was a terrible breath in these two people.

It’s like coming from hell.

Both of these are above the North Devil’s level!

If Yan Longwei knew that there would be two powerhouses above the Northern Demon level at once.

I’m afraid I will be scared to death.

But they are here to kill Ye Junlin!

“What kind of existence is behind the black dragon?”

Ye Junlin was a little curious.

“Sure enough, the King of Heaven was wrong. Someone wants to target Ye Junlin!”

“Fortunately, we are guarding, otherwise something really happens!”

Several people in the dark laughed.

Immediately, six people appeared and surrounded the two people.

“Mr. Ye, you go first, leave these two to us!”

Several people looked confident.

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