The Protector

Chapter: 1568

Everyone wanted to force Ye Junlin away directly.

But if you change your mind and do it directly, there may be insufficient reasons.

Yan Longwei might not agree.

The best way is to learn from Ye Junlin first.

Over time, if there is no effect.

There can be enough reasons to kick him away!

In everyone’s eyes, practicing “Tai Chi” with Ye Junlin has no effect at all.

This is completely a play for children.

Coax it to play!

However, everyone did not speak, but actively joined Ye Junlin’s training.

Ye Junlin had already seen the intentions of these boys.

But he didn’t speak.

It’s just carrying out his training.

Instruct everyone accordingly!

But this guide is a bit too pediatric in everyone’s opinion.

For example, the training of student Xu Mingxuan is repeated water-carrying runs…

For example, the training of student Hu Yuxing is to repeatedly climb the mountain…

As soon as everyone’s training subjects came out, everyone was dumbfounded.

what is this?

Is Ye Junlin playing around?

This should be the subject that Daxia Warriors just enlisted in the army, right?

Why didn’t you come to stand in the military posture?

This is the most basic training project!

But what about these students?

All are martial arts masters!

Elected from hundreds of millions of people.

All of them are master-level powerhouses!

Actually going to practice these pediatrics!

They are all mad!

But in order to drive Ye Junlin away, they endured it.

Instead, they actively completed all the tasks assigned to them by Ye Junlin.

Secretly, everyone’s evaluation of Ye Junlin was very bad!

Even most people think that Ye Junlin was deliberate!

Little did it know that Ye Junlin was the one who taught me everything!

The marvelous war techniques taught by the old man and so on.

He used this simple way to teach these students.

For example, repeatedly carrying water and running, Ye Junlin actually taught different things in it.

The running route set for him is to train his most subtle body skills.

And make different training programs according to each person.

Exploit their potential to the maximum.

There is no doubt that what Ye Junlin teaches everyone is the best at them.

If you keep training with Ye Junlin.

The future achievements are no less than those of the nine kings.

Even higher.

It’s just that no one will understand!

The training plan is going on every day.

Jun Jun’s talent is truly amazing, and his progress is so rapid.

These students also improved rapidly, more than three times faster than the other three instructors expected.

But they all thought it was because of the other three instructors that it had nothing to do with Ye Junlin’s teaching of pediatrics.

Little did they know that their main contribution was Ye Junlin.

Ye Junlin’s special and simple training program developed their potential and made their strength soar.

On the other side, Xiao Feng and other hundred abandoned people, after a period of practice.

I was surprised to find that they had recovered! ! !

Once their bodies were completely abolished, and various meridians were necrotic, but now they have recovered!

Everyone has recovered!

Great news!

Xiao Feng and the four or five talented people have not only recovered.

And the strength is still advancing by leaps and bounds!

They are ecstatic!

The exercises are effective! ! !

Ye Junlin is not a lie! ! !

At this moment, they saw hope!

Ye Junlin brings light to them!

It’s their parents! ! !

“From now on, the lives of a hundred of us will belong to Ye En people!!!”

A hundred of them were raised as animals.

They are not as good as dogs!

But now there is hope!

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