The Protector

Chapter: 1685

“Unfilial children and grandchildren!!!”

Li Tianhao, the four old ladies roared.

Although how unbearable a few elderly people are.

But before the great justice, it was still tenable.

Fleeing the land under their feet, being a traitor, being insulted by everyone, poking the backbone, they can’t do it.

“These unfilial beasts have transferred most of their property, and Wushuang City has stolen most of the resources specially given to us! I’m so angry! What a shame!”

The older generation felt ashamed.

But people like Li Wenhai take it seriously, but are proud of it.

Soon after, Li Wenhai’s group of people arrived at War Eagle Nation.

They were warmly greeted by the War Eagle Nation.

They are now financially strong, and everyone has the resources.

Be treated as a guest.

The Eagle Nation specially rewarded them with a manor.

Also various news reports.

Because of the identity of Li Mengyue’s boyfriend.

Li Wenhai and Li Wenfei were also knighted.

Enjoy everything in the war eagle country.

They also told Li and Zhao everything.

I want to take everyone over.

Based on this situation, more and more people are leaving.

Yan Longwei had no time to take care of them.

From the perspective of the situation, Daxia is going to perish.

This is obviously a trick used by other countries deliberately.

Kill two birds with one stone.

Both accommodate the elite of Daxia.

It also caused the chaos and distraction of the people in Daxia.

This kind of public opinion is sometimes scarier than weapons.

Destroying the people’s psychological defense is the biggest blow to Daxia.

Let most people no longer believe in Da Xia, and they feel that Da Xia is about to end.

Under this internal and external collapse, Daxia will really perish.

In the three major war zones, the dominance of the alliance has achieved terrible records.

Before long, the fourth line of defense will be broken.

The fifth line of defense must also be a matter of time.

The Domination Alliance also deliberately announced that the world will break through the fifth line of defense in Daxia within a week and divide Daxia.

As soon as this message came out, Daxia became more and more panicked.

The people are living in darkness.

Before everyone’s morale was high, they felt that Daxia was invincible.

But afterwards, the momentum of decline slowly appeared, and there was already a shadow in everyone’s heart.

But now, the other party directly limits the time.

It is equivalent to letting you know that there are still a few days to die.

Death is not terrible.

But when you know you have a few days left, it is the most terrible.

This invisible pressure spreads in the hearts of the people.

More spread in the hearts of soldiers.

Daxia’s morale was greatly reduced.

Shows a trend of extinction.

This is the great effect of psychological warfare.

Undoubtedly let the other party play to the extreme.

Da Xia at this moment cast a shadow.

Coupled with the betrayal of Daxia, the people who escaped tried their best to instigate.

Let Daxia form a strong contrast with overseas.

Overseas is heaven.

Daxia is hell.

Those who live in Daxia are about to collapse.

In a base outside Daxia.

Richard, a man in a trench coat, gathered with several senior leaders who dominated the league.

“Now Daxia’s major defense lines are already broken!”

“Daxia is also full of complaints, miserable!”

“The people complained more and more, and public opinion has turned Daxia into a purgatory on earth!”

“Taking Daxia is just around the corner!”

Everyone is proud of what we have achieved.

Everyone smiled.

At this time, Richard smiled: “This is not enough! We need to add fire! Completely defeat the belief of the people of Daxia!”

“Oh, it seems that Mr. Richard has already figured out a way?”

Everyone looked at him one after another.


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