The Protector

Chapter: 1733

Starting today, he will become the king of a country.

Command all living beings.

An ordinary person can do this step, it can be said to be against the sky.

The light in Xu Zhengjie’s eyes was clear, and his ambition was undoubtedly revealed.

He did what ordinary people can’t imagine.

At this time, some people think he is a nerd?

Some people still think he is promising?

He stepped all his peers under his feet with one foot…

Xu Zhengjie’s loyal followers, Li Wenhai, Zhang Wentao, and their eyes are full of eagerness.

From now on, they will be the first batch of heroes.

Everyone will have a very high status and luxurious future.

“We have too many choices! In the future, we will also be people of identity!”

“Go back to Daxia? Go back to Daxia! What is good about Daxia?”

Li Songkui and others have already seen a bright future and shouted with excitement one by one.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Richard also calmed his emotions: “Hold the ceremony first! Other things wait for the ceremony!”

In the eyes of everyone, the ceremony began.

The number of representatives of the Warhawk Nation will sign an agreement with Xu Zhengjie to hand over the vassal states of the Warhawk Nation to Xu Zhengjie.

Make him a unique king.

This ceremony has attracted worldwide attention.

Countless people are watching.

Especially in Daxia, countless people gritted their teeth, they can only be angry, but they can only watch.

But soon, the heat of this ceremony was overshadowed by another thing.

That’s what happened when Jefferson was captured by Daxia’s mysterious master.

I don’t know who came from this message.

Once it came out, the whole world exploded.

Everyone paid attention to this matter.

Daxia is crazy?

Dare to arrest people in the Eagle Nation?

Daxia Yanlongwei and other major institutions were also wronged.

I don’t know who it is at all!

They also have no way to stop, they can only watch.

Who on earth is going to roar the Heavenly Palace in the Eagle Nation?

In particular, I heard that countless people in Warhawk Nation went crazy looking for people.

Everyone is more concerned.

Soon, a message came.

“The man has been found!!!”

The eyes of the world are focused on the Lake City of the Eagle Nation!

The ceremony is continuing.

A subordinate hurriedly ran to Richard.

“Mr. Richard is not good! Mr. Jefferson and the whereabouts of that man have been found!”

Richard almost jumped up in shock.

“Man found? Where is it?”

Richard asked.

“He is actually nearby! Our people have searched every area of ​​Lake City, but ignored this area. He is here!”


Richard’s face changed abruptly.

A terrible idea was born in his mind.

Isn’t he here for him?

Richard stood up immediately and interrupted the ceremony.

Thousands of people in the field focused their eyes on him.

“Mr. Richard, what are you going to do?”

Xu Zhengjie not only asked.

“There may be danger coming soon, let’s speed up the ceremony! I’m afraid something will happen!”

Richard reminded.

Xu Zhengjie looked displeased: “Mr. Richard, what do you mean? My ascension ceremony should be accelerated? Why? Danger? The Eagle Nation can still be dangerous? I don’t believe it!!! I just want to…”



In the next second, a figure descended from the sky and landed on the aircraft carrier.

Like a cannonball falling.

Exploding the ground and shaking the mountain.

What is even more frightening is that dense spider-web-like cracks appeared on the aircraft carrier’s deck, which quickly spread to the surroundings.

The huge movement directly blocked the progress of the ceremony.

Xu Zhengjie’s words are held in his throat…

The entire aircraft carrier is in a mess…

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