The Protector

Chapter: 1756

Several people stated their purpose.

Everyone was astonished.

It turned out that they wanted Ye Junlin to pick up those people back and restore them to Daxia nationality and identity by the way.

No matter how several old men scolded them.

No matter how they betrayed their ancestors.

But once something happens, how can they rest assured that their daughter is suffering outside.

But they want to save it now, but it’s hard to get it back.

First, in the current special period, you can’t leave Daxia.

Secondly, Li Wenfei, Li Wenhai and the others have no identity at all, and they cannot enter Daxia.

Now even the warrior is no exception.

Because of the emergence of the Baolong clan and the victory in the battle to dominate the alliance.

Now the warriors can’t be unscrupulous.

I have to listen to Yanlongwei’s orders…

Even if they want to take it back, based on these two points, there is nothing they can do.

I just heard Ye Junlin coming back.

They hurriedly came to Ye Junlin.

According to Ye Junlin’s identity, picking up people and restoring his identity is his one-word matter.

It’s too simple.

“They are indeed betraying Daxia, betraying their ancestors! But when we are parents and grandparents, can we watch them die away from home?”

“We decided to take them all back. We will be scolded if we are scolded. It’s nothing.”

“King’s Landing, we came to you specially, just to let you pick up people!”

“That’s right, take the people back in one sentence, and then restore them to Daxia nationality!”

The old lady and them were so polite to Ye Junlin for the first time in the past two years.

“Are they leaving Daxia nationality?”

Ye Junlin asked.

“Well, these unfilial sons thought that Daxia was going to perish, and they all ran away one by one, they were not obedient!”

Wu Mulan cried.

Ye Junlin smiled: “Then they are all adults, right?”

“Yes what’s the matter?”

Li Tianhao answered subconsciously.

“Since you are an adult, you have to be responsible for your actions! I believe that betraying Daxia is definitely not their impulse!”

“After leaving Daxia, whether it is good or bad, they will bear it all by themselves!”

Ye Junlin said seriously.


“You… what do you mean?”

Only then did a few people react.

“I mean very simple! I won’t go! Since they have left Daxia, they will never come back!”

“I will also issue an order-no one who left Daxia at the time will be allowed to come back! No accommodation is allowed!”

Ye Junlin’s attitude was firm, and everyone present was taken aback.

“you dare?”

The old lady roared.

“Why don’t I dare?”

Ye Junlin sneered.

“Since they have left, they are no longer Daxia people, so there is no need to come back!”

“What are you talking about? Anyway, we are also a family! You can’t Wen Tao and they usually have friction with you, so you should retaliate at this time!”

Wu Mulan said immediately.

“Yes, family, are you watching them die outside?”

“What kind of king are you now, don’t you just deny the six relatives and want to kill them righteously?”

Everyone babbled.

Even Zhou Yingying and Zhao Yalan also persuaded: “How big things are in King’s Landing? Have you arranged it? Just one sentence! See what the old man has done!”

What the old lady thought of, asked Li Ziran to persuade her.

Li Ziran stood beside Ye Junlin: “I listen to Junlin!”

“Well, I don’t care about this! What they love!”

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