The Protector

Chapter: 1783

According to Tiance Mansion’s explanation, Ye Junlin got the inheritance of that demon.

As soon as his exercises and so on were displayed, the Baolong clan and those crooked ways were immediately recognized.

Because I saw the shadow of the big demon from him.

Before, these monsters of the North Demon were the same as ants.

The demon that even the Baolong clan and Tiance Mansion were afraid of was the real demon.

So Yanlongwei wants to know what is sacred?

“That was the ultimate killer god who was once the number one in the big summer-the evil god of fire cloud!”

Several people in Tiance Mansion took a cold breath.

Obviously this Fire Cloud Evil God brought them a great and great threat.

“Where is Huoyun Evil God now?”

Yan Longwei asked someone immediately.

“No one knows where he went, not even the Tianji Pavilion, who has always known everything in the world!”

Huang Hu said coldly: “Now it seems that the Fire Cloud Cthulhu is still alive! And he passed it down to Ye Junlin! This is still an unprecedented disaster for the martial arts world!”

“Yeah, it’s wrong. Since ancient times, good and evil have never been both righteous and evil. Even if Ye Junlin had made much contribution to Da Xia before! But he is the inheritor of the Heretic God after all. If he breaks out that day, who can stop him?”

“It’s wrong, and once his children are raised up, they may become the devil!”

However, Yan Longwei still believed in Ye Junlin.

“I still believe in the word side by side! No matter when, you should believe in that man!”

“Yes, no matter how evil his practice is, his heart is always righteous!”

“Wrong, we always believe that the word is king!”

Hearing that everyone in Yan Longwei trusted Ye Junlin so unanimously, the people in Tiance Mansion were shocked.

They all thought that Ye Junlin had such a high prestige in everyone’s hearts.

When the evidence is conclusive, I still believe so.

This makes them very angry.

“Well, don’t worry about this matter!”

“Yes, originally you were not qualified to intervene!”

“Listen well, this matter must be kept secret, especially you can’t tell Ye Junlin!”

Tiance Mansion decided that they would handle the matter themselves.

What Ye Junlin didn’t know was that Tiance Mansion and Baolong had already been eyeing him at this moment.

In the end, the plan given by Tiance Mansion was to observe Ye Junlin’s movements first and see his next move.

Secondly, the Junjun should be admitted to Tiance Mansion, and Tiance Mansion will be specially trained, so that she will not grow up to become a demon.

Soon a few days passed.

“What’s the matter? A few days ago, I came to look for Jun Jun one by one, why is there no one now?”

“Yes, logically speaking, shouldn’t more forces come to the door with Junjun’s talent?”

The Li and Zhao families were puzzled.

Since the reception ceremony, there has been no news.

It seems that Junjun’s heat suddenly disappeared.

No one is looking for her anymore.

Everyone forgot about her.

Only Ye Junlin was most satisfied.

The situation is the best now. There is no one to bother Junjun and dare to accept her as a disciple.

It seems that the deterrence of his apprenticeship ceremony is still effective.

After all, Ye Junlin defeated thirteen Seventh Heavenly Powers.

Even if other people heard a little wind, they would no longer dare to accept the monarch as a disciple.

But Ye Junlin didn’t think that something happened.

Those people are all dead.

The reason why people dare not come to accept disciples is because of the forced suppression of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

There are no other reasons.

Somewhere in Daxia.

A group of people gathered in secret.

“In the battle of Baiyun Villa, we have already destroyed the power of Daxia martial arts to a great extent! Next, we will have another big wave!”

The leader sneered.

“Should I still use Ye Junlin’s hands?”

Someone asked.

“Of course! With the help of Ye Junlin, we can complete our mission!”

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