The Protector

Chapter: 3846

“Feng Xiao is really angry, this guy is sure to die!”

“Looking at his reaction, he must be scared and stupid, right?”

“I only care about my sister Qingxue’s skills, hehehe!”

The tone of the Tianjiao of the Sun Moon Divine Fire Palace was full of contempt. In their eyes, Ye Junlin was no different from a corpse at this moment.

“It’s just beyond your own power to dare to speak out with this little strength.”

Seeing that Ye Junlin was stunned, Feng Xiao instinctively thought that he was frightened by his terrifying and unparalleled sword intent, and the corner of his mouth rose slightly involuntarily.

However, in the next second, Feng Xiao’s smile suddenly solidified.

He was stunned to find that Ye Junlin stretched out his fingers at some point and pinched them on the blade with great precision.

The originally violent Sword Gang disappeared without a trace for some reason.

“This…how is this possible?”

Feng Xiao couldn’t believe his eyes.

According to the development of the normal script, shouldn’t Ye Junlin splatter blood on the spot at this moment?

“Let go of this seat!”

Feng Xiao shouted, and suddenly released the terrifying energy, pouring it into the long sword, trying to use the more violent sword gang to force Ye Junlin to lose control of the long sword.

“Aren’t you too conceited?”

Ye Junlin also released Qi.

The two air jets slammed into one place.

As soon as Ye Junlin deflated the machine, he was like a sea of ​​rivers, and in an instant, Feng Xiao’s sword gang was completely swallowed and merged.

This scene made Feng Xiao stunned for a moment, and before he could react, he felt his arm go numb, and the long sword uncontrollably came out of his hand, and was instantly shattered into several pieces by a violent qi machine.

“Since you want it, I’ll give it all back to you.”

As Ye Junlin’s icy voice sounded, the broken blade of the long sword that shattered into several segments shot towards Feng Xiao like a violent storm.

Hesitating that the distance between the two was too close, Feng Xiao didn’t have time to react at all, and was directly stabbed by Broken Blade. The powerful Qi gave Broken Blade an incomparably terrifying impact, piercing Feng Xiao’s body in many places.

Puff puff!

The blood flower exploded, and Feng Xiao’s whole body was shocked and flew out.

However, Feng Xiao died when he was still in midair.


Feng Xiao’s body fell heavily to the ground.

The place was dead silent.

The geniuses of Sun Moon Divine Fire Hall and Sun Moon Divine Fire Academy even forgot to breathe. They never thought that the worldly monkeys, who were regarded as five scumbags in battle, could kill Feng Xiao with one blow.

You must know that Feng Xiao’s strength in their team can completely rank in the top five. Even in the top Tianjiao of the entire Sun Moon Divine Fire Palace, he can definitely rank in the top ten, even stronger than some elders.

However, in front of Ye Junlin, he was so vulnerable?

What is the background of this guy?

Is there already such a terrifying powerhouse in the secular world?

Countless question marks appeared in the minds of the arrogant people in the Sun Moon Divine Fire Hall.

“Won’t you avenge your comrades?”

Ye Junlin’s voice sounded again.


**Naked provocation!

The arrogance of the gods instantly burned with anger.

Especially being despised in front of the members of the Sun Moon Shenhuo Academy, making them feel that their proud majesty is being challenged.

“kill him!”

Gongsun Yueying said coldly.

Originally, she was thinking of taking Ye Junlin as a slave for entertainment, but now that Feng Xiao was killed, if she didn’t give an explanation to others, how could she have a foothold in the Sun Moon Divine Fire Palace in the future?

“Guaranteed to complete the mission!”

“Don’t worry, Moon Shadow, I’ll blow him to ashes.”

“Don’t underestimate the enemy, this guy is still a bit powerful.”

The arrogance of the sun and moon gods and fire halls rushed forward to surround Ye Junlin.

Although Feng Xiao was killed, they were shocked, but several people believed that Feng Xiao was underestimated to a certain extent and caused his death.

“Okay, I’ll send you to the Palace of Hell to reunite with him.”

Before he finished speaking, Ye Junlin disappeared instantly.

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