The Romance Of Mr. Huo

Chapter: 2685

He should be content.

But people’s hearts are greedy.

He had seen Qiao Han wearing women’s clothes, and he was particularly stunning.

I want to see her in women’s clothing every day.

So after leaving the main house, he followed her, talking about the beauty of women’s clothing, which is more diverse than men’s clothing, praised Qiao Han’s good figure, and said that Qiao Han would be like a fairy if she put on women’s clothing.

He liked Qiao Han’s cool temperament so much after putting on women’s clothes.

Both of his sisters-in-law are beautiful, but the one he likes the most and thinks is the most beautiful is his Qiao Han.

“Zhan Haoyu, I told you that I don’t wear women’s clothes, and I don’t like to wear women’s clothes. The last time I wore women’s clothes, it was only that one time. Don’t be too greedy!”

Qiao Han said this in a low voice, but gritted his teeth. He felt that Zhan Haoyu was too greedy. After being quiet for a few days, he started to pester her to wear women’s clothes again.

He doesn’t like it if she doesn’t wear women’s clothes?

It’s best if you don’t like her, she’s happy to be quiet.

She nags every day, like an old mother.

That mouth is eloquent and glib.

When she was with him, her words became unnatural.

She stuffed the bouquet of flowers back into Zhan Haoyu’s arms, “I said I don’t like flowers, you pick and pick all the way, and you pick all the flowers, so what else do you want others to appreciate?”

There are not many flowers in this season.

There are many flowers in Youyou Villa, so there are still some flowers to enjoy.

But he picked all the way and picked so many flowers.

Zhan Haoyu smiled and said, “You love the flowers. It’s okay. After the New Year, when spring comes, all kinds of flowers will bloom. If there are more, then, the sea of ​​flowers at the foot of the mountain will be as beautiful as a fairyland.”

Qiao Han “…”

She didn’t feel sorry for the flowers, she just told him not to pick flowers to give to her anymore. She has a masculine personality and really doesn’t like flowers.

“The children are playing in the children’s amusement park, let’s go see Yangyang.”

Zhan Haoyu no longer entangled with Qiao Han in the part of sending flowers, took her hand, and said with a smile, “You don’t like these flowers, so I won’t send you any more. I will send some that you will like, and they won’t wither flowers.”

money spent.

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