The Supreme Lord

Chapter: 6850

However, this time, the nine clan elders didn’t know what kind of Su Mo they were going to face. What kind of existence is it?

Su Mo’s breath trembled slightly.

Suddenly, a terrifying force swept out.

The space-time power of the Dingtian Umbrella dissipated and turned into nothingness as soon as it touched Su Mo’s body.

Cosmic Chaos Fist!

Su Mo punched the nine clan elders without any tricks.

This punch was extremely powerful, like a real sun piercing the boundless universe.

The power of the world and the power of the law contained in the fist strength is like the endless sea, simply unimaginably powerful.


There was an explosion, and in the eyes of the Emperor Haotian and others who were hiding in the distance, they really saw a huge sun, penetrating the endless universe.




The sound of panic resounded throughout the endless universe, and the terrifying fist force was seen crushing past and flying billions of miles away.

However, three of the nine elders of the Sea Clan were directly lost.

Three of the clan elders were completely helpless in the face of the terrifying fist power. They were instantly annihilated and turned directly into nothingness.

Several other clan elders escaped in time and were not killed, but most of them were injured and all of them were frightened.

They were almost stunned!

The power of Su Mo’s punch was so terrifying that they couldn’t resist it.

In other words, this kind of powerful attack cannot be resisted by people below the level of the Creator Realm Master.


The power contained in that punch was so huge that it could almost destroy dozens of huge original worlds with one punch.

This kind of power can only be resisted by the World Lord of the Creation Realm.

“Run away!”

The rich man shouted loudly, turned around and ran away.

The remaining five clan elders immediately began to flee without hesitation.

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