The Supreme Lord

Chapter: 7282

The person who contacted him did not tell him what the contact person was going to do.

Elder Ke glanced at Sikong Yan, and then said straight to the point: “Some time ago, your Ghost and God Mansion robbed a void battleship from the Bahuang Alliance. There was a group of humans in that battleship, who are our friends. We want to redeem them.”


Xuying was obviously surprised when he heard this, then he shook his head and said: “This is impossible!”


Elder Ke frowned slightly and said: “Those human races have low cultivation, and they must not be of much use to your Ghost and God Mansion. On the contrary, leave it to us. We are willing to pay a high price. You must also be able to tell my race. I am from the Lihuo Clan. !”

The Litian World Group where the Lihuo Tribe is located is not far from the Tianchu Worldgroup, so the Lihuo Tribe’s reputation is very high in several nearby worldgroups.

In fact, the Lihuo Clan has a certain reputation in the entire Zhengu World Group.

“There’s no need to talk about this!”

Xuying shook his head again, and then, his body gradually dimmed and became thinner.


When Sikong Yan saw that the other party was about to leave, he immediately took action. With a big hand, he grabbed the phantom with a big flaming hand.

However, at this moment, the phantom had turned into dots of fluorescence and completely dissipated.

“court death!”

“The Mansion of Ghosts and Gods is looking for death!”

Sikong Yan was furious and couldn’t help but roar.

But at this moment, Elder Ke was silent and thoughtful.


Elder Ke reprimanded.

“Elder Ke, how can you tell me to calm down? Those humans are my beloved relatives, friends, and brothers?” Sikong Yan couldn’t calm down at all.

Each of those brothers and sisters of the Juedai Shenmen was deeply remembered in his heart. He had stayed at the Juedai Shenmen all his life, and that was where he belonged, and that was his home.

It can be said that wherever the people of Juedai Shenmen are, there is Sikong Yan’s home and Sikong Yan’s heart.

“There’s something wrong here! There’s a big problem!”

Elder Ke said thoughtfully.

“what is the problem?”

Sikong Yan asked doubtfully.

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