Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1035

“Bai Yi, you are finally here!” When Chang Yuan saw Bai Yi, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he hurriedly greeted him.
Bai Yi was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect that Chang Yuan would come earlier than herself. She couldn’t help but asked in confusion:
“Senior, what’s the matter with you looking for me so early?”
Bai Yi could see clearly. The hidden joy on Chang Yuan’s face.
She remembers it.
Chang Yuan had just been slapped several times by Yang Mingpeng last night. It stands to reason that he should be in a very bad mood today. How could he show joy.
Seeing Bai Yi’s puzzled look.
Chang Yuan couldn’t help but smiled, and then mysteriously asked:
“Bai Yi, I came to ask you something!”
In a word, Bai Yi’s puzzled expression became more intense:
“Senior, can you ask?”
“Did Lin Fan stay away at night last night?” Chang Yuan stared at Bai Yi’s expression, and then asked.
His words made Bai Yi stunned. She never thought of how Chang Yuan knew about it.
A trace of bad premonition surfaced in Bai Yi’s heart. She said nervously:
“Senior, how do you…how did you know?”
Bai Yi looked at Chang Yuan, with surprise and astonishment in her eyes.
And seeing Bai Yi’s look, Chang Yuan’s heart was even more delighted.
However, his ecstasy was hidden on his face, but he shook his head and said with a sigh:
“Because, I saw Lin Fan in the morning!”
“I saw him with my own eyes, coming out of a hotel!”
Bai Yi was stunned, but didn’t think much, but nodded and said:
“Senior, I know! Lin Fan has already told me just now!”
“We quarreled last night and I told him not to go home. He just found a hotel and stayed for one night! Is there any problem with this?” He looked at Bai Yi’s expression.
The corners of Chang Yuan’s mouth could not help but show a sinister arc:
“Bai Yi, there is a problem! And it is a big problem!”
“Because I not only saw Lin Fan, but I also saw him coming from the hotel with a beautiful woman. Come out from inside!”
Chang Yuan’s words, like a blast of thunder, made Bai Yi’s body tremble fiercely.
With a beauty?
how can that be.
Bai Yi’s mind could not help but think of the beauty in red in the parking lot last night.
In particular, I imagined the picture of the beauty in red holding Lin Fan tightly and even crying. This made Bai Yi’s heart a moment of tears.
Even, it made her heartache that she couldn’t breathe:
“No…no! Senior, you must be mistaken, Lin Fan is definitely not that kind of person!”
“I have lived with him for three years, and I know him best. Please stop talking!”
Although Bai Yi felt a little pain in his heart.
But she still believes in Lin Fan. She believes that this man will never do anything sorry for himself.
Seeing Bai Yi’s unbelievable look.
Chang Yuan shook his head and sighed, and said with a wry smile:
“Bai Yi, don’t be fooled by him! He is a man, and men love beautiful women, that’s normal!”
“If you don’t believe me, then I can only show you a few pictures. The picture is!”
Chang Yuan took out his mobile phone, then opened the album and handed it to Bai Yi.
For a moment, Bai Yi’s pretty face was pale.
Especially when she took the phone and saw the picture above about Lin Fan and the beauty in red walking out of the hotel together, she only felt her head rumbling, completely stunned.

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What the hell. When lin fan ┬╣st encountered the blood wolf that time paparazzi shoot the video and the face of lin fan in the video blurred and now chang yuan took the photo

I was wondering the same thing. Not only that but when that Chang Yuan spotted Lin Fan coming out the hotel , he then looked for his phone to take photos of Lin and that woman , they would not have still been walking out the hotel , nor would they be walking together. So he could not have taken photos of them just coming out of the hotel together .

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