Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 106

Not only them!
Even the aunt Zhu Hua and the second aunt Yang Meifeng could hardly believe their ears.
This is… agreed?
The two women couldn’t imagine that things went so smoothly.
In particular, the refreshment of Lin Fan’s promise made the two of them feel a little hairy.
“Lin Fan, you…”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan with a look of astonishment. She didn’t expect that her man would make such a stupid decision.
Shen Yumei and Baishan next to each other looked as pale as paper.
“Lin Fan, are you sure?”
Aunt Zhu Hua looked at Lin Fan with surprise.
For some reason, the more she looked at Lin Fan, the more pleasing she was.
What a good idiot, he gave up his family inheritance right without saying a word.
This is really an idiot from heaven.
“OK!” Lin Fan said with a smile.
Hearing this, while looking at Lin Fan’s expression, the white mountain couple’s mouth squirmed. They wanted to stop, but for some reason, they had an indescribable sense of trust in their son-in-law.
Even Bai Yi didn’t believe that Lin Fan would be so stupid. At this moment, he swallowed the words that were about to be condemned.
At this moment, Aunt Zhu Hua rubbed and got up from the seat.
The mouths of her and Yang Meifeng were almost crooked.
At the moment, without saying anything, he took out a document from his bag.
This is the “Letter of Commitment to Voluntarily Give Up the Right of Inheritance”!
The two originally planned to harass every day these days, forcing the Bai Yi family to give up their inheritance rights, and even prepared for a protracted battle for this.
But I never dreamed that things would go so smoothly.
Aunt Zhu Hua seemed to change her face at this moment, the bitterness disappeared without a trace, replaced by a thick gentle smile:
“Come on, Lin Fan, sign your family!”
See this scene!
The complexion of Baiyi’s family of three is even harder to see the extreme.
But under their stunned eyes, Lin Fan took the lead and then signed his name.
After that.
With a long sigh, Bai Shan also stepped forward and signed his name.
Aunt Zhu Hua and second aunt Yang Meifeng breathed a sigh of relief until all four members of the family signed their names.
nailed it.
The ecstasy of the two women was beyond words.
In particular, look at a person’s eyes to the White Mountains, filled with sarcasm and ridicule:
“Ha ha ha …… Hakusan, I did not think that your son turned out to be such an idiot, has indeed signed a crack me up!!”
“Yes Ah, third brother, I didn’t expect that your family would trust an idiot so much. If he signs it, you sign, okay! It’s really not a family, don’t enter a family!”
The words of the two women were ridiculously arrogant.
Suddenly, Bai Yi’s family of three was so angry that their faces flushed.
Only Lin Fan kept smiling, as if he hadn’t heard the other party’s humiliation from beginning to end.
“Okay! Now that I signed the letter, the old lady will be lazy with you!” After the aunt Zhu Hua finished speaking, she couldn’t help but slap her nose, and said with a mockery:
“Oh, the idiot here is too strong, younger sister, let’s go Come on!”
Aunt Zhu Hua and second aunt Yang Meifeng twisted their fat waists and wanted to leave here.
It’s just that they just walked to the door.
The gate of the courtyard was opened from the outside, but then he was stunned to see that the uncle Bai Hai and others hulled in.
Aunt Zhu Hua was taken aback, but she did not expect that her husband and son would come.
At the moment, she hurriedly took the document and walked forward:
“Baihai, Yifan, look at it! This is a letter of pledge to give up the inheritance! Hahaha… I succeeded and finally forced the Baiyi family Signed!”
As soon as these words came out, it was like a thunderous sensation to Bai Hai and Bai Yifan and his son who had just entered the door.

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