Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 108

However, this is only the beginning.
Just after Bai Hai’s pleading, I saw a wave after another, walking up quickly, bowing to himself continuously.
“Miss Bai Yi, can you please tell the genius doctor Lin, I am wrong, Li Mingyi is wrong, I have no eyes, and I don’t know the superior, please forgive me!” Li Mingyi and other Chinese medicine experts bowed to Bai Yi.
The senior leaders of the Bai family also stepped forward and pleaded:
“Bai Yi, we are a family, please come forward and let the genius doctor Lin save the old man, he will be dead soon!”
“Yes, Bai Yi , The old lady is the pillar of our Bai family, I am an uncle, I will bow to you!”
The core members of the Bai family who had looked down on Bai Yi’s family before, now one after another, bowed to Bai Yi continuously.
“I…” Bai Yi’s head was in terror.
She just feels, what is going on in this world?
what’s happening?
It seems that the whole world knows that they are awesome, but they don’t?
However, this does not stop.
At this moment, I saw another group of people who walked quickly in front of me, and knelt at my feet without saying anything.
It was Mike, and his team, the Western medicine madman who crushed Huaxia TCM in the previous 12 consecutive victories!
Only at this moment, where did he still have the half-arrogance before.
His face was full of deep fear and anxiety, crying and begging:
“Miss Bai Yi, please let me see the genius Doctor Lin. I was wrong. I really know that I was wrong. Let him forgive me. My life is dead, I’m a cow and a horse, and I also return his kindness!”
“Miss Bai Yi, we really didn’t intend to humiliate the genius Doctor Lin. We didn’t know the identity of his old man before. Please help and save us! ”
Everyone of these foreigners has a thick ashes and despair on their faces.
This is more than that.
The western medical madman Mike, while crying, his eyes rolled around, looking at Lin Fan next to him.
He faintly guessed the identity of Lin Fan, but he was not sure, let alone daring to tell.
But now, only begging Bai Yi is his only way to survive.
When hearing this, when seeing this scene!
Zhu Hua and Yang Meifeng collapsed to the ground in fear.
“Why… how could this be?”
Zhu Hua only felt dizzy, and the deep sense of fear made her almost fainted with fright.
“How can Bai Yi know the genius doctor Lin? Impossible, this…this is not true!”
Yang Meifeng was even more shocked.
That’s the genius doctor Lin!
The existence that can save lives with a wave of hands is now the hero of the entire Jiangshi and even China.
But how could Bai Yi know such a big man.
Facing the big guys who were full of the house, bowing or kowtow, Bai Shan and Shen Yumei couldn’t help but swallowed and spit, only feeling their hearts beating wildly.
They couldn’t help looking at their daughter:
“Bai…Bai Yi, when did you know the genius doctor Lin? Why don’t we know.”
“Dad! Mom! I…I don’t know the genius doctor Lin!” At this moment, Bai Yi almost burst into tears.
She had never seen so many big men, begging hard.
But she really didn’t know the genius doctor Lin.
do not know?
Upon hearing this, both Bai Hai and others, or Mike and others, looked at the seniors on the side, and the expressions of everyone hesitated.
It’s just that, Elder Gao glanced at Lin Fan’s expression without leaving a trace, and then said to Bai Yi:
“Miss Bai, you don’t have to be humble! The great doctor Lin once said to me that he will listen to you!”
Does he listen to me?
Hearing these words, Bai Yi’s delicate body trembled fiercely, and she couldn’t help looking at…Lin Fan.
Because she remembers clearly.
Lin Fan said exactly the same thing as himself.

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