Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 111

At this moment, the atmosphere in the room was extremely weird.
Bai Yifan slapped his cheek again and again, while Lin Fan was holding his arms and helping him count with a smile on his face.
“The sixth one!”
“The seventh!”
… I have to say that Bai Yifan is cruel to himself.
With every slap he slapped with extreme force, his cheeks suddenly grew blue and swollen, almost turning into a pig’s head.
A trace of blood continuously flowed from the corner of his mouth, looking extremely miserable!
When the last slap was knocked off, Bai Yifan seemed to lose his strength, and limp to the ground with a puff.
“I…I’m finished!”
“Mr. Lin, this time, he should have promised us!”
Bai Yifan stared at the gold star, he only felt his face, he had completely lost consciousness.
In this scene, the painful uncle Bai Hai trembled all over.
His son Bai Yifan is the proud son of heaven, how humiliated he has been.
At the moment, Bai Hai turned his head and stared at Lin Fan, wishing to smash the crow’s mouth into pieces:
“Lin Fan, you little beast, you wait for Lao Tzu! When the old man is cured by the Lord Lin, Lao Tzu must Skinned your dog!”
“Even if you kneel in front of Yifan every day, Lao Tzu will never forgive you!”
Bai Hai was furious.
And his words made Bai Yi’s family look ugly.
They did not expect that Bai Yi had just agreed to them, and in a blink of an eye, Bai Hai would deal with Bai Yi’s husband Lin Fan.
Not only them!
Lin Fan’s eyes were also suddenly cold.
He stared at Bai Hai, as if looking at a fool:
“Okay! I’m waiting for you!”
“However, perhaps Dr. Lin couldn’t understand your cruel heart, and he might make you kneel and kowtow outside the door. Maybe! ”
Hearing this, everyone around me stayed for a while.
Does the crow’s mouth start again?
Everyone looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, becoming more and more weird.
to be frank!
The first time Lin Fan’s crow’s mouth was fulfilled, they really frightened them.
But at this moment, everyone didn’t believe that Lin Fan’s second crow’s mouth could still be fulfilled.
After all, guessing one after another, this is almost like a fantasy.
Not only everyone!
Uncle Bai Hai would not believe it. He looked at Lin Fan as if he was an idiot, and said with a sneer:
“Huh! You are a trash, I don’t believe me, you can guess Lin’s doctor again!”
“You wait for me. Now, let’s see how I will clean up you!”
After speaking, Bai Hai stopped paying attention to Lin Fan, but looked at Elder Gao:
“Old Elder, now my son has done what the genius doctor Lin said, so please call Tell psychiatrist Lin, let him promise us as soon as possible! ”
That’s right!
At this moment, everyone around him also looked at the senior.
However, everyone did not notice that the look of the old man at this moment was extremely weird.
Especially when he looked at Bai Hai, he seemed to be full of pity:
“Okay! I’ll fight now!”
Elder Gao picked up the phone again, pressed an unknown number, and dialed it.
“Hey, Doctor Lin, it’s me Gao Zhiyuan!” I have to say that Gao’s acting skills are also awesome.
He talks to himself and his acting is extremely realistic.
“Mr. Lin, you mean it’s not enough for Bai Yifan to slap himself. You are annoyed when you see him, Bai Hai? Unless Bai Hai kneels on the ground, knocks his head for twenty times and knocks his forehead bleeding? …”
While talking to the phone, the elder’s gaze couldn’t help but look at the uncle Bai Hai.
And hearing the words of the old man, the atmosphere in the entire room was suffocated to the extreme in an instant, almost everyone couldn’t believe their ears.
Crow’s mouth is right again!
how can that be.

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