Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1287

These words immediately caused the entire Global Bank to explode!
There was a dead silence in the audience!
At this moment, all customers cast incredible eyes on Baishan.
Black card!
You can turn the plane around!
With unlimited overdraft function!
That is a symbol of honorable status!
Even for the customers of Global Bank, there are very few people who can have this level of cards.
And right now, this shabby middle-aged man possesses such an extraordinary card. How sacred is he?
Li Xiangru couldn’t help but trembled fiercely, his face was full of fear and inconceivability.
The middle-aged person in front of him is the holder of the black card?
And he dared to insult such existence?
This… is simply looking for death!
Thinking of this, Li Xiangru almost cried, shaking uncontrollably.
If let her superiors know, then she will be completely finished!
She also didn’t expect that Baishan was so low-key, she clearly possessed a black card, but dressed like a beggar.
She wanted to kneel in panic, planning to beg Baishan’s forgiveness.
But at this moment, she suddenly saw a series of numbers on the black card.
This discovery made Li Xiangru stunned at first, and then a strong shame and resentment appeared on her face for an instant.
Next moment!
Her eyes were staring at Baishan, and roared:
“You die poor ghost, how dare you steal the black card!”
Steal the black card?
After hearing this roar, the whole bank was suddenly silent!
Everyone in the bank was shocked, and couldn’t believe their ears at this moment.
The black card was stolen by this middle-aged man?
That’s the Centurion Black Card!
The recognized king of cards!
Those who can have this kind of card are all top dignitaries!
Dare to steal this kind of card, this is simply death!
Everyone suddenly looked at Baishan with contempt, stole such a card, and dared to come to the bank to withdraw money. Isn’t it too courageous?
However, it’s not just them!
Even Baishan himself was completely dumbfounded!
That card was clearly given to him by Li Huairen, so why did he steal it?
At this time, Li Xiang believed that the black card was stolen by Baishan, and smiled grimly:
“Dog stuff! I tell you, every black card has its own special code, which symbolizes the identity of the customer!”
“And this is yours. The black card was clearly issued by me personally a week ago. I still remember the code. Its owner is Li Huairen, the head of the Li family in Jiangbei!”
“You dare to steal his card. You are looking for death!” Today’s Li Xiangru , Completely furious!
How dare this poor ghost lie to her?
When I thought, I almost knelt in fright just now, Li Xiangru was embarrassed and indignant, wishing to smash Baishan into pieces!
Upon hearing this, the audience was completely boiling!
A pair of eyes were rounded at this moment, filled with a thick color of horror.
Is this card really stolen?
And its owner, turned out to be the well-known giant in Jiangbei, the head of the Li family?
That’s it!
This thief is completely over!
At this moment, everyone cast their contemptuous glances at Baishan, stealing the black card of this overlord-level figure, and Baishan’s end will definitely be very miserable!
And this time!
A trace of uneasy feeling appeared in Baishan’s heart, causing him to hurriedly defended:
“We didn’t steal it. Li Huairen gave me the card!” Here
Li Xiangru suddenly seemed to have heard a big joke, and the corners of his mouth raised a scorn:
“You don’t take a piss and take pictures of your own virtues. Just like you dead poor ghosts, who would give you a credit card of this level? ”
It seems that you won’t shed tears if you don’t see the coffin!”
Li Xiangru smiled maliciously and stared at Baishan fiercely:
“First interrupt his leg! Then inform Patriarch Li that I have caught the thief who stole his black card.”
“Old stuff,” Dare to run wild in my place, Li Xiangru, you are dead!”

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