Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1383

Upon hearing this, everyone’s faces were full of contempt, and they never expected Zhang Miaoke to be so shameless.
Want to kill Bai Yi, even after being exposed, he still has the face to ask for help?
What a shameless!
But where Zhang Miaoke managed so much, she was almost urinating at this moment.
The Wang family abandoned her, and now only Bai Yi let her go, she would survive, otherwise she would be the one who sat in prison.
She has just graduated and has a great life!
But if you go to jail, your life will be completely over.
So at this time she crawled up to Bai Yi, kowtowing her head like crazy, crying and begging for her forgiveness.
A heart-wrenching, regretful look!
Although Bai Yi couldn’t bear it, this time, she was not soft-hearted.
Because she knew very well that Zhang Miaoke would regret not because she really realized she was wrong, but because she had to die if she didn’t admit her mistake.
Lin Fan also winked at Long Jiu quickly.
This made Long Jiu very excited, Zheng Chou had no chance to please Lin Zuo, and now Lin Zuo took the initiative to signal.
He immediately stepped forward, kicked Long Jiu away, and angrily said:
“Get away bitch! Miss Bai Yi is a partner of Lin’s doctor. You and the Bai family have coveted Lin’s formula. You have offended Lin’s doctor, and you are considered white. Miss Yi will let you go, and Doctor Lin will never let you go. ”
These words, like five thunderstorms, made Zhang Miaoke, who was still lucky, completely desperate.
The genius doctor Lin, wouldn’t let her go?
Then who else can save her?
Zhang Miaoke cried completely madly:
“Song Yue, you and Wang’s family have made me so miserable!”
“I’m over! My life is completely over!”
Upon hearing this, everyone suddenly responded with one. Kind of questioning gaze, staring at Song Yue.
Song Yue’s expression was completely gloomy:
“What nonsense are you talking about? How could I have harmed you with the Wang family for the first time I met you today?” At this time, he was completely scared!
Can’t wait to kill Zhang Miaoke on the spot, this damn bitch!
This bitch is actually planning to take him to funeral!
The Wang family, there is simply a problem with their brains, so they have found the Bai family and Zhang Miaoke to cooperate with a foolish stupid like Zhang Miaoke.
At this time, he could not escape the involvement!
“Don’t worry, Zhang Miaoke !” Lin Fan smiled sadly:
“You, I won’t let it go! He, I won’t let it go!”
As soon as this statement was made, the atmosphere of the audience was completely solemn to the extreme.
Everyone’s faces were full of shock!
Is Lin Fan planning to serve it in one pot?
Will all those who oppose Bai Yi be defeated?
Immediately, everyone present felt an invisible pressure, which completely surrounded them, causing them to drip cold sweat from their foreheads.
Because they didn’t know what Lin Fan would do next.
Now that both the Bai family and Zhang Miaoke are finished, can Song Yue escape?
As soon as Lin Fan’s voice fell, Song Yue suddenly seemed to have heard Tianda’s joke, and laughed wildly:
“Don’t let me go? Just rely on you as a trash? Lao Tzu is a gold medalist, there is no one I can’t win. Lawsuit!”
“You want me to go to jail, do you think I’m like these idiots?”
Song Yue was extremely proud!
Lin Fan, an idiot, thought that with the support of Lin Fan and Long Jiu, he would be able to convict him at will?
Standing behind him is the Wang family, but behind the Wang family, but the Lin family who is rich and powerful!
In addition, he has such a strong team of lawyers, Lin Fan wants him to go to jail?
Go ahead and make his spring and autumn dreams!
“Lin Fan, you dare to slander me, you wait! I will send you the indictment when I look back, and I will let you know the fate of offending my Song Yue!”
Song Yue looked at Lin Fan maliciously, with a look in his eyes Thick contempt.
But right now!
An unexpected thing happened!
A recording that shouldn’t have appeared, resounded through the audience!
“If you don’t let your wife go to bed with me today, I will let you go to jail!”
“Because in the judiciary, I, Song Yue, are heaven!”

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