Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1442

Half an hour later, Lin Fan arrived at the agreed place, in a high-class box of a hotel.
Inside, the old and the young were tasting tea carefully, and when they saw Lin Fan’s arrival, they turned a blind eye to them, and looked extremely arrogant.
See it!
Long Jiu suddenly became angry and glared at the old man:
“Dong Qianqiu, I have already brought people, what do you mean now?”
Hear the words!
The old man raised his head indifferently and looked at Lin Fan with a sneer:
“Are you the genius doctor Lin?”
Lin Fan twitched the corner of his mouth, showing a smile:
“I am! Is there anything you want to do with me?”
Before Dong Qianqiu could answer, the young man beside him coldly scolded:
“The eight generations of our Dong family dared not call themselves genius doctors. What kind of thing do you dare to bear this name?”
“From tomorrow, you will hold a release meeting and declare to the public that you are not a genius doctor at all.
There is a deep threat in the words!
Lin Fan’s brows furrowed suddenly, and the other party was planning to give him power as soon as he arrived!
It’s more than that!
At this time, Dong Qianqiu also gave a cold snort and looked at Lin Fan condescendingly:
“When I see my elders, I don’t know how to salute. Your parents have never taught you what is polite?”
Hearing this, Lin Fan smiled directly:
“Elders? Are you sure your seniority is higher than mine?”
He is the sacred hand of the bones. Even if Yao Lao sees him, he is still a peer of the same generation. Dong Qianqiu dare to rely on the old and sell the old in front of him?
Lin Fan’s words had just been uttered, and Dong Qianqiu and his eldest grandson Dong Huayu were completely stunned.
They all wondered if they had heard it wrong.
What does Lin Fan mean by this? Is it possible that he feels that his seniority is higher than Dong Qianqiu?
This is crazy!
At the moment, Dong Qianqiu’s grandfather and grandson were furious, and their faces were extremely gloomy!
“Lin, are you talking nonsense? Our Dong family is China’s medical family, and has a pivotal position in the entire Huaxia medical industry. Grandpa is the eighth generation of the Dong family’s head, as long as it’s a well-known doctor. , You have to call it respectfully Dong Lao!”
Dong Huayu jumped into thunder directly, glaring at Lin Fan coldly:
“And what about you? A quack doctor who has been lucky enough to be on par with my grandfather?”
And Dong Qianqiu also looked at Lin Fan with disgust:
“Forget it, I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you, I came to you today because I have something to talk to you!”
“I want to buy your new formula, please make a price!”
Lin Fan smiled, it turned out that this was the other party’s true purpose.
As a doctor, the Dong family naturally knows the value of the formula, if the prescription can be successfully developed and marketed directly.
Those Dongs are afraid that they can make a lot of money, and they can also create influence on a global scale.
Aside, Dong Huayu sneered:
“This kind of formula, your waste has no way to carry it forward. Instead of being wasted by you, it is better to sell it to our Dong family!”
However, Lin Fan smiled contemptuously:
“Sorry, I am not short of money!”
With that said, he just got up, ready to leave!
Hearing this, Dong Qianqiu and Dong Huayu’s expressions were completely gloomy.
At this time, they were all extremely angry!
“Lin, don’t be shameless! We ask you to buy the formula, that is to save you face!”
“If you don’t know how to promote, don’t blame us for being ruthless and maliciously acquiring Xinbaishi!”
Lin Fan’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and then turned back murderously:
“Are you threatening me?”
Dong Qianqiu suddenly smiled and said contemptuously:
“So what? You think you alone can compete with my medical family? It’s as simple as trampling on an ant if we kill you!”
“As for the Xinbais…their president is just a bitch who accompanies men to bed, so we don’t even care about it?”
Lin Fan was completely furious, his eyes were full of murderous intent!
Go to bed with a man?
They dare to insult their wife?
In the next instant, Lin Fan wiped a fierce stance between his eyebrows, staring at their grandpa and grandson:
“Since you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!”
“Don’t you want to acquire our Xinbai family? Then I will take the lead in acquiring your Dong’s family!”

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