Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 1468

And the moment I saw Lin Chentao!
Lin Fan’s eyes shrank crazily!
There is already blood red inside!
He will never forget the scene where this man hit his mother with one stick after another!
His mother was heartbroken, begging Lin Chentao to let her ten years old go, but it was Lin Chentao’s vicious curses and cruel grin that responded to his mother.
after that!
This kind of pain, this kind of resentment, like a curse, has been entwining Lin Fan.
Lin Fan knew that he had to kill Lin Chentao to get rid of this pain!
Lin Chentao, damn it!
Feeling Lin Fan’s emotions at this time, Bai Yi also held his hand tightly and looked at her husband distressedly.
It was the first time she saw Lin Fan show such a terrifying expression.
It is conceivable that Lin Chentao must have done unforgivable things to him.
As Lin Chentao entered, the audience seemed to have been hit by the mute switch, and there was no sound.
There is no one who dares to speak.
Da da da…
Lin Chentao was like a king over the world, taking a gentle step, slowly walking into the arena.
Then every step made everyone present panicked.
It’s like a tiger broke into the flock!
Immediately afterwards, he stood still in front of Zhu Ru’s family and said with a smile on his face:
“You gave this coffin?”
Hear the words!
Zhu Zhide was so excited that his legs became weak, and he couldn’t believe that Lin Chentao would take the initiative to speak to them. This was flattered.
Excited them!
Right now, Zhu Zhide nodded again and again:
“Yes, yes! Damn Bai Yi, dare to offend you, we just sent this coffin on purpose to warn her!”
He knew that this was a great opportunity to curry favor with Lin Chentao!
At this moment, Lin Chentao smiled approvingly and nodded with satisfaction:
“Good job!”
Zhu Zhide is going crazy!
The faces of each one were covered with a deep ecstasy!
They know that this time their family is betting right!
In this way, Young Master Lin will definitely come back to have a good impression of their family. Just mention it when the time comes, and their Zhu family will surely rise to the top.
“Where and where, I can share the worries for you, young and old, that is the honor of our Zhu family, we dare not take credit!”
Zhu Zhide said flatly, even sweat permeated from the palm of his hand.
At this time, Zhu Ru also pretended to roar to Bai Yi:
“Bai Yi, Lin Fan! You dare to offend Lin Shao, now you don’t want to kowtow to forgive your sins, do you really want to die?”
The voice just fell!
Lin Chentao looked at Lin Fan, and when he saw Lin Fan’s still ordinary image, he shook his head.
In his eyes, there was also a trace of contempt!
“You are still the same as before, a waste!”
As soon as this remark came out, everyone was stunned.
Lin Chentao, actually knew the son-in-law of the Bai family?
Lin Chentao, Lin Fan?
Could it be that…
Everyone suddenly remembered that there was an abandoned youngster in the Lin family who was swept out of the house, and it seemed that he was also called Lin Fan!
For a moment!
They finally understood why Lin Chentao had to deal with Lin Fan!
The Zhu Ru family who reacted were taken aback for a moment, and then laughed slyly.
It turns out that Lin Fan is the disgrace of the Lin Family, that waste and discarded young man!
A family humiliated and killed his successor, how can the Lin family tolerate him?
Lin Fan will definitely die!
When everyone thought Lin Fan would be scared to pee, he sneered:
“You are the same as before, so annoying!”
The whole audience was in an uproar!
Everyone can’t help but be stunned, this guy is actually insulting Lin Chentao?
A piece of rubbish killed the Third Young Master of the Lin Family, and now he dare to humiliate Lin Chentao in public?
This is simply looking for death!
Everyone suddenly laughed contemptuously, and shook their heads extremely disdainfully. In their opinion, Lin Fan was killing himself.
With Lin Chentao as an enemy, he didn’t look at his identity.
In their opinion, if Lin Fan is smart at this time, he should immediately kneel down and apologize to Lin Chentao, and they may not think of family affection and spare him a dog.
“Do you really want to kill me?”
Lin Chentao could clearly feel Lin Fan’s hatred towards him, but he didn’t care at all.
Because if you are a trash, even if you have a sharp blade in your hand and a hideous face, it will look ridiculous to others.
And Lin Fan didn’t conceal his thoughts at all, and said gloomily:
“Every moment, I think about it!”

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